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20 Best Things to Do in Cranberry, PA

  • Published 2022/10/04

Considering Cranberry, Pennsylvania, as your next destination is a wise decision.

The township is your perfect choice, especially if you want to enjoy outdoor activities with your loved ones.

This place in Butler County offers you several things – from nature tripping and outdoor adventures to shopping and indoor gaming.

Whether traveling alone or with companions, Cranberry has a long list of fun escapades that you can try while also savoring this much-awaited break.

Here are the 20 best things you can do in Cranberry, Pennsylvania:

Let the Young Ones Play at Cranberry Township Community Park

Aerial view of Cranberry Township Community Park

Cranberrytownshippa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are with children during your stay in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, you need to bring them to the Cranberry Township Community Park for a fun-packed afternoon.

The Kids Castle Playground inside the park will let the young ones experience the township in three different eras, effectively encouraging them to appreciate the changes in culture and technology.

The Past play area features the usual equipment that children use, such as the rolling hills, moving animals mounted on springs, rolling hills, and swings.

The Present area has more advanced features, specifically patterned after the recommendations of students who were part of the survey the park management conducted.

On the other hand, the Future area adopts a futuristic theme, showcased by the Mobius climbers and some of the playground systems from EVOS.

The builders designed the park for two to 12 years old, which makes it friendly and safe.

Meanwhile, you can also try the mini-golf on the other side of the Cranberry Township Community Park.

This is an ideal place where the whole family can play and have fun together.

Swing by the Cranberry Highlands Golf Course

Imagine a field of 186 acres covered with greens all over.

It’s such an incredible sight to behold, right?

The Cranberry Highlands Golf Course is wide enough to accommodate every golfer with varying levels of expertise.

You do not have to be an expert in the ball game to make this place a part of your itinerary and have lots of fun.

You can swing a club as long as you want or until you are satisfied with your scores.

If you’re new or someone who has experience but still lacks mastery, you can request a private lesson with the golf course’s resident coach, a professional PGA head.

This should undoubtedly be on your Cranberry, PA, travel list, since the Golf Digest voted the Cranberry Highlands Golf Course on the Freshcorn Road as the 2009 best municipal field for gold in entire Pennsylvania, making it the best choice.

Take a Walk of the Historical Past at Venango Path

The Cranberry, Pennsylvania’s past has so many stories to tell, and one of these relates well with George Washington.

The Venango Path plays an integral part of the township’s history, especially when the first US President, a former military official, took the said route on December 27, 1753, following an important assignment.

The well-known American leader just came then from Fort LeBoeuf with Christopher Gist, a frontier scout, to accomplish a mission given by Governor Robert Dinwiddie.

You can find these pieces of information engraved on a marker right at the intersection of Pittsburg and Franklin.

This trail of the Native Americans was also a witness of how Washington survived the attempt to assassinate him.

Get Fit at the Graham Park

In Graham Park, you can do various stuff, such as ball games and yoga, which support your fitness routine.

Its wide field has enough space for every sport and physical activity: the SportCourts for basketball, pickleball, tennis, bocce, and horseshoes; open fields for football, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball; and a rink for deck hockey.

The fitness stations also provide a spot to continue with your dance moves or yoga poses to keep your mind and body healthy and fit.

Meanwhile, you can utilize the paved portions for walking and biking.

Your whole family may also want to go fishing at the pond or have a picnic in the designated areas.

The Graham Park is open from sunrise until 11 PM throughout the year but may close when there is a terrible weather.

Be a Child Again at Fun Fore All Family Fun Park

Who does not want to go back to their ‘oh so nostalgic’ childhood days from time to time?

Suppose you and your family or friends are fond of unique outdoor activities and arcade games.

In that case, the Fun Fore All Family Fun Park is among the best destinations to visit when on vacation in Cranberry, Pennsylvania.

It has numerous choices of things to do for all ages, so you can bond altogether no matter what interests you.

You can spend one whole day at the park without running out of activities for everyone since it has at least 100 games in its enormous arcade.

You can have fun with go-karting and wall climbing, among others.

The fun does not end at the Fun Fore All Family Fun Park.

Celebrate a Special Occasion at Urban Air Adventure Park

If you are looking for a place where you can have a unique celebration of your loved one’s birthday, the Urban Air Adventure Park is a great choice.

