15 Best Things to Do in Georgetown, SC

Georgetown, SC
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The city of Georgetown is a historic and charming town.

Georgetown rests along the southern part of the state with a small-town vibe.

Yet, there are plenty of things to do in Georgetown, SC, that's worth spending your time on if you find yourself in the area!

Today, Georgetown, South Carolina, has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world over the last decade, and it’s easy to see why!

The town is brimming with historic charm, giving you plenty of photo opportunities that will make your friends back home jealous.

Plus, its location is just an hour away from some of the most beautiful beach resorts you’ll ever visit!

If you plan on visiting “Little Charleston” soon, check out these 15 best things to do in Georgetown, SC, so that you won't miss anything!

Experience Ghost Hunting at Georgetown’s Historic District

One of South Carolina’s oldest cities, Georgetown is a spooky small town with historic charm.

Those who enjoy a good ghost story should wander through its historic district at night and hope to catch a glimpse of apparitions—maybe even George Washington himself.

If you don’t believe that there could be ghosts haunting these streets, ask any local—they’ll set you straight!

Or, have the best experience of your life by joining a lantern-led night tour of the streets in which you're staying.

Have a thrilling time learning all there is to know about the people that used to live right in the neighborhood.

You'll hear spine-chilling accounts about its supernatural history and encounter otherworldly spirits during this unique and unforgettable excursion!

There’s no harm in experiencing some chills on your next vacation.

Visit Hopsewee Plantation

Hopsewee Plantation
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Hopsewee Plantation is one of South Carolina’s great historical sites.

Located along a two-mile trail lined with moss-draped oaks and sycamores, Hopsewee Plantation is worth a visit to see one of South Carolina’s oldest plantation homes, as well as its original slave quarters and rice fields.

Today, it's a fantastic example of southern history and culture and makes for a fun day trip.

You can spend all day here when you visit and feel like you barely even scratched the surface of what Hopsewee has to offer!

Hopsewee Plantation
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In addition to its rich history, Hopsewee also hosts events that feature tours of the property, Civil War reenactments, Gullah tours, and basket weaving classes.

Visitors hoping to explore the 18th century will find this historic landmark rife with entertainment and mouthwatering Southern cuisine.

Be sure to look out for animals while you're on the plantation.

And, if you're lucky, you might stumble upon a deer or two, or possibly even an alligator!

Ride a Tram With Swamp Fox Tours

Spend your afternoon at the Georgetown Tramway, where you'll have one of the best Georgetown adventures aboard Swamp Fox Tours' blue and white tram that takes its passengers on a historical ride.

Look at the historic homes, public buildings, and other areas of interest as you gently breeze along.

The best part about it is that you get a tour guide with an intimate knowledge of Georgetown's rich 300-year history.

They'll point out some fun places where you can go later for lunch or dinner.

Be amazed by this experience as you find out weird, wild, or not-so-commonly known facts!

If you haven't guessed yet, the trip includes fun stories that appeal to kids and adults.

Tourists will even get to hear a few ghost stories around Halloween time.

Although the Swamp Fox tour is excellent, also try taking some time after your ride to wander around down on Front Street and along Church Street so that you can get a sense of all there is to do in Georgetown.

Visit Georgetown County Museum

Located at 120 Broad Street, Georgetown County Museum is free to visit and offers a great perspective on the town's history.

When visiting the Georgetown County Museum, keep an eye out for the following pieces of history:

Old-school books for learning how to read and write, farming tools used in the field, handmade toys similar to what children were playing with within that time, photos of people back then dressed up in the latest traditional fashion.

These are just some of the artifacts found here; take your time to ensure you don't miss anything!

If you need help locating anything specific, there are good-natured guides who can direct you or even go explorer-hopping with you to show you around if it's your first time (for free) at this fun local museum!

You can donate whatever you wish to help support this important local institution that keeps Georgetown's history alive by preserving it and encouraging folks to visit!

See, Hear & Explore South Carolina’s Natural History at Hobcaw Barony

Hobcaw Barony is a somewhat eccentric home with a flair for the historical.

