25 Best Things to Do in Venice, FL

Venice, FL
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Venice in Florida is a tourist spot where you can enjoy a peaceful time in nature.

Visiting this place, then, can be an enriching educational experience.

When you take a holiday, why not visit Venice in Florida?

Here, you're guaranteed to have the experience with restaurants, coffee shops, and other attractions that you might be interested in.

Interested to know more about this stunning place?

Here are the 25 best things to do in Venice, Florida:

See the See at the Scenic Fishing Pier

View of Venice Fishing Pier
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One of the most scenic sites in Venice is the lovely fishing pier, where you can enjoy a lazy stroll over the 700-foot pier.

Alternatively, you can take out your fishing rods and sit around for a baiting session.

The pier is dotted with little eateries and shops.

Grab a warm cup of refreshing coffee and munch on the delightful snacks.

Shop at Fishing Pier
Kent E Roberts / Shutterstock.com

Explore the local shops and their interesting indigenous wares.

Perhaps pick up sweet memorabilia to carry back with you!

The view of the sunset at this place is marvelous.

The various hues of light at this time make it the perfect spot to lower the shutters of those huge DSLRs and capture stunning visuals of the setting sun!

Old couple fishing at Venice Fishing Pier
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Dine at Sharky’s On The Pier Delicious Meal

Sharky’s On The Pier is the perfect joint to enjoy mouth-watering seafood off the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

This is a tiki bar-themed restaurant, and you can randomly pick any of the delicacies from its vast menu.

Some of the must-tries are coconut shrimp and the delicious stuffed flounder.

You can top your meal with the light but sumptuous onion ring appetizer.

This place is often crowded. You would be better off reaching here early to ensure you get a table.

Shop at Detwiler’s Farm Market

With Air BnB flipping the classical holiday model on its head, many tourists prefer cooking their food while staying in rented apartments or as paying guests.

A grocery market stuffed with unique fresh local ingredients is then just what you need.

In Venice, you can get all these at the delightful Detwiler's farm Market.

This market is packed with local fruit and vegetable varieties that can set your digestive juices flowing instantly.

The ingredients are freshly plucked and hence are hygienic and of high quality.

Besides, you can lay your hands on fantastic seafood here.

The market completes the menu with a wide range of available ice creams and bakery.

Roam around Venice Museum and Archives

The Venice Museum and Archive tell the saga of its rich history and also of other neighboring towns in Florida.

Numerous artifacts here carry juice anecdotes about the area's past.

You can enjoy seeing the 20,000 pictures in the collection curated from all parts of the state.

The exhibits here are visually appealing, and you can smile, marveling at their exquisite splendor.

Finally, you can buy some memorabilia from the inside specialty gift shop.

Pay a Visit to Maxine Barritt Park

You can have the perfect picnic at Maxine Barritt Park.  

There are enough picnic tables loosely sprayed around the park for the perfect mid-day meal.

Additionally, many barbeque grills are also available for public use in case you want to roast something on the spot.

There is a beautiful stone-paved walkway for joggers to have a light workout.

Little kids can indulge in some playful activities in the playground.

There is also a little trail that leads you to the beach. You can swim quickly or bask around on the golden sands.

Hunt Shark Teeth at the Caspersen Beach

Sunrise at Casperson Beach
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Caspersen Beach has thousands of shark teeth scattered generously along the sands.

You can collect a few and take them back with you. You can also buy some beautiful jewelry fitted with shark teeth at the little shops outside the main beach region.

Boardwalk at Caspersen Beach
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Many fossils have been washed over with the sea over the ages and now lie deep within the sands in Florida.

You can put on your archaeological hats and go fossil digging here.

Waves crashing on the shores of Caspersen Beach
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Pay a Visit to Snook Haven Park

Snook Haven Park is one of the signature attractions of Venice in Florida.

This is a beautiful restaurant-cum-park just facing the river and lets you feast on both the exquisite views and delicious recipes here.

You can spot a variety of animals in the park. You could just spend hours observing their particular quirks and marveling at some of their intuitive intelligence as they go about their lives.

Once you are hungry and tired after all the animal-watching, you can enjoy a sumptuous feast at one of the nearby eateries.

The menus are packed with toothsome local cuisine and enough recipes from other parts of the world.

See the Vintage Car Collection

The Ideal Classic Cars Museum is a vintage car lovers' heaven.

This museum-cum-showroom stretches over a massive 27,000 square feet area and stocks cars from every era.

