20 Best Things to Do in Brigantine, NJ

Brigantine, NJ
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Brigantine is a city in New Jersey, located in Atlantic County, spanning 28.13 square kilometers.

Established in 1890, the city has a rich history involving shipwrecks and pirates.

While there aren't any current sights or attractions covering that side of the city's history, there are many other locations for visitors to explore.

Some of the sights in Brigantine range from recreational spots to various eateries.

You can also keep an eye out for hidden gems and other unique places.

If you want to know the top places to explore in the city, here are the best things to do in Brigantine:

Explore Brigantine Beach

Aerial view of Brigantine Beach
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Brigantine Beach is the largest travel destination in Brigantine and holds various options for you to explore.

If you want to enjoy some activities on the beach, you can go surfing, fishing, or kayaking.

However, you can only swim there at specific times of the year.

Surfboard and boat rescue on Brigantine Beach's shore
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There are several areas on Brigantine Beach and plenty of rentals you can check out.

Even if you are not interested in doing beach activities, there are many sights you can enjoy.

You can find Brigantine Beach by going along Ocean Avenue.

Two people riding a boat on Brigantine Beach
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Cruise the Waters with Babu Sport Fishing Charters

The Babu Sport Fishing Charters is a service you need to look out for if you want to explore the waters of Brigantine.

Located on West Shore Drive, the fishing charter provides you the chance to fish and discover all kinds of fish species.

The business has operated since 1968 and offers fishing trips that can last as long as ten hours for a maximum of six people.

Unfortunately, you can only book their services from late April to mid-December.

While the fishing charter is not available year-round, it is still an ideal option to note if you want to try out different water activities.

Look Out for Local Wildlife at North Brigantine Beach

Among the different areas you can explore in Brigantine Beach, one of them offers chances to spot local wildlife.

That area is North Brigantine Beach, which you can visit by heading to East Beach Avenue.

The beach area features a viewing platform where you can seek out different migrating bird species.

Depending on the season, you can find bird species ranging from sanderlings to pelicans.

Besides birds, you can find marine life scuttling around the area.

You might also spot some monarch butterflies flying about the seaside goldenrod during autumn.

Whatever season you visit, you'll get plenty of chances to discover different types of wildlife.

Take a Look around the Brigantine History Museum

The Brigantine History Museum is where to go if you want to learn about local history.

The museum opened in 1992 on Brigantine Boulevard, adjacent to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

Some of the displays you can find at this museum range from photographs to artifact exhibits.

The more prominent displays you'll find at the museum cover the 19th and 20th centuries.

You are free to visit the museum during the weekends and take a chance to learn local stories of the past.

Get Active at the Brigantine Community Center & Sports Complex

Anyone who loves sports or getting active must check out the Brigantine Community Center & Sports Complex.

The Brigantine Community Center & Sports Complex features different facilities where you can work out, play sports, or join fitness classes.

Besides these fitness facilities, the complex has a playroom where the kids can enjoy a playground and other amenities.

You can also find a senior center at this venue, plus meeting rooms you can book.

Find Fresh Items at the Brigantine Farmers Market

One way you can check out local goods is by visiting the Brigantine Farmers Market.

The Brigantine Farmers Market sits on Sheridan Boulevard within the Brigantine Community School area and opens on Saturdays.

When visiting this farmer's market, you can find a series of vendors selling various items ranging from fresh produce to crafts.

You can also look out for several treats and drinks when roaming the market.

If you are interested in exploring the local shopping scene, visiting this farmer's market is one way to do it.

View Marine Life at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center Museum

A dolphin statue in front of Marine Mammal Stranding Center Museum
SnowFire, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you're a fan of marine life, visit the Marine Mammal Stranding Center Museum.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center Museum is a part of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, which aims to rehabilitate rescued marine animals.

The museum section of the center is the only area visitors can freely access at the center.

If you want to check out the animals housed in the center, you can find screens that play videos of them in the museum.

When visiting the museum, you can find different artifacts with information on various marine animals.

There is also a gift shop with merchandise and souvenirs you can take home.

The center has operated since 1978 and has owned the building since 1930.

If you want to visit the center, head to Atlantic Brigantine Boulevard.

Browse Authentic Italian Food at Casale al Mare

Casale al Mare is one of the different fun shops you can find in Brigantine.

