15 Best Things to Do in Cape May

15 Best Things to Do in Cape May

Housing a National Historic District- Cape May has a lot of aesthetics to offer you. With a lot of Victorian buildings, this place is as historic as it gets! Home to some of the best beaches and buildings, Cape May is an ideal holiday destination for a family. The place is so charming that you won’t be able to forget about it. Let us take a look at the top 15 things Cape May has to offer!

Go on a tour of Cape May Historic District

Houses in Cape May Historic District
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Welcome to the first day of the trip to Cape May. Today, we have chosen to take you to such a place where there is history everywhere. How would you feel if we told you that everything in Cape May has its name registered as a National Historic Landmark? Or, rather the entire of it is a historic spot? That’s right! Our whole Cape May has historic significance. You won’t be able to find a spot that does not reek of history.

There are over 600 houses that have been built in the Victorian era. We’d recommend you to roam around this district on foot and look at all the amazing things that Cape May has to offer.

Go on a tour of Cape May Beaches

Cape May Beach
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Located in the prime locations between two waterbodies- the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay, Cape May has some of the most amazing beaches you have ever seen in your life. There are some sandy beaches which are known for their immaculate beauty. Also, the government takes a lot of time to maintain these beaches well enough for the tourists. You will always find them clean and convenient.

But, you do need to buy a ticket if you wanna go enjoy the beach. However, you will find them very crowded during vacations. If you want to go surfing, the beaches are well suited for that. Also, there is a beach named Sunset Beach where tourists go if they want to feel the sea breeze on their face and walk for a bit.

Go bird watching

Wildlife refuge in Cape May
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If you love birds, then Cape May might be one of the best tourist locations for you! After all, everyone claims Cape May to be a haven for ornithologists or just simple bird lovers. Let us give you a few tips for bird watching in Cape May then.
There are a lot of appropriate locations for birds to come and make their home here. The abundance of swampy lands and marshy lands make Cape May one of the premium bird destinations.

It is reported that you can get your eyes on more than 400 species of different exotic as well as native birds. Also, there are a few places in Cape May that are best for this opportunity. West Cape May is one of them. Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area is also another such exotic location that is bound to give you some visual treats.

Visit the Cape May Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse
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It is now time to leave nature for the time being and go to look at some lighthouses. But, don’ worry- for this is another one of the most popular Cape May attractions. Come on let us introduce you to the one and only Cape May Lighthouse.

It is not exactly in the heart of the city but within walking distance. If you go 2 miles out of the city, you will find yourself in this area. Also, the lighthouse is quite old as you can see. The construction was completed back in 1859. Offering some of the most panoramic views in Cape May, the lighthouse is quite aesthetic if you just look at it. Also, the landscape around the lighthouse is quite rugged and people tend to love this terrain.

Check out Cape May Point State Park

Cape May Point State Park
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If you have already seen the Cape May Lighthouse, then you are already in the area. But, pardon us, for we are yet to introduce you to the brilliant area around the Cape May Lighthouse- the Cape May Point State Park. Though the lighthouse is initially the point of the main focus. But, some other things will blow your mind away.

For example, we will talk about hiking opportunities here. The Monarch Trail, Plover Trail, and Duck Pond Trail are the three trails that immediately come to mind when we talk about hiking in this state park. Some of these trails are the best way to see those exotic birds we were talking about earlier. Surrounded by wildflowers and the Atlantic ocean, every one of the trails is the epitome of beauty!

Find yourself a cottage to spend a night at

Victorian style building in Cape May
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When we were talking about the historic aesthetics of Cape May, we might have mentioned something about cottages made in the Victorian era. Have you decided where you are going to stay? If not, don’t just book hotels randomly, and listen to us first.

Did you know that those historic Victorian-Esque mansions we were talking about are now some of the most famous bed-and-breakfast hotels? Yes! Imagine waking up in an ancient lovely mansion and getting all the modern services whenever you want them. Well, you don’t have to just imagine for now there are ways where you can get that type of treatment for yourself. Go check some of them up.

Explore Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum

Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum
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Naval Air Station Wildwood (NASW) Aviation Museum is one of the most historic places in Cape May. It is located in the prime location of the Cape May airport for which people visit more. The story of Naval Air Station Wildwood dates back to WWII. It happened to be a bomb squad during the war. But, now the museum contains some of the equipment that had been used during the war.

