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20 Best Things to Do in Foley, AL

  • Published 2022/09/20

When in Foley, Alabama, you will never run out of things to do because of the vast array of activities it can offer.

Though the city only occupies 22.77 square miles or 1.6% of Baldwin County’s total land area of 1,589.78 square miles, the list of things you can do here could make you think that it covers more than that.

If you decide to take a tour of the city’s various destinations, you will have the opportunity to finally have a taste of a peculiar yet exciting kind of vacation.

Here are 15 of the best things to do in Foley, Alabama:

Experience a Blast From the Past at Holmes Medical Museum

Exterior of Holmes Medical Museum

Peter Titmuss /

This museum along West Laurel Avenue may appear unique to you because of what you see inside it.

Many visitors of the Holmes Medical Museum described its ancient medical tools as bizarre, considering how unique people compared to the latest equipment and apparatuses you see in modern hospitals.

You may find it eerie at the sight of all the outdated tools used during the ancient era, the human skeleton, and the old hospital rooms.

While this site can be frightening, the story behind this famous attraction in Foley, Alabama, will leave you in awe of how significant these artifacts were during the 20th century.

The museum used to be the Sibley Holmes Memorial Hospital, the first-ever hospital in Baldwin, which saved many lives from 1936 until 1958.

Its contribution in shaping the county’s healthcare and medical landscape is undeniably a fact.

See the Magnificent Creations at the Foley Art Centre

Going to Foley Art Center is not all about art appreciation since this could also be your most-awaited opportunity to become part of advocacy.

The arts and crafts destination, which the owners built in 1966, plays a pivotal role in the cultural development of the entire county of Baldwin, not just in the city.

Since its operation in 1967, it has never ceased to amaze its visitors with its numerous events that every family member can enjoy.

It has been a famous structure that promotes local artists and encourages students to discover their innate talent in arts continuously; thus, the curators anchored the activities on these goals.

The Art in the Park showcases the magnificent creations and art pieces of local artists, while the Trim-a-Tree is an avenue for local artisans to showcase their creativity in designing holiday ornaments.

If you want your family members to have fun through arts, you can check the available classes during your visit.

With these activities, you will certainly have fun at the Foley Art Centre.

But more than that, what you paid for is part of the fund that the organization uses to support the 11 schools’ art shows and performances.

Have a Mesmerizing Walk at the Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail

Hiking inside the expansive ground of the Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail is different because what surrounds you are not tall trees and verdant grasses.

From Violet Avenue, you can walk to reach Orange Avenue until Myrtle Avenue while being mesmerized by the fragrant smell of roses.

The lovely flowers adorn the entire area and beautifully landscaped the trail to make each visit mesmerizing.

Be captivated by the beauty of roses in various sizes and colors, which would entice you to take long walks.

Ride a Train at Foley Railroad Museum & Model Train Exhibit

Train at Foley Railroad Museum & Model Train Exhibit

Matthew Nichols, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Foley Railroad Museum & Model Train Exhibit on E. Laurel Avenue is a two-in-one destination, where you can learn more about the city’s rich history and have an exhilarating train ride with the Charles Ebert Express II.

When in Foley, Alabama, always list this attraction down in your travel itinerary.

You will not regret visiting it because of the adventure it has prepared for you.

The depot, which the local authorities constructed in 1909, features a fixture that contributed to the city’s development in the ancient years.

Railroad crossing sign at Foley Railroad Museum

Captainess_travels /

There are several memorabilia, too, of the exciting facts of Foley’s historical past.

After enriching your mind and satisfying the history buff in you, it is time for the free train ride around Heritage Park.

While it is for free, the park’s management accepts donations to keep its operation.

Run With a Furry Pal at the Foley Dog Park

If you are traveling to the Micropolitan Statistical Area of Daphne, the Foley Dog Park is the best destination for you.

There are times when you are hesitant about going on a vacation because you do not want to leave your pets behind.

The city specifically designed this park for dog lovers who want to continue the fun with their furry buddies in the city.

There are separate nooks for big and small breeds, as well as shades provided by the park where dog owners can relax.

The pet station is open from dawn until dusk.

Plan for a Picnic at Foley Kids Park

Foley, Alabama, is a family-friendly place.

This is the reason why you should consider it as your family’s next place to visit.

You have the whole day, from dawn till dusk, to create a perfect memory with your children at Foley Kids Park on Roosevelt Avenue.

