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15 Best Things to Do in Horseshoe Beach, FL

  • Published 2022/07/31

Horseshoe Beach’s isolation from many towns and cities in northern Florida offers visitors a tranquil environment and unspoiled natural areas.

This small Floridian town in Dixie County is famous throughout the region as an isolated, laid-back fishing village off the Gulf of Mexico.

Also known as “Florida’s Last Frontier,” Horseshoe Beach is an excellent alternative destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to discover hidden gems.

Some favorite activities you’ll enjoy in Horseshoe Beach are fishing, kayaking, scalloping, hiking, and sightseeing.

Horseshoe Beach may not be as famous as other tourist attractions in Florida, but it offers a unique travel experience worth trying.

Its location in the middle of Florida’s vast Big Bend area makes Horseshoe Beach an ideal place for water activities.

Here are the best things to do in Horseshoe Beach, Florida, to give you an idea of how to enjoy its natural beauty.

Visit the Horseshoe Beach Park

First on the list is Horseshoe Beach Park, the town’s most famous attraction filled with several water activities.

Horseshoe Beach Park is worth visiting, especially if you’re a thalassophile, or a person who loves the sea.

It features numerous water activities like kayaking and fishing.

Many locals love to go to Horseshoe Beach Park to spend time with their families or relax and breathe in the fresh sea breeze.

You can also set up your tent if you want to camp there with your family or friends.

Explore the Coast of Horseshoe Beach with Wilderness Kayak Rentals & Sales

Explore Horseshoe Beach’s coastal area on a kayak to see its vast natural beauty.

There are dozens of reasons to kayak through Horseshoe Beach’s coast and shorelines.

Being called the “Last Frontier” of Florida, the town has hidden gems, such as wildlife.

You can spot them along the way while paddling on a kayak.

Head to Wilderness Kayak Rentals & Sales to rent a kayak.

It offers top-notch kayak rentals conveniently situated on the town’s marina.

If you’re not entirely familiar with kayaking, you can join their kayaking crash course for beginners.

Enjoy the Horseshoe Beach coast with Wilderness Kayak Rentals & Sales.

Watch the Beautiful Sunset at the Butler-Douglas Memorial Park

Another park worth visiting in Horseshoe Beach is the Butler-Douglas Memorial Park.

This outdoor attraction in town is only a stone’s throw away from shops, the shorelines, and the local marina.

This park in Horseshoe Beach boasts a remarkable sunset every afternoon off the Gulf of Mexico.

Most visitors who drop by Butler-Douglas Memorial Park enjoy a picnic, play sports, or camp for the night.

In addition, some visitors go out to sea for a fishing trip using the public boat ramp.

Like most public parks, this one in Horseshoe Beach has all the needed amenities of an excellent playground.

Most of all, the Butler-Douglas Memorial Park guarantees perfect stress relief thanks to its peaceful ambiance and natural scenery.

Drop by the Horseshoe Beach Marina

The Horseshoe Beach Marina is your one-stop shop for all your vacation needs.

Visitors drop by this full-service marina facing the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy various outdoor activities like fishing, scalloping, and kayaking.

Sign-up for the famous Scalloping Festival, fishing charters, open sea cruises, and other water activities in town.

In addition, the Horseshoe Beach Marina has a concession and gift shop for your convenience.

Harvest Mouthwatering Scallops during the Scalloping Season

Every Labor Day, the entire Dixie County celebrates scalloping season, where everyone can harvest as many scallops as possible.

Horseshoe Beach is one of the prominent locations for scalloping in Dixie County.

This activity is a fantastic travel experience you should list in your itinerary.

Thousands of Floridians flock to Dixie County and Horseshoe Beach to join this fun tradition.

It’s a great time to explore the vast shorelines in Horseshoe Beach and enjoy its beautiful waters while scalloping.

If you want to experience this Horseshoe Beach tradition, visit the town during Labor Day or summer.

Visit Horseshoe Beach Marina Gift Shop and Ace Hardware

Horseshoe Beach Marina is a one-stop shop for all your vacation needs.

One of the must-visit sections in the marina is its charming gift shop and its own Ace Hardware.

The gift shop is the best place in town to buy souvenirs and unique items you’ll only find in Horseshoe Beach.

Meanwhile, Ace Hardware features an excellent selection of boat replacement parts, boat hardware, and boating accessories.

All the stuff at the gift shop and Ace Hardware have something to do with fishing and water activities.

At the same time, it’s also where you’ll find the marina’s gas dock and a shop for breakfast items such as pancakes, bacon, bread, coffee, butter, and eggs.

Before heading out to your sea adventure on the Gulf of Mexico, drop by the Horseshoe Beach Marina gift shop and Ace Hardware.

Taste Delicious Food and Wine at Jake’s Famous Pub

If you’re not in the mood to explore Horseshoe Beach’s attractions, head to Jake’s Famous Pub for some leisure time.

You can go there by yourself, your family, or your friends.

Jake’s Famous Pub has gained renown throughout Dixie County for its top-notch beer, mixed drinks, and wine.

Of course, you must pair these top-notch drinks with delicious food.

Jake’s Famous Pub serves a wide array of food and drinks on its menu to give you the best experience.

You can either enjoy a mug of cold beer or try its signature cocktail.

There is always something for you at this local pub.

Also, you can choose from various food items on its menu to satisfy your cravings.

Eat Fresh Seafood at the Shrimp Boat

Head to the Shrimp Boat for delicious seafood to taste the fresh bounty of the Gulf of Mexico.

