15 Best Things to Do in Beaufort, SC

15 Best Things to Do in Beaufort, SC

Beaufort SC is famously known its historical structures, some well-preserved and some in ruins. Although that does not make it a travelling site for curious minds and historical buffs only.

It can also be a romantic getaway for couples to relax at the beach and families to educate their kids on provincial history through various museums. It offers various attractions ranging from, wetlands for bird watchers, ancient ruins for photographers, golf clubs for luxury lifestyle fans, wildlife parks for nature lovers even kayaking and paddle boating for adventurers. If you plan to visit t And these are the Top 15 things to do in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Make some memories at Parris Island

Oak trees in Parris Island, SC
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Home to one of the oldest structure in Beaufort and the site of shooting of the popular film Forrest Gump. Parris island is famously known for its legend golf course, where you can decide to spend time golfing if you are a golf enthusiast or stroll along the planes watching others play.

Parris island is also known for housing the oldest structure of Beaufort parris island lighthouse. Back before modern technology took over, the old structure used to guide ships away from the Harbour onwards the way to their journey. The Island is also used by the local military base to train the recruits on daily basis. You can watch them going through their routines here. It makes for an interesting spectacle that most people go their entire life without encountering. It’s a good place to start your journey watching interesting spectacles, checking out the places the movie was made at, walking around the planes taking a self-guided tour.

Respect the martyrs at Beaufort National Cemetery

Beaufort National Cemetery
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You might be wondering how is a cemetery a good place to visit while travelling to a new location? The value of a place does not only belong to its function, but also historical significance, culture, tradition, the Story related to it.
Beaufort National Cemetery is the burial ground of more than 18,500 soldiers and their families, both servicewomen and men. It is a resting place of both confederate and union soldiers that passed away during the civil war episode.

Some commanders and majors of legendary popularity are also buried in these grounds. I would not like to point their names out, as every life buried there is a honourable veteran, having equally sacrificed for the good of the country.
This place is famous among tourists who value historical significance of travel attractions. If you are interested in history, or army, you might find this place inspiring to visit once.

Go stand up kayaking

No matter how many times one visits natural places, it is never enough. Do you prefer spending your vacations boating and kayaking over hopping from one tourist attraction to another?

There is nothing quite like paddle boating alone, observing the natural sights. The local ecosystem consisting of birds and critters around you, as you make your way through the serpentine wetlands. It’s a great choice to try kayaking for bird watchers and wildlife encounter enthusiast alike. There are hotspots of animal activity along the way, that you get to observe more up close than you’ve had ever been before.

Get educated about provincial history at Beaufort History Museum

Beaufort History Museum
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Built-in 1937, the Beaufort history museum is focused around collecting and preserving the historical artefacts documents information regarding the Beaufort area.

The exhibits detail the history of the region, dating back from the first Aboriginal American settlers to the antebellum, civil war and revolutionary eras. There is a primary permanent collection An A secondary temporary correction that changes throughout the on display. The museum holds various events and guided tours throughout the year. So, if you plan a trip here, you should certainly check out whether or not there are any large events taking place during that time.

Take a walk through Spanish Moss Trail

Although it is known as most trail, the moss under discussion is bromeliad in reality. Unlike Moss bromeliad makes its food from light, dust, fog and rain elements.

If you crave hiking, walking, jogging or just slowly biking through national trails, then this is a place of such scenic beauty that will capture your interest. Just rent a bike from nearby services or take a stroll along through the winding trails enjoying beautiful sights. It will be a pity if I got to take pictures of yourself in this scenic route. Take a selfie for Instagram. Show off to your friends. Make this a memory you will not forget.

Take an excursion to the river watch dolphins

Kayaking and paddle boating maybe two exercise intensive for some tourists. Well, how about taking a relaxing tour by the way of a cruise-ship or boat for hire?
One of the best thing to do in Beaufort is enjoying the sunset view from the luxury of your cruise ship, along with a romantic company or perhaps your friends, family or even alone. An excursion among nature does not disappoint in shifting ones mood for the better.

You can observe the well known Morgan island from your boat. The area is restricted to everyone to preserve its primate colony. Although, you any get to observe the monkey herds from afar. It can be a good conversation starter later to be used with your colleagues. The attraction that draws most of the tourists to this area is watching the wonderful Bottlenose Dolphins. You might even get to observe the hunting strategies or perhaps enjoy them playing around in groups. They can be quite interactive, as you know Dolphins are known for their smartness.

Learn about the maritime fauna at Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center

Some tourists like adventure, some like visiting museums, some like going to wildlife preservation centres, some enjoy hiking, biking, shopping, and some, Curious about maritime diversity, may visit this area to learn and know more of the local maritime fauna.

You can enquire about the prehistoric Megladon jaws at the Port Royal sound foundation maritime centre. There’s a gift shop where you can buy something based on the maritime theme. Take some pictures, show it to your children, family members, it can make for a great Story.

