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15 Best Things to Do in Belle Vernon, PA

  • Published 2022/09/21

Spanning 84 hectares, with a river encompassing most of one side, Belle Vernon is one of the smallest places you’ll find in Pennsylvania.

The Monongahela River makes up most of this area, which stretches 130 miles and is otherwise known as Mon.

A borough in Fayette County may not seem like the most exciting place to visit, but there are plenty of things to discover in Belle Vernon.

Some of these attractions include a range of shopping, dining, and art spots.

From local sweets to various arts, there is a bundle of things to see and do in Belle Vernon.

Check out the best places to see in the borough by exploring these 15 best things to do in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania!

Spend the Day at Cedar Creek Park

Explore the outdoors and enjoy lovely sights by strolling around Cedar Creek Park.

Cedar Creek Park is one of the different outdoor spots to check out in the borough and spans 479 acres.

If you are interested in local activities, the park has a model radio-controlled plane airfield and amphitheater where you can see a list of events ranging from concerts to air shows.

You can also rent one of the many pavilions or the activity center for personal events.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a gorge with beautiful water views and natural formations, plus access to the Youghiogheny River.

Besides events and the outdoors, the park offers sports fields, a playground, and a dog park for fun with sports and the family.

Whether you want to enjoy local events, explore nature, or have fun with sports, Cedar Creek Park has plenty of facilities to accommodate different interests.

Explore the Shops at the Riverside Village Shoppes

Do you get an itching for shopping?

If you do, the Riverside Village Shoppes is the place to go.

Riverside Village Shoppes is a complex of shops around Speer Street in Lower Speers.

The Victorian-style complex has around six shops with various products and services.

Some items you can browse at this complex include lace, toys, and miniatures.

You can also browse hand-crafted items or take a break and enjoy some snacks.

The Riverside Village Shoppes has more than a few options for shopping enthusiasts to explore.

Let the Kids Have Fun with Crafts at Art on the Avenue

Art on the Avenue is the ideal spot if you love arts and crafts.

The arts and crafts store is a prime place for learning all kinds of crafts.

It is especially ideal if you have kids who love making things.

Located around Broad Avenue, Art on the Avenue offers various classes, including painting ceramics and slime-sand art.

While the shop mainly caters to kids with its classes and programs, you can still check out their different supplies and products.

You can also book the shop for a personal event with the family.

Depending on the month and season, you can enjoy plenty of experiences at Art on the Avenue.

Get a Henna Tattoo at Henna Body Art by Holly Desai

One memorable experience you can try at Belle Vernon is getting henna art.

Head to the north side of Broad Avenue and look for Henna Body Art by Holly Desai.

There are around eight types of henna art you can have done to your hand, foot, or shoulder, each one ranging in intricacy.

In addition to providing different levels of henna art, the shop offers henna party services.

Appointments can take up to 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your choice.

If you want a memorable souvenir for your time in the borough, you can try this relatively pain-free experience.

Grab a Retro Candy or Toy at Lucky Candies

Indulge your sweet tooth and try something new by checking out the treats at Lucky Candies.

Lucky Candies is a local candy store located around Broad Avenue near Hunts Alley.

The store offers an extensive collection of candies ranging from old candies to classic sweets and international treats.

A few of the retro candies at this store include rock candy and nostalgic chocolates.

If retro candies and regular candies like homemade chocolate are not enough, you can check out various international treats, including chips and fruit gummies.

Besides several candies, the shop offers a selection of toys and games to bring home.

There’s no shortage of products to try at Lucky Candies.

Gulp Down Giant Milkshakes at Extreme Ice Cream & Treats

When you hear the word milkshake, what comes to mind?

For many, a milkshake usually means a blended drink in a tall glass with some whipped cream.

Now you can enjoy huge milkshakes at Extreme Ice Cream & Treats on Broad Avenue.

Extreme Ice Cream & Treats is a local sweet spot where you can get milkshakes in mason jars that overflow with toppings.

If these oversized milkshakes overwhelm you, you can also try the shop’s other treats, including ice cream sandwiches and sundaes.

If you choose one of the extreme shakes, you have the option to keep your jar.

There is a list of shakes you can choose from, but you also have the option to make a personal creation.

You’re sure to satisfy your sweets cravings at Extreme Ice Cream & Treats.

Enjoy Tea Time at the Serendipity Tea Room & Cafe

Experience a tea party at the Serendipity Tea Room & Cafe.

Situated within the Riverside Village Shoppes complex on Speer Street, the tea room and cafe offer three types of tea party options featuring different dishes and desserts.

You also have the option to enjoy a simple meal with a sandwich and soup.

The cafe offers coffee as an alternative if you don’t care much for hot tea or iced sweet teas.

There is also a selection of desserts to enjoy with these drinks.

