15 Best Things to Do in Englewood, FL

Beach sunset at Englewood, FL
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Englewood, Florida, is blessed with numerous fascinating attractions that Charlotte and Sarasota share.

As a census-designated place, a portion of Englewood is under one county, while the remaining area is part of another.

Despite its relatively small total CDP area of 13.1 square miles, the city still has so much to offer – from its pristine and white sand beaches to parks and wineries.

The history buffs and those into nature tripping and interested in experiencing the wildlife also have so much to look forward to in a city located in the United States’ southeastern region.

Read on to know more about the 15 best things you can do in Englewood, Florida.

Meet More Flora and Fauna Species on a Nature Walk at Cedar Point Environment Park

View of a Nest at Cedar Point Environment Park
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Nature, they say, brings a calming effect to everyone.

The fresh smell of the forest air, the gentle cold breeze touching your face, the soft sound you hear coming from different directions, and the lush greenery surrounding you, contribute to how you feel when you commune with nature.

You can savor all this and more at the Cedar Point Environment Park, a destination that offers 115-acre trail areas where you can chance upon different wildlife in their natural habitats.

Little Blue Heron in Cedar Point Environmental Park
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If you are lucky enough, you can even find the American Bald Eagle, too, while roaming around the park.

Meanwhile, its museum and exhibits will give you a tour of Englewood, Florida’s fascinating history and some of the locality’s extraordinary species of animals and plants.

Before leaving the park, make sure to drop by the visitor center to get your folks back home some organic honey and other awesome goodies.

Have Fun With Englewood Parasailing & Tours

If you are wondering how the city looks like from above, parasailing and paragliding are two of the activities that you can try during your visit here.

The Englewood Parasailing & Tours will help you get an actual view of Englewood and the Gulf of Mexico through a short trip in the air.

Parasailing and paragliding are among the great activities that you should not forget to include in your itinerary to get a chance to soar above the unspoiled beaches of the city and witness how spectacular the Gulf of Mexico is.

To make the experience even more exciting, do not be surprised that your parasail will make a sudden dip before you ride your boat again.

Meet the Pelicans and Dolphins at the Englewood Beach

Entrance to the Englewood Beach
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Is meeting the pelicans and dolphins on your bucket list?

If yes, then you’re lucky since Englewood Beach is the place to be when it comes to dolphin and pelican watching.

While enjoying the sun and the crystal-clear water, you can take your family on a walk along the wide boardwalks of the beach, waiting for the humongous water birds and giant warm-blooded mammals to appear.

Your kids will surely love this rare experience, especially that not all beaches have this kind of attraction.

View of Englewood Beach
Guspederson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bond With Your Dog at the Venetian Waterway Park

Aside from Myakka State Forest, you can also bring your dogs for a hike at the Venetian Waterway Park.

This 8.6-trail of grass and concrete ends at the northern part of E. Venice Avenue and the southern and northern parts of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Apart from hiking with your dogs, you can also find other enjoyable activities like biking, inline skating, and fishing here.

With these fun and exciting outdoor activities, you can surely get a feel of how the outdoors look like when vacationing in Englewood, Florida.

Reserve a Seat and Watch Live Performances at the Lemon Bay Playhouse

After exhausting all the outdoor activities, you can try other things in Englewood, Florida.

You can book a ticket and reserve a seat for yourself, your family, and friends to watch your preferred shows at the Lemon Bay Playhouse.

The theater is a renowned destination for amazing musical shows and theatrical acts in your desired genre.

If you love the serious, heartwarming stories in a show, you can ask for the drama schedule.

On the other hand, you can go to comedy shows if you want to laugh until your stomach aches.

You cannot go wrong with including the Lemon Bay Playhouse in your itinerary, because the performers never fail to leave their audience in awe with their excellent skills and incredible stage presence.

Get a Gorgeous Tan and Collect Shark Teeth at Blind Pass Beach

View of Blind Pass Beach
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Blind Pass Beach is secluded, which makes it an excellent choice for families who want some privacy and stay in a less crowded public place for them to relax.

You can likewise have a unique bonding activity with your loved ones by walking along the coastline while collecting seashells and shark teeth.

View of Blind Pass Beach
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Take a Trip to Catania’s Winery

The city of Englewood is where you can find several producers of fine wine, and one of the premier destinations for wine sampling is Catania’s Winery.

The Paul Morris Drive-based company is a famous maker of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet in the area, and the owners, Margherita and John, open their place to the public from Wednesday to Sunday.

However, only those 21 years old and older can visit the winery and get the chance to have their best-tasting wine.

If you and your companions meet this requirement, then you should consider Catania’s Winery to be part of your travel plan to get a taste of a product from its most authentic state.

Meanwhile, if you intend to stay for a couple of days in Englewood, Florida, you may want to enroll in a winemaking class, which is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your friends.

Shop for Local Products at the Englewood’s Farmer’s Market

The street of Dearborn in downtown Englewood transformed into a market filled with several local products, including fruits and fresh fish, every Thursday of October until May.

If you happen to visit the city during this period, make sure to find time to take a stroll around Englewood’s Farmer’s Market and check what each booth offers.

Have a taste of the locals’ favorite cooked dishes and baked goodies, and take a sip of their coffee and other famous drinks after.

You can likewise look for freshly picked fruits and some ornamental plants that you can bring home to beautify your garden or adorn your abode.

