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15 Best Things to Do in Cumberland, WI

  • Published 2022/09/15

Within Barron County, Wisconsin lies the great city of Cumberland.

Its roots date to the early 1880s when some Swedish citizens moved to the country.

Incorporated in 1885, the city has seen a population increase over the years.

People also refer to it as the “Island City” because of the Beaver Dam Lake surrounding its perimeters.

Aside from the Rutabaga Festival, Cumberland also hosts a welcoming community.

Within the city’s four corners, you’ll have fun experiences with its warm locals.

If you dream of seeing its wonders yourself, you have to know the best things to do in Cumberland, Wisconsin!

Appreciate Art at Dancing Bird Art Studio

You must never forget to include the Dancing Bird Art Studio in your destination list if you love the arts.

By walking along Second Avenue, you’ll visit this picturesque art studio.

Jeff Hile established this popular running spot in the city.

He opened Dancing Bird Art Studio a year before the Great Recession due to his soft spot for creativity.

It is where local artists exhibit their outputs to captivate onlookers and visitors.

Dancing Bird Art Studio has continued giving the city its vibrant colors for over a decade.

You’ll witness splendid works in its art gallery, from murals to other local crafts.

It also has a music shop if you feel like looking for a new addition to your instrument set.

You can also avail of its repair, restoration, and appraisal services if you need so.

At Dancing Bird Art Studio, the sky’s the limit regarding artistry and craftsmanship.

Loosen up at Nezzy’s Sports Bar & Grill

Across Second Avenue in the city’s downtown lies Nezzy’s Sports Bar & Grill.

This spot has gained fame for the wholesome experiences that it offers to its guests.

If you want to take a breather after a long day in the city, check out Nezzy’s Sports Bar & Grill.

Perfect for family and friends, this place lets you enjoy fantastic food and satisfaction.

You can taste any of its ten domestic or imported beers and dance the night away.

Whiskies and spirits are also available, great choices if you want to chill out and meet new pals.

If you have a big event coming up, you may also rent the Isle Event Center and host your next lively occasion.

The center was once a theater in 1921 but closed several times until it became an event venue.

At Nezzy’s Sports Bar & Grill, you’ll get the chance to relive the good old times.

Maximize the Resources at Thomas St. Angelo Library

If you love learning new information, you may hop on a new learning journey at the Thomas St Angelo Library.

The library foundation built the place out of love for promoting literacy within the city.

Unlike other libraries, Thomas St. Angelo Library houses up-to-date print resources.

You can also browse its online resources to learn more about a specific field of study.

It also has its Library of Things, a section filled with a collection of equipment that may come in handy.

The city library also offers a maker space for kids who want to exhibit their craftsmanship.

If you want to visit the Thomas St. Angelo Library, walk along Second Avenue.

Practice Your Swing at Cumberland Country Golf Club

What better way to enjoy your city life than playing a golf session at Cumberland Country Golf Club?

This state-of-the-art facility offers excellent views of the area’s landscape.

You may feel giddy as you explore the vicinity and what it offers golf enthusiasts.

This attractive spot is at Fifth Street and offers two fantastic nine-hole golf courses.

All 18 holes provide you with challenging yet exciting rounds of swings.

Professional players may test their skills and join its leagues for men, women, and couples.

Reservation for your tee time comes at dynamic pricing, so stay in the loop for updates!

A sophisticated and thrilling leisure time awaits you at Cumberland Country Golf Club!

Fuel Up at the 5 O’Clock Club

Refusing to dine at The 5 O’clock Club is refusing to enjoy a fantastic dining experience.

You’ll get a taste of the global cuisine by booking a reservation at the 5 O’Clock Club.

Located on Seventh Street, this fancy restaurant offers delectable food selections.

Whether you are looking for fresh seafood, Italian pasta, or an Asian dish, they will prepare it for you.

You can also choose from grilled American classics like barbeque ribs and tenderloin.

It also offers a sandwich menu and enhancers to enjoy your meals better.

As the cherry on top, it also has a wide array of wine lists that should help you wrap up your dinner.

Whether you want a casual get-together or a graceful night-out, you can never go wrong with the 5 O’clock Club!

Get Fresh Produce at Fresh Roots Farm and Gardens

If you like preparing healthy meals, you’ll find heaven on Earth at the Fresh Roots Farm and Gardens in Cumberland.

Drive across Fuller Avenue to reach the farm, where you can source fresh produce.

Fresh Roots Farm and Gardens started in 2017 from the shared initiative of Nick and Elaina McMillan.

That year, they decided to leave behind their previous lives and move away from the city.

They grew this farm to give back to the planet and helped locals get their daily veggies needs.

There are no rooms for any chemical fertilizer at Fresh Roots Farm and Gardens.

The farm uses organic compost to replenish the land with vital nutrients.

You can also buy its cute shirts if you want to be vocal about supporting the farm and its causes.

Embark on an Adventure at Eagle Point Campground

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, check out Eagle Point Campground.

Follow Island Avenue to reach this recreational spot amid Beaver Dam Lake.

This campground stretches to 11 acres and is a perfect place for engaging activities.

You may enjoy camping, boat landing, and running at Eagle Point Campground until you drop.

Its picnic area also accommodates families who want to catch up.

Your kids may roam the site’s playground.

Campers may enjoy free Wi-Fi access alongside the area’s restrooms and shower rooms.