Birdwatching at Cypress wetlands

Are you a bird-watcher? perhaps someone just interested in encountering the local and rare critters? Watching the exotic specimen of birds is one of the best things to do in a beaufort. Observe the hunting strategies of cunning white egrets seen aplenty in the area. From Falcons to hawks, herons and owls, this is a swarming zone for birdwatchers tourists and residents both.

Stroll along the half-mile long walking trail. Be on the look out for snakes and alligators. Make it an exciting adventure. Take a self-guided tour to one of the most visited place in Beaufort. Explorers, adventurers, outdoor activity enthusiasts, it’s a great place to be in Beaufort during the right seasons.

Enjoy some Golfing

Whether or not you have played any golf before, golfing is something people seen to be doing in their pictures, as it usually shows off luxury lifestyle of the golfer.
Beaufort offers, one of the best golf courses in the province, known as the legend golf course. Alternatively if you’re looking for varied kinds of challenging courses, from easy to high difficulties, you might consider joining some of the golf clubs in the lady's island.

If you are touring with colleagues or friends its a great way to pass time. Do not forget to click some pictures that you might post later on your Instagram feed,  perhaps frame it on a wall somewhere in your office. If you are already spending money for it, why not show it off too? You have earned some bragging rights.

Eat at the Best Restaurants in Beaufort

If you are craving some seafood then trying out Lady’s Island Dockside is usually a popular choice.  With outdoor seating arrangements, popular for it’s dessert and southern seafood speciality, this place is always buzzing with activity. Best known for its solo dining, variety of tea and coffee selections and it’s primary focus in breakfast menu. Blackstone’s cafe is a low budget high quality service experience.

Designed in a historical setting, famous for its wood-fired pies, a great range of authentic Italian dishes and original crafts beers Hearth food fired pizza is primarily a pizza restaurant. It has wheelchair accessible entry, seating and toilets.

Enjoy the higher perspective at Hunting Island Lighthouse

Hunting Island Lighthouse
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Everyone enjoys observing the scenery from a higher perspective. If you are looking for some adventure, then going up the staircase to the top of the old lighthouse, enjoying the beautiful views of coastal region is a great way to spend your trip.

Placed at North of Tybee island, South of Charleston, the lighthouse was built using iron plates that make it easier for the structure to be hauled elsewhere to protect it from corrosion. The area used to be tough to travel around at night and the presence of an official structure namely the lighthouse in 1859 elevated the concerns.

Hunting island lighthouse is the only lighthouse that is open to public in Beaufort. The residents and non residents alike flock to this place in the weekends to enjoy the scenery offered from its top and also to spend the day in recreational activities around the area.

Take a ferry ride to St. Phillip Island

Get on the ferry from hunting island State Park for a trip to St Philip island. Sometimes the journey is just as fun as the destination. mingle among the tourists get to know the recreation activities you could join in.

Grab a beer and relax at the beach, Walk along its beautiful shores listening to music or join in on the fun activities that other tourists are enjoying. It is one of the most popular beach retreat in the province. The beach is family friendly and great trip for couples as well. It can be a romantic date with your special someone, or a vacation getaway with colleagues and friends for residents and tourists alike.

Tour the ancient ruins at the Old Sheldon Church

Old sheldon church
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You might think that a place in total ruins, is not somewhere people would like to go. And you would be wrong. Old Charlotte Church is one of the most popular sites that tourist like to visit. Not only it is popular among history lovers, it is also loved by photographers.

This place was built back in the 1700s and only a few stone edifices foundation pillars with engravings remain as of now. Tourists visit quite often because it is historically very significant. Even if you are not that much interested in knowing history, but are interested in taking unique pictures for either your social media or your private collection, then visiting an ancient ruin is a sure way to create a great memory.

A walking tour to Beaufort historic district

Cuthbert mansion in Beaufort
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If you’re thinking about best things to do in Beaufort, then your research will tell you that it’s a place filled with well-preserved historical sites. Ask around or check online for guided walking tours to these structures of ancient origin. Perhaps you might prefer a self guided walking tour. In that case, surf through the government sites, local blogs for the location of these structures, Best way to get there and nearby hidden gems.

One of the examples of a historic building in Beaufort district is Cuthbert mansion. It was built back in 1811 and later turned into a bread and breakfast lodging.
There are other examples of similar structures such as Gibbs house and Jacob Henry house, going through antebellum era mansions will help you truly understand the rich history related to Beaufort.

Explore the hidden gems

The listed above were mostly famous places to visit and things to do in Beaufort. Although, if you are in the lookout for unusual things this place has to offer then let me lead you to one such underappreciated hidden gems. You might know many musical instruments, some regal, some Noble, some trendy and modern but have you heard of the ‘kazoo’?

The Kazoo museum in Beaufort is also called “down-south submarine”, It has Noble roots, dating back from ancient African tribal music plays to the Kazoo of now. It was modified in 1804 by African-American clock-artist Thaddeus Von Clegg. If you are music enthusiast or someone interested in musical instrument and old artefacts, then I would advice to giving this place a chance.