15 Best Things to Do in Bedford, PA

Bedford, PA
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Charming, historic, and vibrant—these are words that come to mind when trying to pinpoint what makes the town of Bedford special.

This eclectic town in Pennsylvania boasts diverse arts, culture, history, and outdoor recreation.

Explore expansive nature trails, take a dip in a relaxing spring, see the underground wonders of the earth, walk into a time capsule in the historical stops, and fall in love with the town's relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, an artist, or simply want to unwind, there’s always a place for you to enjoy in Bedford.

Are you planning on escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city soon?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Bedford, Pennsylvania, for a relaxing getaway:

Marvel at the Stunningly Historic Old Bedford Village

Biddle house at Old Bedford Village.
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Be immersed into what it’s like to be in old western Pennsylvania in this gorgeous town-like history museum.

Filled with up to 40 authentic 18th and 19th-century structures, you’ll surely feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

Located along Sawblade Road is this expansive museum that captures the early life in Bedford County.

A covered wagon at Old Bedford Village.
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You’ll find buildings like Homes, Shops, Smiths, Memorial Theaters, and even Taverns that offer food and drink and a Bakery that provides merchandise for purchase.

Join the vibrant festivities in their regular events like the Reenactment of the Civil War and many more.

With all the attractions they offer, you won’t regret putting this on your list of go-to’s!

Learn about Local History at the Fort Bedford Museum

Boasting many French and Indian War collections, you’ll learn many interesting things during the mid-1700s in this local museum.

The museum is housed in an 18th-century fort built by the British during the war, and its purpose was to protect the supply lines along the notable Forbes Bedford Road.

Indian artifacts are stored and displayed proudly and represent their heritage, including weapons, fiber art, and housewares.

Some exhibits feature the wonderful art of Pamela Patrick White, focusing on Native American artifacts.

So if you want an educational and a fantastic experience, the Fort Bedford Museum is worth a peek.

Relax and Unwind at Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Exterior of the Omni Bedford Springs resort with a fountain in front.
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Experience the unparalleled beauty and rejuvenating environment, a luxurious and historic retreat in 2,200 acres of lush countryside.

For more than 200 years, Omni Bedford Springs Resort has offered guests an opportunity to escape everyday life, to discover a simple elegance amidst its scenic beauty.

The premier dining experience, along with fine wine, will definitely set your standards high for the next time you think of dining.

Tables, chairs, and umbrellas outside the Omni Bedford Springs resort.
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Explore the outdoors and discover miles of scenic trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or enjoy stories with roasted marshmallows by the fire pit.

Take a dip and cool off at the outdoor swimming pools or their indoor mineral springs pool.

Get yourself the well-deserved relaxation in their world-class massages at the award-winning Springs Eternal Spa.

Landscape of the Omni Bedford Springs resort.
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They also have an 18-hole golf course if you want to get your golfing fix.

This resort located along Business 220 is the perfect place to make unforgettable getaway memories.

Take a Sip in the Olde Bedford Brewing Company

Want to relax and unwind with a mug of beer in one hand?

Then you should check out this local pub and brewery.

Located along Railroad Street is this family-owned establishment, the first and only microbrewery in Bedford that started to make beer through the passion of the craft.

They proudly use natural spring water as the water source and hop from their farm to make drinks that satisfy visitors.

They’ve got quite the selection on tap, from ales to porters, wines, and even spirits like whiskey and gin.

Whatever drink you may pick, it’ll surely give you the satisfaction you deserve!

Aside from the drinks, you’ll surely enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of this brewery with live music perfect for hanging out with friends and loved ones.

Tee Off at Bedford Elks Country Club

Swing hole-in-ones, playing competitively or casually, alone or with friends, you’ll surely have a blast at Bedford Elks Country Club.

This recreation center has been offering joy to many generations since 1946, proudly serving the community.

They offer a 9-hole course, giving golfers varying options for a fresh experience every time.

Beginners can also tee on the easier courses so golfers of all levels can have a good time.

For the experts seeking to showcase their skills, more difficult courses can give you the challenge you want.

Explore their other activities and amenities, or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant greens.

If you seek the kind of excitement they present, head out to Bedford Richard Street for a fun golfing day.

Get Lost in Nature at Shawnee State Park

Boats at Shawnee State Park
George Barner, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the tranquility of Shawnee State Park, with its expansive, lush landscapes that invite outdoor exploration and recreation year-round.

Take a calming stroll near the glistening water or hike on their trails, a clear path through serene woods.