If you stay a little longer in the historic district of Englewood, Florida, you can also catch the live performances during the weekly farmer’s market.

Wildlife Viewing at the Myakka State Forest

View of an Owl at Myakka State Forest
CMKEnterprises / Shutterstock.com

You can never truly appreciate your vacation at Englewood, Florida, if you don’t try wildlife viewing at the Myakka State Forest.

It’s the perfect location for people who want to commune with nature and marvel at its beauty.

With its lush trees and rich wildlife, you’re surely in for one truly satisfying and refreshing outdoor experience.

If you travel with your dogs, you can bring them here to accompany you as you take a stroll.

Apart from wildlife viewing, you can also try horseback riding and camping, should you wish to stay for more than one day.

Sail Away to Enjoy the Sunset in the Gulf

Make your trip to Englewood, Florida special and worth reminiscing by trying the sunset cruise.

The transcendent beauty of the sun fading before the night finally comes is such a glorious scene that you and your loved ones should never miss out when in the city.

The red, orange, and yellow colors observed while the sun is setting become more dramatic when you see its reflection on the crystal-clear waters.

By the way, this is not only for the couples to enjoy since the entire family or your group of friends can also try this as your best bonding moment.

In the meantime, when you book a boat for a sunset cruise, you can check if they serve food and drinks so that you can stay longer in the Gulf and would not rush in going back to the coastline to have dinner.

Take Time to Wander for a Wonderful View of Animals at Stump Pass Beach State Park

View of a Bald Eagle
Evelyn Jackson / Shutterstock.com

Englewood, Florida, is all about turtles down here and frigatebirds up there.

This summarizes the adventure waiting for you at Stump Pass Beach State Park.

Apart from taking a dip to freshen up and stretch your arms and legs under the water, spotting the cold-blooded reptiles and watching seabirds flying above you are also exciting activities to do in Englewood, Florida.

View of Bald Eagles
Evelyn Jackson / Shutterstock.com

The park has boats that can take you to the Gulf and adore the wonderful creatures right in front of you.

Pretty exciting, right?

The excitement could even double if the egrets and manatees will also show up during your visit.

Learn More About the City at the Englewood Area Historical Museum

If you are curious about the history of Englewood, Florida, and how it has changed and developed through the years, a trip to the museum is a brilliant idea.

The Englewood Area Historical Museum on Old Englewood Road will give you a tour of the most interesting facts about the city’s rich cultural heritage.

You can stay for an hour to learn more about the people behind the city’s noteworthy social changes and the diverse culture that shaped its history.

You can find various artifacts, each of which has a story to tell about the past events in the lives of Englewood and Lemon Bay.

Have Fun at the Beach Shack of Manasota Key

The city has beaches where you, your family, and friends can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, playing, or strolling.

However, the Beach Shack of Manasota Key is the best among the many beaches here.

Tourists and locals love the fact that the Beach Shack of Manasota Key never runs of fun places to go and exciting beach activities to try.

Whether you love to play water sports, enjoy a quiet time reading your favorite book while sunbathing, or strolling along the strip, the Beach Shack of Manasota Key got you covered.

This resort has different amenities that will all make your stay unforgettable and comfortable at the same time.

If you want to go biking along the beach, you can rent one from them.

If you prefer staying in your beach house, they also have a kitchen that’s full of all the things you need to cook a hearty meal.

If your kids want to try kayaking, the beach also offers kayak rentals.

No matter what you decide to do, one thing’s for sure -- you won’t regret experiencing the same coarse white sand and pristine waters.

Take Gorgeous Photos at the Indian Mound Park

View of Indian Mound Park
Ric Schafer / Shutterstock.com

While you can get many pictures in every spot you visit in the city, you can be sure that all angles of the Indian Mound Park are perfect for capturing how great it is to spend a few days in Englewood.

You can walk on the boat ramp and take unending photos of yourself and the panoramic surroundings – from the beautiful sunset to the vast Lemon Bay.

The Indian Mound Park gives you a complete picture of the city – the coastal life, onsite fishing, and the radiant sun above its beaches.

What is more amazing about it is the fact that it lets you experience it all at the same time.

Play Water and Ball Sports With a Picturesque View at the Ann Dever Memorial Regional Park

It does not matter if you and your family have varying interests in sports.

Some of you could be into water sports while the others would rather play ball games.

At Ann Dever Memorial Regional Park, everyone in your group can still have fun because they have many activities to offer.

Its expansive area can be your next destination for fishing, swimming, and even kayaking.

Meanwhile, they have a court for basketball and tennis, and an open field where you can play football and cricket.

There is also a spot for skateboard enthusiasts.

If you or the other family members are not into sports, worry not since you can opt to take a hike in the nature trail inside the park where you can stretch your muscles and enjoy the picturesque view.

Final Thoughts

When planning a trip to Englewood, Florida, include the above activities you do not have in your locality.

You can prepare a checklist of the things the city offers and tick those that you and your family want to experience.

From there, you can plan out your daily activities to maximize your stay and expenses.

As a visitor, you may consider attractions in different venues with distinct activities.

You can look for a watersport to try, a park where you can commune with nature and meet animals, and a place to gain additional knowledge about the city’s cultural heritage.

There is no doubt that Englewood, Florida, is a worthwhile destination for your next dream vacation.