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15 Best Things to Do in Rockdale County, GA

  • Published 2023/03/31

Of the 159 counties in Georgia, Rockdale County is the second smallest.

This flourishing suburban neighborhood is spacious and offers a spectacular town view and multiple urban attractions.

Take advantage of the area’s history, culture, cycling, and walking routes bordered by lush forests, waterways, and charming old villages.

You’ll love its charming streets and enjoy the neighborhood’s little businesses, food varieties, entertainment, and festivals.

Visit more than ten leisure areas to go hiking, canoeing, picnicking, and boating.

Get ready to lace up your sneakers and explore these best things to do in Rockdale County, Georgia.

Stop by the Conyers Welcome Center

Exterior of the Conyers Welcome Center

Dfcoe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Conyers Welcome Center is housed in the old train depot and dates back to 1891.

When you come to Conyers, make the Welcome Center your first stop.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to showcase all the beautiful things Rockdale County offers with their maps and brochures.

One must-see is the renovated railroad station that now serves as a conference center and banquet hall, thanks to Rockdale County Historical Society.

A locomotive in front of the Conyers Welcome Center

The original uploader was Skarg at English Wikipedia., CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity for more insider tips on exploring this fantastic area.

You can access local eateries, entertainment, and parks from the Conyers Welcome Center.

Check out their calendar of events for parades, festivals, and special events all year.

Check Out the Swords at Museum Replicas

In Conyers, you can see realistic swords at Museum Replicas.

Perched atop a hill like an ancient castle, Museum Replicas offers a breathtaking world of wonders for both men and women.

The company has been in the industry since the 1970s.

It started as a mail-order business before manufacturing historical weapons, armor, and attire from past eras.

The well-crafted, historically authentic, battle-ready weapons from the Greek, Middle Ages, and Renaissance will delight you.

Look around the store’s showroom, forge, entertainment area, and design studio.

Here, you can see the swords and armor used in war, typically only shown in action movies, television shows, and books.

You can also buy swords, daggers, axes, helmets, or even costume pieces to take home and decorate on your walls.

Museum Replicas offer intriguing and distinctive items at reasonable costs.

Capture memories of your journey to their unique, castle-like storefront by taking stunning photos.

Saddle Up at Georgia International Horse Park

Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers has a spacious pasture for horseback riding and rodeo events.

The Georgia International Horse Park has hosted the pentathlon, mountain bike competitions, and the biggest sporting event in the world since 1995.

The award-winning Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival and even the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games were held in the Horse Park.

The water plants blooming at the dock on the lake are another sight you can observe when strolling the nature center’s trails.

The park’s 1,400-acre grounds offer a variety of leisure activities for the whole family to enjoy.

From relays and team-building to inflatables and beyond – your fun is covered!

The picturesque, wide-open grassy fields of Bald Rock Meadows Complex are perfect for mud runs, mountain biking, and equestrian riding.

Bring the family along for a fun ride!

Journey to the Great Outdoors at Costley Mill Park

Take your family to enjoy the beautiful indoors and outdoors of historic Costley Mill Park in Conyers.

When you visit the park, you will immediately appreciate the rustic beauty of its amenities, from the charming gazebo to the elegant event center.

Plus, popular films and TV shows are filmed here.

There are plenty of fascinating faux structures for your entire family to explore!

Of course, no picnic would be complete without some delicious snacks; whip up a few treats as your children play on the playground nearby.

Costley Mill Park is truly an idyllic setting to enjoy special occasions, and all that nature offers.

There are 12 picnic tables at the playground and 16 rectangular tables in the baseball pavilion.

Create Your Masterpiece at Splatters Art Studio

Splatters Art Studio in Conyers is a great place to spend the day or even the night out.

Everyone can create, get messy, and have fun in splatter painting.

You can use the methods of abstract expressionism to produce vibrant, gorgeous dynamic paintings.

Believe in yourself and create something unique to make your craft stand out.

Rockdale is the perfect spot to host a memorable celebration, romantic date night, or even a splatter paint party!

Splash your artistic talents with this fantastic drink and paint event.

Going to Splatters Art Studio will be an experience like no other.

Bring your loved ones or pals so they can individually create a unique splatter masterpiece.

Collaborate with your family to make a splatter artwork you can take home.

Hit the Links at Cherokee Run Golf Club

Experience a great course around the green lawns in fantastic shape at Cherokee Run Golf Club.

