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15 Best Things to Do in Cedar Bluff, AL

  • Published 2022/08/22

Cedar Bluff is a town in Cherokee County, Alabama, a wet town, unlike the rest of the county.

On the banks of Weiss Lake lies the village of Cedar Bluff, where you can revel in the spectacular sunset hues above the tranquil waters.

Forest-covered mountains, numerous beaches, and beautiful natural scenery surround Cedar Bluff.

The town is in northern Alabama, with a population of more than 1,800.

This small town features many outdoor activities; there’s something for everyone in Cedar Bluff.

Visitors flock to the excellent sporting and fishing opportunities, while many love exploring the area by boat.

The mild climate in Cedar Bluff means you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

Here are the best things to do in Cedar Bluff:

Try Crappie Fishing in Weiss Lake

Scenic sunrise at Weiss Lake

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Known as the “Crappie Capital of the World,” Weiss Lake is the site of numerous regional, national, and international fishing competitions.

One of the largest freshwater lakes east of the Mississippi River formed when water from the Coosa, Little, and Chattooga Rivers converged.

As a result, Weiss Lake is the main attraction for visitors, leisure travelers, and seniors in Cedar Bluff.

This lake is well-known for its trophy-sized crappie, bass, and catfish.

A pier at Weiss Lake

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The Weiss Lake fishery contributes significantly to Cherokee County’s economy; the inhabitants are friendly to anglers.

According to local anglers, the public fishing pier at Weiss Dam is the best area to catch stripes when they draw the water.

The lake’s shoreline has campsites, trailer parks, hotels, lodges, condominiums, residences, and rental cottages.

Stroll Down Memory Lane at the Cornwall Furnace Memorial Park

Cornwall Furnace Memorial Park is a well-known historical site outside Cedar Bluff’s town limits.

Families and history buffs flock to the lovely county park.

Likewise, many of the county’s important activities during the Civil War and the Reconstruction Period happened on the site.

For instance, the titular furnace at Cornwall Furnace Memorial Park was the first of 13 Alabama-built furnaces.

Its primary function was producing iron for the Confederacy.

Built in 1862, the cold blast furnace was the first hydro-powered furnace in the county.

The pyramid-shaped furnace measures 45 feet tall, 15 feet square at the top, and 30 feet square at the base.

Moreover, the Noble Brothers Company used massive hematite stones to build the furnace.

They hauled it via ox cart from the quarries on Dirt Cellar Mountain, three miles away.

Have a Good Time at Driftwood Family Campground

Driftwood Family Campground is a great place to enjoy a relaxing camping trip.

Located on County Road in Cedar Bluff, Driftwood Family Campground is available for monthly or yearly leases.

The campground offers a variety of amenities, such as a playground, boat ramp, pavilions, picnic areas, full hookups, and a fish cleaning station.

Plenty of activities, such as fishing, swimming, and motorized and non-motorized boating, keep you entertained.

Driftwood Family Campground organizes events such as concerts, movie nights, and cook-offs.

If you’re raring to enjoy a camping trip with your family or friends, check out Driftwood Family Campground.

Enjoy Nature at the Cove at Riverside Campground

The Cove at Riverside Campground & Extended Stay Rooms & Smorgasbord Restaurant is ideal if you love camping but hate the hassle of setting up camp and taking it down.

You can enjoy their seasonal lease and drive up, park your RV or set up your tent, and start enjoying the great outdoors.

The Cove at Riverside Campground & Extended Stay Rooms & Smorgasbord Restaurant is along Weiss Lake, allowing you to enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating.

The campground has a full-service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature, then the Cove at Riverside Campground is the perfect place for you.

Relish the Luxury of the Magnolia House on Weiss Lake

The Magnolia House on Weiss Lake is a spectacular vacation home that hosts weddings, celebrations, banquets, parties, corporate events, and reunions.

You are welcome to stay at Magnolia Home on Weiss Lake and the neighboring Rose Cottage.