When you step foot inside the Naval Air Station Wildwood (NASW) Aviation Museum- it reeks of warcraft. You might get to see a lot of planes that were used in the war.

Check out the Schellenger's Landing

Have you ever been to a Fisherman’s Wharf? If not, we are taking you to one. But, it also happens to be one of the most favored ones in the States. Get ready for we are about to head towards the Schellenger's Landing. Cape May once had quite an important marine past. But, that is history now. What remains of it is the infamous Schellenger's Landing.

Schellenger's Landing tries to preserve what’s left of the marine life of Cape May. For this very reason, people like crowding the place. If you want to go fishing or even boating- Schellenger's Landing is your go-to place. There are many shops here that sell the best equipment.

Visit the Emlen Physick Estate

Emlen Physick Estate
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Yes, we talked about ancient Victorian houses, and how you can even spend a night at those that have been turned into a hotel. But, we are gonna talk about another one of the beautiful houses that serve as a visual treat for tourists. Welcome to Emlen Physick Estate- the place that will bless your eyes for the rest of the trip.

The house has been damaged to a great extent. But, it has been renovated a lot of times to preserve this piece of history. Now, you can see 15 beautiful rooms that have been restored to their original glory. Did you know this house is rumored to be haunted? Also, a lot of furniture that is inside dates back to that old era.

See the Cape May Harbor

Cape May Harbor
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Are you ready to see some of the most peaceful ocean scenes? The amalgamation of the turquoise waters with the blue sky and the boats sailing across? Let us take you to Cape May Harbor for the moment.

One of the most picturesque locations of Cape May- the Cape May Harbor is a nice place to hang out if you want to have some alone time. Also, going there with family and friends? Pack a picnic basket with you! There is even a beach here where you can sit down to have that picnic. There are certain coves where you can go out to explore more of Cape May.

Shop something at Washington Street Mall

Washington Street Mall
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Washington Street Mall is one of the best places that you can enjoy in Cape May. Have you ever heard of it? Yes, it is an open-air space where you can walk around the different stalls and buy what you need. Also, the entire space is pedestrian-friendly which makes everything better. This is just a slice of paradise for all shoppers. A completely open shopping mall

Pay a visit to Historic Cold Springs Village

David Gandy house, built in 1830, in Cold Springs Village
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Historic Cold Springs Village is one of the best places to visit in Cape May. Going to this place is like taking a step back in history. You will feel that time has not moved at all here. Flipping through the pages of a history book- the Historic Cold Springs Village is quite a popular destination among the tourists of Cape May.

There are a lot of preserves buildings in this spot. And, all of them date back to the 1800s. When you see them, you get a feeling that you are in that era as well. You can even get to eat some delicious goodies if you are hungry. There is a vintage ice cream parlor along with a bakery in that area.

Enjoy nature at the Nature Center of Cape May

Nature Center of Cape May
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Want to go look at some protected piece of nature? Okay, then let us head over to the Nature Center of Cape May. Did you know that here you can enjoy nature and learn about it simultaneously? Having opened its gates to the public in 1992, the Nature Center has been quite a popular spot ever since.

There are both kayaking as well as boating trips available here. But, the best part about it all is that you get to see nature on these trips. There are a lot of observation areas where you can stand and look at the different variants of plants and flora.

Go biking with Curious Cape May

Here is a new way to enjoy the beauty of Cape May. Often it happens that no matter how many guides you follow- you always end up missing out on some places. The only way to avoid that is to make use of a guide. And, out of many companies- there is the Curious Cape May who keeps their promise. But, they have a unique way to let people know about the aesthetics of Cape May. They take you biking. As you go around the different places and seaside- they let you know about the various historic stories behind these sites.

Check out the West Cape May

Restaurant at West Cape May
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Cape May is not all about the iconic historic community located in the heart of the city. There are a lot of other places beyond that as you can see by now. And, all of them are beautiful in their ways. For the last part of our trip, we’d like to introduce you to another quaint village- West Cape May which is one of the most gorgeous sights that you will ever get to see.

The area was mainly used by the European colonists, and the creation of the area dates back to almost the 1600s. Even today when you will be walking around- you are bound to get some of those ancient European vibes out of it.
We bid you goodbye now. But, Cape May has a lot more to offer you! Do enjoy a nice and safe trip!