17 Best Things to Do in Helen, Georgia

17 Best Things to Do in Helen, Georgia

One of the finest ideas to find your perfect travel spot should be choosing locations that are the best of both worlds. It should be someplace else amidst the serenity of nature, between the mountains but also somewhere with the prettiest buildings and streets to give you the quintessential town like feel.

The White County of Helen in Georgia is a mountain town! Hence, Helen can very well be the best of both worlds for a true traveller.

Tubing through the Chattahoochee River, going back in time at the antique malls, trailing or hiking, Axe throwing, standing beneath mystic waterfalls, vineyards and breweries with picturesque views, water parks, art galleries, museums, heritage centers, nature parks, golf villages, you name them. Hence, Helen is truly a traveller’s gem.

Stand by The Mystic Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls
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Located by the Anna Ruby Falls Road itself, this waterfall receives close to a million visitors on a regular annual basis! It is one the traveller’s finest choices in Helen, Georgia.

You have to take a soft 15 minute hike to get the finest view of water gushing down through hilly rock formations from a huge height with lush greenery on both sides and then flowing through smaller rocks.

The area sure looks like those wallpaper images you would dream about! There are railings and pavements to help travelers of all ages. There is also a gift shop for goodies!

Be All Around Art at The Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia

A pottery museum can be as unique as it gets! Northeast Georgia folk pottery museum perfectly holds upright the Georgian grassroots of native art, ethnicity and culture.

It can be called one of the best in southeast. Some of the pieces of folk pottery go back to as early as the 1840s! these artifacts are finely preserved for display to the eager visitors. Regular exhibits are held here too.

Some of the artifacts are as huge as 4 feet! The display and presentations are enhanced by audio and visual means to engage the visitors and entertain them through their tour.

Witness Finesse at The Helen Arts & Heritage Council

This non-profit organization is situated at the Old City Hall. This heritage center is open to the visitors from Monday through Thursday free of charge. It is famous within the country for the excellent exhibits, workshops.

It generates bringing communities within and without Georgia. Even classes are held on varied subjects like pottery, acrylic, oil and water painting, jewelry making, scarf painting, collage, basket making among many others.

These events are all organized by volunteers who are often themselves artists. It is a treat to watch the amalgamation of pure art and heritage with that goodness and service to all.

Time for Some Thrill at The Georgia- Unicoi State Park

Unicoi State Park
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Located beside the highway the Unicoi State Park is another fine spot for travellers to not miss.

Huge hill areas, endless woods, massive lakes, tree houses, indoor games, archery, animal watching, deer roaming around, fishing, bird watching, trailing, barrel cabins, boating, camping, gift shops, dog parks, swimming beaches, lake trails.

Open air woods or lake sitting area, resting rooms, parks for children, rides and playing area, butterfly watching, community hall, events, restaurants, craft shops, the Unicoi Park might take a lot of your time to tour up because the list of activities to do is almost endless and endlessly fun.

Stroll Through the Stunning Alpine Mini Golf Village

Located at the South Main Street of Helen, the Alpine actually is a mini golf village. It is a win-win area for families or solo travelers, for people from all ages. The landscape looks pristine, the course and putt putt is well maintained with excellent services and playing areas.

Apart from this the entire area is like a miniature village with picture perfect cottages, playing  areas for children, recreational spaces for families, sport areas, restaurants, exhibits. The flower gardens are mind blowing in decor and the village is pet friendly, with fine services to enjoy, shop from and dine at.

Aim Your Game at Helen’s Axebilly

Axe throwing is one of the most famous and loved sports or activities in Georgia and the AxeBilly is the one and only Axe throwing sport area in the County of Helen. Hence it is cherished by the locals and the tourists stay curious about it.

Top attraction of the town at present for visitors; the facilities help accommodate both groups and solo players. There has been the introduction of double lanes for larger groups to enter and have a magnanimous time at these entertainment facilities. In case or families wanting to celebrate occasions like birthdays there are bookings available.

The Once in A Lifetime Experience of River Tubing

River tubing in Chattahoochee River
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As exciting as it looks, the river tubing in Helen is a major factor drawing national tourists from all over Georgia to it. There are multiple areas like the cool river tubing, the Helen tubing and Water Park, tubing by the Chattahoochee River and many other centers from where you can initiate this superb sport.

Once you have taken the donut shaped tube, be prepared to slip through the prettiest river areas of the mountain town of Helen through deep alpine vegetation and mind blowing views of forests and lakes. Most routes run from Chattahoochee River to the Appalachian Mountains.

Walk Through the Beauty of Downtown Helen

Downtown Helen
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Lose your senses in the aesthetic beauty of Downtown Helen. The architecture has beautifully decorated sets of Bavarian style buildings on stretches which makes the streets look like sets from a medieval movie or a toy land.

There are many market areas with restaurants and antique shops, artifact corners and entertainment areas for people of all ages. The Charlemagne’s Kingdom is another famous location located at Downtown.

