18 Best Things to Do in Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island

City life can be taxing and leave you with a heavy dose of burnout.

So why not escape into the blissful expanses of one of the world's finest barrier islands to beat away the stress?

Jekyll Island in Georgia is the ideal holiday getaway for such a relaxing respite!

Packed with all the delights of a beach destination, the unique thing about Jekyll Island is the warm waters found here.

So you can take refreshing dips to your heart's content without shivering to the bones!

Horseback riding, kayaking, and capturing the scenic beauty in memorable photographs are some of the place's charms.

When you visit this island, the items on our list of the Top things to do in Jekyll Island will help you immensely to plan your itinerary for maximum pleasure!

Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach
Gestalt Imagery / Shutterstock.com

Driftwood Beach is the first location that you should visit on Jekyll Island.

The beach is unique for the gigantic driftwood pieces washed ashore.

You will be surprised at their enormity – they are just not random twigs or even logs; you will spot full-blown trees!

Perfect to live out your other-world fantasy!

The journey to the beach also passes through dense jungle lands, further adding to the mystical charm.

Don’t be surprised if you hear a murmur of wise advice from some of the old trees!

On the beach, you can rejoice in any of the usual beach pleasures.

Simply sprawl on the white sands and bake in the gorgeous sun to catch an impressive tan.

Alternatively, wait for the salubrious sunsets and sunrises to capture fantastic photos.

Finally, the stillness of nighttime adds another kind of excitement to your experience.

Also, photography enthusiasts can experiment with lighting and shades to hone their skills at night photography!

Sea Turtle Center

Sea Turtle Center
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You will be surprised that Georgia is home to one of the largest sea turtle populations in the entire world!

Moreover, five species of these creatures cross the coast during their migratory journey every year!

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of these beautiful creatures.

Their staff heals the injured members of the pack before releasing them in the waters again.

They also organize public outreach programs to educate the masses about the pressing need to step up conservation efforts.

You can even avail yourself of the rare opportunity to touch and pet some of these lovely creatures.

Beachside Bike Rentals and other bike rentals

Bicycle in Jekyll Island
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Jekyll Island is a small island measuring only 7 miles in length and 1.

5 miles in width.

It is ideal for enthusiasts to travel the beautiful trails on this island on rented bikes.

Many companies provide bikes for rent on Jekyll Island.

Beachside Bike Rentals is the most prominent among these.

You can rent bikes from them for your stay at Seafarer Inn, Villas by the Sea and the Days Inn.

Another bike rental service is Jekyll Island Bike Barn.

This rental shop provides some exciting models, including a bike designed to be used by four people!

Jekyll Wheels is yet another rental shop.

The unique thing is that they also store your bike overnight.

All of these rental services are priced reasonably and can be used without cutting deep holes in pockets.

Great Dunes Beach Park

Great Dunes Beach is the best beach on Jekyll Island to go swimming in the alluring ocean waters.

The reason is its delightful sandbar!

You can head deep into the ocean without having to worry about dangerous water levels!

It is ideal for new swimmers or anyone who wants to enjoy the beach without struggling with the water.

However, be cautious not to limp too far.

Once the sandbar ends, the bed falls steeply to lead into deep waters.

St. Andrews Beach

St. Andrews Beach
romarti / Shutterstock.com

St. Andrews Beach is perfect for animal lovers.

You can watch a wide variety of colorful birds and sea animals here.

The beach features a specialized platform where bird spotters can have a great time watching the birds soar in the skies above.

In addition, you will spot some rare and exotic bird species.

Naturalists can enjoy to their heart's content watching dolphins dance on the sea waters.

St. Andrews Beach has a dedicated area that provides a great vantage point to watch these merry antics.

Also, you can open up your lunch baskets and enjoy the perfect mid-day picnic.

Glory Beach

Glory Beach is yet another fantastic beach on Jekyll Island.

The beach is unique for being the location where the movie Glory depicting the exploits of the Civil War's first all-black battalion was shot.

You can walk over the long boardwalk from the nearby Jekyll Island Soccer Complex to reach that point.

Glory Beach is usually not very crowded, and you can have a quiet beach time.

Golf Sessions at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Golfing at Jekyll Island Club Hotel
Ken Schulze / Shutterstock.com

The Jekyll Island Golf Club features an entire 18-hole luxurious course for you to have a relaxing hit.

Alternately, you can play in the 9-hole half course that is available at a lower price.

Finally, kids and families can also enjoy the game by trying their hand at mini-golf over two 18-hole courses.

Golfing is a tremendous stress-bursting activity.

However, when you bag your birdies in the middle of an exquisite island, the joy is many times better!

Summer Waves Water Park

Summer Waves Water Park
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you want wet fun without diving into ocean waters?

If so, yes to this, then we have the perfect option for you.

The Summer Waves Water Park is an artificial water park that will let you splash and dive to your heart's content on the island itself!

The lazy river is anything but lazy, while the wave pool will mimic ocean waves to give you a feel of the real ones.

Also, you can have wild fun at the vast water playground.

Finally, slip down the fantastic water slides in ecstatic shrills of water mania!

Jekyll Island Museum – Mosaic

Mosaic Museum
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Mosaic Museum showcases the history of this tiny island with its exciting exhibits.

The items provide an interactive, immersive experience for visitors to explore the past engagingly.