Nothing beats a sunny afternoon of fishing and waiting for the fresh catch while enjoying the cool, fresh breeze of the air.

Shawnee State Park on a sunny day
George Barner, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shawnee Lake is a migratory spot for birds of various species, making it a prime location for birdwatching.

Pack your outdoor essentials and visit Shawnee State Park to experience the natural beauty it beholds.

Explore the Depths of the Earth at Davey Lewis' Cave

Get down and dirty on your adventure to the underground Davey Lewis’ Cave, giving the adventurous an experience filled with wondrous spectacles in this historic landmark.

This inconspicuous-looking hole at the side of a hill hides multiple chambers to explore, varying in dimensions.

With the entrance standing just between 4 feet to 7 feet tall, going into the cave means ducking and crawling, so wearing your best dress is inadvisable.

Upon reaching the stand-up part of the cave, it branches off to many sections.

The sheltered life inside the cave offers explorers jarring discoveries to surprise you.

Beautiful stones and fascinating calcites formations can be seen throughout different chambers.

And for those that like to tell stories by the fire pit roasting smores, this cave tells quite the folklore, named after Davey Lewis, a local lawbreaker.

The amazing hike to the cave and the surrounding nature gives the adventurers a thrill and excitement!

Go on a Laid-back Nature Trip at Shuster Way Heritage Trail

Want to go on a hike surrounded by gorgeous greens of trees and breathtaking sceneries? Then, this spot is definitely for you.

This trail is the right mix of leisurely hikes and sightseeing, offering an amazing experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

The surrounding nature in this trail offers kids and adults a fun time observing its glorious beauty and the varying wildlife.

Hike the trails and take stops to enjoy the breath of fresh air and appreciate the picturesque sceneries.

This trailhead is in a very accessible location, connecting different places and landmarks, like downtown Bedford and the Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa.

Remember to bring light snacks, stay hydrated, pack some sunscreen and enjoy the experience!

Book Your Stay at the Historic Jean Bonnet Tavern

Front view of Jean Bonnet Tavern with lawn and plants in front the building
Adam W. Ritchey, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This historic landmark keeps its charming appeal and offers the most relaxing accommodation in Bedford.

The Jean Bonnet Tavern has been the destination for weary travelers since the late 1700s, so you’ll be greeted by a rich history as you step into this place.

Side view of Jean Bonnet Tavern
Adam W. Ritchey, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This charming inn is set on a historic 1760s tavern tucked in a beautifully-landscaped private land located 4.5 miles from Bedford Town Center.

Enjoy the modern comforts of home in this cozy inn like it’s the 1700s.

Sleep like a log in their cozy bed in one of the quaint guest rooms, delight yourself with a meal from their restaurant, and breathe in the fresh air by the porch.

Watch Exciting Car Racing Shows at Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway

Shift your gears on high, and cheer on speeding vehicles at the greatest race track Bedford has got to offer!

Watch cars flooring their pedals and be thrilled by the competition at Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway located west of Pitt Street.

Racers have been dashing through this 1km race track since 1936, making multiple generations sit at the edge of their seats.

Many thrilling races happened in this speedway fulfilling many fans' racing niche and the racing legends who earned their name on the tracks.

Bring the kids out and even the old-timers for an exciting Friday night at Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway.

Don’t forget to refuel your bellies and get tasty snacks paired with cold drinks as you enjoy the show.

Get a glimpse of the artistic community in town at the Bedford Fine Art Gallery.

This quaint art gallery is home to a collection of fascinating artworks.

There are displays of historical pieces, still-life paintings, landscapes, and many more!

Whether you're an artist, an art enthusiast, or simply adores beautiful images—this destination is the place for you.

Don't forget to head out on a fascinating experience at Bedford Fine Art Gallery located in Juliana Street.

Spend a Quiet Nature Trip at Springs Lake

Be allured by the glistening waters and discover the rich flora and fauna on a trip to nature’s greatest offers.

Springs Lake is a hidden gem along Sweet Root Road in Bedford, where you can take a relaxing nature walk and enjoy the breeze of fresh air.

Dip your toes in the spring lake while you marvel at the breathtaking scenery and picture-perfect sights.

Pack some snacks, set up a picnic date, and take a breather from your daily cares.

This picturesque spot is a great place for exploring or just taking your leisurely time walking through great scenery.

Shop and Dine at Downtown Bedford

Flowers at the sidewalk of Downtown Bedford.
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Get your shopping itch taken care of by swinging to Downtown Bedford for tons of merchandise, treats, and goodies.

