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20 Best Things to Do in Lake Mary, FL

  • Published 2022/08/18

Florida has a lot of hidden treasures, and one of them is Lake Mary.

While this suburban city is located less than an hour away from the metropolis, the scenery has already changed into a laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere.

The city has never lost sight of its goal to create a place where people can live in harmony and happiness.

One of the ways they achieved this is by creating and maintaining many recreational attractions where residents and visitors can make memories.

From vast nature parks to expansive indoor attractions, the city has many facilities where families and friends can bond and have fun.

So for an upcoming holiday, why not make this vibrant city your top destination?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Lake Mary, FL:

Learn the City’s Past at Lake Mary Historical Museum

Lake Mary Historical Museum in Lake Mary, Florida

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To get a better idea of how Lake Mary become the charming town it is today, make a stopover at the Lake Mary Historical Museum.

It’s located in what once was a community center built in 1926, now listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Here, you will get a deeper understanding of the city’s past, culture, and heritage.

Front View of Lake Mary Historical Museum

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are many intriguing artifacts, photographs, documents, and other materials that detail notable societies and events of Lake Mary.

Aside from the permanent collection, the museum holds exhibits and themed events where other particular moments of history are promoted.

On occasion, there are exhibits where works by local artists are showcased for public viewing.

Joining these activities is a great way to immerse in the culture and celebrate human talent.

Test Your Endurance at Planet Obstacle

Nearly the size of a football field, Planet Obstacle – World’s Largest Indoor Obstacle Park stands true to its name as the biggest facility of its kind anywhere.

There’s more than 50,000 square feet of space in the facility, filled with all types of attractions and equipment for hours of fun.

It’s one of the most visited attractions in Lake Mary, but there will always be enough space for the whole family during your visit.

One of the well-loved areas is the trampoline park, where you can bounce around all day or play basketball on the modified sections.

Then there are various obstacle courses for all skill levels.

Whether you want to try the aerial course or the Adults Ninja Warrior Course, you have many options.

For those who want to test their endurance, the rock climbing wall is an excellent area to visit.

Don’t forget to order food from the in-house Sky Cafe if you want to refuel in between your adventures.

Play a Few Rounds at Timacuan Golf Club

Located at the heart of Lake Mary, the magnificent Timacuan Golf Club serves as a premier recreational facility in the city.

The nine-hole course takes advantage of natural terrain, with the small lakes and patches of Spanish moss-draped oak trees complementing the gameplay.

This results in a spectacular layout with the quintessential Florida charm.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty, as some holes can be quite challenging to the uninitiated.

If you’re not up for playing yet and simply want to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, you can stay at their gorgeous clubhouse.

It’s often used as an events venue for corporate activities and weddings, so book it if you have an upcoming celebration!

Try Shore Fishing at Liberty Park

The serene Liberty Park is the perfect destination for those who want peace and isolation.

Located next to the gorgeous Crystal Lake, this attraction doesn’t have large open fields and modern amenities.

Instead, you’ll find thick forests that give way to the swampy shores of the lake on the western edge of the park.

There is a small clearing with a disc golf course and open fields for various activities.

For those who want to explore and commune with nature, check out the park’s walking trails.

These will bring you to secluded patches of woodland and the shores of Crystal Lake, a great location for shore fishing and birdwatching.

Catch a Show at AmStar Cinema 12

If you want to catch the latest blockbuster while in Lake Mary, one of the best places to be is the AmStar Cinema 12.

This large theater complex is the premier entertainment facility in the city, with many features and amenities you’re sure to enjoy.

With its plush seating, engineered acoustics, and excellent screens, the theater offers an immersive and enjoyable cinema-going experience.

Before entering one of the cinemas, don’t forget to visit their well-stocked concession stands.

They offer a selection of classic popcorn, drinks, and other movie staples.

Occasionally, there’s a flashback cinema event, allowing you to rewatch old classics on the big screen!

So sit back, grab a handful of popcorn, and let the nostalgia kick in.

Get Moving at Lake Mary Sports Complex

As the main sports facility in the city, Lake Mary Sports Complex sees a lot of visitors who want to see the many games held on its grounds.

It’s located in a peaceful neighborhood and has many amenities and facilities for various athletic activities.

People of all ages and skill levels can join games on the basketball and tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields.

For skateboarders, there’s a beautiful skatepark with ramps, rails, a bowl, and other features that make for a great skating experience.

Trailblazer Park is dedicated to kids, with a splash pad perfect for hot summer days.

So if you’re bringing kids to your Lake Mary trip, make sure to check out this park!

Shop Fresh Produce at Lake Mary Farmer’s Market

There’s a small agricultural scene in Lake Mary, with a few local farmers growing quality produce.