The Magnolia House on Weiss Lake is also a short drive away from all the town’s attractions.

This vacation home has everything you need to make your stay comfortable and luxurious, including a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, and spacious bedrooms.

Outside amenities include a garden area with comfortable chairs and dining halls, a hot tub and pool, and a beautiful view of Weiss Lake.

The Magnolia House on Weiss Lake is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for luxury and comfort.

Spend a Day with Your Family at Canyon Mouth Park

Fall scene at Canyon Mouth Park

James Deitsch /

Canyon Mouth Park is a great place to enjoy a day with your family.

The Canyon Mouth Park is on the shoreline of the Little River.

Plenty of activities keep everyone entertained there.

There is a playground, a picnic area for a meal or snack, and a hiking trail that takes you through some breathtaking scenery.

Canyon Mouth Park is the gateway to the picturesque Little River Canyon National Preserve.

This is a great location to take the family for a day of outdoor recreation.

Likewise, the distance between Canyon Mouth Park’s parking area and the Little River is a simple mile-long trek.

The river promises beautiful scenery, and there are plenty of photo opportunities along the way.

Spend a Relaxing Weekend at the Burger Landing Campground

Relish an enjoyable weekend at the Burger Landing Campground away from the stress of daily life.

Located on County Road, Burger Landing Campground offers a variety of amenities, such as full hookups, open spaces, and a fire pit.

Marvel at the lush surroundings where you can play with your kids and bond with friends and family.

Plenty of activities will keep you entertained, such as fishing, swimming, and strolling along the river while sipping hot coffee or tea in the early morning.

Sunsets are also a beautiful sight to behold at Burger Landing Campground.

Pets are welcome at Burger Landing Campground, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.

If you need somewhere to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones, go to the Burger Landing Campground.

Taste Delicious Seafood at Kenny’s Fish Market

You should visit Kenny’s Fish Market to find some excellent fresh seafood.

Kenny’s Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant offers crabs, shrimp, oysters, and fish.

Likewise, the market offers grilled oyster kits topped with battered onion and bacon.

Other food items are also available.

You can try the smoked tuna dip, locally-sourced honey, fresh grouper, and fresh eggs.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ask for fresh turtles.

You’ll surely enjoy the fresh seafood at Kenny’s Fish Market and get your seafood fix.

Fall in Love with the Outdoors at Curley’s Cove RV Park

You’ll find the family-oriented and owned Curley’s Cove RV Park on the gorgeous Weiss Lake.

Conveniently located on County Road, Curley’s Cove RV Park is a short drive away from Chattanooga, Birmingham, and Atlanta.

Since 1992, Curley’s Cove RV Park has developed into the most gorgeous and immaculately maintained park or campground on Lake Weiss.,

Many Curley’s Cove RV Park campers find it delightful to camp in Curley’s Cove RV Park throughout the whole year.

They never close for the “off-season” because of the temperate climate in Alabama, which gives wonderful weather all year.

Today, Curley’s Cove RV Park is one of the town’s most popular camping and RVing destinations.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Hike the Little River Canyon National Preserve

Hiking trail at Little River Canyon National Preserve

Wanda DeAnne Haynes /

Little River Canyon National Preserve is in northeast Alabama, on the border of DeKalb and Cherokee Counties.

You can find it in Fort Payne, Alabama, 13 minutes from Cedar Bluff.

In 1992, Public Law created the preserve to save the landscape of the Little River Canyon.

The federal government manages more than 11,000 of the 15,288 acres that comprise the preserve’s designated perimeter.

View from an overlook at Little River Canyon National Preserve

Zack Frank /

Moreover, the preserve protects the magnificent Little River Canyon, the immaculate Little River, and many endangered plant and animal species.

Little River Canyon National Preserve offers both locals and visitors a wealth of magnificent views and a variety of recreational options.

One of this area’s most impressive natural features is Little River Canyon, carved into the flat summit of Lookout Mountain.

The canyon may reach depths of more than 600 feet in certain places.

