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15 Best Things to Do in Denver, PA

  • Published 2022/09/23

Denver is a borough in Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with only 3,800 residents, according to the 2020 census.

In 1735, Hans Bucher, a Swiss immigrant, founded the town he named after himself, called “Bucher’s Thal” or “Bucher Valley.”

Adam Brubaker officially renamed the town Denver in 1881.

With a land area of 1.1 square miles, the town has become popularly known as the “Mile Wide Town.”

Following Denver’s continued growth for the last 118 years, the town has built different industries relating to the production of graphite products, woven materials, meats, and more.

As a town committed to community involvement, Denver has become a place to live, experience life, work, play, and invest.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Denver, Pennsylvania:

Spend the Day at Denver Memorial Park and Playground

The Denver Memorial Park and Playground, located on Main Street, is a 12-acre park that caters to different recreational activities.

The Park Association leased the park for public use in 1823, making it one of the oldest parks in Denver.

You can do plenty of recreational activities in Denver Memorial Park and Playground, such as walking, roller and ice skating, skateboarding, and playing baseball.

There’s also a playground and Play Lot for the children to enjoy while you prepare food in the picnic pavilions, including a fireplace, a kitchen, and a griller.

Spending time at the Denver Memorial Park and Playground with your family will give you a memory to keep for a lifetime.

Buy Antiques at Lancaster County Antique Center

The Lancaster Country Antique Center is the go-to antique center in Denver, located at Reading Road.

As a multi-dealer antique shop open since 1976, the Lancaster Country Antique Center has more than 60 dealers in its two-story and outdoor shop.

Aside from its 60 regular dealers, the antique shop has more than 20 more seasonal dealers for its outdoor flea market.

The antique shop sells new different merchandise every day with friendly discounts.

In the Lancaster Country Antique Center, you’ll feel the old-time atmosphere that brings you back to the old days.

Visit Lancaster Country Antique Center now and bring home hard-to-find collectibles.

Buy Architectural Antiques at Oley Valley Antiques

On the other hand, the Oley Valley Antiques, located at North Reading Road, offers architectural antiques such as bars, carved furniture, mantels, doors, windows, and more.

Since 1973, the Oley Valley Antiques has featured one of the largest selections of antique architectural shops in the United States.

The antique architectural shop has helped furnish homes, restaurants, hotels, and more in the past years.

Different furniture, as old as 200 years old, are available in the Oley Valley Antiques, such as US-made mantels created between 1880 and 1920.

The Oley Valley Antiques has also appeared in over 40 films, including the film “Lincoln.”

Rent a Kayak at Middle Creek Kayak Rentals

Middle Creek Kayak Rentals is a privately owned kayak rental business located at Middle Creek WMA Boat Launch.

The Middle Creek Kayak Rentals offers a great kayaking experience, taking advantage of its location.

After all, Pennsylvania is the central state among the 48 lower states, containing the highest number of moving bodies of water like streams, rivers, lakes, and creeks.

With a 360-acre reservoir, Middle Creek Lake offers a serene day paddling on the lake.

If you want to enjoy some quiet time on the water, you are more than welcome to spend time at one of the most popular lakes in Denver.

Let your worries melt away now at Middle Creek Kayak Rentals.

Work up a Sweat at Heart and Soul CrossFit

Located on 4th Street, the Heart and Soul CrossFit has a goal to help you achieve the body that you want.

To them, you can turn your imagination into reality.

You’d definitely see results at Heart and Soul CrossFit if you put your heart and soul into it.

This Denver gym is unlike the others, providing a friendly and welcoming environment that helps newbies feel comfortable.

The Heart and Soul CrossFit trainers, who are all elite professional athletes, will guide you through all the equipment and workout of the day to create a training experience like no other.

Heart and Soul CrossFit also takes care of regular gym-goers.

Group classes, one on one training, sports workout, and more are available in the gym, as well as personalized nutritional programs.

Swim at Denver Community Pool

Under the ownership of the Borough of Denver and management of the Ephrata Recreation Center, the Denver Community Pool offers a simple yet fun pool experience for the family.

It has a safe and healthy environment, perfect for a quick family day out.

The Denver Community Pool has a snack bar and a grilling area, where the head of the family can prepare lunch for everyone.

The community pool is also pet friendly, so you don’t need to leave your dog at home.

Everyone, including your fur babies, can have a fun day out.

However, you can only rent the pool on a cash-only basis, so make sure to bring cash.

Dine at Park Place Diner

Park Place Diner at Reading Road offers delivery, takeout, and in-person dining every day from early morning to night.

When you go to Denver, Pennsylvania, the Park Place Diner should always be the first thing on your mind regarding dining choices.

The restaurant serves a large portion of dishes and a broad menu.

It offers tasty meals from breakfast to dinners, such as classic burgers, fresh-cut fries, and more.