The best place to partake in this bounty is Lake Mary Farmer’s Market.

It’s located on the city’s southern end at beautiful Central Park, open only on Saturday mornings.

Here, you’ll find seasonal vegetables, various fruit cultivars, and premium root crops on display on the many stalls.

There are also products from local businesses, such as freshly baked goods, artisanal furniture, and flower arrangements.

On occasion, local performers will come to the park and serenade the shoppers as they peruse the displays.

This elevates the experience into a community affair enjoyed by vendors, visitors, and residents alike.

Stay Awhile at Greenwood Lakes Park

Greenwood Lakes Park is a laid-back green space sitting next to a local high school.

Within the 14-acre park, there are many opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities for the whole family.

Chief of this is the roller hockey rink, a feature that other parks in the city don’t have.

Other sporting facilities include three lighted tennis courts and a fitness trail called the Florida Trail Greenwood Lakes Park Trail.

It goes beyond the attraction, bringing you to some beautiful locations in the neighborhood.

There are also two playgrounds in the park, and your kid is welcome to try them both for maximum enjoyment.

For those who want to stay indoors and read a good book, the Seminole County Public Library is located on the park grounds.

Solve the Puzzle at Mystique Escape Room

If you want to test your problem-solving skills, then a visit to Mystique Escape Room is a must!

This exciting attraction is one of the top spots in Colonial Town Park shopping mall, frequented by groups of friends and families alike.

Here, you can test your teamwork and deduction skills by working together to escape one of the themed rooms.

There are three sections to try: Secrets of the Pharaohs, Murder in London, and Wizard’s Tower.

Each is designed to challenge your mind and creativity with hidden clues, puzzles, and mystery solutions.

Just keep an open mind and think beyond the box to escape from the rooms!

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Lake Mary Centre

While there are a couple of shopping establishments in the city, none can compare to the grandeur of Lake Mary Centre.

This is the top retail spot in town, offering a host of dining and entertainment facilities for the whole family!

It’s also located next to Interstate 4, making it an easily accessible place for those who’ve just arrived in Lake Mary.

Here, you’ll find 52 stores that offer everything under the sun, whether it’s fashion, food, grooming services, or fitness.

There’s also plenty of parking smack dab in the middle of the complex, so parking your car will be a breeze.

So when looking for a location where you can satisfy all your shopping needs, Lake Mary Centre is the place to go.

Join the Activities at Oval Park

Oval Park isn’t an elliptical green space, strictly speaking, but there’s a central section ringed by trees that make a vaguely oval shape.

It’s located in the city’s northern reaches, making it a favorite attraction for the numerous suburbs in the area.

While it doesn’t have many sporting facilities or modern amenities, the park makes up for the vast and verdant grounds and beautiful tree-lined paths.

It’s also located next to Central Parc at Heathrow, a small shopping mall with restaurants.

One of the most anticipated events in the city is the Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts, held at the park.

There are usually more than 150 stalls showcasing the works of local artists and artisans in the city.

But like other festive events, this festival will also feature live music, alcoholic drinks, and other fun activities.

So plan your itinerary to catch this memorable activity in Lake Mary.

Bond with Your Friends at Topgolf Lake Mary

Topgolf Lake Mary is a premier entertainment venue in the city.

It is a three-story golf driving range with a sports bar and restaurant.

Even if you’ve never swung a club before, you’ll be able to enjoy the variety of games available and the clubs provided.

The golf balls carry a chip that enables digital recording.

Plus, you can view the screens to see how well you, your team, and your opponents perform.

There are various range targets available, and your score will reflect this.

If you’re not in the mood to play, you may watch your favorite sporting event in the sports bar while enjoying food and beverages.

Go Winetasting at Pierre’s Wine Cellar

Many consider Pierre’s Wine Cellar the central Florida mecca for great wines from all over the world.

Its experienced and helpful staff can assist you in picking the ideal wines for any occasion, from collectible to affordable bottles.

The wine shop offers over two hundred unique wines from twelve countries.

Its wine collection features a vast assortment of well-chosen, high-quality wines at continually updated prices.

It conducts free monthly wine tastings highlighting seasonal choices, winemaker personalities, and outstanding discoveries.

Pierre’s Event Planning Team can assist with the festivities, whether you’re planning a corporate event, club meeting, or family celebration.

Meet Locals and Have Fun at Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist began in 2007 with the mission of helping the community overcome stress in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The innovative and entertaining art workshop now instructs participants through several stages on how to produce their artwork, making it simple for anybody to create a piece of art.

Painting with a Twist is open weeklong, beginning at midday, and provides an opportunity for parties to have a night of fun with wine and refreshments.

In addition, it hosts themed events such as girlfriends night, dating night, quiz night, activities for children, and paint your pet.

