16 Best Things to Do in Germantown, WI

Germantown, WI
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The magnificent village of Germantown in Washington County, Wisconsin, is one of the perfect destinations that deserve a visit.

Ranking the 30th most attractive place to live in the United States by Money Magazine in July 2007, Germantown offers numerous things to do.

Visitors will be dazzled by the village’s irresistible charms, from museums, verdant parks, and historical landmarks to picturesque landscapes, outdoor facilities, and thrilling activities.

Many offices, shops, restaurants, and hotels sit around the area to satisfy your needs.

Surrounding the town of Germantown, this village was originally one square smile.

Later, the village became part of the Village of Germantown by the fusion of seven unincorporated hamlets.

These are Kuhburg, Willow Creek, Meeker Hill, Goldenthal, Rockfield, Dheinsville, and Germantown.

Over time, it has stretched to over 35 square miles.

Originally dedicated as the Wisconsin Territory’s “Town Nine,” which makes it the oldest Washington County settlement, Germantown became officially incorporated in 1924.

Several German settlers from Bavaria, Hessen, Rheinland, Pommern, and Prussia immigrated to the area in the 1840s, leading to its name “Germantown.”

To make your trip a blast, here’s a helpful list of the best things to do in Germantown, Wisconsin:

Enjoy Fun Activities at Dheinsville Historical Park

Stop by Dheinsville Historical Park, a 9.5-acre historic park on Holy Hill Road and Maple Road intersection, if you’re looking for one of the most popular attractions in the village.

The park is the area of Germantown’s oldest crossroads settlement called Dheinsville, which the Philip Dhein family established in 1842.

You’ll groove by having a family outing or special events on the park’s rentable pavilion named Festhalle, with picnic tables, shades of trees, and ample grasses.

Play soccer with your friends on the soccer field, or shoot a bow at the free public archery range built in 2012 with four ground-level targets at ten, 20, 30, and 40 yards.

This historical park also features a community garden from 2012 to extend the opportunity and space for the local community to grow plants and fresh produce.

This park is home to the lively annual Oktoberfest on the last weekend in September to celebrate German heritage.

Enjoy German food, music, dance, a car show, the yearly Dheinsville Dachshund Dash, and much more fun you’ll enjoy.

Aside from that, it is home to the Sila Lydia Bast Bell Museum and Fire Hall.

Visit Dheinsville Historical Park for a memorable experience.

Listen to the Bells at the Sila Lydia Bast Bell Museum and Fire Hall

Don’t forget to visit the Sila Lydia Bast Bell Museum and Fire Hall, located in the historic Dheinsville Park.

A restored barn dating back to 1870 houses the German Historical Society’s Sila Lydia Bast Bell Museum and Fire Hall.

The museum features a marvelous exhibit of over 5,000 bells from across the globe collected by Sila Lydia Bast during her lifetime.

On the top of the original silo-made bell tower, you’ll also view the 1,063-pound bell.

At the same time, you can see a vintage Seagrave in their Fire Hall 1880/1910.

Visit the Christ Church Museum

Exterior of the Christ Church Museum
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You should also visit the Christ Church Museum on Holy Hill Road.

Established in 1862, the Christ Evangelical Church is a historic church structure.

In 1983, the National Register of Historic Places added the church to its record because of its exceptional architecture.

It underwent remodeling in 1910-1915 and restoration in 2011-2012.

The building follows the Gothic Revival architectural style and contains hand paintings, including Parable of the Seed, Birds’ Feed, and Good Land.

Aside from that, it houses plenty of exhibits and remains restored from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The museum also includes a permanent display of portrait and biography of Irene Blau, its founder and director for 30 years, to commemorate her preservation of history.

Additionally, the church features three bells, which still ring today.

The German Historical Society operates this church building as the Christ Church Museum of Local History, open to visitors for artifact archives, guided tours, programs, and more.

Explore the Valentine Wolf Haus Museum and Jeffris Genealogy Research Center

Drop by the Valentine Wolf Haus Museum and Jeffris Genealogy Research Center on Holy Hill Road.

If you’re curious about the comprehensive family roots in Germantown, including the first settlements, check out the Jeffris Family Foundation Research Library, situated in the Valentine Wolf Haus Museum.

The German Historical Society has maintained a collection of relevant records, photographs, books, maps, and genealogy to recall the area’s history.

Likewise, you might want to check out their collection of over 1,100 historical photographs, which continually accumulate in the area.

Visit the Valentine Wolf Haus Museum and Jeffris Genealogy Research Center on Holy Hill Road.