There are castles where you can play queens, kings, princesses, and princes and become royals for a while.

Meanwhile, you can choose from the available picnic tables to have a picnic and share your favorite meals.

The park has been a favorite place for field trips and parties since March 2001.

Play Ball Games at Beulah Heights Park

Playing a ball game can be your regular activity back home, and in Foley, Alabama, you can continue sweating out with your preferred sports.

Whether you are with your family or friends, you can always opt to play basketball, softball, tennis, and baseball at the Beulah Heights Park on E. Jefferson Avenue.

The park has spacious courts where you can schedule to play while others can stay at the covered pavilion to relax.

Meanwhile, if you are with young children, you can bring them to the playground.

Try Hot Rolls Throwing at Lambert’s Café

Front View of Lambert's Café

Infrogmation of New Orleans, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever tried a hot bread roll thrown at when you ordered at a café’s counter?

This may sound weird, but you can experience this at Lambert’s Café along S. McKenzie Street.

When visiting Foley, Alabama, you should not miss the chance of getting a taste of what the third branch of the popular go-to place for gastronomic treats in Missouri has to offer.

Building sign of Lambert's Café

nola.agent from New Orleans, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The unique way of serving hot bread rolls to their customers has earned the Lambert’s Café the tag “Home of Throwed Rolls.”

Another distinct feature of this restaurant is the “pass-around” meal, where guests pass around the dishes for everyone to enjoy.

When you want to have a good, mouth-watering meal before going to another attraction, an experience at Lambert’s Café is worthwhile, especially since it is near the lovely beaches of Foley, Alabama.

Hunt for Anything Precious at the Gift Horse Antique Stalls

If you are into antique shopping, the city of Foley in Alabama is the place to be.

The series of stalls on W. Laurel Avenue offers you a wide selection of precious gifts, crafts, and antiques that you can take home with you.

The Gift Horse Antique Stalls is a haven for those who, like you, are hunting for the best vintage pieces that can help you in enhancing your abode’s ambiance.

You may also score the best bargain for gifts you have been looking for for your loved ones back home.

Try the Gift Horse Restaurant’s Apple Cheese Casserole

After strolling around the stalls within the vicinity, never leave without tasting the apple cheese casserole of the Gift Horse Restaurant, which, they say, is among the 100 dishes you should try when visiting the Alabama State.

Many locals and visitors recommend this tasty pie, which is rich in flavor and aroma.

Aside from it, you can also try their other specialties, such as the crab bisque, seafood gumbo, sweet praline potatoes, salads, and other kinds of desserts.

The restaurant’s 28-foot buffet table has enough space for everything you want to eat, but you need to check for the menu it offers on the day you are going since it varies day after day.

Catch the Music Icons at the Legends in Concert

From Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to Karen Carpenter, Tina Turner, and Celine Dion, the Legends in Concert performances will give you chills while listening to these icons’ timeless music.

This theatre on OWA Boulevard is a celebrated name for giving fascinating tribute shows to its visitors while making sure that each live performance is spectacular enough.

You can reserve a ticket for everyone in your group, even for the young children, and enjoy a night of great music together at the theatre that boasts of a Vegas-style design and ambiance.

Watch a Rodeo at the Foley Horse Arena

If your trip to Foley, Alabama, falls anytime in August, you can check for the actual schedule of the rodeo at one of their famous attractions.

If you have been dreaming about seeing a cowboy showing his skills in roping or riding a horse, the Foley Horse Arena on E. Rosetta Avenue must be part of your itinerary.

The arena boasts of amenities that will make your visit a pleasurable one.

You can sit comfortably with your family and friends on the bleachers while watching the annual competition.

Meanwhile, if you didn’t set your visit during the eighth month of the year, you can still catch the barrel racing, which happens anytime.

Immerse With the Unique Culture at Bon Secour River

Get thrilled in your next outdoor adventure by traversing the Bon Secour River.

The stream, which has a seven-foot elevation, is a favorite destination for many tourists because of its picture-perfect view and several grandiose spots for taking photos.

You will never run out of good backdrops every time you snap a shot of yourself while relishing the different flora and fauna inherent to the area.

While paddling through the body of water, you will find tree houses and mansions with a unique Gothic design.

You can arrange your river tour with BeachnRiver Canoe and Kayak Rentals to maximize your three-hour visit.

Before ending the excursion, you can request your guide to make a stop near the dock in one of the water houses to buy freshly caught shrimps from the locals.