At Painting with a Twist, sip, mingle, and create art.

Release Your Stress at J Sterling’s Wellness Spa – Lake Mary

The J Sterling’s Spa, established in 2007, offers affordable massage, facial, and waxing services.

Here, you may anticipate the luxury of a 5-star resort in a warm and inviting neighborhood spa.

In 1999, J Sterling’s Wellness Spa began in Orlando, Florida, due to the ambition of a master stylist to offer the best spa and salon experience.

Its owner, stylist Judd Sterling Anderson, continues to push the boundaries of hair design and the salon and spa experience.

Now, with a growing number of gorgeous spa sites and a growing staff, J Sterling’s continues this history of quality in each massage and skin care treatment offered at its distinct locations.

Bring Home a Piece of Lake Mary from Coastal Gifts and Décor

Want to take something home that will remind you of Lake Mary?

Coastal Gifts and Décor is a children’s boutique and unique gift shop where clients may discover the “special present” they are looking for for almost any occasion.

The business in Lake Mary has a vast assortment of designs inspired by the “natural beauty of the tropics.”

Enjoy the one-of-a-kind performances of very skilled performers.

The boutique sells brands such as Switch Flops, Ginger Snaps, Thymes, Nora Fleming, Simply Southern, Lamp Berger, Mudpie, Corkcicle, and Spartina.

Other Things to Do Nearby

After your adventures in Lake Mary, why not check out these other destinations near the city?

Say Hi to Exotic Creatures at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Entrance to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Florida

Zrowny, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another famous attraction in neighboring Sanford is Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, just 13 minutes away from Lake Mary.

Home to more than 100 species and 350 individual animals, this place serves as the permanent residence of creatures from all over the world.

You’ll find various types of apex predators and diminutive prey, each in its own enclosure to avoid any untoward incident.

Gorilla at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Jose Chomali jchomali01, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Most of them are part of conservation efforts, so there are active breeding programs to help endangered species recover from near extinction.

The rest of the attraction is composed of beautiful gardens blooming with native flora.

There are several sections to see, such as the Butterfly Garden, Bromeliad Collection, and Fern Collection.

Children feeding Central Florida Zoo's giraffe

KLiK Photography /

Swim in the Clear Waters of Wekiwa Springs State Park

Crystal clear water at Wekiwa Springs State Park

Jason Patrick Ross /

East from Lake Mary is the pristine Wekiwa Springs State Park, just 22 minutes away from the city.

This natural attraction spans more than 7,000 acres, making it an expansive destination that requires a few days to explore fully.

As implied by the name, the state park has several spring vents that bring forth cool, crystal clear water.

Plants at Wekiwa Springs State Park

James Renfro /

These bodies of water have since become a favorite attraction for locals and visitors alike, especially during hot summer days.

Aside from human use, these springs serve as the home to some endemic species.

So while there, try spotting the waterfowl, alligators, and other animals hunting or swimming in the clear waters.

People at Wekiwa Springs State Park

Mwanner at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Browse the Galleries of Orlando Museum of Art

Front view of the famous Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida

Photography by Wikipedia User:MrX, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The magnificent Orlando Museum of Art is a famous destination that’s less than 30 mins away from Lake Mary.

Created to inspire creativity and connect people with new ideas and art, the facility has become a hotspot for the visual arts in the Orlando Metropolitan Area.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the museum to check out stunning pieces by long-gone and contemporary artists.

Closer View of  Orlando Museum of Art

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

They have a collection of more than 2,400 individual objects, which can be paintings, sculptures, photos, and installation art.

Some of their most prominent exhibits are the Art of the Ancient Americas and African Art, dubbed the finest collection of their kind in Southern US.

Trek the Trails of Spring Hammock Preserve

Near the border that Lake Mary shares with Sanford lies Spring Hammock Preserve, a majestic natural attraction spanning 1,500 acres.

This pristine but wild destination stands in contrast to the urbanized neighborhoods surrounding it, so it has become a favorite retreat for those who want a quick escape.

There are many habitats in the preserve, such as hydric hammock, floodplain forest, and upland hardwood forests.

Because of the diverse terrain, the destination has become a refuge for many rare animals native to the state.

You’ll find plants and animals like bipinnate cuplet fern, Okeechobee gourd, and the shy gopher tortoise scurrying about.

One of the unique features of the preserve is the crystal clear springs, like Question Pond, which glows an opaque blue.

Final Thoughts

Lake Mary has the classic Florida charm that makes it an appealing attraction for all ages and preferences.

With its vast indoor parks, expansive green spaces, convenient retail establishments, and many other attractions, the city promises fun adventures and memorable moments.

So check out this list and add the top spots to your itinerary today!

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