The place is quite massive, which gives you several options of how you want to spend your day with the people you are most comfortable being with.

The glow parties are among the most popular attractions in the park because of the cheery vibe that the lasers, black lights, and disco lights bring.

Meanwhile, you can also take sky rides, ropes courses, climbing classes, and warrior courses here.

Apart from that, you can also tackle the battle beam and tubes playground to keep your adrenaline all pumped up.

The slam dunk zone, runway, APEX trampolines, DropZone, and dodge ball area are all perfect for the excitement you so crave.

Watch a Movie in a Private Theatre at MovieScoop Cranberry Cinemas

Watching a good movie with your favorite people is an excellent way to bond.

The MovieScoop Cranberry Cinemas can give you what you have been looking for – a place where you can have an entire theatre all for yourself and 29 companions.

A movie party inside a real theatre sounds exciting!

Meanwhile, if you do not necessarily want private viewing, you can also come by for a regular movie date.

The cinema management constantly updates their shows with the newest and best movies, so you need not worry about not finding the genre you want to enjoy.

Reserve your ticket online to ensure that you do not run out of seats on your preferred screening schedule.

Shop Endlessly at Cranberry Commons

Shopping is one of the most common things to do when on vacation, and Cranberry, Pennsylvania, has a place where you can shop till you drop.

Yes, you can always shop in your local shopping centers, but it won’t be as fun as the shop offerings here in Cranberry’s open mall.

The Cranberry Commons features 22 stores that offer different products – from sporting goods and food supplements to apparel and pet needs.

The wide array of choices will give you more convenience when shopping for everyone in your family or loved ones back home.

Its stores are Plato’s Closet, Famous Footwear, T.J. Maxx, GNC, PetSmart, and Starbucks.

The open shopping mall, established as a Regional Center in 2000, has over 2,700 parking spaces for every shopper’s convenience.

Shop and Watch a Movie at Cranberry Mall

If the idea of an open shopping mall does not suit you, there is another destination where you can enjoy buying different stuff the way you want it to be.

The Cranberry Mall along the US Route 322 has tons of shops where you can enjoy great finds of women’s apparel, health and beauty products, jewelry pieces, fashion accessories, shoes, cards and books, shoes, and electronic gadgets.

It also boasts of restaurants where you can have your most craved meals.

If you want to relax and unwind after shopping, you can watch a movie in its theatre.

Enjoy Good Food and Good Times at the North Park Lounge

If you’re a sports fan who is also on the lookout for a great gastronomic experience, you would love it here!

This famous landmark in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, takes pride in providing good food to its visitors, and you, too, can check how good its offerings are.

The North Park Lounge Restaurant believes that good food brings good times; thus, it has continued to serve only the best choices of local cuisine since it opened in 1998.

The place used to be the Hot Spot for Deck Hockey; that is why some people, especially its regular clients, still refer to the restaurant as the Deckhouse.

Enjoy the Morning Breeze at Westminster Lane Park

How about waking up to the cold morning breeze with all the greens around you?

At the start of the day, this scene will surely calm yet make you anticipate all the exciting activities you can do throughout your trip.

The Westminster Lane Park gives you the kind of atmosphere that is great to jumpstart your holiday escapade.

Strolling around this large park with your loved ones is a brilliant idea, as you can let the young members of your family play at the playground, then have breakfast together at the picnic area after.

This attraction in the township is famous for those who want to enjoy morning exercise, with the gentle heat of the sun above and the tranquility that the calm morning wind brings.

Catch the Pens at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

A Pittsburg Penguins player at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

Michael Miller, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex is a haven for the fans of NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, and your trip to the township can be your chance, too, to catch the team.

The facility is the training and practice home of the famous team of professional ice hockey players.

Visiting the complex does not end in seeing the Pens since you and your family can likewise try some activities in its common area!

There are 1,500 square feet dedicated for training in hockey and open skating and two separate spaces for private events.

You need not worry about getting hungry because it has an on-site café and retail shops where you can buy some memorabilia.

Camp Put at the YMCA Camp Coffman

The tranquillity that the green surroundings bring is something you can never deny, but how about mixing this natural backdrop with breath-taking outdoor adventures?

The YMCA Camp Coffman is where you can experience a good mix of nature and fun, from which everyone in your family can build memorable times together.

You can try several activities that you may only have here in the camp.

You can have a great view of the place from above by trying zipline or roam around the area or into the woods while riding a horse.

