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20 Best Things to Do in Dothan, AL

  • Published 2022/09/19

Fondly known as the Peanut Capital of the World, Dothan is slowly becoming one of Alabama’s most visited cities.

Its tiny population adds to its charm; the city draws many tourists from busy cities because of how peaceful and quiet it is.

But don’t be fooled by the city’s simple facade—it’s a fun-filled place with lots to do.

Home to beautiful parks and fascinating museums, Dothan is sure to keep you occupied.

Here are the best things to do in Dothan, Alabama:

Take the Whole Family to Adventureland Theme Park

Who doesn’t like a theme park, right?

Located on West Main Street, Adventureland Theme Park is a fun spot that has been running for 20 years.

It has everything from golf courses to bumper cars and other exciting sports that will keep you entertained.

It’s one of the top spots to visit for families and groups of friends.

You can go go-karting with your friends and family, or choose to Skee-Ball.

There is also a NASCAR game and a couple of batting cages.

Adventureland Theme Park’s main attraction, however, is the golf course.

There are two miniature golf courses with 18 holes each, where you can enjoy yourself with your family, especially if you have kids.

If you get tired, you can always snack on some pizza, Dippin’ Dots, or a hotdog, as they have a renowned snack bar.

Admire the Flora and Fauna at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Water fountain at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Cvernon1, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 50-acre Dothan Area Botanical Gardens is located on Headland Avenue.

It offers manicured flower beds, tropical greenhouses, a marshland observation platform, and natural paths.

You may also explore the birdwatching paths to see some of the area’s resident songbirds.

Set your sights on types that frequent the garden, like the Ruby-throated hummingbird, Carolina chickadee, and eastern screech owl, among many others.

The beautiful botanical gardens began in 1997 with the cultivation of roses.

There are 15 specialty gardens dedicated to roses, azaleas, and other flora.

The Southern Heirloom Garden, home to plants like larkspur and confederate jasmine, will delight tourists curious about Southern history and tradition.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens’ low-cost entrance and dedicated picnicking space make it an excellent alternative for a minimal, low-cost trip.

Explore Landmark Park

Old Farmhouse in Landmark Park

Nick Fox /

Landmark Park is a 135-acre park dedicated to preserving Alabama’s Wiregrass Region’s social and ecological history.

It houses a 19th-century historical society farm, a schoolhouse, a planetarium, and a pharmacy shop.

It also serves as the official museum of agriculture.

Buildings at Landmark Park

Nick Fox /

The park displays and events, such as its 1890s living history farm, are popular with residents and visitors alike.

A historic farmhouse, a smokehouse, a cane mill, a syrup shed, and a variety of domestic dairy cattle and swine are all part of the farm.

Interior of Landmark Park's schoolhouse

Nick Fox /

Under its distinctive 360-degree dome featuring real-time projections of the sky, the Digitarium Planetarium is a fantastic location to explore and learn about the night sky.

For a satisfying finish to the trip, take a walk along the park’s many natural paths or visit the facility’s wildlife displays.

You can find Landmark Park on Landmark Drive.

Basket-making at Landmark Park

Malachi Jacobs /

Admire the Displays at the Wiregrass Museum of Art

Located on Museum Avenue, the Wiregrass Museum of Art is a pleasant and informative location to learn about the region’s culture and history.

It’s a must-see for individuals who enjoy the visual arts.

The museum’s wide selection of exhibits, permanent installations, and educational activities work together to engage visitors and conserve the arts.

Housed in the millennium-old Water and Electric building, the Wiregrass Museum of Art focuses on paper-based artworks.

Its displays include many works by native Alabama artists, including Beverly Erdreich and Dale Kennington.

The museum also contains the state’s largest assortment of Frank Stella paintings.

Artists and cultural relics from the past and current producers are featured in rotating displays.

The Wiregrass Museum of Art also showcases works by local artists.

Check Out the Murals of the Wiregrass

View of Murals of the Wiregrass

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dothan is known for its murals, many of which depict the region’s rich past.

The beautiful art pieces adorn heritage buildings in the city center and bring them to life with dimension and color.

Make your way around downtown to explore the city’s diverse Murals of the Wiregrass.

On North Foster Street, there’s The Steamboat Era, on the front of the Liddon Furniture house, there’s Salute to the Peanut Industry, and on South Saint Andrews Street, there’s Chief Eufaula: Creek Indian Removal.

There are many more Murals of the Wiregrass, each highlighting a significant aspect of the country’s rich history.