The downtown is also known for hand blown glass sculptures at places like the Glass Glowing Shop. Another famous attraction is the Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen smelling of fudge, caramel and candies!

An Endless Set of Adventures from The Cool River

The Cool River Adventures actually provide you with a set of thrilling outdoor activities which can be enjoyed solo or with families. There is tubing through the river for children and adults, it being a signature sport in Helen.

There are zipline sports offered at the aerial park area, there are three different aerial adventure sects to choose from, there are also wall climbing activities for youngsters and professionals.

The setting around the area has picturesque views. The rope courses are very well-maintained with different levels for everyone in the family. A resting area is also available with friendly staff.

See and Sense the True Beauty of Helen at The Lavender Lamb Farm

This place can turn out to be one of the most unique things a traveler can find in their trip! A tiny and breathtaking lavender farm at Helen sure sounds magical.

The area has long stretches of lavender cultivation practiced seasonally, which therefore makes for those fine lilac valleys, perfect for the traveler’s lens to capture.

Apart from this the area has a gift shop which processes all that lavender into the most organically precious and true to form perfumes, soaps, body oils, candles, scents, incenses tubes and all the perfectly smelling goodies. This place will surely refine your senses.

Engage with Your Family at The Helen Water Park and Tubing

The Helen Water Park and Tubing is the best place if you are looking for fun outdoor water activities. You can go on tours through the river with your family.

Or if you are an adventure lover go for free boundless tubing through the active river and get some magical green canopies above you. The children and adults both can enjoy at the water park with simple activities like boating o fishing.

Water rides are also readily available with small pools for more safety. The area has restrooms and restaurants for you to relax and freshen up after the fun.

Settle with A Sip at The Vineyards, Breweries and Wineries

A mountainside town like Helen is bound to have the finest breweries, vineyards and wineries with the finest sips and also the best views to complement your drink. There is the famous Unicoi Wine Trail which makes sure the travellers get the finest and most varied flavors of the foothills.

Sit back and relax with that perfect glass of fine chosen wine and soon find the perfect gourmet dining area to complement the whole experience. There are the Habersham Winery, Alpine Brew Deck, Cenita Vineyards, Winery and tasting rooms, The Elite Excursions and Wine Tours, Helen Company and many more.

The Mountains of Helen Demand a Hiking or Trailing Day

Hiking Trail in Helen
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Due to the nature oriented location of the town and it very specifically being a mountain town, the range of outdoor activities become varied and spread out.

It depends on your choice whether you want to go on trailing ad hiking experiences on professionally maintained areas like nature parks which include the Unicoi estate and park or others packages like Bartram Trail, Hike plus Wine Tasting.

And if you are a believer in rugged free woodlands and trailing areas, rough and natural mountainous paths then you can simply go to Mount Yonah, or any branch of the mighty Appalachian Mountains.

Why Not Get Blown Away by The Georgia Mountain Coaster

It is better to not miss out on the real gut wrenching adventure at the only Alpine Coaster in Georgia i.e. the Georgia Mountain Coaster at Helen.

This coaster is located at Downtown Helen. You will be passing through the magnificent mountain lands and woods of Georgia, that too at your own pace!

Yes, you can control your own speed at this coaster. The views will be mostly of forests and ruins that are over a hundred years old. These coasters are built with best Germanic gliding machinery, completely safe and secure for you and your partner to ride through.

Check out The Miniature World of Charlemagne’s Kingdom

Charlemagne’s Kingdom
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This place is one of the gems of Helen. Located at the downtown Helen, the Charlemagne’s Kingdom is basically a miniature land of trains! The entire architecture shows the engineering finesse that must have been required to create such a piece of art.

It is a perfect combination of science and arts lovers, an area of imagination and technical magic.

The area has an entire city like area created with model trains loving all around in lifelike movements that are certain to amuse everyone from toddlers to your grandparents. The detailing will blow your mind with miniature buildings to stations.

Feel the Best of Both Worlds at The Nacoochee Village Antique Mall

Nacoochee Antique mall
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The point of best of the both worlds literally comes true at this spot. An antique mall is one of a kind. This Nacoochee Antique mall is located at the historically significant Martin House with over 3 floors and an area of over 7000 square feet.

The specialty comes from the availability of fine collectibles and antiques for men, women, children and elders. There is glassware from the olden times, antique cutlery and showpieces, stamps, brooches, leather items.

The house, white in color, looks like a royal cottage from the olden times, the staff is friendly and the collections varied.

Give Your Heart a Peaceful Treat at The Romeo and Juliet Indian Mound Tragedy Site

Romeo and Juliet Indian mound tragedy site
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Let this historic site mark a beautiful and heart touching end to your fabulous Helen journey. This is located across to the Hardman Farm.

This beautiful and lush green valley with the majestic white and red tomb like structure at the heart of it is a burial ground of two Indian star crossed lovers whose life ended there.

The area has beautiful cattle spread all around it and the grass somehow manages to look perennial and fresh all through the year just like the tale of perennial love. The spot is a favorite of photographers. Stroll and feel alive here.