If you’re interested with water activities, you can try canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding.

Should you want to stay longer in the camp, you can check its eight cabins where you can spend at least a night with your loved ones.

Imagine waking up to the scenic view of the wooded place while sipping your hot coffee or chocolate in front of the cabin.

With its 240 acres of land area, you need to spend more than a day here in YMCA Camp Coffman.

Sing and Dance at the Bamboo Bar & Beach

Whether in tune or not, singing and dancing are two of the best things you do whenever you are merrymaking with your friends.

You can do this at Bamboo Bar & Beach while watching a live performance or listening to the fantastic DJs’ upbeat music.

The karaoke nights will be another exciting attraction you want to be a part of.

Meanwhile, if you and your buddies are into fun games, you can try your luck to come by for a quiz night on weekdays.

If you are competent enough, you will leave the place with prizes in your hands.

Have a Splash at North Boundary Park

Even in a park as seemingly mundane as this one, you may find something quite special to behold in Cranberry.

Land and water-based activities might help you find the relaxation you seek during a visit to North Boundary Park.

You and your loved ones may have a blast across this water park and enjoy a brief respite.

Early morning exploration of the trails and marshes will bring you closer to nature.

Cool yourself from the summer sun by sliding into some exciting new adventures.

Once you feel tired while swimming, you may relax in the sun by the poolside.

Join your pals for a picnic in the park for a fun day outside.

If you are passionate about baseball and soccer, you should check out games at the fields.

Have a Friendly Axe Throwing Game at LumberjAxes

Competitive axe throwing has a place in Cranberry, specifically at LumberjAxes.

At all of its locations, including Cranberry, adults of all skill levels are welcome to give axe throwing a try.

Everyone in your group may take turns throwing at a target, whether it’s a group of friends, coworkers, a wedding party, or even a knitting club.

It’s like bowling, except without the need for those goofy shoes, also with a lot more axes.

The professional staff there strives to give walk-ins, team-building events, private parties, and leagues the best possible axe-throwing experience.

Gather your troops, steady your aim, and unleash hell!

Tournaments on LumberjAxes are at their best with 12 or more participants, although it can host anywhere from 6 to 100.

Release Your Tensions at Renaissance Day Spa

Take some time for yourself after a long day of doing what the children and other family members enjoy.

If you want to feel refreshed and ready to take on the world, the Renaissance Day Spa is the place to do it.

The fact that the same family has run the Renaissance Day Spa for two decades is a testament to the dedication of its staff.

Take your pick from a range of soothing massages and aromatherapy treatments.

Indulge yourself in relaxing massages and other beauty services including nail care and facials.

Sample Beer at Recon Brewing at Meeder

Recon Brewing at Meeder is the brainchild of three Butler natives and longtime friends who met while serving in the Butler Fire Department in February2016.

The company operates with a “drink local” philosophy; therefore, it manufactures, designs, and uses only domestically sourced materials, equipment, machinery, and supplies.

It offers 12 beers on tap and ciders.

The bar also serves various upscale alcoholic drinks.

Soda, lemonade, iced tea, and juice boxes are available for customers who are either not of legal drinking age or prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

Visit its taproom in the Meeder housing development in Cranberry, only a stone’s throw from Route 19.

It has indoor and outdoor seating.

There’s a fire pit on the patio so you can remain warm while you drink your beer in the fresh air.

Grab Souvenirs at Sheila’s Home Decor & Gifts

Sheila’s Home Decor and Gifts is the perfect way to round up your trip to Cranberry.

The shop, which opened in 2016, caters to locals and visitors alike with its wide selection of home furnishings, gifts, and candles—an exciting new shopping outlet in Butler County.

If you want to make some pretty enhancements to your house, you might want to check out this store.

If you need indoor activities on a rainy or chilly day, you won’t be disappointed if you spend some time here.

You can count on feeling content with all of your purchases from here.

Everything from candles to lanterns to cushions to tabletops is available, along with many other items.

Perfumes and unique purses are lovely presents for friends.

And the best thing is, these items are reasonably priced.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of things to do in Cranberry, Pennsylvania – from the shoreline to the highlands to the downtown area.

With this bunch of options, you can never go wrong in choosing the township as your next vacation destination.

Make sure, though, that what you put in your itinerary has variations to get the most out of our trip.

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