15 Best Things to Do in Florida 30A

Florida 30A
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Are you considering a holiday to the stunning Florida 30A?

Here's a quick overview of this gorgeous holiday haven before exploring the best things to do in Florida 30A.

It is a stretch of Gulf Coast beach along picturesque Highway 30A in Walton County, Florida, nestled between key tourist destinations Panama City and Destin.

This area, locally known as "30A," is home to stunning white-sand beaches, picture-perfect beach towns, uncommon coastal dune lakes, and delicious dining options.

While Destin and Panama City are substantially larger, 30A is home to fun activities.

The 30A region is a great place to have a family vacation.

Also, it's a fantastic place for couples to go on a romantic weekend away together.

To find out what's hot in Florida 30A, check out our list of the best things to do there.

Catch a Breathtaking Sunset at Blue Mountain Beach

Entrance of Blue Mountain Beach
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Blue Mountain Beach is a treasure that few people have heard about.

Emerald seas, sugar-white sands, and some of the most fantastic dining in the area are just a few miles north of Seaside.

The dunes that make this location the highest elevation in South Walton give it its name.

Dunes are also known for their blue blooms.

Colorful sunset over Blue Mountain Beach
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Near Seaside, Blue Mountain Beach is one of the area's most popular destinations.

You can find hiking or biking trails in the area.

As one of Florida's most incredible 30A beaches, Blue Mountain Beach and its green seas are hard to beat.

For ice cream or frozen yogurt treats, stop by the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery while you're in town.

Beachgoers at Blue Mountain Beach
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Buy a Vinyl Record from Central Square Records

This shop is a must-visit if you are a fan of vinyl records.

Known as a neighborhood landmark and one of the country's most venerable record stores, Central Square Records is a fundamental American institution.

Spend time exploring brand-new releases as well as pre-owned and new records.

Other than that, you may buy a few quirky t-shirts and hang out in the cool corner to avoid the crowds and heat of the Seaside.

Local and out-of-town musicians alike also perform regularly at Central Square Records.

Enjoy a Sunny Day at Seagrove Beach

Aerial view of Seagrove Beach
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Seagrove Beach features several public beach access sites, such as San Juan Beach Access, across the area.

It is Seagrove's most renowned beach.

Take advantage of the limited parking at San Juan Beach Access by coming in early.

Boardwalk leading to Seagrove Beach
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Even though this beach doesn't have many facilities, it more than makes up for it in stunning Gulf vistas!

When it comes to family vacations, Seagrove Beach is a terrific choice.

Swim, sunbathe, make sandcastles, and more!

A campfire on the sand is a great way to end your beach night in style.

Water waves of Seagrove Beach
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Rent a Bike to Explore the Area at 30A Bike Rentals

If you plan on being in Seaside for an extended period, renting a bike is a terrific way to move around!

Watercolor, Seagrove, and Seaside Beaches are all within a short distance of one other, and they all have a variety of exciting stores, restaurants, and beaches.

WaterColor and Seagrove are less than a mile apart in Seaside!

Most of those public places, including the beach access points, contain bike racks.

Some of the many businesses in the region include these.

It also has friendly and knowledgeable staff.

You can get anything from road bikes to mountain bikes, beach cruisers, and even kids' tricycles.

Additionally, there are bike gear and other exciting products.

Experience Various Activities at the Bustling Grayton Beach

Aerial view of Grayton Beach
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From Seaside, Grayton Beach is just a short drive away.

Grayton Beach is a coastal community noted for its 30A Highway beaches and activities.

Grayton Beach is just a short drive from Seaside, which has a lovely, broad beach and is accessible by public transportation.

You can find several well-known eateries within walking distance of the public beach, including The Red Bar and Chiringo.

Direction sign of Grayton Beach
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A short drive north on Highway 30A will bring you to AJ's Grayton Beach and Grayton Brew Pub.

There are miles of hiking and bike paths, fishing, kayaking, camping, and cabins at Grayton Beach State Park, which is the most popular destination in Grayton Beach.

Exterior of a shop at Grayton Beach
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See Fragile Yet Stunning Art at Fusion Art Glass

Discovering and following 30A's local professional artists is now easier.

Artists working in any medium or style may display their work here.

In 1996, glass artist Russ Gilbert founded Fusion Art Glass, representing over 150 artists from around North America.

Working with small, independently owned studios and using only the finest artisans produce unique items.

Our collection represents art glass from around North America, including one-of-a-kind pieces that you may use in any setting.

You may find jewelry, pottery, paintings, and sculptures in the gallery's retail space.

Catch unique exhibits or buy a piece to carry home with you!

Enjoy the Views as You Drive through Scenic Highway 30A

Beach view from Scenic Highway 30A
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Walton County's Scenic Highway 30A is a 24-mile stretch of road that skirts the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.

From Destin to Panama City Beach, you may use Highway 30A, which typically runs alongside Highway 98 and follows the shore.

This byway features miles of greenway paths that connect state parks, preserves, and homes.

Cottages along a creek along Scenic Highway 30A
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You'll pass through various beach villages on Scenic Highway 30A as it winds its way down the Gulf Coast, starting at Santa Rosa Beach.

New Urbanism, Old Florida's 3-story houses, or Seaside's white-picket-fence cottage style are just a few examples of architectural styles that have become part of each community's style.

Sunset scene at Scenic Highway 30A
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Shop Souvenirs at Rosemary Beach Trading Company

Rosary Beach is at the eastern end of Highway 30A and is a popular vacation destination.