You would be dazzled by the variety in the collection here, with vehicles in all imaginable designs and technologies on display.

If you are a car buff, you will learn comprehensively by exploring and knowing about the various models exhibited.

The museum has an awe-inspiring collection of high-end luxury vintage models.

To make it even better, there are also many fictional vehicles on display.

Have the ride of your life as you wonder at the Batmobile or the Scooby-Doo van Knight Rider in solid steel and metal right before you!

Go Birdwatching at the Venice Area Audubon Rookery

A heron at Venice Area Audubon Rookery
Calderson / Shutterstock.com

For bird lovers, the Venice Area Audubon Rookery is a must-visit.

You can spend endless hours quietly marveling at the large variety of bird species dotting the skies here.

You can even carry along your little baskets and have a full day's picnic. The only thing to be careful about is not to light up a fire.

Beautiful birds at Venice Area Audubon Rookery
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Birds can get disturbed and even fly out of the zone as they get scared by fires.

The authorities explicitly prohibit it. You should be careful not to disregard the rule and avoid ending up in any painful legal mess.

A bird getting to catch its prey with a open mouth at Venice Area Audubon Rookery
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Visit Brohard Paw Park

You can have a great time befriending and petting the many loving dogs that visit Brohard Paw Park.

The park is situated in a beach area. You can enjoy watching the dogs roll around in the white sands to their hearts fill.

The dogs come into their own once they reach Brohard Paw Park.

You can see all their latent energy displayed here as they jump and run around with unparalleled ecstasy.

The good thing about this place is that it is very well maintained.

You even have a separate space designated for bathing and washing the dogs.

See the Venice Beach

Serene water at Venice Beach
Irina Mos / Shutterstock.com

At Venice Beach, you can have umpteen beach pleasure.

Just pull out your beach mats and laze around in its glorious sands.

Alternatively, participate in one of the many beach-side sports being played.

Clear water at Venice Beach
TJ Photos 20 / Shutterstock.com

If you are a curator by heart, bend down and collect fabulous seashells from the large variety of colorful ones washed out with the tide.

Build castles in the sand to your heart's feelings; if you are an artist, you can even take this a notch further and craft beautiful sand sculptures!

People relaxing at Venice Beach
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Have a Quiet Time at the Epiphany Cathedral

Exterior view of Epiphany Cathedral
Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can enjoy some much-needed calm and peace by visiting the pristine expanses of the Epiphany Cathedral.

This is an elegant church, and the aura here is warm and serene.

Sit quietly on the pews inside the main hall for a few long minutes and reconnect with your core.

Information board at Epiphany Cathedral
Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are religious, make some solemn vows and pray to the higher powers you believe in.

Alternatively, roam around the church, marveling at the stunning beauty of its architecture.

Exquisite stained glass windows line the walls.

The wooden pews pack in a touch of the classical to the interiors.

Hike at the Jelks Preserve

Trail at Jelks Preserve
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

The Jelks Preserve lies beyond the majestic Myakka River and is the perfect trail for enjoying an energetic trek or hike.

The hike is short and not very difficult to complete. Even beginner hikers can enjoy its pleasure.

The views of the surroundings throughout your trek are breathtaking.

River flowing through Jelks Preserve
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

The panoramic visuals of the lush green wilderness are just stunning.

There is also an alternate, longer route for seasoned trekkers to attempt.

Scenic view of Jelks Preserve
Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock.com

Watch a Show at the Gazebo of Centennial Park

Centennial Park is one of the more popular attractions in the city where locals flock.

There are several fun activities organized at this park for people to enjoy.

There is the main playground area for outdoor activities. Alongside is a pavilion for the public to hang out.

There is a special screening of a movie on Friday nights.

The film is free to watch, and you can ensconce yourself in a cozy blanket and enjoy the movie!

Shop at Venice Mainstreet

Shops at Venice Mainstreet
Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

Venice Mainstreet carries an old-world vibe and is a shopper’s paradise.

You can stroll through the many friendly shops loaded with colorful wares of all kinds.

Pick up a piece of clothing that carries the mark of the local fashion style.

Perhaps collect some sweet trinkets and take them back home as cherished souvenirs.

You can even find beautiful postcards to gift to your friends at home.

This is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Venice.

See the Our Lady of Lourdes Church

This beautiful Italian church is a serene place to relax your mind.

The surroundings also carry a delicate aesthetic beauty of their own.

The people here are warm and friendly.

You will return from this place with many happy and warm feelings.