The community center is home to a selection of locally-owned specialty shops offering a variety of items for every different need.

After scouring through the shops, dine at some of the cozy restaurants you’ll come across, from simple food with friends to a great fine dining experience.

Get your shopping bags ready for the Farmer’s Market if you want something freshly-picked from the farm or shop for some homemade goodies.

Downtown Bedford is the perfect place to visit if you want to get acquainted with the town's tight-knit community and meet friendly people.

Learn about the History of Weaving at The National Museum of the American Coverlet

Bringing American coverlet their limelight, this museum gives importance to great pieces of cultural arts and crafts.

Since 2006, their mission has been getting the American coverlet the recognition it deserves.

Stroll through the museum and marvel at the variety of interesting textural designs.

Boasting changing exhibits of up to 80 to 100 coverlets at a time, you’ll surely appreciate the nuances in each display.

Aside from the exhibits, you’ll also get to see antique machines like the spinning wheel and the barn frame looms used in craft-making.

Don’t forget to ask questions at the knowledgeable staff for a more educational experience on your visit to The National Museum of the American Coverlet.

Join the Annual Bedford's Fall Foliage Festival

If you happen to be visiting Bedford during the first two weekends of October, you should join vibrant festivity at the annual Fall Foliage Festival!

This tradition has brightened up the town for over 50 years with all the fun activities and lively crowd.

The festival highlights the welcoming culture of Bedford that’ll surely make you fall in love in this charming town in Pennsylvania.

If you're a foodie, you'll surely enjoy the array of fall goodies you can taste at the festival.

Warch live performances, shop for unique artisan items, and meet new people at Bedford's Fall Foliage Festival!

Delight in Sweets at Bedford Candies

In the center of Bedford, Pennsylvania's downtown district, George B. Sotirokos established Bedford Candies in 1929.

The Sotirokos family bought and ran the business for three generations.

Bedford Candies has been producing premium chocolates unmatched in the industry for over 80 years.

They try to offer their consumers helpful service and high-quality goods with a unique touch.

Their delectable popcorn, hand-dipped chocolates, and distinctive candies are superb for any celebration or special event.

Choose the ideal present from a range of chocolates, popcorn, and even specialty dog treats at Bedford Candies.

Shop for Items at Juli's Wearable Art

For a unique retail journey that you won't find elsewhere, go to Juli's Wearable Art!

Visit the shop to check out the unique clothing and handcrafted items for yourself.

They sell more than 320 handbags, totes, and 25 jewelry brands.

Working with reputable companies that trust in their items is a priority for Juli's Wearable Art.

The collective retail expertise of the team at Juli's Wearable Art is more than 125 years.

Over 10,000 customers have visited their store and signed up for their email list.

Express your interest in Bedford by wearing unique items that appeal to individuals who visit and adore Bedford, Pennsylvania, and who explore the Bedford Collectibles.

Spend a Relaxing Time at Springs Eternal Spa

The eight on-site natural mineral bodies of water, which the Native Americans initially utilized for their curative qualities, serve as the inspiration for the therapies offered at Springs Eternal Spa.

The spa provides various treatments to personalize your health experience and has been a wellness hotspot for generations.

You may indulge in the salon, relax with a relaxing massage, revive with physical treatments and facials, or just take a few minutes to collect your ideas in the tranquil spa garden.

With the admission of any treatment, you may participate in the "Bedford Bath" Ritual utilizing their renowned indigenous product line, which was motivated by regional plants and botanicals.

Enjoy a great trip and a remarkable spa treatment!

Pay a Visit to Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

Established in 1976, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) is a neighborhood art gallery.

Several museums in the cities of southwestern Pennsylvania, including Bedford, make up the longest-running museum satellite arrangement in the country.

A continuous collection of further than 7,500 pieces by native, regional, nationwide, and international artists is kept in the museum.

The five museums of SAMA provide exceptional events, award-winning educational activities, and between thirty and forty exhibits each year.

All tourists can explore the galleries on the first level of each SAMA museum; however, second-floor accessibility differs depending on the museum.

The Bedford facility offers first-floor monitor views of displays on the upper levels.

Each summer, they have a kids' art camp and run year-round programs for both kids and adults.

Each time a new SAMA show opens, artists are invited to private talks.

Final Thoughts

Bedford is a gateway to rich heritage, culture, and thrilling nature adventures—everything you’re looking for in a memorable getaway.

If you’re planning a trip to this charming city soon, make sure to reference this list for a vacation brimming with exciting experiences.

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