15 Best Things to Do in Marietta, GA

15 Best Things to Do in Marietta, GA

Marietta in Georgia is a municipal city which is known for its modern life and culture. The city is located near Atlanta and provides a lot of fun activities to do.

The city has also published its own book which talks about hundreds of unknown facts about the city. Being home to various museums, cemeteries, theatres and other important buildings, the city was adjudged as one of the best communities in the nation in the year 2006.

The people here are very respectable and treat others with humble and welcoming attitude.
This article contains some of the best tourist attractions from the city:

An introduction to the Ghosts of Marietta

Taking a guided tour into the streets of Marietta is probably the best way of starting your trip to the city. The tour will definitely help you in getting the basic idea of the city and connecting with it.

The tour is organised on a daily basis after sunset, by travel guides who will unfold the various tales and myths about the city while walking through the streets. The tours are generally organised on foot and trolley buses with a little dramatic setting such adding light lamps.

The entire tour is filled with stories from civil wars, about the ghosts of the city, about historical sites, and many more. Even though some of the stories told during the tour seem to be supernatural, they fit into the atmosphere and the vibe around you.

The tour also gives you a glance of the major attractions in the city, helping you to plan your coming days properly.

Marietta Museum of Art

Marietta Cobb Museum of Art is one of the most famous museums in Georgia. The museum started back in the 1990s and has been a major attraction for people since then.

The museum was designed in form of a stylish building using Greek architecture. The building stands on tall columns which give it a royal look from roman era.

It was once used as the main post office in the city but later turned into a museum. The museum is famous for dedicating quite a special attention towards American style artwork. The collection in the museum is quite vast and have items belonging from the 18th century as well as the present times.

The museum is also famous among people across the borders as a famous movie scene was shot in its gallery in the year 2014. The gallery, specifically is also famous among visitors as it is very beautiful and gives a very homely feeling.

Marietta Confederate Cemetery

Marietta Confederate Cemetery
William Hunton / Shutterstock.com

The Confederate cemetery in Marietta is the largest cemetery not only in the city but the surrounding areas as well. More than 3000 Confederate soldiers who lost their lives during American civil war are buried and rest in peace in the grounds of the Confederate cemetery.

Along with the graves, the cemetery also has a field gun on display weighing as much as 6 pounds. It is also quite important to note that the cemetery is considered to be a sacred place in the city and hence has a holy vibe around it.

Even though you might have visited this place as a part of the Marietta tour, the cemetery definitely deserves more of your time and another visit.

Oakton House

Visiting a place and not paying a special visit to its beautiful homes is nothing less than disrespecting these gorgeous structures and the people who built them.

The Oakton house in Marietta has been on the grounds since 1838, when the city was only in the stages of getting formed. It is the oldest house which is still standing in the city. The building has also had an important role during the battle of Kennesaw mountain.

During the battle in 1864, this house was used as Confederate headquarters, which ultimately saved Atlanta from union forces. The house has a pretty and gracious garden which is well maintained in a formal manner. A box hedging, Barn, a well, milk house, and a smokehouse increases the value and beauty of this property.

Kennesaw House

Originally built as a cotton Warehouse, Kennesaw house is the another name of Marietta Museum of history. The museum gives of quite historical and vintage vibes as it was constructed entirely using red coloured bricks in the year 1845.

The museum has a huge collection of various themes from the first two centuries of the city ‘s foundation. The top two floors of this building displays that collection. The exhibition from civil war are also quite expensive and draws major attraction of the tourists.

In addition, the museum also showcases major collection representing the Ancestral life of American people and gold rush of Georgia. It also has a bible on exhibition which is written in Cherokee language.

Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain battlefield Park
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The Kennesaw mountain in Marietta is not situated at a great height but only about 500 m. However even with its shortness, the mountain is the highest peak in Atlanta urban area due to which it becomes one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city.

Due to its small height and low elevation, the mountain is a perfect fit all for all those people who desire to start hiking anytime soon. The slopes of the mountains are also comforting as they are covered with forests.

This mountain also played a very important role during the civil war and falls under the property of battlefield Park. These mountains are a great option for people looking for natural refugee for their unstoppable adventure desires.

Big chicken

Big chicken
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Big chicken was built in 1963 as an actual big chicken. The building of this famous and unique attraction was designed in shape of a 56-foot-high chicken. It is one of the most famous KFC stop for people in the city.