Delight in the Outdoor Adventures at Homestead Hollow County Park

Homestead Hollow County Park is perfect for you if you love outdoor episodes.

This park opened in 1978, spanning roughly 105 acres with diverse recreation opportunities and beautiful views of prairies, grass fields, and woodlands.

Families can relish the picnic areas, reservable shelters, or rentable remodeled barn for various events and special occasions.

The park has paved and dirt trails, which are mostly flat, for hiking and cross-country skiing for those who want some exercise.

If you and your friends are into sports, get your ball and play basketball, sand volleyball, or soccer on athletic courts or fields for these games.

If those games aren’t your type, you can go fishing on the pond, which turns into a skating pond in winter.

Take advantage of this park’s sledding hill, horseshoe areas, and other amenities to make the most of your day.

Bring your furry friends to this park’s section for dogs called Homestead Howl Dog Park, with enough open space and enclosed fences with a gate, and let them socialize with other puppers.

You can find Homestead Hollow County Park on Freistadt Road.

Go Hiking at Schoen Laufen Park

The German words “Schoen Laufen” translate as “Beautiful Walk,” precisely what Schoen Laufen Park offers.

As the first environmental park in Germantown, this 39-acre park has many features for your pleasure.

It has a captivating network of trails popular for hiking and listening to the birds as you dip in greenery.

It also shows you the view of the Menomonee River and some pretty wildflowers.

Sit on the benches while soaking in the shade of nature, a rentable outdoor shelter with picnic tables for a picnic in a serene setting, and a porta-potty for your convenience.

You can take your furry companion, too, but keep them leashed.

If you want a short getaway with nature, consider going to Schoen Laufen Park situated on Lilac Lane.

Watch a Concert at Firemen’s Park

Firemen’s Park is a neighborhood park with many facilities and amenities that make it more accessible to people of all ages.

Germantown Volunteer Fire Company originally bought and developed this 17-acre park, but the Village of Germantown purchased it in 1990.

Since then, it has preserved and progressed the park to make it more charming.

It has fields for those who want to play baseball, softball, soccer, and bocce, a drinking fountain, asphalt pathways, and a pavilion for watching live music and other performing arts.

Your kids would also love to play in the playground area while you relax in the refreshing atmosphere.

Aside from the Germantown Senior Center, it is also home to the yearly Fourth of July celebration, which you should attend for the fireworks and the Veterans Memorial.

Moreover, you can hold family gatherings and company outings in the park’s rentable outdoor shelter.

Visit Firemen’s Park, located on Park Avenue.

Breathe Fresh Air at Friedenfeld Park

Friedenfeld Park lies on Country Aire Drive, 2.5 miles from Firemen’s Park.

Spanning 53 acres, this park offers plenty of things to do, from sports and nature preservation to outdoor recreation.

You can enjoy playing sports like baseball, flag football, and soccer.

There are gravel and asphalt pathways you can walk or jog on.

Visiting the park will not be complete without the play area for kids’ enjoyment.

Other amenities include parking space, concession or storage stand, and porta-john.

In addition, this park is home to different sports clubs, such as the Kickers Soccer Club, Germantown Hawks Football Club, and Jaguars Baseball Club.

If you’re looking for a place to experience nature, lose yourself in the many trees surrounding Friedenfeld Park.

Experience Outdoor Fun at Kinderberg Park

The German word “Kinderberg” of Kinderber Park means “Children’s Hill.”

This 23-acre park is another go-to community park in the village, offering lots of recreation opportunities.

It features a 1,200-square-foot spray ground, the only aquatic facility in the community that opens during summer.

Tennis courts, soccer fields, a basketball court, and a baseball diamond are the park’s athletic facilities for youth and adult visitors.

If you’re not into sports, you can go sledding on a large hill in winter and hike on asphalt pathways.

Otherwise, sit on the grass, lean on a tree, and gaze at the scenic views, or rent an outdoor shelter to have a picnic.

In addition, the children can enjoy the playground with two separate play structures: one for the older children and the other for the very young ones.

This playground has many features, from swings, infant swings, and slides to climbing equipment and springy riding toys.

Enjoy your outdoor getaway at Kinderberg Park along Preserve Parkway near Donges Bay Road!

Spend Your Weekend at Spassland Park

Spassland in Spassland Park means “Play Land.”

This 20-acre active community recreation site is in the southern part of the village, sitting next to County Line Elementary School on Colonial Drive.

The park includes two basketball courts, two tennis courts, and a sand volleyball field if you want to play these sports.

