15 Best Things to Do in Fountain City, WI

Fountain City, WI
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Fountain City is the oldest settlement in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, located along the Mississippi River.

Fountain City sits on the land that several Native American tribes, such as the Winnebago, Dakota Sioux, and Chippewa, previously used as a hunting ground.

The city’s history began when Thomas A. Holmes and his family moved to the Mississippi River to escape civilization.

Other people followed and built their homes. They also established businesses, helping the settlement grow into a Fountain City in 1854.

The abundance of natural springs led to the name Fountain City.

Today, thousands of tourists enjoy recreational activities and the city’s natural and historical beauties.

It isn’t easy to know where to begin with so many attractions, so here are the best things to do in Fountain City, Wisconsin, to help you plan your trip:

Admire the Sculptures in the Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden and Museum

Sculptures at Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden and Museum
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Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden and Museum is a unique attraction filled with the bizarre artistic creations of Herman Rusch, the property owner.

Herman Rusch has transformed this piece of land in Prairie Moon Road after working for 40 years to “kill old-age boredom.”

Prairie Moon is a sculpture park that features 40 sculptures painted with vibrant colors and decorated with glass, stone, and other objects.

Human sculpture at Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden and Museum
Larry Porges / Shutterstock.com

Aside from the lifelike structures and animal sculptures, you can also find bizarre forms topped with stars and decorated fences around the area.

One of the most popular attractions is the washing machine powered by a goat on a treadmill, an unusual yet exciting sculpture among many.

There’s much more to see at Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden and Museum, so don’t miss out on this intriguing Fountain City attraction.

Set up Your Tent in Merrick State Park

Situated in the backwaters of the Mississippi River, Merrick State Park is an all-year destination for outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, bird watchers, and families looking for a weekend getaway.

Merrick State Park is a 332-acre park with fun activities everyone can enjoy.

It has campgrounds with 65 campsites to choose from, picnic tables around the park, and hiking trails that will take you to the most beautiful scenery.

You can set up your tent in one of three campgrounds in the park: the North Campground, the South Campground, or the Island Campground.

The picnic areas around the park allow you to relax and enjoy nature's beauty.

The park also offers fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and hiking opportunities for people of all ages.

Everything Merrick State Park offers is an ingredient for a memorable Fountain City experience.

Hike the Eagle Valley Trails

When you pass through Lower Eagle Valley Road, you’ll find this little piece of paradise that will soothe your soul.

Eagle Valley Trails is the place to go if you want to escape city life and enjoy the fresh country air.

It is home to various habitats that shelter different kinds of native wildlife, hiking trails, picnic areas, and picturesque spots to get the perfect photo for Instagram.

Additionally, the Sleepy Hollow Campground is one of the highlights of Eagle Valley Trails.

You can find it on acres of grasslands and woodlands.

The various trails that wind throughout the property will take you on a tour of the lovely woodlands, marshlands, rolling hills, and grasslands.

Keep an eye out for whitetail deer, rabbits, raccoons, possums, grey foxes, and more when you visit this place.

You may even catch a glimpse of some of the rare animals in the area, so make sure to bring your camera.

Enjoy the Wines and Views from Seven Hawks Vineyard

“Come for the view, stay for the wine,” says the motto of Seven Hawk’s Vineyard, which you can experience firsthand on your visit.

Located along North Street, Seven Hawks Vineyard sits on an overlooking bluff that offers a panoramic view of the Mississippi River.

The vineyard has 17,000 northern hybrid vines, making it one of the largest of its kind in the upper Midwest.

Their tasting room is in downtown Fountain City, where you can try their samples for free.

Once you choose your favorite, buy it and enjoy sipping the wines on the outdoor patio or the second floor of the tasting room.

There is no better way to enjoy wine than to sit outside and sip a glass of Seven Hawks Vineyards’ best-tasting wines.

Connect with Nature in Kinstone

Kinstone is a fascinating destination located along Cole Bluff Lane that makes a perfect weekend getaway for the whole family.

This 30-acre natural beauty features a serene atmosphere and spectacular views of the Mississippi River.

It boasts a labyrinth, three stone circles, a dolmen, and a thatched wood chapel that completes the place's magical vibe.

You can walk around the megaliths, savor the peacefulness, or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in this beautiful place.

Its calm and tranquil atmosphere makes this place perfect for meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, and reflection.

Visiting Kinstone will make you feel connected to nature, and you may feel refreshed.

Look for Treasure in Prized Possessions

Since its inception in 2019, Prized Possessions has become the go-to destination for one-of-a-kind furniture, art, antiques, home decor, and other exciting items.

This charming shop on South Main Street in the city is inside a historic building that has stood for decades.

You can find one-of-a-kind and rare pieces from different periods and styles inside the shop.

Prized Possessions is also proud to have the oldest soda fountain in the county.

They feature a diverse selection of reasonably priced collectibles, so you’ll find something you’ll like.

If you’re looking for something specific that you want, you can ask the owner to help you find the perfect piece.

Take Pictures of the Rock in the House

View of Rock in the House
Grave Topics / Shutterstock.com

Where else can you find a vast boulder stuck in a house? None other than this house in North Shore Drive in Fountain City.

The Rock in the House is a strange yet unique landmark in the city that has become a famous attraction.

In 1995, a calamity struck the city, and a 55-ton boulder rolled down the hill and slammed into the walls of Dwight and Maxine Anderson’s home.

The disc-shaped boulder got stuck in the house's main bedroom, and remains there today.

A real estate investor then bought the house, transformed it into a local attraction, and renamed it “The Rock in the House.”

Don’t forget to bring your cameras when you visit this modest house and take pictures of this incredible sight.

