17 Best Things To Do In Florence, AL

Florence, AL
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Florence is a charming, small city near the Tennessee-Alabama border in the northwest corner of the state.

This lovely city, which is located right on the Tennessee River, has an inviting charm.

Florence is home to Alabama's original state institution, as well as several other historic landmarks and attractions.

The city also has various parks, inland, and other places such as the river, with outstanding fishing, walking/cycling routes, picnic spaces, and areas to sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Paddling, boating, and canoeing are all popular outdoor water sports in this area.

If you want to stay indoors, there are a number of art museums, several music academies, and a number of excellent restaurants to visit, relax in, and eat in.

The tiny size of the city makes getting around a breeze.

Many visitors to Florence appreciate the numerous outdoor activities available.

However, there are various historical sites, local pubs, and independent stores to excite and attract visitors.

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know regarding things to do in Florence Al.

Because of the city's small size, getting around is easy.

Tourists typically take advantage of this fact by visiting all of the locations at once.

So, if Florida is on your radar for your next trip, here are some of the best things that you can do in Florence Al:

Take a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Rosenbaum House

Frank Lloyd Wright's Rosenbaum House
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Frank Lloyd Wright, who was one of America's most successful and popular architects, created a number of masterworks.

One of his masterworks is located in Florence.

The Rosenbaum House, completed in 1940, is Frank's only work in Alabama.

This one-of-a-kind structure provides you with a set of exquisite beauty and validity.

A Rosenbaum House tour leads you through each of the rooms of the Usonian-style home, as well as its features and, of course, its beautiful garden.

Even though the garden wasn't really part of the original design, Wright added it so that nothing was left out of this extraordinary work of art known as the Rosenbaum House.

Historic District of Walnut Street

Visit the historic district of Walnut Street if you are interested in learning about Florence's architecture, design, and economic history.

The longest surviving oldest property in the district dates from the 1870s.

Florence experienced an economic downturn just after the Civil War throughout the 1880s and 1890s.

As a result, newcomers started to build new housing in the neighborhoods surrounding Walnut Street.

The existing homes are Victorian or Classic Revival, while the older homes are the two-story brick Georgian-style houses and California-style mansions.

A walk through the old historic district in the late afternoon is truly amazing, with vintage gaslight-style street lamps emitting the old-time atmospheric vibe.

Explore The Wildlife Amazing Outdoors

If you are tired of the daily life routine, just get outside and explore one of the parks or preserve trails in Florence, Al.

There are numerous ways to connect to nature, ranging from mountain biking and rock climbing to sailing and kitesurfing.

Visit the George Carroll Lion Habitat at the University of Alabama for a fun time.

It is home to the only live lion mascot throughout the United States!

Killen Time Adventure Park is yet another enjoyable stop for kids inside an adventure park that also serves as a home for tortoises, ducks, emus, and many other species.

River Heritage Park Is A Great Place To Picnic

River Heritage Park, which is located in the center of the Renaissance Tower, is a lovely place to visit.

The park in Florence illustrates and provides visitors with amazing scenery of the Tennessee River as well as Wilson Dam.

Apart from the beautiful views, the park has many picnic areas and spots.

In addition, River Heritage Park has a lovely play area, built walking trails, a huge and interesting splash pad, a waterfall, and an incredible light show.

Whether alone or with friends and relatives, a trip to this park will be a joyful experience.

Enjoy Fishing At Pickwick Lake

Pickwick Lake
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you enjoy fishing, you should visit Pickwick Lake.

This lake, situated close to the Wilson Dam on the Tennessee River, is regarded as the greatest trophy largemouth fishery in the state.

In addition, Pickwick Lake is well-known among anglers for its large population of Largemouth bass.

Every year, the lake hosts several best-known fishing tournaments.

So take out your fishing rod and head out to the lake.

By luck, you might grab the largest Largemouth bass.

Take A Tour Of The University Of North Alabama To Learn More About It

University of North Alabama
Unaroarlions, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The University of North Alabama is the town's only university and the state's ancient state college.

This approved and world-famous state university is located in a residential neighborhood of Florence on a sprawling 52.6-hectare campus.

This university offers degree programs in various colleges, including the scientific fields, music, art, business studies, schooling, nursing, and human sciences.

You can also take a tour of the university and all of the facilities in it.

A tour of the university is regarded as an eye-opening opportunity that you should take advantage of.

Try The City’s Excellent Mouthwatering Pizza

The Pie Factory is a restaurant that specializes in great homemade pizza produced with proper, traditional techniques and cooked in an old-fashioned pizza oven.

Here, you can choose between a variety of delectable dishes.

Bless your tastebuds with the traditional pizza with a double layer of pepperoni and grilled chicken.

This restaurant has everything for everyone, including cheese pizza, sausages, peppers pizza, as well as the classic vegetable pizza.

The Pie Factory also offers delectable desserts, along with the option of creating your own personalized pizza with several of the available ingredients.

Visit The Park Which Resembles Heaven

Deibert Park is a beautiful, green, and pleasant location to relax in Florence.