It is also quite important because the structure was to be demolished. However, a group of local people protected it against the demolition and as a result it still helps in bringing a lot of exchange in cultural as well as economic terms to the city.

Apart from the famous food joint, big chicken also has a gift shop from where you can purchase souvenirs such as T-shirts and various types of games. If you are travelling with kids, you should definitely visit this place.

Gone with the Wind Museum

Gone with the Wind Museum
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The museum is located in the Brumby hall, built in 1851. The museum was built after getting inspiration from the famous book, “Gone with the Wind”, written by Margaret Mitchell who was born in Atlanta.

The museum showcases various outfits worn by actors in the film and the original copies of the book. The museum also provides exhaustive details about cast members, and other important events that took place while shooting the film.

The place is definitely a win-win location for people who are interested in cinema and entertainment industry.

Southern Museum

Housed in a beautifully designed building, the Southern Museum of civil war and locomotive history is located in Kennesaw. The museum has a rich collection of items belonging to civil war and other artefacts.

It also has a display of locomotives dating back to great locomotive chase of 1862. Among the collection, the steam engine is the most famous. The museum also houses a French mercy box car exhibition.

As per the record, the box car was sent from France filled entirely with gifts in the year 1949. It was sent as an acknowledgment for the efforts and help of Americans during the Second World War.

Farmers Market

Souvenir at Farmers Market in Marietta
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Farmers market in Marietta is one of the most prominently and centrally located markets in the city. The market is set in a parking lot on mill Street which is free from any sort of traffic.

The market is open only on Saturday mornings. Every Saturday, a large number of local producers and artists set up their stalls to provide freshly produced items to the shoppers.

More than 50 stalls offer items such as home-grown fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread, lemonade made from locally grown ingredients, as well as bathroom items.

The market also has a gift shop where buyers can purchase items such as honey, preserves, soaps, perfumes, and other general use items. You can also enjoy breakfast on the tables set in the market.

William Root House Museum and Garden

William root house museum and Garden in Marietta
RudyTravis, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

William root house museum and Garden is the oldest standing home in downtown Marietta. This place was originally built in 1845. Over the years, the House lost its grandeur so it was restored to its original position.

The museum depicts the entire detail of the lives of members of root family. Along with family members, the museum has also provided details about all the slaves who worked in their home.

The museum is decorated with local furniture designed by regional artists. It also has a very old stove which is believed to belong from its original construction. The house has its own kitchen garden which has medicinal herbs and other healing plants as well.

Strand Theatre

Strand Theatre
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Strand theatre is another marvellous piece of building located in downtown Marietta. The theatre was originally built as a cinema complex back in the year 1935.

At present the theatre building is used for various events. It also showcases classic movies, and organises events such as comedy nights, concerts, live music performances, and theatre performances with the best artists on regular basis.

The theatre also has a bar facility which is located on the fourth floor, where all the beer and wine enthusiasts can grab their drinks.

Square food tour

The square Food tour is another unique concept devised by people in Marietta. This tour takes members around different eateries situated in the city which serve best food and drinks.

The tour covers a total number of seven eateries. The tour is going to be a different experience in itself because it is far from the limelight and rush one sees in busy spots like the big chicken. It mostly covers the lesser-known but eateries serving good food serving.

The tour goes on for around three hours, during which additional local facts about the city is are also shared with the visitors. The dishes offered during this tour are not only limited to local dishes but also include worldwide specialities.

Six Flags white water

Six flags white water is a perfect location for spending some chill time with your friends and family. It is a water park which has appropriate rides and pools for people of all ages.

The park is one of the most famous amusement parks in the entire state and spread over an area of 280,000 square metres.

The Park has outside its competitor parks by adding different pools and rides with unique and catchy names such as the wave pool known by the name of Atlanta ocean. This place is a must visit in your list of things to do in the city.

Chattahoochee River

Chattahoochee River
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Chattahoochee river is one of the most famous recreational sites in Marietta city. The place is known for its lush green spaces and undisturbed wildlife.

You can also rent a boat and experience boating in the lake or just sit around and enjoy picnic with your family. If you someone who could not sit tightly at a place, it also has walking trails where you can enjoy jogging or simply walking in the lap of nature.

Marietta is one of the most historically and economically important cities in Georgia. Quite a number of important buildings were shifted to Atlanta from the city, but it did not stop its development.

As a result, the city is still able to attract a lot of visitors and keep them entertained throughout their vacations. With the large number of museums and historical houses, the city is not less than a big historical tour with just the right amount of fun added in it.