Located in Conyers, the Cherokee Run Golf Club features uniquely carved-out holes along the trees and feels very secluded.

You don’t have to worry about hitting anything but trees with errant shots.

If you seek some excellent friendly matches, you can join other professional and amiable locals.

Hit a terrific golf shot on a vibrant green with great pace.

After a round, you can chill even more by enjoying a bite and a drink at the snack bar.

You can also take your breakfast and lunch feats at the Dining Run.

Don’t miss out on the incredible views; remember to take some serene walks around the area.

Pamper Yourself at the Upper Hand Day Spa

The Upper Hand Day Spa in Conyers is a fantastic place to unwind.

Exhale away the stresses of everyday life at Upper Hand Day Spa, tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

Relax with Swedish massages, body rituals, infrared saunas, skin care rejuvenation services, and even manicure or lash treatments.

Delight in an hour of deep tissue massage after spending half an hour in their tranquil sauna for an extraordinary session that will leave your muscles relaxed and invigorated!

Treat yourself to alternative therapies that will make you feel even more relaxed, such as reflexology, ionic foot baths, or Reiki Therapy, a Japanese healing technique.

Various high-quality goods, including vitamins, Himalayan salt, soaps, and other body care items, are also available at reception.

The Upper Hand Day Spa is perfect if you’re looking to decompress.

Join a Historical Tour around Olde Town Conyers

Buildings along Olde Town Conyers

The original uploader was Skarg at English Wikipedia., CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

The Olde Town Conyers Historical Tour is one of the great outdoor adventures you can visit.

Whether you bike or wander through the 12 historical sites in Conyers’ old downtown business district, your experience will enchant you.

See the Dinky – one of its most renowned landmarks – and a chunk of the 1905 Rogers steam engine.

All roads lead to Nancy Guinn Memorial Library in what used to be an ancient train station building.

Check out the Fightin’ Joe Wheeler Georgia Civil War Trail Marker, the quintessential Rockdale County Courthouse, and Conyers First United Methodist Church.

An excellent way to finish your historical stroll through town is by visiting the Old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, which operated from 1907 to 1967!

Keep your map handy, so you won’t veer off course and lose sight of all the fun!

Enjoy the Olde Town Conyers Historical Tour!

See the War Memorial at Black Shoals Park

Black Shoals Park is a place in Conyers for lake activities like fishing and kayaking, with a playground and trails.

Explore the beauty of a 650-acre lake.

It has picnic pavilions, scenic hiking trails, boat ramps for fishing and boating enthusiasts, and an inviting fishing deck to cast your line.

Whether you’re seeking solitude or adventure while outdoors, this idyllic spot is sure to please!

Black Shoals Park is also home to the Walk Of Heroes Veterans Memorial Park.

You can explore the phenomenal war memorial for a scenic supplementary tour.

Discover the “way of heroes”‘ and enjoy the historical and military veterans’ displays.

You can even stay the night at the recently built facility rental, Retreat House, across the trailhead walking path.

It can accommodate weddings, family reunions, team-building meetings, retreats, or birthday parties.

The Retreat House has an outdoor stage and lawn with a warming oven, refrigerator, sound system, restrooms, and television for your benefit.

Plus, don’t forget to bring your children along for the ride!

The playground areas at the park promise hours of fun and entertainment.

Walk through Lewis Vaughn Botanical Gardens

Wander the 1.5-acre Lewis Vaughn Botanical Gardens in downtown Conyers.

In addition to a wide array of native and indigenous plants, this garden has a fountain and stream with koi fish and water plants.

The majestic 1900-built downtown water tower supplies the tranquil koi pond with life, surrounded by native plants of Georgia’s Piedmont region.

Enjoy a picnic or other activities in the green space and pavilion next to the Lewis Vaughn Botanical Gardens.

Soak up its beauty and watch the fish gracefully swim around.

Savor delectable cuisine from nearby restaurants while sipping your favorite beverage amidst stunning views.

For an extra dose of adventure, don’t forget to rent bicycles at C-Town Bikes on Center Street for an even more immersive experience!

Join a Trail Adventure at North Georgia Live Steamers

Have you ever tried riding a train?

The North Georgia Live Steamers operates a railroad with nearly a mile of tracks, a passenger terminal, and an area for unloading engines and cars.

Tour the Conyers & Hightower Trail Railroad tracks with your friends and family.

You can explore numerous pedestrian overpasses, tunnels, bridges nearby, and steaming bays.