See the World’s Smallest City Block

Daytime view of the World's Smallest City Block

An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the World’s Smallest City Block is in Dothan.

It’s a tiny gravel triangle jammed with a stop sign, a street sign, a yield sign, and a monument proclaiming it to be the world’s tiniest city block.

The little triangle of lawn formed by the intersection of three streets was originally significantly larger with a singular two-story structure and even a snacks shop.

Keep an eye out for the World’s Smallest City Block on North College Street—but don’t blink, or you’ll miss it.

Marker of the World's Smallest City Block

An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take Photos with the Peanut-Inspired Artworks All around Town

Pink peanut in Dothan

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dothan is truly nuts about its peanuts—no wonder it’s called the Peanut Capital of the World.

The city is recognized for its thriving peanut industry, and several works of art are devoted to the humble peanut aesthetic and are sprinkled across the city.

There are many to find, ranging from one honoring Dothan’s renowned peanut merchant to another resembling Elvis Presley.

Turn it into a game and see how many you can discover and photograph.

Along the trip, you’ll meet various amusing and intriguing characters.

Learn Something New at the George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum

The George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum is a cultural attraction on North Foster Street.

Housed in the historic Greyhound bus station, it is right in the middle of the city center, at the forefront of innovation and culture.

The on-site exhibit focuses on African-American history and its significant contributions to American culture.

A journey to this museum is like going back in time; guided through their Social Progress Heroes Timeline, you will learn about Dr. George Washington Carver’s legacy and experiences and see stunning art and photography exhibits that refresh throughout the year.

Several great displays showcase African-American accomplishments and their devotion to improving society.

Black scientists, innovators, adventurers, and artists are featured in two of the George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum’s permanent exhibits.

Sample the Beers at Folklore Brewing & Meadery

Folklore Brewing & Meadery offers a flavor of Dothan’s regional brewing culture.

The brewery is situated on the premises of an ancient farm on Mary Lou Lane, and its outdoor-oriented architecture makes you feel as though you’re drinking beer in a buddy’s garden.

During the summertime, the institution hosts outdoor activities and vocal jazz.

You will also find a large number of adorable pets.

They construct fires outdoors in the winter to keep guests warm as they drink beers and meads in the cold air.

Grab one of the 18 beers and eight meads on tap, and take some home to enjoy on your lawn.

Wheat, porter, IPA, pale ale, and red rattler beers are on the drinks menu at Folklore Brewing & Meadery.

If you’re looking for a memento, the gift shop provides pint glasses, t-shirts, caps, and badges.

Beat the Heat at Water World

Oh, does it get hot in Dothan during the summer!

Thankfully, the city has the perfect getaway for people looking to cool off while also having fun.

Water World is as entertaining and thrilling as you’d expect from an aqua amusement park.

They feature a 450,000-gallon rip tidal wave pool with surges that can reach over three feet high and is ideal for cooling off on a hot summer afternoon.

Unwind and tan at the nearby “beach,” which has couches where you may recline while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

The Great White, a four-story-high waterslide, the 400-foot-long Bonsai Pipeline with three distinct slides, and the Tadpole Hole with a dedicated kid-friendly wading pool and slides are among the other attractions.

Water World is located on Recreation Road.

Unwind at Fun Zone Skate Center

On top of the skating rink at Fun Zone Skate Center, your family may enjoy various fun activities for guests of all ages.

These include bumper cars, a rock wall, laser tag, and other ticket games.

This popular entertainment center boasts a total of 20,000 square feet of amusement.

The skating rink is, of course, the center’s major attraction.

Roller discos are held regularly for the entire family, accompanied by in-house music.

You can find Fun Zone Skate Center on Westgate Parkway.

Make a Strike at Dothan Lanes

Located on Montgomery Highway, Dothan Lanes is among Dothan’s most popular bowling alleys.

It has 24 lanes with automated score counting and hosts casual and competitive bowling tournaments.

Keep an eye out for their weekly specials; they generally have plenty to offer daily.

Weekends are typically the ideal days to take the entire family, as there are discounts for up to six people.

Dothan Lanes is a fantastic spot to grab a couple of beers and spend time with friends while bowling.

Other activities available at the site include a pool and arcade machines!

Break Out of a Room at Escape Dothan

Escape Dothan is the place to go if you’re seeking an exhilarating, exciting activity for you and your buddies to do while in Dothan.

The escape room is similar to a real-time video game because it requires collaboration, logical analysis, and pressured execution.

You and your companions will have one hour to find clues, decipher codes, and solve challenges to escape.

