15 Best Things to Do in Auburn, AL

15 Best Things to Do in Auburn, AL

Auburn in Alabama is known as “The loveliest village on the plains”. The town is considered to be a historic college town. The famous Auburn University in Alabama is situated here and the area is considered to be the fastest growing and developing metropolitan area in Alabama.

The town is economically one of the most important towns in Alabama, and was ranked as one of the 10 most livable cities in the US in the year 2009.

The town is home to a large number of cultural, art, and recreational activities which makes it a very lively place to visit. The following things should be on the list of anyone who visits the town of Auburn in Alabama:

Chewacla State Park

Chewacla State Park
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Chewacla state park is a huge property in Auburn spread over an area of 696 acres. The entire property is divided into different subdivisions which include a lake that is spread in an area of 26 acres, some swimming creeks, camping grounds, playgrounds, common picnic areas, trails, and many more.

The park is wonderfully managed and designed in such a manner that it would fulfil everyone’s needs. The park is ideal for fishing as the lakes here are massively loaded with different types of fishes.

Although it is a park, the property also has six stone houses in case visitors want to extend their stay over the night. The option of pitching your own tent is also available. This park is a proper family picnic destination and is an absolutely fun place to visit.

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
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If you are visiting Auburn in Alabama, you cannot miss the beautiful art at The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art.

Opened in the year 1948 after Frank Applebee bought 36 paintings from a government auction, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of fine art is one of the top places to visit in Alabama. The museum displays a collection of beautiful and unique pieces of art belonging from traditional to contemporary period.

The museum has grown tremendously since it was founded. Starting from only 36 paintings, the museum is now home to more than 2000 pieces of incredible art from some of the most famous artists. The architecture of museum is a delight in itself.

Jordan Hare Stadium

Jordan Hare Stadium
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If you are lucky enough to visit Auburn during a live Auburn Tiger football match, you should definitely watch it live at the Jordan Hare Stadium

Jordan Hare Stadium has been hosting football events for past 18 years and thrilling more than 80,000 visitors at each game.

The thrill and excitement level during a football match in this stadium is crazy and you cannot miss it. If you are in town, getting your tickets for the football show is one of the first things you have to do.

The Auburn Arena

Auburn Arena
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With the seating capacity of 10,000 people, the Auburn arena is situated on the campus of the Auburn university itself.

The stadium was built in the year 2010 and has been home to Basketball games for men’s and women’s basketball teams. The ambience and vibe in this basketball stadium is more intimate as the seating capacity here is less.

However, the craze and the hotness in the environment does not fall short as the fans go all crazy when the teams start playing their matches. So if you are someone who is interested in games and athletics, now you know where to hit it.

Pebble Hill

Pebble Hill was built in the year 1947 by a Colonel who was inspired with Greek art. However, the property was looted during the civil war and mostly destroyed.

Some of the treasures of the property were undiscovered due to which reviving the property was easier and it now stands stronger and prouder.

The pebble Hill is also known as the Scott- Yarbrough house and is listed on the national register of historic places. Currently it is being used as a center for developing arts and humanities and is a great place of interest for people who love art and architecture. The place and its decoration it’s quite charming and definitely worth your time.

Indian Pines Golf Course

Indian Pines Golf Course
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In the year 2005, Auburn was votes to be the “best golf city in America”. Golf courses like Indian pines golf course made it possible. Spread over an area of 6310 yards, the golf course is a place that is going to excite each of its visitors.

The golf course was started in the year 1946 with nine holes. After 5 years of operation, 9 more holes were added. However, in the year 1999 the golf course was destroyed in a fire, and it was restored back as an old clubhouse.

The course is now owned and managed as a municipal golf course. The place has beautiful and far stretching green grounds which are a bliss to everyone’s sight.

Toomer’s corner

Toomer’s corner was founded by a Partnership of father-in-law and his son-in-law, Sheldon Toomer and his father-in-law.

The place is located in Auburn for more than a century now and serves freshly squeezed and excessively refreshing lemonade. The lemonade served at this place is unique in itself and follows a secret recipe.

Made from natural ingredients, Lemonade from this place has a great support from football teams as well in Auburn, and is sold at the stadiums. The place has a beautiful view as it is covered by oak trees. The place is typically one of the more busy spots in Auburn.