Belle Wilcox Baruch built it before her death in 1964 and now serves as a venue to host weddings, art shows, and photography classes.

The grounds feature over 16,000 acres of land where hikers can explore a one-of-a-kind ecosystem full of plants and fascinating wildlife.

Hobcaw Barony also includes several cultural sites such as family cemeteries and slave cabins.

You can also go inside the house, which once hosted notable visitors such as Winston Churchill.

Each year, thousands of people flock to Hobcaw Barony for tours and special programs.

Visit the Rice Museum

If you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can visit the Rice Museum in Georgetown, SC.

The history of rice cultivation in South Carolina is fascinating, and the Rice Museum in Georgetown gives an excellent overview of that history!

The museum's exhibits include historical artifacts, documents, and photographs that tell how rice cultivation has changed over time.

Rice Museum
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The museum also has an extensive collection of dioramas that you can browse through.

The museum traces the rise and fall of several hundred plantations and the eventual decline of the industry in this region due to over-saturation and changes in market patterns.

A visit here will leave you with a greater appreciation of the country's agricultural past.

Take a Tour at Kaminski House Museum

Kaminski House Museum
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The Kaminski House Museum is the only standing example of the Georgian homes of the early 18th-century in Georgetown, South Carolina.

You can see how beautiful life was back in the 18th-century at this idyllic historic spot.

That's where you'll get to explore Georgian architecture while learning more about its owner, Paul Trapier, a merchant who built himself quite a home!

There are various guided tours available inside where tourists may find classic furniture, 19th-century old musical instruments, and old photographs to behold.

They've recently added new exhibits about the house's history and its occupants, including family photos and memories.

After exploring, you are welcome to step into its small gift shop, where you can see souvenirs and local goods put on sale.

The Kaminski House Museum also hosts various important events each year, including Christmas candlelight tours.

Explore South Carolina Maritime Museum

While exploring Georgetown and Lexington County, consider stopping at South Carolina Maritime Museum for a bit of – YES! – another history and culture.

What better way to spend time here than by spending some relaxing mornings staring at old shipbuilding equipment?

Located in the seaport city of South Carolina, the South Carolina Maritime Museum offers you the unusual opportunity to get an insight into the history of one of America's early shipping ports.

Its doors opened in 2011, and it became part of the South Carolina State Ports Authority.

Since its opening, it then quickly became one of the southern states’ most popular tourist attractions.

The museum is home to more than 20 vessels that travel across over 100 years of maritime history.

There are also extensive exhibits that give insight into port development and life along with coastal communities.

Relax at Sweetgrass Boutique & Day Spa

The Sweetgrass Boutique & Day Spa is the perfect destination for relaxation, rejuvenation, and peace of mind.

The place features massage services to help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Located in historic Georgetown, SC, they offer luxury spa services, custom facials, massage therapy, and full-service hair care.

Whether you opt for Swedish or hot stone massage, both are sure to relax your tired muscles after a long day of work or touring.

Their expert staff of stylists, nail technicians, aestheticians, and massage therapists will pamper you, relieve your stress, and help you find peace within.

For those who want to take it one step further, Sweetgrass Boutique & Day Spa offers skincare treatments that will leave your skin looking younger and more beautiful than ever before.

Grab a Beer at Big Tuna Raw Bar

You can’t go wrong with a dive bar, and Big Tuna Raw Bar is one of Georgetown’s most popular dives.

This part of the town has live music on weekends, cheap drinks, and always makes for a fun time.

Grab a seat at the bar and chat it up with some local regulars who may give you a few pointers about what else to do while you’re in town.

You also have the option to try some of Big Tuna Raw Bar's local seafood treats that will have you drooling — shrimp and smoked sausage gumbo and Grits with buttery, heavenly flavor in a creamy sauce made from Parmesan cheese.

If you don’t want seafood all the time, consider the cheeseburger or ribeye steak when you feel like eating something different.

The best part?

You can order your food during the day at any point in the year without worrying about its season because they have outdoor seating.