It is a food store on Atlantic Brigantine Boulevard and features a variety of authentic Italian products.

These products include several kinds of pasta and condiments, to name a few.

You can try homemade pasta dishes at the store during the weekends and sample other products.

Aside from this, the store features an espresso bar where you can sip Italian coffee and try different Italian sweets.

If you're looking to enjoy a treat, visit Casale al Mare.

Enjoy Family Fun at Shark Park

Shark Park is one of the most laid-back and family-friendly places you can visit in Brigantine.

Shark Park features a playground, among other facilities on West Brigantine Avenue.

It is not the most prominent location you can visit in Brigantine, but it is one of the many places where you can enjoy a break.

Try the Meals and Cocktails at the Laguna Grill & Rum Bar

Are you looking for some local food and drinks?

Then you need to stop over at the Laguna Grill & Rum Bar.

The Laguna Grill & Rum Bar is the ideal place to visit for anyone looking for drinks and a view.

Located on Ocean Avenue and open during the summer, the grill and rum bar features a selection of seafood dishes and drinks for you to try.

More than being able to dig into different dishes and drinks, the bar features live entertainment for you to enjoy.

Visit the bar when it opens in summer and beat the heat with delicious cocktails.

Take Photos of the Brigantine Lighthouse

Brigantine boasts several attractions, one of which is the Brigantine Lighthouse.

The Brigantine Lighthouse is a structure erected in 1926 to draw more attention to the city.

The lighthouse has never functioned traditionally, but it has survived multiple storms and continues to be a landmark for the city.

Currently, you can take photos of the lighthouse, but there is no guarantee that you are allowed to explore the interior.

You can find this structure at Brigantine Boulevard and visit the local museum nearby.

Relax with a Meal at the Cove Restaurant

Are you a fan of seafood?

If so, you'll want to visit The Cove Restaurant.

The Cove Restaurant is a seafood eatery at Brigantine Avenue and features a selection of facilities.

Besides different seafood dishes, The Cove offers a list of beers and other alcohol blends on their menu.

In addition to this, you can find a sushi kitchen and check out the live entertainment during the weekends.

Whether you want to dig into fresh seafood or have a drink, The Cove Restaurant is one of the top places for a meal and a drink.

You can enjoy different activities in Brigantine, one of which is golfing.

The best place to golf in the city is the Brigantine Golf Links.

Brigantine Golf Links is an 18-hole golf course with different facilities for you to enjoy.

You can also find a bar and grill section where you can take a break.

Likewise, check out the merchandise store or sign up for open competitions.

If you love golf, you'll want to check out Brigantine Golf Links.

Snag a Snack at Brigantine Beach Bagels, Deli & Grill

If you're craving a bagel or sandwich, you need to check out the Brigantine Beach Bagels, Deli & Grill at Harbour Beach Boulevard.

Brigantine Beach Bagels, Deli & Grill is a sandwich shop that features a selection of bagels, deli, and other homemade dishes.

Aside from bagels and sandwiches, the shop offers different breakfast and lunch options.

It may not be the most prominent place to visit in Brigantine, but it is one of the options you can enjoy for a morning meal.

Check Out Arcade Games at the Smile Factory

Enjoy some entertainment with the family by visiting the Smile Factory.

The Smile Factory is an arcade center on West Brigantine Avenue, which has operated for over fifteen years now.

You can find several arcade games at this center and various prizes ranging from stuffed animals to toy figurines.

Besides facilities for fun and games, the arcade center offers packages for parties and other events.

Let Your Kids Play Around at the Brigantine Beach Food Truck Festival

Brigantine's beachfront attractions have always set this city high on a pedestal.

But they're not all that Brigantine has to offer.

The Brigantine Beach Food Truck Festival is your one-stop outdoor event for a whole round of family fun.

Celebrated every August, this annual festival brings only the best food trucks within the tri-state area.

It offers free admission to 38th Street Beach.

While enjoying the beachfront or preparing for a suntan, have a plate or cup of something delicious to fill your stomach.

The Brigantine Beach Food Truck Festival may just be what you need to be part of the community's food culture and exploration.

Admire the Waterfront Views at Brigantine Seawall

One of the city's no-cost attractions is the Brigantine Seawall and its accompanying promenade.