Likewise, the Park Place Diner is also among the most famous spots in Denver to meet up and catch up with family and friends.

For a fair price, you can enjoy a high-quality, vegan-friendly selection of food cooked using fresh, local ingredients.

Watch a Game at Eagle Stadium

If you’re into sports, you can watch a baseball game at Eagle Stadium, South Fourth Street.

The Robert McSpadden DBA Texas Bob Media Services own the stadium, which hosts football games for Denver’s football fans.

Besides football, the Eagle Stadium also hosts field hockey games.

People recommend the stadium for its comfortable setting that’s regularly maintained for cleanliness.

Visit the Eagle Stadium in Denver, Pennsylvania, and watch your favorite sports!

See the Horses at Friendly Horseman’s Club

The Friendly Horseman’s Club is a horse club on Kline Road whose goal is to raise the best horses under prime conditions.

The horse club provides the best horse activities in Denver year-round.

Thanks to sponsors, the Friendly Horseman’s Club regularly holds horse shows such as fun, dressage, miniature, and ranch horse shows.

You can also get involved in these activities by assisting during the shows in all ways possible.

As a non-profit organization holding excellent and affordable shows, the Friendly Horseman’s Club welcomes all the help it can get.

The horse club also allows renting the horses for your events, or even if you want to ride one during your visit.

Get your Nails Done at Riverside Nail Spa

Since 2007, the Riverside Nail Spa has become the place to visit for a day of relaxation and pampering.

The Riverside Nail Spa provides a restful and soothing environment that’ll allow you to fall asleep during a fantastic mani-pedi session.

On the other hand, it’s also a great bonding activity with family, friends, or couples.

You can catch up while keeping your nails pretty.

The Riverside Nail Spa has a wide selection of colors, and nail enhancement services allow you to have your nails look extravagant.

Thanks to the best nail care in Denver, you’ll feel secure and receive the utmost cleaning procedures in Riverside Nail Spa.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Fishing with Top Water Trips

The Top Water Trips is a private fishing charter in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, 39 minutes from Denver.

The fishing charter offers fishing courses, guided trips, kayaking lessons, jet-boat fishing trips, and many more fishing activities in Greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

You can also try non-fishing activities, such as camping, in the Top Water Trips all year round.

Their fishing guide and casting instructor have earned praise for their fantastic job during the study sessions.

So, go fishing now at Top Water Trips and enjoy a one-of-a-kind water adventure service.

Ride the Horses at Triangle Therapeutic Riding Center

On the other hand, the Triangle Therapeutic Riding Center, located in Reinhold, Pennsylvania, focuses on letting guests ride horses.

To them, the horse-riding experience will improve adult and child riders’ bodies, minds, and spirits.

As its name indicates, “Triangle Therapeutic Riding Center,” the riding center provides equestrian-assisted activities that are both enjoyable and therapeutic.

The riding center is also proud of its herd of horses from distinguished show backgrounds, which help provide innovative programming.

Don’t worry about your horse running loose because the horses at Triangle Therapeutic Riding Center have kind hearts and gentle personalities, perfect for human interaction.

You can find the riding center seven minutes from Denver.

Play Golf at Foxchase Golf Club

If you’re looking for a great place to play golf in Lancaster, go to the Foxchase Golf Club in Stevens, Pennsylvania, five minutes from Denver.

The Foxchase Golf Club offers courses for both beginners and experts.

Bad weather? No problem.

The golf club offers Indoor Golf Simulator during inclement weather.

Since 1991, the Foxchase Golf Club has welcomed players from all over the world.

The golf club also has two seasonal bars and a restaurant serving delicious food.

For a memorable golfing experience, visit the Foxchase Golf Club now.

Skate at Reamstown Skatepark

The Reamstown Skatepark is the newest skatepark outside of Denver that opened in 2021.

It’s become one of the most popular places among youngsters in the past year.

The skatepark is open to rollerblading, skateboarding, biking, and more activities.

The Reamstown Skatepark provides the youth with a free and safe outdoor recreational venue that keeps them away from illicit activities.

Visit the skatepark with your friends and showcase your skating talents and more.

Celebrate Special Moments at All Party Starz Entertainment

Celebrate your milestones with family and friends with All Party Starz Entertainment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 32 minutes from Denver.

They will help you hold birthday parties or corporate celebrations; you can even tie the knot at their venue.

Eric Godfrey owns All Party Starz Entertainment, which has existed for over 30 years.

Likewise, the company provides all your party needs, including DJ, karaoke, and game show services.

You don’t need to lift a finger to mark momentous occasions!

Final Thoughts

Denver, Pennsylvania, is a great place to visit for recreation and relaxation.

It offers exceptional places to enjoy year-round, perfect for family and friends.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Denver!

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