The museum keeps rotating its displays to provide you with something new on repeat visits.

You will learn essential facts about Jekyll Island with the help of the rich collection based here.

Tour Historic Cottages at the Jekyll Island Club grounds

Dubignon Cottage
Joanne Dale / Shutterstock.com

Jekyll Island was a winter retreat for many famous personalities.

These super-achievers flocked to this “little paradise with elegant leisure” to drown away their accumulated stress.

Prominent among these included names such as J.P. Morgan, Marshall Field, and Joseph Pulitzer.

You can explore the rich cottages of these famous people by touring the Jekyll Island Club grounds.

Though they restrict your entry to most of these, these cottages are architectural beauties.

You can admire their elegance from the outside and yet have an enriching experience.

The best of these cottages are the eponymous Dubignon Cottage, Goodyear Cottage, Mistletoe Cottage, and the delightful Villa Marianna and Villa Ospo.

In addition, you should book your spot with the Landmark Historic Trolley Excursion that covers the walk along with some additional perks.

These include entry to the Mosaic Museum, Faith Chapel, and a rare admission in the Moss Cottage to dote on its exquisite interiors.

Golden Isles

St. Simons Island
Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock.com

Jekyll Island actually forms one island in a chain of four equally delightful islands known together as the Golden Isles.

These include St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island, along with Jekyll Island.

You should go on exciting excursions to explore each of these.

Glorious natural surroundings and fresh island breezes will welcome you with loving arms.

Additionally, you could see notable historical sites and other landmarks on these islands.

For instance, St. Simon Island is home to its great lighthouse and the adjoining museum.

We recommend you check out this amazing vantage point to enjoy surreal views of the endless ocean waters.

The island also features a remarkable World War II Home Front Museum.

War and history enthusiasts can learn useful trivia through its interesting exhibits.

Cumberland Island

Wild horse grazing in Cumberland Island
Paula Stephens / Shutterstock.com

Cumberland Island is yet another beautiful island nearby, but it is not part of the Golden Isles.

However, the island is still a paradise for nature lovers.

The unique thing about it is the wild horses that roam freely on it!

You need to travel on a ferry for about 45 minutes to reach Cumberland Island.

Once you reach the island, you can explore it either on foot or on a bike.

The Lands and Legacies Tour is a 6-hour detailed tour of the island.

You must book your spot on this tour because they also take you to specific exclusive locations!


Jekyll Island has some fantastic campsites where you can set base overnight and become one with Nature.

The campgrounds on this island are priced affordably.

Situated amid massive oak trees covered in delightful Spanish moss, these sites are ideal locations for camping.

However, a word of caution is worthy here.

Spending time outdoors during summers on Jekyll Island can pester you with the many bugs and insects on the island.

Therefore, we would advise you only to set camp if you are on the island during other seasons.

Horseback Riding with the Three Oaks Farm

Three Oaks Farm lets your rent out high-quality steeds to enjoy the beaches on fantastic horseback rides.

If you have traveled with your better half, horseback riding together amid delightful beach waves can be very romantic.

The horses are available for rent at budget-friendly prices.

Three Oaks Farm also provides with you a trainer to take along in case you are new to dealing with horses.

4-H Tidelands Nature Center

You can know about the rich ecology and wide variety of fauna on Jekyll Island by making a trip to the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center.

The entry fee is only $5 to let you explore the area’s rich wildlife without spending a fortune.

The animal exhibits include rare and exciting species native to the region.

Alongside, you can catch the species of sea life found here in the impressive aquariums and touch tanks.

They also rent out boards and kayaks to go riding the ocean waves.

Paddleboarding is a fun activity, and you will have a crazy time tumbling and rolling with your paddleboard!

Turtle Crawl Races

The annual Turtle Crawl event has been drawing hordes of participants from all over the world since its inception in 2003.

As a result, you can watch and participate in fun turtle races in a lively atmosphere.

The real aim of the event is, of course, to raise funds to support this rich life form.

Therefore, all the collections are spent in protecting sea turtles and rehabilitate the sick ones.

Shrimp and Grits Festival

Shrimp and Grits Festival celebrates the rich culture of food and entertainment with a pompous show every year in October or November.

The three-day weekend gala serves ample portions of the famous southern delicacy of the same name.

In addition, the atmosphere is electric, with live music shows and a craft brew fest adding to the charms.

The festival also displays an artists market for you to pick up exquisite artwork as sweet memorabilia.

Shrimp and Grits Festival has been recognized for its spirit and success and has bagged many awards.

Holly Jolly Jekyll

The holiday season in Jekyll Island comes alive with the delightful Holly Jolly Jekyll festival.

Earlier known as the Jekyll Island Tree Lighting and Holidays, the new version as Holly Jolly Jekyll is a fantastic ode to the cheerful Christmas spirit.

During this event, the island is decorated gorgeously in lovely Christmas-themed grandeur.

Plenty of exciting events regale you with storytelling, caroling, and craft workshops.

We suggest you enjoy the island on a carriage ride in the Christmas season.

Santa will indeed be waiting for you along the way!

Jekyll Island is a delightful barrier island located in the Atlantic.

It is covered in splendid natural beauty and makes for an ideal holiday getaway.

We suggest you book your tickets for a trip now.

Don't forget to delight us with exciting tales of your personal experiences!