15 Best Things to Do in Danbury, WI

Danbury, WI
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A census-designated place, Danbury is an area within the town of Swiss in Wisconsin.

Located in Burnett County, it has a land area of 1,264 square miles.

This unincorporated community got its name from Danbury, Connecticut.

Wisconsin Highway 35 and Wisconsin Highway 77 are the area's primary intersections.

Despite its small population, visitors say this place is a great spot for fun and leisure.

Throughout its perimeters, you can find nature-centric spots perfect for a relaxing trip.

Here is a list of the best things to do in Danbury, Wisconsin:

Take a Trip to the Past at Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park

Trading post at Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park
TheCatalyst31, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Book a trip to Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park to appreciate the area's local history.

This historical park occupies over 80 acres and is near the Yellow River.

The Burnett County Historical Society operates and maintains this prestigious park.

The place used to be the site of winter trading posts that were significant for the community.

Over 200 years old, these trading posts were the only ones in the state where modern traders' journals lie.

Based on the accounts, the region was once known as the "land of wild oats" and was an active spot for exchanging goods.

The park conducts an annual indoor Rendezvous Trade Fair to relive past stories.

This event is open to the public, so you can see a variety of merchandise that other traders may offer.

Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park is also home to Anderson Cabin, a restored cabin from the 1940s, where you can see clay ovens on display.

Since Wisconsin was a prime producer of lumber in the US, the society also built a logging museum around the park.

During the winter, you can also take advantage of the trail and ski along the Yellow River.

Head to Country Road U to see Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park keeps.

Get Your Essentials at Log Cabin Store & Eatery

Visit Log Cabin Store & Eatery and get your daily supplies as you stay in the area.

This one-stop shop is along the conjunction of Wisconsin Highway 35 and Highway 77.

It offers wild rice grown by the local community, which is a great match with any dish you prefer.

You may also buy sporting goods to enjoy archery or use firearms in full gear.

It also serves Cedar Crest Ice Cream, a local brand from Wisconsin that has been giving delight since 1976.

At Log Cabin Store & Eatery, you can check out the various clothing choices on its racks.

Don't miss out on the fur hats and leather products that are pivotal parts of the area's history.

Unwind at Voyager Village

Voyager Village is a premier recreational spot along Kilkare Road.

With over 5,000 acres of land, the village is perfect for spending vacation trips and leisure time.

It houses nature trails where you can enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, or riding an ATV.

You can set up bonfires at night and wrap up the day with a movie night or a fun hunt with your friends.

It also offers 11 lakes for private boat rides or fishing.

Given its wide space, the village also has an 18-hole golf course.

Visit the on-site restaurant and pub and enjoy its delectable food selection.

Voyager Village holds an annual Arts & Crafts Fair that showcases the craftsmanship of over 100 local vendors.

In addition, you can catch the annual Fall Fest with your loved ones.

Take a Bite at Wildflour Kitchens

If you want baked goods, walk along Hayden Lake Road, and try the ones from Wildflour Kitchens.

This bakery offers a variety of bread, cookies, snacks, and other sweets.

Their healthy yet delicious treats are made with locally sourced ingredients.

If you're on the go, you can pick up snacks for takeout and enjoy them throughout the day.

Even if you cannot dine at Wildflour Kitchens, dropping by the store to pick up an order of pastry is worth your time!

Appreciate Nature at Pardun's Jackpine Campground

Along State Road 77, you'll find the incredible Pardun's Jackpine Campground, founded by Brent Pardun.

Being a native of the place, he saw firsthand what kind of change a campground may bring to the community.

He and his wife, Ann Pardun, used to run a drive-in and gained more insights from the locals.

Now, the couple owns a recreational spot that houses over 100 vast RV sites.

Powered by a 30- and 50-amp generator, each RV site is spacious enough to fit trailers of various sizes.

You can also enjoy camping here, as each site has enough room for two tents.

Campers can go fishing at the lakes near Pardun's Jackpine Campground.

The campground's strategic position provides easy access to local restaurants and amenities.

Stay at the St. Croix Casino Danbury

Exterior of the St. Croix Casino Danbury
Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drive along State Road 35 #77 and check out the lively ambiance of the St. Croix Casino Danbury.

It's a go-to destination for visitors who seek a pleasurable gaming experience.

The history of the casino is rooted in the St. Croix people, hence its name.

In the 17th century, the said group inhabited the unincorporated community.

They fought for their land and developed trading partnerships with French citizens.

Signage of St. Croix Casino Danbury
Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The St. Croix Casino Danbury is among the group's three successful business ventures.

People can enjoy playing blackjack and try one of its 500 slots and casino roulettes.

It also houses an entertainment hall where you can drop by if you want some lively music or comedy shows.

In 2021, the casino opened The Red Zone, a room where sports events and betting occur.

Enjoy a Night Out at Archie & Arthur's Icehouse

A night filled with incredible experiences is up for grabs at Archie & Arthur's Icehouse.