This local restaurant in Horseshoe Beach serves top-notch Southern-style cooking passed down for generations of the owner’s family.

Despite its size and isolation, Horseshoe Beach still has numerous places that serve excellent food, like the Shrimp Boat.

This local restaurant regularly sources fresh seafood from local fisherfolk in Horseshoe Beach.

This method guarantees that the dishes on your table are the best in town.

Likewise, don’t forget to order their seafood sandwiches, seafood tacos, fried snapper and shrimp, and the classic fish and chips.

The Shrimp Boat also serves refreshing cocktail drinks with their delectable seafood menu.

Catch Some Fish with Reel Native Fishing Charters

Cruising along the Gulf of Mexico is a one-of-a-kind adventure you shouldn’t miss in Horseshoe Beach.

To do this, book a fishing charter with the Reel Native Fishing Charters to experience an open sea fishing adventure.

Their office in Horseshoe Beach welcomes anglers and tourists to book their exciting fishing charters.

Reel Native Fishing Charter mainly operates on Florida’s Big Bend and coastal waterways along the Gulf of Mexico.

Its captain, Brent Woodard, has provided anglers with excellent fishing charters for 15 years.

Captain Brent will take you to Dixie County’s best fishing spot.

Anglers can jig, troll, drift fishing, and spin with heavy or light tackles.

The fishing locations are home to a wide array of fish such as founders, groupers, and snook.

Spot Local Wildlife at Horseshoe Point

Horseshoe Point is a natural area northwest of Bird Island and west of Grassy Island.

It is an excellent natural area for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts who want to see the area’s flora and fauna.

Its proximity to two other natural areas, Grassy Island and Bird Island, make Horseshoe Point a fantastic place to check out.

If you’re looking for the best natural area to explore in Horseshoe Beach, Horseshoe Point will take you to the most serene natural location in Dixie County.

Hike the Shired Island Trail Beach

During your trip to Horseshoe Beach, don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes.

You will find yourself hiking through the town’s natural areas, particularly the Shired Island Trail Beach.

This small island about halfway between the Suwanee and Horseshoe Beach on the Gulf of Mexico is a charming location for hiking and other outdoor activities.

To reach the Shired Island Trail Beach, ride a boat from Horseshoe Beach and dock at the island’s small fishing pier, which overlooks Shired Creek.

People frequently visit Shired Island for its pristine nature trails, which meander through Shired Creek.

The creek is also a famous location for catching blue crabs, which you can also do during your hike.

In addition, Shired Island Trail Beach takes you through salt marshes, a forested area of palm trees, and tall cedars, giving you shade from the sun while hiking.

Explore the Coastal Creeks Conservation Area

Another natural location you must check out just outside Horseshoe Beach is the Coastal Creeks Conservation Area.

This natural area filled with local flora and fauna is an exciting destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

It features long stretches of sandy and rocky shorelines along its secluded coast.

While visiting this natural area, you can witness numerous fresh and saltwater fish species from a boat.

Likewise, you can spot numerous bird species thriving in the area through its picturesque estuaries.

Nature lovers should check out the vast tidal flats and salt marshes with little islets and shallow water flats.

In addition, dozens of shrimps, fish, and shellfish species thrive in the Coastal Creeks Conservation Area.

Overall, it’s a worthy natural attraction in Horseshoe Beach that you must include in your itinerary.

See the Andrew Jackson Waterhole Park

For a relaxing outdoor activity with your family or travel companions, head to the Andrew Jackson Waterhole Park.

It is more than just a community park.

It memorializes General Andrew Jackson and his troops for their battle against the Seminole Indians in 1819.

Historically, Jackson brought in the vastest army to capture Florida and settled down in Suwanee-Old Town, now Dixie County.

The public can see the memorial erected along Highway 19 commemorating the historical events.

At the same time, visitors can proceed to the Jackson Trail, which leads to numerous locations, including Horseshoe Beach.

Explore the Andrew Jackson Waterhole Park for a fun day outdoors.

Taste Southern-Style Seafood at JanaLou’s Seafood

Another must-try restaurant in Horseshoe Beach is JanaLou’s Seafood.

Satisfy your cravings for more Gulf seafood like shrimps, crabs, and scallops.

This restaurant north of Horseshoe Beach has earned renown for its freshly harvested seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, cooked and served Southern-style.

Don’t miss tasting their famous shrimp bag, bay scallops, flounder, crabs, and grouper prepared in different dishes.

It’s an excellent restaurant in Horseshoe Beach to check out before returning home from your trip.

Make One Last Stop at Off Drum Point

Off Drum Point is a local favorite for various water-related activities.

If you want to see Horseshoe Beach’s pristine locations, go to Off Drum Point.

This outdoor attraction in town is a popular swimming, picnicking, and fishing spot for people in Dixie County.

In addition, many anglers usually start their open sea fishing charters in this area through its convenient boat ramp.

If you’ve brought your fishing gear to Horseshoe Beach, you can cast your lines along the shore to catch some fish for lunch.

Moreover, Off Drum Point offers visitors a peaceful environment, perfect for relaxing under the sun.

Final Thoughts

This town might not be as popular as other famous tourist destinations in Florida, but its peaceful environment and unspoiled natural beauty make it unique.

In addition, Horseshoe Beach is one of the best examples of a quaint rural town.

It’s perfect for those who yearn for a peaceful retreat from their city life.

Don’t forget to bookmark this post on the best things to do in Horseshoe Beach before planning your trip.

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