Since its move in 2009, the North Georgia Live Steamers have offered a memorable railway trip throughout Conyers.

The club members are highly dedicated and have created unique steam engines to ride on top of.

Riding these miniature trains is fun for the young and old alike.

Skate with Grace at Ice Days

Enjoy Olde Town Conyers’ Ice Days by donning a coat, heavy socks, a scarf, a hat, and gloves.

Ice Days is a fun place to take the family, offering an incredible two-hour ice skating experience.

Introducing your children to the art of ice skating is best achieved at Ice Days.

Not only do they provide various free skate trainers for kids, but there are two fire pits with tables nearby where you can sit and warm up after a long day on the ice!

If you’re hungry, a snack bar offers hot bowls of ramen, marshmallows to grill over the fire pit, and warm cups of hot chocolate to help keep everyone cozy during their visit.

Take your family out this weekend and make unforgettable memories as everyone whizzes around one of its perfectly-kept rinks!

Take a Break at South Rockdale Community Park

South Rockdale Community Park in Conyers provides a range of outdoor recreation activities.

South Rockdale Community Park offers 176 acres of outdoor delights, including picnic spots with tables and a pavilion with grills.

In addition, Mountain Biking Atlanta has crafted 5.5 miles of Trailways for cyclists to ride on.

It offers basic to expert courses linking to the Davidson Arabia National Heritage Area’s destination route project along the beautiful Rockdale River.

Horseback riding can also be enjoyed on designated paths.

You can also ride a bike or hike along paved paths.

If you are looking for a memorable outdoor adventure, look no further than this secret gem of a park in Rockdale County.

It features some of the most extraordinary trails within the National Heritage Area and is perfect for recreational pleasure!

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Big Haynes Creek Nature Center

Are you seeking a healing escape to connect with the great outdoors?

Located in Conyers, Big Haynes Creek Nature Center features a paddling boat launch and excellent wildlife observation with stunning lakefront views in the northern portion of the woodlands.

Discover the wonders of nature when you visit Big Haynes Creek Nature Center, which has welcomed guests since 2007.

Explore interactive audio stations filled with native wildlife sounds that will astound and delight all ages!

Navigate the area using their touchscreen stations as you listen to the local fauna.

Take a leisurely 8.2 km loop trail that should take an estimated one hour and 49 minutes to complete.

You can spot birds along the way.

Stay the night camping and enjoy solitude in the silence of the woodland.

Take Your Kids to Lakeview Estates Park

Aside from strolling significant mansion byways in the Lakeview Estates neighborhood, an exciting park tour is also an excellent option for a family adventure.

Your children will be ecstatic to expend their boundless energy at the two Lakeview Estate Parks.

At Rockaway Road, Park #1 offers outdoor basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas – a fantastic way to bond with your family!

During this tour, indulge in the breathtaking view of castle-like mansions surrounding the area.

With so many enjoyable activities here, the Lakeview Estates Parks should be an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

Make a beeline to Skyline Drive and treat your children to an unforgettable fun day at Park #2.

Not only will they get the opportunity to explore stately mansions, but their excitement levels will reach new heights as they enjoy the park.

Trek the Panola Mountain State Park

A trail at Panola Mountain State Park

whiskerhead /

Visit some sections of Panola Mountain State Park in Rockdale County.

Due to its extraordinary natural beauty and fascinating cultural transitions, Panola Mountain State Park has received widespread recognition as a national historic site.

It served as a place where people of all ages and experiences could relax and unwind.

Have picnics and watch kids burn off energy on the playgrounds.

You can participate in tree-climbing programs and recreational pursuits like archery, geocaching, orienteering, and birdwatching.

Signage of Panola Mountain State Park

Tim Farley, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A paved track is available where you can walk your dogs or go cycling, jogging, and other sports.

Hikers and runner enthusiasts can also enjoy woodland fitness trails.

See the ridges and their unique environment as Native Americans did hundreds of years ago.

Early settlers, immigrant stone miners, and others lived in the Panola Mountain State Park area for years.

Ignite your curiosity about the county by visiting a historical place with plenty of exhilarating activities!

Final Thoughts

Rockdale County should not be underestimated regarding memorable experiences.

Whether you’re looking for horseback riding, festive concerts, picnics, or scenic trails open year-round, something here will leave you wanting more.

Discover the best things to do in Rockdale County, Georgia!

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