So no matter what time of year it is, you can enjoy your meal while getting a nice view of the Sampit River!

Apart from the friendly and inviting atmosphere, Big Tuna Raw Bar is famous in Georgetown for its great beer, wine, and cocktails.

Want to find the perfect beer or wine to go along with your meal?

Make sure to ask Bucky or Angie for their recommendations on some of their unique beers and wines featured during the season.

Play Golf at Wedgefield Plantation Country Club

Hit the green at Wedgefield Plantation!

The Country Club is a luxurious country club designed with unparalleled views of the South Carolina Lowcountry region.

It provides both avid golfers and casual vacationers with excellent recreation opportunities.

Nestled among winding rivers and surrounded by wildlife, including deer and towering oak trees, the semi-private golf course in this area offers an ideal retreat away from daily stress.

Complete with lush Bermuda grass providing a balance between durability and feel – you can savor Southern hospitality while knocking balls into small holes surrounded by picturesque Magnolia trees, azaleas, and dogwoods.

Kick back and enjoy a mouth-watering dessert at Manor House after your game and simply take in the grandeur of under grand porches overlooking the putting green!

Relive the Civil War at Battle White

If you’re heading to South Carolina’s capital, consider it a must-do to step back into colonial history at Battle White, a 19th-century plantation-turned museum.

Highlights include slave quarters, gardens, and buildings along with a rich history that dates back before America was even a country.

Established in 1862 by the Confederates during the Civil War, Battle White used to be an artillery battery.

It did wonders for the South.

The once artillery battery sat right next to larger cities where they could get supplies quickly while Union troops could not penetrate through due to Winyah Bay.

Battle White in the Civil War was a beacon of hope for Confederate forces in an otherwise doomed region.

Unfortunately, the Northern movement soon after made it clear that the Battery would ultimately fall to Northern hands due to a lack of participation from other officials in the surrounding region.

Luckily, there are still tours around Battle White.

These include tours of nearby plantations and museums!

Marvel at the Stunning Views of Yawkey Wildlife Center

Rattlesnake at  Yawkey Wildlife Center
Cynthia Richardson / Shutterstock.com

Cuddle up with a mug of hot cocoa and a few marshmallows while taking in a gorgeous sunset at the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center.

Marvel at the stunning array of flowers and birds; this unique sanctuary is one of the most beautiful wildlife preserves in North America, with lush wetlands, pristine forests, and tranquil rippling streams.

Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center is an astounding piece of land size 24,000 acres (9,212 hectares) located in South Carolina.

There's a lot of things to do here.

Enjoy hiking trails and nature paths throughout several habitats and an equestrian trail, picnic area, camping site, and more.

It features free educational programs for students of all ages, led by knowledgeable naturalists who want to share their love of nature with others.

Along with native species such as bald eagles, wild turkeys, and herons, many exotic animals have found a home at Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center, including peacocks, macaws, and pygmy goats.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore Hampton Plantation

For centuries, rice was integral to the economy of South Carolina.

Back in 1735, Hampton Plantation was established along the banks of the Santee River for this very purpose.

The original owners set up a system that would one day enable them to reap rich harvests of "golden grain."

Many decades later, although the need for workers had drastically dwindled, Hampton Plantation still stands as an important monument to history.

You can learn about its past through interpretive exhibitions.

According to legend, Washington visited here on several occasions during his presidency and even once rested under what is now called "The Washington Oak Tree."

For cyclists and joggers looking for a place to take in the fresh air while exercising, both paths winding around the grounds are inviting places to travel after stopping by at Hampton Plantation State Historic Site.

Final Thoughts

Georgetown is an excellent South Carolina destination for tourists of all ages.

This historic, charming town has every facet of the most sought-after features that people expect to see in each modern-day travel guidebook!

Georgetown has every corner covered, from museums filled to the brim with curious artifacts to restaurants that offer amazing discounts on fantastic food.

And because it's so friendly, many locals recommend spending a magical two weeks or more at Georgetown during your visit!

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