You may pick from four distinct room types.

They are Bazaar Battle, the 13th Floor, Time Warp, and Murder at the Mansion, in which you must figure out who killed a rich businessman, with what tools, and why.

Escape Dothan is located in Ross Clark Circle.

Swing Your Clubs at the Roundabout Plantation Golf Course

When in town, the Roundabout Plantation Golf Course is a great spot to go for a midday round of golf.

It’s a championship course with lovely tiff eagle greens.

There are five gorgeous lakes to gaze at during your turn, and the entire course is lush with greenery and vegetation.

The golf course is 6769 yards long and has 18 holes.

It’s recommended to check with the course ahead of time to see if there are any special offers.

The Roundabout Plantation Golf Course is along Roundabout Drive.

Catch a Musical Performance at the Dothan Opera House

Exterior of Dothan Opera House

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Over the years, the Dothan Opera House has entertained millions of people with its many stage productions and musical concerts.

It’s a little theater that hosts opera, theater, and even beauty pageants, with a capacity of 590 people.

It boasts lovely Victorian-style furnishings and fittings.

Presentations are on par with those found in considerably larger urban centers.

History marker of Dothan Opera House

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There is a lot to discover here; it’s a must for any tourist.

Numerous surrounding eateries provide delectable options for any diet.

You can find the Dothan Opera House on North St. Andrews Street.

Watch a Show at Dothan Civic Center

Exterior of Dothan Civic Center

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dothan Civic Center is another attraction to add to your itinerary.

Since 1975, this landmark has served as a crossroads for commerce, culture, and recreation while preserving a significant piece of Dothan’s past.

The 3,100-seat arena plays home to various events every month of the year.

Depending on your timing, you may be able to attend a wide variety of activities, including athletic contests, musical performances, and commercial exhibitions.

The center has played a pivotal role in Dothan’s history and served as the venue for countless local gatherings.

Dothan Civic Center is a great place to have any formal or party event where people can let loose.

Located on North St. Andrews Street, it’s the city’s best venue for any event you plan to hold.

Experience the Paranormal with Adela Haunted Tours

Spend a few hours with Adela Haunted Tours if you enjoy hearing about the history and legends of a location.

As you stroll downtown Dothan’s streets, your guide will share anecdotes, facts, and perhaps a few ghost tales about the city’s rich history.

After the walking tour with Adela Haunted Tours, you will better understand the factors that contribute to Dothan’s development and give the city its character.

Go a little further into the city’s past, beyond the interesting antebellum history and stories of the area’s early residents, and you’ll find a darker and more ghostly side.

Tourists may explore a haunted site and learn about the city’s underbelly if they bring paranormal investigation gear.

Have Fun with the Kids at Axtion Air Jump & Sports

If you’re in Dothan, Axtion Air Jump & Sports in Ross Clark Circle is the best place to bring your kids.

Have a blast at Alabama’s largest extreme sports and trampoline park, which spans a whopping 50,000 square feet of exciting activity space.

Trampolines, foam pits, slam dunk jump shot, climbing walls, an obstacle-filled rope course, a ninja course, dodgeball, and batting cages provide a fun and active environment for kids and adults alike.

Try your hand at ax-throwing with Axtion Air Jump & Sports’s collection of games and responsive throwables for a change of pace.

They place a premium on children’s security and have set aside a special section for those under six.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Side Trip to the United States Army Aviation Museum

Exterior of the United States Army Aviation Museum

James Emery from Douglasville, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Military aeronautics has a long history in the United States, dating back to the Civil War.

The most extensive displays regarding the history of combat aviation can be found at the United States Army Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker, 30 minutes from Dothan.

There are 50 airplanes on exhibit, but the collections have over 160 planes, helicopters, and other aircraft, not to mention the museum’s 3,000 relics chronicling the history of military aeronautics.

It houses the world’s biggest collection of helicopters in a museum.

Helicopter sculpture on the grounds of United States Army Aviation Museum

Alan Wilson , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You will find a recreation of the Wright Brothers’ Model B aircraft and an AH-64 Apache from Operation Desert Storm on display.

The museum has approximately 160 airplanes and over 3,000 historical artifacts.

The United States Army Aviation Museum is a great place to visit if you’re seeking things to do around Dothan.

Final Thoughts

Try the best things to do in Dothan, Alabama, to have a good time.

This small, progressive town provides everything you might expect in a holiday getaway.

Charming and welcoming Southern hospitality coexists with all the modern conveniences one would expect in a large urban center.

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