If you crave golfing, you won’t have to go far as it has a beginner-friendly nine-hole disc golf course you can try playing.

While your kids delight in the play area, stay in shape by exercising using the park’s fitness equipment, or you can go hiking on walking trails alone.

The beautiful park also has a shelter that the community can use for gatherings, parties, reunions, and other forms of relaxation.

Visit Spassland Park, and this might become one of your favorite parks to visit.

Soak in the Greenery at Alt Bauer Park

You might want to visit Alt Bauer Park, too.

The name “Alt Bauer” means “Old Farmer” in German.

If you want someplace serene to play basketball or tennis with your friends, head to this 21-acre park with a basketball court and three tennis courts.

Stroll around or hike along the wooded trails that link many facilities in the park and reward access points from surrounding neighborhoods.

This park gives you glamorous foliage views and a refreshing atmosphere.

Likewise, it has picnic areas where you can relax and pleasure your eyes with the scenic views of the surrounding trees and grasses.

It has a porta-potty, off-street parking, and a playground, too.

Running through the beautiful park is the “Jefferson Ditch,” a storm drainage that splits the park into two.

Visit Alt Bauer Park in south-central Germantown and enjoy your day.

Unleash Your Golf Skills at Blackstone Creek Golf Club

Blackstone Creek Golf Club on Mequon Road is one of the best places to golf in Germantown.

It is a well-manicured 18-hole golf course built in 1974 with several design elements and old trees lining the fairways.

Not only will you enjoy golfing here but also see a spectacular vista of the greens, which is already rewarding.

Moreover, the Menomonee River diagonally passes through the course, making it more unique.

They also host all-size group events, from company golf events to golf outings.

Blackstone Creek Golf Club is perfect if you want a challenging golfing experience with an alluring view of nature.

They have a pub where you can enjoy food and drinks after a round of golf.

Check out their daily or membership rates to access their facilities.

Go Fishing at Weidenbach Park

Germantown doesn’t have a shortage of parks as there are still more.

Have you heard of Weidenbach Park?

It’s a four-acre community park along Beech Drive southwest of the village.

Weidenbach Park, or Meadow by the Brook, provides recreation features for the community.

The youth and children can also play on the basketball court and a playground.

While the pond prohibits swimming and ice skating, it presents an opportunity for fishing and an enticing view for visitors.

Weidenbach Park is great for those who want to immerse in a small relaxing scene.

Bring the Family to Haupt Strasse Park

Haupt Strasse Park lies at the intersection of Main Street and Western Avenue.

This 13-acre neighborhood park has several features that you’ll appreciate.

Youth and adult leagues use the park’s softball diamond, its core feature.

If you love skateboarding and pickleball, you can find the only skate park and pickleball courts in the community here.

There is a sand volleyball court, too, if you want to play this sport with friends.

Children would love to run around the playground as well.

Other amenities of Haupt Strasse Park include a port-a-potty and a shelter.

Observe the rules of the park for a worthwhile experience.

Pick Fresh Produce at the Farmers’ Market

Do you like visiting farmers’ markets?

Germantown has a Farmers’ Market, too.

If you want your children to learn to buy products in the market, you can bring them, too.

You can purchase various fresh local produce, farm products, and more at a very affordable price.

From fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and potted plants to eggs, honey, candles, and a lot more, you’ll go home bringing a healthy lifestyle to your family.

Invite your friends and neighbors to the Farmers’ Market in the Germantown Village Hall from early May to early October and enjoy a shopping spree!

Go Mini Golfing at Swing Time Germantown

If mini golfing is your type, Swing Time Germantown is the perfect place for you.

As one of Wisconsin's premier mini golf courses, it provides excellent entertainment for your wonderful stay.

Try challenging yourself with their 19-hole miniature golf course for a fun experience and a chance of winning a free game.

You might also want to hit a few balls in their batting cages or go on their driving range.

While on the site, you’ll feel the allure of the waterfalls, waters, rich greenery, and appealing landscape.

After encountering many activities, treat yourself to some ice cream or drinks.

Enjoy different activities, get some fresh air, sight nature, and improve your fitness!

Check out Swing Time Germantown’s rates and bring your family, friends, or date to this lovely spot on Appleton Avenue.

Final Thoughts

Within Wisconsin lies the dazzling village of Germantown.

Whether you explore historic sites, play some sports, do fun outdoor activities, soak in fascinating panoramas, or go to other attractions, Germantown can show you a good time.

All you have to do is visit and discover this village’s wonders you will never forget.

Plan your trip today, and discover the best things to do in Germantown!

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