See a Baseball Game at Wellfield Stadium

If you have long been on holiday in Venice, and are missing your weekly dose of home runs, head out to the Wellfield Stadium.

Take a crack at hitting those home runs at the baseball ground here.

Alternatively, play any sport that suits your fancy at that moment.

The stadium has well-maintained cricket fields, football grounds, and softball arenas to let you enjoy all kinds of sports.

Visit Old Venice Pub

The Old Venice Pub is an entertaining waterhole that is bustling with energy.

Enjoy a lager as you watch some sports on the many display panels here.

Nibble on the delicious snacks on offer.

Strike up a conversation with a stranger and perhaps win a friend for a lifetime.

Shop for Food Supplies at Angelo's Italian Market

In Venice, Florida, a family-run business called Angelo's Italian Market has provided a wide selection of meat, cheese, foreign gourmet Italian food, and excellent cuisine since 1991.

Emilio Rossitto, the proprietor and originator, believes that authentic Italian cuisine is local; thus, they try to source all of the necessary ingredients from Italy's numerous regions.

Along with top-notch traditional cuisine, they strive to preserve the strong sense of family, which is distinctive in Italian culture.

You'll observe straight away that Angelo's stands out from the others thanks to the caliber of their cuisine and the warmth of their service.

Your beloved imported meats and cheeses can be found in their deli, alongside happiness and joy, and every hand-crafted meal is presented with devotion and culinary expertise.

Feel Comfortable and Book a Room at the Inns on the Island

Two wonderful hotel options are available at Inns on the Island in Venice, Florida; the Island Sun Inn and the Island Breeze Inn offer fantastic pools for sunbathing enjoyment and are non-smoking hotels.

The courtyard of Island Sun Inn has entertaining pastimes for the entire family.

Their visitors may easily access the city's beaches, dining options, and shopping, thanks to their location on the ancient Island of Venice.

The Island Sun provides guests with pleasant lodging in a beautiful location at rates suitable for families; it has roomy apartments and contemporary conveniences.

However, because it was established in 1950, its inn preserves the appearance and atmosphere of a classic Florida hotel motel without forgoing contemporary conveniences.

They are conveniently situated in the center of the island of Venice, close to both the city area and the shore, which is only one mile away.

Anyone searching for a vacation property to unwind in the splendor of Florida's gulf coast will love the amenities, which include a warm pool, picnics, and barbecue facilities.

Drop by Venice Theatre

With an operational budget of over $4 million, Venice Theatre is one of the biggest community theaters in the country.

They aim to engage and entertain their audiences through the finest caliber theater and performing arts while celebrating and fostering artistic expression, human dialogue, and understanding.

Youngsters, adults, and seniors may all benefit from the hands-on training that Venice Theatre offers in all facets of theater.

You can sign up for any lessons Venice Theatre provides, from those for kids to adults.

They provide a high-caliber, enjoyable theater training program with excellent, compassionate teachers.

Pair Your Meal with Delicious Wine at Trattoria Da Mino

Floridians and Southerners may now experience the dramatic variations between the four seasons from a fresh perspective!

Every dish on the menu at Trattoria Da Mino is prepared with the greatest, freshest, natural, and healthiest ingredients every day of the year.

Daily specialties include seasonal meat, poultry, fish, veggies, and seasonings.

Each pasta dish is prepared upon request to provide the ideal texture for each customer's preferred delectable, filling sauce.

Day after day, all the bread and pasta are baked on the premises.

Italian wines and beers are available in a broad range at Trattoria Da Mino, chosen to go well with the range of their menu options.

Get Your Nails Painted at Venice Day Spa

In 1993, Venice Day Spa was once known as Venice Hair Salon.

Founder Heidi Aeppli, who is only 24 years old, had the ambition to improve people's appearance and feelings as soon as they walked through the door.

They are presently housed in a stunning structure with a tranquil environment.

To start taking care of individual needs, they have a team of very gifted and sympathetic personnel.

Hair, skin, nail, and massage treatments are provided by Venice Day Spa.

They use Farm House Fresh supplies throughout every spa service they offer.

Final Thoughts

The numerous local attractions of Venice, Florida, give off a friendly vibe that continues to attract tourists worldwide.

Trips throughout the holidays can be enlightening and will surely increase your understanding of the tourist destination.

Organize your itinerary, reserve a hotel, and learn about the top Venice, Florida attractions!

Venice, Florida, has a lot to offer, whether you're organizing a long-awaited holiday or simply a quick weekend escape to unwind after a hard workweek.

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