The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve and Nature Center

The Forest ecology preserve and nature Centre was originally owned by private people who donated it to the University of Auburn in 1993. The nature Centre in Uber is spread over an area of 120 acres and covered with beautiful and breathtaking Woodlands.

The Louise Kreher Forest ecology preserve and Nature Centre has a big playground which is dedicated to children and allows them to explore and play. It also has a lodge. The nature Centre also has walking trails for people who enjoy walking.

The trails are family friendly as they are mostly flat and allows everyone regardless of their age to enjoy some healthy walk amidst the nature.

Kiesel Park

Kiesel Park is a dog friendly park with dogs able to walk and run freely within enclosed areas.

The place does not have much to offer but it’s kind of fun to be at with all the different breeds of dogs and their crazy activities. However, you can get some exercise time for yourself while your dog is running on the open fields. You can also try fishing in the open creeks at the park.

The Southeastern Raptor Center

The Southeastern Raptor center is an ideal place for birdwatching in Auburn. The Centre organizes bird shows for people every Friday. The show mainly involves flying of various birds like falcon, Hawks, and eagles from a tower situated at a height.

The Centre does not cage the birds and all the birds used in the show are the residents of the center. The Centre is also responsible for taking care of the birds and releasing them back into the wild once healed.

The Hound

The hound is a classical American restaurant and bar which is owned by a family in Auburn. The place offers delicious foods and a wide range of beers and other drinks to choose from.

Almost 28 different variety of craft beers and a few types of bourbons are available in the bar. The restaurant is designed in such a manner that it will take you back to the childhood days. In simple words, the design of the restaurant is nostalgic and makes you carefree.

The restaurant offers various happy hours and promotional events that keep on changing throughout the week. The place is quite famous among the locals and therefore it is decently crowded. If you are someone looking for classic American dishes and perfectly crafted beers, the hound is the place for you.


Auburn has been organizing its own version of Oktoberfest since last six years. The event started as a small gathering where about 150 people came together and celebrated.

However, the festival has grown since its inception and is quite famous among the locals now. The choices of drinks in the fest has also increased since inception and at present almost all the local breweries and wine yards showcase their best drinks in the festival.

The craze of the festival has reached to a level that some of the breweries craft special beers only for the festival! As the name suggests, the festival is conducted every year in the month of October and has quite a popular and entertaining vibe around it.

Auburn University

Auburn University
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Auburn University is one of the historic establishments in the town and brings immense pride to the place. If you are in the town, you can definitely spend some time walking around the campus of the university.

You can spend some time exploring the university on your own. The university has a few beautiful old buildings one of which is the clock Tower. The ground of the university are quiet, peaceful, and calm offering people to spend some time in their own company and enjoying it.

Downtown Auburn

Downtown Auburn
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Downtown oven is a place that comes lively at night. If you are looking for some crazy and adventurous night live in Auburn, downtown is the spot for you.

The place offers great live music where you can just sit and enjoy the music or dance your worries out. The place also has some incredible restaurants and bars to take care of your appetite.

Downtown, therefore is a place that you should definitely visit once in the night to get a better idea about night life in Auburn.

Farmers Markets

The best way to explore the outdoors is to stroll through a the farmer’s market in Auburn. There are a lot of farmer’s market such as grows farmer’s markets, the acre farmers market, and the Ag Heritage Park market.

The markets are organized on weekly basis and are really enjoyable during summers. It offers a good quality of products for everything. You can also test home grown food in the market and take some of the items for your picnic and outings.

Auburn CityFest

Auburn CityFest is an annual event being held for over 10 years. It is one of the most important and attractive events of Auburn city where you can experience a great deal of fun and different activities.

You can have fun watching artists and their work, enjoying delicious food, getting yourself entertained from music and art performances, etc. The festival offers something for each of your family member and gets bigger every following year.

Auburn is a city that has dynamics and culture of a much bigger city than it actually is. From beautiful markets to classy bars and restaurants, from spacious and huge parks to artistic museums, Auburn is a city in Alabama that would actually make a place in your heart.

The people, the culture, the art, the food, the vibe of this place are so different that you would never want to come back from here. The hotels and other stays in this town are quite affordable and comfortable, ensuring that nothing goes bad on your trip even for a moment.