The cobblestone streets and architecture remind one of the old European villages.

Strolling around and seeing the stores is a terrific way to spend a day here.

Only a few spots are available in the area surrounding Barrett Square, so seize the opportunity if you do locate one.

In the heart of Rosemary Beach, you'll discover a terrific selection of souvenirs at Rosemary Trading Company.

It is located in a 1,600-square-foot designer space with a wide variety of high-quality merchandise.

You'll find anything from trademark clothing to artisan home decor to beachwear.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Point Washington State Forest

A bird on a branch at Point Washington State Forest
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Spend a day or an afternoon in Point Washington State Forest if you'd want to get away from it all for a little while.

It is a 15,131-acre forest in Walton County on the panhandle.

A conservation and recreational lands program in Florida bought it in 1992.

Tall pine trees at Point Washington State Forest
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This stunning park abounds in hiking, biking, horseback riding, and other outdoor pursuits.

You may also go fishing, hunting, or set up camp in one of their designated areas.

There's no chance your journey would be monotonous when you have over 15,000 acres to explore!

A bird eating from a bird feeder at Point Washington State Forest
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Rent a Paddleboard at 30A Paddleboard Rentals

There are just a few areas where coastal dune lakes are found, including Walton County, Florida.

There is a lake in the middle between Grayton Beach and WaterColor where you can go kayaking or standup paddleboarding.

Along 30A, you'll find many companies to rent sports gear.

For example, 30A Paddleboard Rentals provides visitors and residents alike with the best paddleboards available.

It allows its clients complete freedom of choice in terms of time, pickup, and drop-off places for their boards.

Destin, 30A, and the west end of Panama City Beach are all included in its delivery area.

You may even set delivery while you're at the beach.

Go Fishing at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

White sand beach of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
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Topsail Hill Preserve is a one-of-a-kind Florida park that has it all.

To get the most out of this Florida state park, you may fish, kayak, or paddleboard on the Gulf of Mexico or take picturesque bike rides along gorgeous pathways.

The preserve protects more than 1,000 acres of land and water.

Boardwalk of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
Alycia Meile / Shutterstock.com

In addition to a lighthouse, there are designated sites for camping, animal observation, picnicking, and tables and shelters.

You can find some of Florida's best dunes here.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is a great place to take the whole family this summer for some beach fun.

Even though the beach is a mile away, a trolley runs every 20 to 30 minutes and will take you there for a small fee.

Beach waters of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
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Go Hiking through the Timpoochee Trail

Between Rosemary Beach and Dune Allen, you will find the Timpoochee Traill.

It follows the Gulf of Mexico beachfront and Scenic Highway 30-A through seaside villages and state forest reserves.

With a tree-lined route along northwest Florida's Emerald Coast, trail-goers may enjoy views of the sea, marsh lakes, sandy dunes, and attractive coastal communities.

This 18-mile Timpoochee Trail is a great way to see all the beautiful seaside communities along Highway 30A.

The narrowness of the roadway makes it challenging to navigate through busy areas like Seaside's Central Square, especially during the busiest times of the year.

Visit Truman's World at the Truman House

Exterior of The Truman House
Jakesilb14, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Among the most popular attractions in Seaside, Florida, is the Truman Show House.

Anyone who enjoyed Jim Carrey's performance in the classic film "The Truman Show" may want to see this location, which appeared in the movie.

Despite the film's use of Seahaven and the city's location on an island, Seaside, California, is not an island.

You may find more Seaside locations featured in the movie here.

This street is the actual address of The Truman House, not one from a movie.

A replica of the movie home number 36 adorns the front entrance.

It's the perfect place to say Truman's famous lines in the movie.

Grab a Good Read at Sundog Books

Sundog Books is a small independent bookshop housed in a run-down historic structure.

Its exterior isn't the only fantastic thing you will see here.

There are many rare and engaging books and music there.

Expect to see shelves piled high with readers here, but don't expect to see the bestsellers at major shops.

Independent writers and small publishers are the focus of Sundog Books.

In addition to some known titles and authors, you're sure to encounter a few hidden gems among the more obscure selections.

Its regional, comic, and children's departments are among the store's best-known offerings.

No matter what kind of books you prefer, you're sure to find something new here.

There are plenty of books to choose from at this little indie bookshop, even if it's on the smaller side.

Experience Exquisite Spanish Dining at La Crema Tapas & Chocolate

Stop at La Crema Tapas & Chocolate in Rosemary Beach when you're there for dessert.

La Crema Tapas and Chocolate takes inspiration from the renowned tapas and chocolate stores in Madrid and Barcelona and the tastes, the manner of life, and the general enthusiasm that Spaniards express.

Like Barcelona, Rosemary Beach also has a similar climate, making it a prime place for those looking for locally sourced cuisine.

On Main Street in Rosemary Beach, its courtyard provides the ideal setting for emulating its culture and cuisine.

Visitors to Rosemary Beach can't help but fall in love with the place.

Try its fruit tart, different ice cream flavors, and chocolate fondue.

Gluten-free fondue is available, as well as dark or milk chocolate options.

Final Thoughts

It doesn't matter how you prefer to spend your beach vacation; 30A offers a lot.

A day spent exploring the coastal dune lakes or shopping in Seaside, or dining in Seagrove will never be a dull experience.

Alternatively, if you'd rather laze about on the beach, taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean while immersed in a good book, Florida 30A welcomes you with arms wide open.