Dine with the Dragons in the Monarch Public House

The Monarch is one of the oldest taverns in the county, nestled on Fountain City’s North Main Street.

The Monarch has delivered traditional Irish food and entertainment to Fountain City residents since 1894.

The tavern’s exquisite look, paired with its casual atmosphere, makes it unique for all its guests.

You can still see the original hand-carved oak bar, chairs and tables, and exquisite pressed tin ceilings that have been a part of the tavern since its establishment.

Whether you want to experience intimate dining in their lofts, catch up with friends in the main hall, or enjoy the view of the river on their elevated decks, enjoy it all here in the Monarch.

Visit the Monarch Public House if you want to know what it feels like to “dine with the dragons” of Ireland.

Practice Your Hunting Skills at Fountain City Rod & Gun Club

The Fountain City Rod & Gun Club is a non-profit organization focusing on the trap range and Hunter Safety Education.

The club has operated since the late 1930s at the same location.

Fountain City Rod & Gun Club offers a secluded and serene environment where you can practice long-range and trap shooting.

There are also plenty of activities to try, such as fishing tournaments, trout planting, duck tower leagues, and more.

They provide Hunter Safety Education for everyone to build a strong community of responsible hunters.

If you want to try something new, visit Fountain City Rod & Gun Club along State Highway 95.

Book a Room at Hawks View Cottages and Lodges

Hawks View Cottages and Lodges will provide you with a home away from home.

Set on the overlooking bluffs on North Street, the Hawks View Cottages and Lodges will surely impress you with picturesque scenery, cozy accommodations, and excellent service.

Depending on your mood, you can choose from the cottages, lodges, and suites offered by the cabin.

Stay in one of the five two-story cottages set into the cliffs if you want to wake up to a stunning view of the river.

If you want to stay within striking distance of Seven Hawks Vineyards, choose the suites.

Otherwise, stay at the lodges if you want a bird’s eye view of the city.

This charming hillside cabin has everything you need for a relaxing weekend escape alone or with your family.

Hang Out with Pals in the Golden Frog Saloon

Since 1878, the Golden Frog Saloon has become a neighborhood favorite hangout location on North Shore Drive.

The saloon offers a wide range of menus you can choose from.

They have everything from appetizers to desserts.

You can look at their weekly dining specials if you want to taste tenderloin tips, salads, and pizzas.

If you want to have something casual, browse their lunch menu and grab some burgers, fries, and beers.

The Golden Frog Saloon will satisfy your hunger any time of the day, so stop by and taste what this historic saloon offers.

Experience the Farm Life in Room to Roam

If you’re tired of staying in a dull hotel room, visit this farm on Vegaruth Drive.

Room to Roam is a 300-acre farm that offers a one-of-a-kind experience to all its guests.

The farmhouse is yours.

Relax in its three bedrooms or lounge in the fully furnished living area and kitchen.

To enjoy the whole farm experience, you can help feed the farm animals or do some farm chores.

Several trails wind through the property, where you can have a scenic tour.

Staying in Room to Roam is a must-experience in Fountain City, so don’t forget to include this in your itinerary.

Watch the Cars at Mississippi Thunder Speedway

Mississippi Thunder Speedway stands on the scenic Highway 35 that traverses the area’s hillsides, bluffs, and the spectacular Mississippi River.

Founded in 1968, Mississippi Thunder Speedway was formerly the “Tri-Oval Speedway” and “River Raceways,” once a ⅜-mile tri-oval.

In 2009, they remodeled the race track, and a new, state-of-the-art racing facility was born in Fountain City.

Today, you can enjoy watching fast cars race each other and witness the superb driving skills of racecar drivers.

You can bring your lawn chairs and snacks to have a better experience while watching the race.

If you like racing, feel the thrill of watching these fast cars vie for first place at the Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’re done with all the best things to do in Fountain City, maybe it’s time for you to try other things to do nearby.

Experience a new kind of adventure in a new place thirty minutes away from Fountain City.

Hop in your car, pack your things, and take note of these things to do nearby Fountain City.

See the Exhibits at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum

Exterior of Minnesota Marine Art Museum
EverettMath, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum, located on Riverview Drive in Winona, Minnesota, showcases water-inspired artwork.

You can find the museum 12 minutes away from Fountain City.

This museum boasts six galleries, a retail shop, and an event and educational space on its seven-acre property.

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum opened in 2006 and aims to showcase and educate people about marine art, pushing the boundaries of nautical art.

The museum offers tours for people of all ages.

Children, students, and adults can have fun roaming the gallery and learning about the exhibits.

The experience doesn’t stop at the museum's four walls; the gardens outside are the “seventh gallery.”

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum sits amid a 3.5-acre garden filled with 60,000 plants.

Once you step inside the museum, you’ll enter a new place created for visitors to appreciate marine arts.

Bring Your Kids to Michael Lacanne Memorial Park

Michael LaCanne Memorial Park sits on Old Highway 61 in Goodview, Minnesota, just 18 minutes away from Fountain City.

Established in 2000, the park features a beach, boat launch, and fishing pier for water-related activities.

It also includes a playground, paved walking and biking paths, and soccer fields for your kids to enjoy.

You can even celebrate your special day at the Michael LaCanne Memorial Park.

Rent the two pavilions with various amenities for your party needs.

If you’re looking for a place to visit on your Fountain City trip, Michael LaCanne Memorial Park is open all year round.

Final Thoughts

Fountain City is a beautiful place in Wisconsin that you might want to visit.

It features several fun and exciting activities and unique places to visit, within and outside the city’s boundaries.

Save time and explore this city's natural wonders and historical locations with this list of the best things to do in Fountain City!

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