Whether you want to experience a tea party or have a snack break, Serendipity Tea Room & Cafe is a top choice for getting a treat.

Enjoy a Nice Cup of Joe at the Camel Coffee Company

Get your coffee fix at the Camel Coffee Company coffee house on Fayette Avenue.

What makes this coffee shop different from any other coffee spot in the area?

It is one of the only places in the borough to get a nitro-poured cold brew and chai tea.

Besides a coffee and tea blend list, the shop has a selection of other drinks and alcoholic mixes.

Furthermore, there are daily pastries to try and live performances to watch out for throughout the year.

You can also look out for seasonal specials and enjoy other events held at the coffee house.

Grab a Bite at the Back Porch Restaurant

The Back Porch Restaurant is not only a local restaurant featuring casual but elegant meals but is also a historic site.

The restaurant has existed for over 40 years, but its building dates back to 1806.

You can find the restaurant around Speers Street and grab lunch or dinner with friends or family.

Some dishes at this restaurant include filet mignon and bistro dishes such as house brined chicken.

In terms of facilities, the restaurant features two dining rooms and a full bar.

Whether you want to enjoy fine dining or host an event, the Back Porch Restaurant provides an experience with a casual and elegant meal in a historical setting.

Try the Specials at the 1933 Grill

Explore the local cuisine in Belle Vernon at the 1933 Grill on Broad Avenue.

As one of the many places to enjoy a meal in the area, the eatery also offers a list of cocktails and craft beers to enjoy with your meals.

While the restaurant mainly offers American dishes that include burgers and sandwiches, you can try other delicious dishes.

Likewise, you can check out the daily special and enjoy a drink with a hearty meal.

You also have the option to book the eatery for a personal event or party.

1933 Grill may seem like just one of the many local dining spots in Belle Vernon, but it is a top spot for enjoying some classic dishes.

Dig into Pizza, Sandwiches, and Cocktails at Just a Tavern

Explore Belle Vernon’s drinking spots by checking out Just a Tavern on Broad Avenue.

It is one of the borough’s more straightforward bars, but it offers plenty of dishes for guests to enjoy with their drinks.

These dishes include a selection of wraps, chicken wings, and snacks that include tacos.

The different dishes and specials may be the star of this tavern, but there is a set of cocktails and beers you can enjoy.

Whether you dig into some fajitas or enjoy a blend for fun, there is plenty to enjoy at Just a Tavern.

Play Pool at the Starlite Bar

Treat yourself to drinks by checking out the Starlite Bar around Fayette Avenue.

What makes this bar different from any other drinking spot in the area?

Besides being one of the few local dives, it features many pool tables.

If you like pool, this is the spot for you.

Moreover, the bar hosts competitions.

Even if you don’t play pool, you can still enjoy watching your friends play while sipping your cocktail or beer.

Check Out Meals and Boats at Smitty’s Marina

Have you ever tried a boat service that doubles as an eatery?

Smitty’s Marina offers boating services, plus a restaurant space called Smitty’s Grill.

If you’re a boat owner or interested in boats, Smitty’s Marina offers rentals, parts, and services to accommodate different boating needs.

The restaurant section of this venue has a list of simple dishes, such as burgers and chips, and bar space.

You can also host an event at the place and get a lovely water view.

Whether you like boats or want to have a meal, Smitty’s Marina is one of the more exciting places to discover in Belle Vernon.

Sample Various Baked Goods at Valdiserri’s Bakery LLC

Valdiserri’s Bakery LLC is one of the many places to grab a treat in Belle Vernon, which has existed since 1903.

Located around Broad Avenue near Speer Streat, the bakery offers a range of bread, buns, rolls, and many sweet treats, all freshly baked every day.

Some unique options you can try at this bakery include hoagie buns and pizza shells.

If you have an interest in charities, the bakery also hosts fundraisers.

Discover more than simple bread and pastries at Valdiserri’s Bakery LLC.

Skate around the Rostraver Ice Garden

Enjoy the cold and skate around by booking a session at the Rostraver Ice Garden.

The Rostraver Ice Garden is a local ice rink around Gallitin Road and features different skating programs.

Whether you want to go skating or play hockey, the venue accommodates all kinds of skaters.

Besides being a skating venue, the Rostraver Ice Garden also hosts a series of events that include car shows and comedy shows.

The venue also features a pub where you can watch skaters and enjoy a cocktail and dinner.

Like many spots in the borough, there is more than meets the eye at the Rostraver Ice Garden.

Final Thoughts

Like many small towns in America, Belle Vernon hides plenty of surprises.

These surprises can range from unique treats like towering milkshakes to fun experiences like getting a henna body art.

Whatever your vacation goals, you will find plenty of unique things to do in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.

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