Be Amazed at Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Going on a nature trip will never run out of style when talking about an adventure-filled vacation.

Among the many things to do in Foley, Alabama, is to schedule a worthwhile tour of the Graham Creek Nature Preserve, where you can visit various types of natural habitats.

The place has numerous tidal marshes, pine savannas, and wetlands where rare plants grow and wild animals live.

You can do a lot of outdoor activities with your loved ones, including canoeing and kayaking, around the 484-acre attraction.

The fun never stops in the water, by the way, since you can also prepare for a hike, picnic, archery, and golf game.

Shop and Eat Endlessly at Downtown OWA

Shopping and eating are two things that many people cannot separate from each other, and you can do both of these endlessly at Downtown OWA on N. OWA Boulevard.

The place treats you to a great vacation and an unforgettable experience with its array of shops and action-filled things to do in Foley, Alabama.

There are many stores to choose from, where you can buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

The restaurants also have different cuisines to offer to their visitors, ranging from delectable Gulf seafood dishes to locally produced cocktails and wines.

You can try esports and arcade gaming, too.

Indeed, the adventure is endless at Downtown OWA.

Swing Your Club at GlenLakes Golf Club

Located in Baldwin County just east of Foley’s Lambert’s Café, GlenLakes Golf Club boasts of having one of the best golf courses in Alabama.

It is also conveniently accessible to the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

The 27 holes at this golf course are sure to be a highlight of your golfing career.

Have a superb round of golf at either the 9-hole luxury Lakes course or the 18-hole links-style Dunes-Vista course.

You may play golf at this excellent club for a very reasonable fee, and there are members of all ability levels there.

After a game, you may unwind in the cozy social area with a fireplace and enjoy some of the newest fashions and accessories available in the golf store.

Bond with Your Friends over a Match at Gulf Bowl Family Entertainment Center

Foley, Alabama’s Gulf Bowl Family Entertainment Center has been family-owned and -operated since 1959.

The 35,000-square-foot family entertainment complex features a private bar with a beautiful VIP boutique bowling room.

They have 16 standard lanes and seven VIP lanes.

Additionally, there is a pool table area, a high ropes course, laser tag, an arcade, and party rooms.

Centrally located, Captain’s Choice is both a seafood restaurant and a lane-side barbecue.

In addition to being a great place to have parties, this location also features a karaoke bar.

Gulf Bowl Family Entertainment Center should be at the top of your list for family-friendly things to do in Foley.

Include this in your plans, and fun will be guaranteed!

Visit Alabama Gulf Coast Music Hall

Alabama Gulf Coast Music Hall stands on Foley Beach Express in Foley, Alabama.

Enjoy delicious food like their Southern Style Barbecue while listening to live music and dancing in the large music hall.

The Alabama Gulf Coast Music Hall is a spacious event venue perfect for weddings, receptions, and other special events with a wide range of guest capacities.

The music hall features the best local artists in addition to its other entertainment options (dinner performances, dance, and music).

You may enjoy the air conditioning, plush seats, and tasty concessions at their convenient facility.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Tanger Outlet Center

Tanger Outlet Center lies about eight miles north of Alabama’s lovely beaches.

It is home to over 120 name-brand and designer outlet businesses.

Several well-known labels are available, such as Coach, Polo, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, White House Black Market, Talbots, Nike, Reebok, Kenneth Cole, Chico’s, and many more.

Choose from a wide variety of discounted apparel, accessories, footwear, gifts, and more from a wide variety of brands and designers at Tanger Outlet Center.

Go to Tanger Outlets in Foley if you want to save money when shopping.

Release Your Stress at Coastal Cryo

If you want to regain your sense of adventure after a day of seeing the city, Coastal Cryo is the place to be.

In January 2018, Foley opened as a luxury spa offering light therapy and whole-body cryotherapy.

Cold temperatures, or cryotherapy, stimulate the body’s anti-inflammatory response.

Its skilled and professional personnel provide excellent services linked to cryotherapy, including local cryo, facials, and full-body treatments.

The therapy is effective for relieving pain, speeding up the recovery of injured muscles, decreasing sadness and stress, protecting against dementia and gaining weight, and alleviating migraine headaches.

Final Thoughts

When planning for a vacation in Foley, Alabama, make sure to prepare a list of the things you want to do and the places you’d love to visit.

The wide range of activities it offers might be difficult for you to decide at some point, but with careful planning, you’ll find the best places to visit.

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