Book your reservation at the campground!

Celebrate Events at Das Lach Haus

Given the pleasurable sites of the city, why not bring the fun to the area and host your big event with Das Lach Haus?

Situated across Elm Street, you can find this event place that has earned love from guests.

Das Lach Haus is remarkable at organizing prestigious occasions that fit anyone’s budget.

With its culinary experts, you will keep your appetite clinging to a great food selection.

It houses even city-wide events, so you’ll never go wrong with its team.

Its state-of-the-art venue will leave your guests stunned and thrilled.

Waste no time and coordinate with Das Lach Haus to kick off your significant event!

Get Pampered at Ficocello’s Salon & Day Spa

After doing tons of errands, you may need to restore your glow at Ficocello’s Salon & Day Spa.

Located on Elm Street, this place is convenient for everyone staying in the city.

It specializes in hand and foot therapy, alongside hair care services.

Ficocello’s Salon & Day Spa also offers facials if you want to achieve a youthful, timeless aura.

If you want to tweak your everyday looks, you can also try the salon’s waxing and tinting services.

Glam up by availing of its make-up services.

You may learn from the salon’s artists by signing up for its make-up lessons.

At Ficocello’s Salon & Day Spa, all you need to know about glitz and glamour is within your reach!

Shop for Essentials at Kwik Trip

If you worry about where to get your daily supplies while in the city, Kwik Trip is here to save the day.

At first, you may raise your eyebrows at the items inside this convenience store.

Great items at an affordable price await you at Kwik Trip!

Whether tasty bread or refreshing drinks, you can find whatever you need on its racks.

It also has a gas station perfect for those who want to fuel their engines up before driving down the road again.

Make the most of your time in the city with Kwik Trip’s help and everything it offers.

To reach this accommodating convenience store, drive along Elm Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Uncover Local History at Pioneer Village Museum

Pioneer Village Museum is a must-visit if you want a spot that values preserving the past.

This place sits along Fourteenth Avenue in Cameron, Wisconsin, 25 minutes from Cumberland.

A pass to the place gives you a tour around a museum arranged in a village layout.

You can see the locals’ public works and craftsmanship over the decades.

Pioneer Village Museum is not like any other museum–it strives to be as engaging to its visitors as possible.

In particular, it conducts classes to let its guests appreciate how life used to be in the area.

It gives proper exposure to local crafts practiced by locals themselves.

You can relive the past by visiting this impeccable museum!

Target Your Aim at Fireline Shooting & Training Center

For those looking for action, Fireline Shooting & Training Center is your perfect match.

This indoor shooting range helps its guests with their accuracy in using firearms.

It is also friendly to beginners since it teaches handling pistols and rifles.

You may also take a look at Fireline Shooting & Training Center’s firearms held for sale or rent.

This fun-filled training facility is a must-visit, whether it be for self-defense or leisure.

You may find its location in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, along Pioneer Avenue.

Coming from Cumberland, the site is only 21 minutes away, so the distance won’t bother you that much.

Relax at Nature with Canoe Bay

Are you staying at Canoe Bay?

This place can be a relieving experience for anyone who long to reconnect with nature.

Located on Hogback Road in Chetek, Wisconsin, this is only 47 minutes away from Cumberland.

Once a property of a church group, Canoe Bay’s founders managed to buy the area and open it to the public on May 1, 1993.

Standing firm on its ground, Canoe Bay is a perfect spot for anyone at any season.

The lodge in an area houses a library and fitness room, a haven for those who like staying indoors.

The accommodation also offers a broad view of fantastic wildlife outside.

You can find a 9-hole golf course through its fields and swing your shafts with other players.

You may also fish along the Chetek Chain of Lakes with the help of Canoe Bay’s resident guide.

Skiing is another fun-filled adventure that you may unlock during winter.

Make your reservation now to maximize the time you can spare for vacation at Canoe Bay.

Traverse the Ice at Skate City

Ideal for families or groups of friends, Skate City is a fun way to spend the day.

The history of this recreational spot goes back to 1978, when it opened its doors to the public.

Before, other attractions drew visitors, such as a mini golf course, ball pit, and the like.

In recent years, however, the management pushed its roller skating rink front and center.

You may also find new arcade games at Skate City; another reason kids enjoy their time in the area.

This area relocated to Wisconsin after its first rink in Cedar Falls, Iowa, got destroyed in 2008.

Each day, visitors can expect delightful treats from Skate City.

Take a 23-minute drive from Cumberland to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, to reach this spot.

Never spoil the fun, and bring your family to this enjoyable place!

Wrap the Day Up at Stardust Twin Drive-In Theater

You may want to watch a film at Stardust Twin Drive-In Theater and call the day great.

This drive-in theater takes only a 31-minute drive from Cumberland.

Situated on 22nd Street in Chetek, Wisconsin, this theater helps you enjoy the night sky with your loved ones.

It provides you with a high-definition digital projection for a great watching experience.

If you want, you may rent its camping chairs and portable radios to watch the film with utmost comfort.

Aside from movies, this is also where you can enjoy a warm community as you partake in local events all year round.

Check out the stalls at the Stardust Twin Drive-In Theater and grab an irresistible meal for you and your company.

Final Thoughts

Cumberland is among Wisconsin’s great cities, which continues to smile at its visitors from all parts of the globe.

You can’t afford to miss the city life experience in the area.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Cumberland, Wisconsin!

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