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15 Best Things to Do in Fort Mill, SC

  • Published 2022/10/28

The bustling town of Fort Mill in York County, South Carolina, is where modernity and nature coexist.

Its suburban atmosphere attracts visitors and investors alike.

Unique experiences and attractions in Fort Mill are anchored on the town’s traditions and culture.

It also boasts prime businesses, which greatly boosts the town’s economy.

From museums to thrilling adventures, this South Carolina town will certainly not disappoint any visitors or travelers.

If you are planning your next trip, here are the best things to do in Fort Mill, South Carolina:

Hike and Bike at the Anne Springs Close Greenway

A fishing dock at Anne Springs Close Greenway

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Occupying more than 2,000 acres of forests and lakes, the Anne Springs Close Greenway hosts various activities you can enjoy during your trip.

The nature preserve is a perfect spot for outdoor lovers because of its hiking and biking trails, vast open space for picnics and special events, and lakes where you can go boating or kayaking.

Suspension bridge along Anne Springs Close Greenway

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Hiking trails spanning 36 miles are tagged as either nature trails or historical trails.

Nature trails feature scenic views of the forests, lakes, and wildlife at the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

On the other hand, historical trails take you to routes that touch on the history of Fort Mill.

Aside from hiking, mountain biking is also a favorite activity at the preserve.

Group bike rides and ride lessons are offered here.

Trails are also properly marked, so adventurers know which are for hiking, biking, or horseback riding.

Hiking steps at Anne Springs Close Greenway

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Visit and Tour the Fort Hill History Museum

Established to preserve the history of Fort Hill, the Fort Hill History Museum houses journals, artworks, letters, and memorabilia, archiving historical events of the town.

In 2010, the Fort Hill History Museum began its operations, showcasing what the town looked like during the 1600s through the works of local artists.

Some exhibits featured in the museum are the Samuel Elliott White Gallery, William Bradford Hall, and the J.B. Mills Gallery & Gift Shop.

If you like to discover the beautiful history of Fort Hill, visit the museum along Cleburne Street from Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Group tours are also available at the Fort Hill Museum.

Grab a Beer at Amor Artis Brewing

End your day with craft beer at Amor Artis Brewing along Main Street.

The family-run business focuses on producing quality beers for the community.

Among the offerings of the brewing place are ales, sour-flavored beers, fruit-flavored beers, and chocolate-infused drinks.

Wines are also served at Amor Artis Brewing by the bottle.

The brewery is open seven days a week beginning at 12 p.m.

This is the perfect venue to drink with friends after a busy day at work or to chill with family members.

Be Entertained at NarroWay Productions

Live musicals and theater productions can be enjoyed at the NarroWay Productions along SC-51.

This dinner theater focuses on shows with Christian themes and family-friendly subjects.

Started in 1996, the theater was initially established to spread Christ’s word using musicals and entertainment.

Most of the shows at NarroWay Productions are original and are based on inspiring stories using a compelling cast and even live animals to add to the overall effect.

Mystery theaters can be booked for company gatherings, school assemblies, and corporate meetings.

Team building activities await you and the entire group during your visit here.

Take Home Fresh Salad Ingredients from Tega Hills Farm

If you love making green salads, Tega Hills Farm along Zoar Road is the perfect source of fresh ingredients.

The farm’s greenhouses produce microgreens, lettuce, vegetables, and edible flowers, which make a tasty and healthy salad.

An advanced hydroponic system at Tega Hills Farm is key to growing healthy, green lettuce.

This planting method was utilized as early as the 1970s using tomatoes at the farm.

The farm owners later included other products in their greenhouses, including microgreens, squash, and peppers.

Aside from this, the farm is also abundant in vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, turnips, and other root crops.

Herbs and greens also thrive at Tega Hills Farm.

Do not forget to grab your salad essentials when you visit the place.

Experience Thrilling Rides at Carowinds

Welcome sign of Carowinds

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Up for some exhilarating amusement rides in Fort Mill?

Visit Carowinds at the border of North and South Carolina to try an extremely thrilling adventure.

More than 60 rides can be enjoyed at Carowinds, including roller coaster rides, water activities, kiddie rides, and thrill rides.

Private cabanas are also available for rent for groups ranging from six to 24 members.

For those who love water activities, the Carolina Harbor waterpark is complete with wave pools, water slides, and play areas for children.

Onsite accommodation and lodging are also available for guests who want to enjoy the amenities of the amusement park without worrying about time.

Taste the World’s Hottest Pepper at PuckerButt Pepper Company

Dubbed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest chili in the world, PuckerButt Pepper Company’s Carolina Reapers is a must-try during your visit to Fort Mill.

Chili pepper breeder and chef Ed Currie developed Carolina Reaper, a blood-red and crumpled-looking variety of pepper.

Based on its world record, the chili had more than 1.64 million Scoville Heat Units which measures the pepper’s heat or spiciness.

You can buy fresh chilis and the Carolina Reaper Sauce from PuckerButt Pepper Company’s store along Main Street.

You can also grow your own Carolina Reaper at home if you decide to buy Ed Currie’s harvested chili seeds.