It is the steepest canyon formation in Alabama.

Inflatable boats on the waters of Little River Canyon National Preserve

Malachi Jacobs /

Swimming, fishing, climbing, and world-class whitewater rafting are just a few recreational options in the Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Canyon Rim Drive surrounds Little River Canyon’s west wall, providing scenic drives and connecting several overlooks with views down the canyon.

Waterfall at Little River Canyon National Preserve

Rob Hainer /

Make a Splash at Pirate’s Bay Water Park

You’ll find the Pirates Bay Water Park in Leesburg, Alabama, 20 minutes from Cedar Bluff.

Pirates Bay Water Park is a large water park that features a variety of thrills, slip-and-slides, a splash playground for younger kids, and mini golf.

Perched on a hilltop with a view of Weiss Lake, the water park shows you lovely scenery while swimming.

There is entertainment for everyone with different slides such as tube and body slides, pools, and waterfalls.

Pirates Bay Water Park also allows parties and group events.

You can celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.

Grab souvenirs at the Pirates Bay Water Park’s gift shop!

Go Kayaking at Terrapin Creek

For a water adventure, drive at least 21 minutes from Cedar Bluff to arrive at the flowing water of Terrapin Creek.

Starting from the Talladega National Forest in Cleburne County, Terrapin Creek flows through Calhoun and into Cherokee County.

Then, the creek splits into the South Fork of Terrapin Creek and Little Terrapin Creek.

The upper half of Terrapin Creek offers great chances to catch fish.

There are different access points to the creek in the Talladega National Forest.

For example, you can catch redbreast sunfish spotted, largemouth, shadow, redeye bass, and the rare striped bass in Terrapin Creek.

Bring the right fishing equipment, such as a lightweight spinning rod and reel set or a short fly rod.

Use a canoe or a flat bottom boat to float down to the creek’s lower end.

Wear wading shoes because the creek bottom is highly rocky and can be slippery.

Have Your Photo Taken at Mushroom Rock

View of Mushroom Rock from the road

Wanda DeAnne Haynes /

Find the rock feature Mushroom Rock in Fort Payne, Alabama, 23 minutes from Cedar Bluff.

The rock appears to be a massive mushroom, hence the name.

Due to the slot in its base, it has also gone by the name Needle Eye Rock.

Rumors claim that a road team responsible for building the initial scenic route protected this canyon monument many years ago.

Staff at the construction site refused to blast it away.

Instead, the team constructed a road around it.

Once Mushroom Rock became a popular stop for passers-by, the group decided to leave it as is.

Daytime view of Mushroom Rock

Jim Vallee /

Mushroom Rock is now one of the most photographed natural landmarks in Alabama.

There are several rock outcrops across Mushroom Rock, an excellent location for beginners or young climbers to try out rock climbing.

Children will also have a blast exploring the pathways through the rocks.

The top of Mushroom Rock

NealVickers, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Go Hiking at Little Falls Trail

Formerly known as Martha’s Trail, the Little Falls Trail is a popular swimming area in the summer.

This mini-waterfall comprises water falling over a sandstone ledge the width of the river.

You can find it in Fort Payne, 20 minutes from Cedar Bluff.

The paved Little River Falls parking lot on Highway 35 provides access to Little Falls Trail.

The Little Falls Trail begins at the parking lot on the rear side of Little River Falls.

Just look for the sign.

Take the opening in the fence and continue down the trail to the right if you return on foot.

Stand on the Little River Falls Overlook boardwalk and admire the falls.

It takes 30 minutes to hike to the falls.

Though most of the trail is flat, it frequently gets rocky, making it challenging to stroll.

However, the fascinating view of the Little Rivers Falls is worth any effort.

Aside from the breathtaking little falls, it is also one of the top spots for swimming in the Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an idyllic town with plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy, go to Cedar Bluff, Alabama.

You’ll never get bored in this charming small town with fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities galore.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Cedar Bluff!

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