Along CCC Road, this bar is the only one you can find within Minerva Lake.

Ice cold beverages will greet you as you come across Archie & Arthur's Icehouse.

This is not an ordinary bar since it arranges different events for visitors to break the ice with others.

Trivia nights, home-cooked meals, and musical performances await you at this cabin bar.

Reflect at Luther Park

If you're fond of tranquil sites, Luther Park is the perfect match for you.

Located on Lakes Drive, it is an ideal spot for self-reflection.

Lutheran congregations established this summer camp way back in 1958.

Until now, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America runs Luther Park.

Campers can join recreational activities to build their morale.

Visitors can arrange retreat programs in the middle of natural spots.

Enjoy hiking, canoe trips, and golf weekends throughout the park.

Grab a Shot at Tommy's Too High Wines

Tommy's Too High Wines is among the few wineries in the area that make the most fulfilling beverages.

You will reach this award-winning spot by heading to Bass Lake Drive.

Tommy, its founder, aspired for something to keep him active after retirement.

He and his wife Janice decided to make their own wine and offer it to the local community.

The idea was underway in November 2014, but it was only in late 2015 when they started working on the process.

After a year, Tommy's Too High Wines opened and enticed more wine tasters in the years that passed.

You can choose from its collection of dessert wines, fruit wines, red wines, rose wines, and white wines.

Play bingo and see musical entertainment with locals inside the winery.

Visit Stone Hinge Rock Shop

Collectors interested in minerals and fossils can drop by and shop at Stone Hinge Rock Shop.

Drive along Lake 26 Road if you want to visit the only rock shop in the area.

It offers various gems, agates, fossils, and other precious minerals.

Visit the shop and bargain with traders if you have your own collections.

You can also find rock tumblers, books, and other gifts at Stone Hinge Rock Shop.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Hunt at Bear Creek Hunting Preserve

With an estimated land area of 370 acres, Bear Creek Hunting Preserve thrives with wildlife.

This spot is situated on Arlone Road in Hinckley, Minnesota, only 20 minutes from Danbury.

This family-owned preserve is where Bear Creek lies and is a perfect spot for hunting.

There are also other lakes where you and your pets are welcome to swim.

Unlike other hunting spots, Bear Creek Hunting Preserve doesn't allow the use of toxic shots.

Check out the other amenities around the place and feel relaxed after your hunting session.

Get Equine Therapy at Changing Gaits

At Changing Gaits, you can break free from any stress you're enduring.

Along Monument Road in Brook Park, Minnesota, this place is only 41 minutes away from Danbury.

It's a hub for equine therapy, integrating horses into therapeutic processes.

Nile Kaufman, its founder, used to suffer from addiction but managed to be free from it for more than two decades.

Now, his team helps troubled youth who are struggling with addiction.

Avail their equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and heal with horses.

EAP recognizes horses' instincts, making them good companions for patients.

Changing Gaits also offers this treatment for people with paralytic conditions.

What better way to bond with horses than by hopping on a trail ride with them?

Aim for the Gold at Berm Benders Raceway

Head to Berm Benders Raceway if you want an actionable adventure.

You may find this motorsports facility on Sherwood Street in Brook Park, Minnesota.

If you're staying in Danbury, this spot is only a 44-minute drive away.

Its race track is where motorcycle riders try to ace the competition and bring home the gold.

Visitors can also join a treasure hunt—whoever finds a hidden medallion can win a reward.

If you love competition, participate and win its gold cup series to claim big prizes.

Bathe at Sunshine Resort

The family-owned Sunshine Resort is another great spot for those visiting Danbury.

Head to County Road East in Spooner, only 30 minutes from Danbury, if you want a relaxing trip to this resort.

It opened to the public in 1980 and continues to offer access to Big McKenzie Lake.

This lake is the go-to destination for locals who want to catch fish, swim, or play other water sports.

With various cottages to choose from, you can stay in the area to make the most out of your free time.

There are also local taverns and food spots nearby, so fueling up after the trip won't be a problem.

Roam around Lindy's Berries

Berry pickers will be fond of the attractions in Lindy's Berries.

Head to Valley View Road in Shell Lake to visit this expansive strawberry farm.

This spot is only a 35-minute drive from Danbury.

Lindy's Berries is a family-owned farm that has grown berries for already four decades.

Berry picking is the primary amenity it offers to visitors.

Fill your bucket with fresh, aromatic berries, which you can use to make treats of your choice.

If you don't have the time to have a stroll at the farm, you may visit Lindy's Berries and taste its pre-picked berries.

Final Thoughts

Danbury is a small, unincorporated community that provides its visitors with exciting adventures.

Its natural landscape gives you a chance to reconnect with a serene environment.

If you want to stay in a place where everything feels light, this is the right destination for you.

So waste no time, take note of the best things to do in Danbury, Wisconsin, and arrange your trip to the area!

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