With sweeping views of the city skyline and horizon, this site is a scenic hotspot for your idle watching.

But did you know that this site has a tragic past?

Where the pier currently stands is the previous location of the now-closed Brigantine's Haunted Castle and Fishing Pier.

In the 70s this funhouse drew visitors to the area but after a storm rendered it damaged in 1982, it closed soon after.

Brigantine Seawall on East Brigantine Avenue is a reminder of this bittersweet moment in the city's history.

Explore Brigantine on a Bike

For a lot of Brigantine residents, the best way to explore the city is by pedal.

Biking is one of the most immersive activities you can take part in while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

And it's low-cost!

Rush past gift shops, open parks, and other business establishments that make Brigantine the city it is today.

Didn't pack a bike with you?

Head over to All About Bikes on West Brigantine Avenue to rent some and fulfill your dreams of a self-guided bike tour.

If pedaling is not your style, Brigantine Scooters has motor scooters for your wild adventure into the downtown district of the city.

Enjoy Beach Nights with a Film or a Concert Series

Every year, Brigantine opens its beaches for a movie night out or a free concert series.

Movies on the Beach is one of the city's community events that you just shouldn't miss.

Celebrated every July, this event occurs on the sandy shores of 38th Street.

Brigantine Community Center on 42nd Street also has yearly fun traditions up its sleeve.

Hosting the Summer Concert Series, this center rocks the streets with classic songs from many decades.

It only gets better than this when you experience these events for yourself!

Feel Inspired by the Beach Art at Donna Elias Studios, LLC

Dying for a taste of artistic inspiration?

Look no further than Donna Elias Studios, LLC on Revere Boulevard.

This summer gallery showcases some of the best coastal paintings by artist Donna Elias.

From seaside perspectives to solitary attractions like the Brigantine Lighthouse, her themes offer a personal touch of the city's culture.

If you're lucky, you might just catch the artist herself and her masterpieces at various art festivals all over the country.

But if you're in Brigantine, be sure to add Donna Elias Studios, LLC to your itinerary!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy the Facilities at the Ocean Casino Resort

Aerial view of Ocean Casino Resort
Racheal Grazias / Shutterstock.com

While there are plenty of places and activities you can enjoy in Brigantine, there are other nearby locations where you can find fun options.

One of the nearest spots you can visit in New Jersey from Brigantine is Atlantic City.

Among the various attractions in Atlantic City, the Ocean Casino Resort is the ideal location for fun and relaxation.

The top half of Ocean Casino Resort's building
Khairil Azhar Junos / Shutterstock.com

It is less than 20 minutes away from Brigantine and features several facilities for relaxation and entertainment.

A few of the facilities in this resort include a spa, casino, and entertainment hall.

You'll also find that the resort provides convenient access to the city's nightlife.

If you're looking for a place for some leisurely fun, you need to check out the Ocean Casino Resort.

View of Ocean Casino Resort from across the street
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

Experience the Attractions at the Steel Pier Amusement Park

Far view of Steel Pier Amusement Park
CPQ / Shutterstock.com

You can find plenty of thrills in places near Brigantine, and one of them is the Steel Pier Amusement Park.

Located within Atlantic City and recognized as the oldest theme park in the city, Steel Pier has plenty of options for you to enjoy.

A ride at Steel Pier Amusement Park
f11photo / Shutterstock.com

There is no shortage of options for you to try at this amusement park, from thrilling rides to fun games.

You can get tickets online and treat yourself to food and drinks when exploring the venue.

When it comes to sheer enjoyment, the Steel Pier Amusement Park is a top spot to visit.

Stuffed toys on a game booth at Steel Pier Amusement Park
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Grab Refreshments at Wet Willie's Bar

For anyone looking to have fun with drinks, you need to check out Wet Willie's Bar.

You can find this bar in various locations; its New Jersey location is in Atlantic City.

Explore the menu to discover frozen blends along with several bites that pair well with your drink.

While the bar may seem like just another watering hole, it is also ideal for those who need refreshments after a long day.

Final Thoughts

Brigantine offers plenty of sights and attractions involving activities and hidden gems for you to explore.

Whether you want to check out marine life or explore the unique shops, you'll find plenty of options available in the city.

If you're looking to have some fun involving water activities, shopping, or history, consider Brigantine as your next stop in New Jersey.

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