Appreciate Art at Olive’s Mud Puddle

If you want to have coffee and appreciate art in one setting, Olive’s Mud Puddle along Main Street should not be missed.

The art gallery and coffee house offer pottery wheel classes and exhibits of local artists.

Initially started as an art place in Fort Mill in 2012, Olive’s Mud Puddle later became a coffee house because of owner Debbie Whitsett’s love for coffee and the arts.

Whitsett, an artist herself, also showcases her works in the gallery.

Exciting activities like splash painting, kids’ art classes, crafts making, and musical performances can also be enjoyed at Olive’s Mud Puddle.

Bring your friends or family to enjoy good food and appreciate beautiful art pieces.

Grab Fresh Produce at The Peach Stand

A farm market offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, The Peach Standgrows and produces local products to provide the community with healthy and new meal options.

Here, you can plan what to put on your table from various vegetable and fruit offerings.

From their fresh produce stand, you can buy peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, corn, squash, and many more.

All these are locally grown in farms located a few minutes from the store along SC-160.

The Peach Stand also runs a bakery that offers a variety of pastries from bread, cookies, pies, muffins, and cakes.

Their butcher shop is also fully stocked with steaks, chicken, beef, and tasty sausages, which you can choose from.

Unique meat cuts can also be provided upon request.

Learn How to Gold at Fort Mill Golf Club

A great layout and a beautiful landscape backdrop attract players to the Fort Mill Golf Club along Country Club Drive.

The golf club features an 18-hole championship course highlighted by lush greenery and trees.

Founded in 1948, the Fort Mill Golf Club has been a go-to place for local golfers and visitors alike.

Here you can learn how to play golf by taking private lessons from golf instructors.

Classes are offered for kids and adults with varying knowledge of golf.

Tournaments and special events are also held at the Fort Mill Golf Club, depending on the season.

You can opt to rent private rooms for functions, meetings, and other celebrations.

Catch Exciting Theater Shows at Fort Mill Community Playhouse

Welcome sign of Fort Mill Community Playhouse

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Theater fans will love the show offerings at the Fort Mill Community Playhouse, also located along Main Street.

The performance art theatre aims to provide local entertainment to residents and visitors of Fort Mill.

Started in the early 1980s, the Fort Mill Community Playhouse was organized to support art and theater and become a source of entertainment for the public.

The theater had to switch locations several times before finding its home on Main Street.

Summer training camps for kids are also offered at the Fort Mill Community Playhouse, where they will be taught how to perform, make props, and even make costumes for the shows.

Final performances at the end of the training camp will highlight their learnings.

Other Things to Do Nearby

For those who want to explore beyond what Fort Mill offers, nearby destinations can also be visited since most are only a few minutes away.

Adjacent cities and towns also promise exciting activities and adventures to travelers.

If you want to take a short drive to neighboring attractions, here are the other things to do near Fort Mill, South Carolina:

Take a Historical Hike at Carharrt Mansion Ruins

Twelve minutes away from Fort Mill is a historical learning adventure at Carharrt Mansion Ruins in Rock Hill.

The place is what remains of what was once a grand mansion of business magnate Hamilton Carharrt who owned the Carharrt clothing company.

At the site of the ruins, you will be greeted by the foundations of the mansion’s structure, which are now covered with vines and look like they are already part of the forest.

To reach this attraction, you can take the Riverwalk trail, then the Mountain Bike Trail, and head toward the Catawba River.

Expect grassy trails along the way, as well as slippery terrains.

The ruins also provide a clear and safe path when touring the vicinity.

Take extra caution when stepping through possible holes and overgrown vines.

Try the Canaan Zipline Canopy Tours

Another exciting adventure near Fort Mill is the Canaan Zipline Canopy Tours in Rock Hill.

A drive from the center of Fort Mill to this destination would only take about 17 minutes.

Different thrilling activities await you at the Canaan Zipline Canopy Tours while you explore and discover the beauty of the Catawba River.

A full tour using the canopy zipline can be completed in about three hours.

On the other hand, there are shorter but equally exciting tours offered here for those who have limited time to spend at the attraction.

Private tours for all nine available ziplines can also be booked for the entire family or group of friends.

Pay a Visit to Timed Out Escape

Located 22 minutes from Fort Mill, Timed Out Escape is the top destination for fun and games in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The escape room experience gives you an hour to devise a plan on how to solve and get out of the room.

You will face numerous challenges and puzzles, which will test your skills and wit in working together and strategizing how to escape.

Timed Out Escape was opened in 2018 to provide a place where family and friends can bond with their escape experience.

Game masters will guide you and your group on how to go about with your escape plan.

Players also highly recommend the place because of the mind-boggling puzzles and great themes offered to customers.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Fort Mill, South Carolina, will allow you to explore the place’s rich history and culture.

At the same time, you can also go on exciting adventures and unique experiences with nature and the arts.

Though still rich in natural resources, Fort Mill has already harnessed the positive outcome of developments in the town, especially when it comes to businesses.

It has established itself to be a thriving locality with a booming economy.

This has been greatly reflected in the town’s offering to visitors wanting to explore Fort Mill.

Aside from this, the place is also surrounded by localities whose tourist attractions are worth exploring.

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