The Children's Gallery of Shoals is located at the park's gate, along with various other attractions.

Spend some time relaxing in the shaded picnic area, walking the paved walkways, or admiring the beautiful pond with swans and fish.

There are also restrooms, tables to sit on around the park, and an open field area where dogs can be walked.

The tranquil pond view there will undoubtedly let you rest and admire the beauty of nature's gifts.

Savor The Delectable Dishes At Odette

Odette is an incredible restaurant and shop that you should visit.

It's a terrific establishment with a lovely vibe. The restaurant, which is situated in the downtown area of Florence, delivers delectable American cuisine with southern and cosmopolitan flair.

Odette's menu is extensive, with a variety of selections to pick from.

All of the restaurant's delectable dishes are produced with the freshest, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly ingredients.

You should not miss out on tasty dishes at this diner because of its excellent chef and friendly crew.

Try Playing Golf

Improve your golfing skills at Florence's well-kept Blackberry Trail Golf Course.

This conventional golf course is also an 18-hole course that sits on a broad area of the lush countryside just northside of the Tennessee River.

Upon the course of the American connection with undulating fields and greenside bunkers, aim for birdies.

The course features a practice bunker, tee box, driving green, as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff.

In addition, a fully-stocked golf shop, as well as a grill and snack bar, are available for your entertainment.

Try The Japanese Cuisine

Do you have a strong desire for some delectable Japanese cuisine?

Then you must go to this wonderful eatery. Even if you aren't in the mood for Asian food, Tasty Thai Sushi and Beyond's wonderful cuisines and welcoming atmosphere will have you getting back for more.

This restaurant is among the best authentic Asian food, with a menu that includes 100% vegan dishes, elegant drinks, excellent sushi, and rapid service, not to forget the pleasant staff and modern environment.!

Do Some Shopping At Florence Mall

The elegantly designed Florence Mall is the city's most popular shopping destination.

This fantastic shopping center has a unique combination of shops and high-end outlets.

Explore the wonderful stores inside this mall to fulfill all of your shopping needs, including clothing, technology, kids’ toys, as well as groceries.

If you need a break from the shopping, you can watch a hit film at the on-site theatre or eat at one of the many excellent restaurants.

Try Exciting Games

If you want to spend a fun and exciting day indoors during your trip to Florence, the Boiler Room is a lovely indoor space with a variety of fun activities and snacks to keep you entertained.

Play shuffleboards, cards, football, skeeball, classic arcade tables, bowling, and so much more in the many zones of this indoor entertainment area.

This indoor games room is located in the center of an amazing structure and has it all.

At the breakfast area, you may even play a game of cooking your own meals.

It's a great spot for having a good time in the city.

Enjoy Live Music While Eating

The Rocks Restaurant is a high-end entertainment and eating venue located in the heart of Florence.

You may enjoy exciting attractions, including live music on evenings, extensive dining options, and even giant HDTVs to watch your favorite side score on game nights at this excellent restaurant.

Enjoy a tranquil and relaxing evening while dining on delectable cuisine and enjoying live music performed by some of the city's top musicians.

It's a must-see venue in the city for the best meals, beverages, and live music concerts.

Visit The Sky Zone Trampoline Park

The fun and amazing wall-to-wall Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Florence will have your adrenaline pounding.

This energizing park is a vibrant gathering spot for people of different ages in the city.

You can enjoy jumping on the main jump court, the Ultimate DodgeBall courts, the Foamy Zone, and slam dunk at the Sky Dunk.

It's a location where everyone can have a good time, and if you're feeling really fit, you can also try the hard warrior course.

Make Some Pottery

The wonderful Clay Bisque Studio allows visitors to create lasting memories by decorating the pottery studio with family members and friends.

At this studio, you may unleash your inner artist and turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery.

All you have to do now is to pick your favorite ceramic piece and the colors you wish to use, then get started.

The piece you made would be polished in seven days, and you can bring it home with you.

What better souvenir than pottery pieces manufactured just for you and by you to beautify your home?

Purchase Fresh Products From College Street Farmers Market

If you're a fan of organic vegetables and want to get the freshest products made in the Florence area, this is the place to go.

The College Street Farmers Market is a gathering place for growers to get together and sell the greatest quality locally grown and fresh food.

They follow a stringent "not-grown-not-sold" rule, so you can be confident you're getting the greatest fruits and vegetables in the city.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are on vacation or residing in Florence, AL, you can always enjoy the time there as it is a charming small city with such a unique blend of historic attractions, galleries, art museums, parks, as well as waterways.

It's a terrific spot to spend time resting, discovering the lakes and rivers, as well as experiencing the authentic Southern mode of life in a place steeped in heritage and culture.

The restaurants in this city are among the most delicious in the city.

They offer a wide range of cuisines that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

In addition, this city makes sure that there won't be any dull and dry moments on your vacation in Florence, Alabama, with several exciting and interesting activities to do.

The above-written article explains everything that you do while visiting Florence Al.