15 Best Things to Do in Edison, NJ

Edison, NJ
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The fifth-largest municipality in New Jersey isn’t just the home of one of the world’s greatest inventors, but it’s also one of the best places to live in the United States.

Named after Thomas Edison, Edison, NJ, is known as one of America’s Best Places to Live, according to Money Magazine.

However, even if you’re just visiting, you’ll still find plenty to like in Edison.

For example, tourists wanting to trace America’s rich history of the invention should look no further than Thomas Edison’s own Menlo Park lab, which is in Edison.

There’s no better place to go for aspiring inventors than this lab, where Edison perfected his best-known invention, the incandescent light bulb.

Likewise, Menlo Park was also where Edison first managed to record sound.

Stick around Edison, New Jersey—a township of 100,000 people—for a thriving business landscape, a vibrant local community, and tangible history.

Who knows?

Maybe the spirit of Edison might inspire you to make a new life in the town that bears his name.

Interested in Edison, NJ? Check out the list below.

Remember the Great Inventor at the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower

View of Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower
R.B.Boyer, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are many sites in Edison, NJ that were built to honor the legacy and achievements of the great inventor Thomas Edison.

Perhaps the most famous of these monuments is the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower, an edifice that stands over 15 feet.

This tower is unique because of its design and location.

At the top of the tower is a rooftop shaped like a light bulb, Edison’s greatest contribution to humanity.

Likewise, the tower was built on the original site of his lab, so you’ll really feel like you are inside Edison’s own workshop when you enter.

Built in the 1930s, the tower is now part of the National Register of Historic Places, making it an unmissable part of your trip.

See the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower at 37 Christie Street, Edison, NJ 08820.

Relive Science History at the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park

If you want to create the next big invention, why not take inspiration from the world’s greatest inventor?

Go to Edison, NJ, and visit the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, which was also his laboratory.

Visit the Center to catch a glimpse of the great inventor’s life from the onsite exhibits.

These displays also feature original artifacts from Edison’s greatest inventions, such as century-old phonograph recordings, the draft versions of the light bulb, and authentic photographs.

You can find the Thomas Edison Center at 37 Christie Street, Edison, NJ 08820.

Enjoy the Perfect Beer at the Cypress Brewing Company

Edison himself must have enjoyed a good beer between inventions, so why shouldn’t you?

Get yourself a glass of delicious craft beer made at Cypress Brewing Company, a 20 BBL microbrewery in Edison, NJ.

If you want to treat yourself to the perfect beer, there’s no better place to go in Edison than Cypress.

The brewery has spent almost twenty years perfecting their beer recipes, and they have come up with interesting concoctions.

At the Cypress facility, you can enjoy a guided tour.

You can even taste the beers themselves inside their tasting room.

The Cypress Brewing Company is at 30 Nixon Lane 1E, Edison, NJ 08837.

Witness the “Light Dispelling Darkness” at Roosevelt Park

People interested in roadside attractions might want to visit Roosevelt Park in Edison to gaze at the eccentric statue called “Light Dispelling Darkness.”

The statue is actually a federally funded fountain, designed in 1937 by the artist Waylande Gregory.

Gregory also sculpted works commissioned by figures like Albert Einstein, among others. He also sculpted one of America’s largest ceramic sculptures, the “Fountain of the Atom.”

“Light Dispelling Darkness” expresses the victory of the light of knowledge over the darkness of ignorance, particularly honoring the achievements of Thomas Edison.

It is a bold sculpture consisting of a deco-relief central pillar, with a globe on top finished in a hand-painted glaze.

The sculpture itself stands in the center of a forty-foot diameter pool.

At the base of the fountain, surreal figures represent the darkness being dispersed by the light.

You can see “Light Dispelling Darkness” at Pine Drive, Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ.

Unleash Your Inner Child at Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park

Who says adults can’t jump around like children?

If you find yourself in Edison, head on over to Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park and jump like crazy!

And if you have kids, what better way to spend time with them?

The arena itself measures 41,000 square feet, and it holds the entire indoor trampoline park.

Once inside, you can start bouncing around with your friends or kids, and you can go as high as you want!

To ensure your safety, the park has built in rebounding floors and walls to keep you bouncing without harming yourself or others.

If you slip or fall, foam ends on the floors and walls will cushion the impact.

The Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park is at 76 Carter Drive, Edison, NJ 08817.

Relax Your Legs at Roosevelt Park

Aerial View of Roosevelt Park
FotosForTheFuture / Shutterstock.com

All that jumping around will tire anyone out.

So, of course, make sure to reserve a part of your Edison trip for unwinding at Roosevelt Park.

Roosevelt Park offers visitors a variety of amusement options.

View of Roosevelt Park
Sujit kumar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These choices include playgrounds for your kids, a skating rink, as well as basketball and tennis courts.

Otherwise, you can just take leisurely strolls on the park’s lush grassy fields if you feel like relaxing.

Carpeted Grass at Roosevelt Park
ThomasMaroulis / Shutterstock.com

You can also try fishing at the lake, or enjoy an afternoon picnic with your family.

All in all, Roosevelt Park allows visitors to spend an entire day without breaking the bank, or working up too much sweat.

The Roosevelt Park can be found at 151 Parsonage Road, Edison, NJ 08837.

Let Your Troubles Go at Island Spa & Sauna

If a walk in the park isn’t enough relaxation for you, then book a session at the Island Spa & Sauna in Edison.

The center is a Korean day spa that offers a variety of treatment options.

The body treatment choices include the traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu massages.

You can also pick the Ashiatsu Bar massage if you want something new.

Meanwhile, the other options include a Head & Scalp massage treatment, as well as Foot Reflexology and the Chair massage.

Book your reservation at Island Spa & Sauna, located at 1769 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817.

Feel the Thrill at The Escape Plan

Escape rooms are good ways for you to deepen your friendships or strengthen your connections with colleagues.

If you find yourself wanting the thrill of an escape room in Edison, NJ, look no further than The Escape Room.

You and your friends will be tasked to complete a set of puzzles and escape the rooms within one hour.

These puzzles also differ between the rooms, called Abigail’s Playroom and The Estate.

Race against the clock to solve murder mysteries and retrieve important items.

Feel your heart thumping and your blood pumping as you overcome one challenge after another.

The Escape Plan can be found at 2300 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, NJ 08817.

Spend the Day at the India Sajawat & Puja Hut

We all know Chinatown, but little Indias have also been cropping up in cities all over the world.

If you’ve been curious about Indian culture, now you can indulge yourself in Edison.

Head over to the India Sajawat & Puja Hut to observe Indian heritage and culture with your own eyes.

The center offers on display a wide collection of Hindu Puja items, as well as little indoor temples you can visit.

The friendly staff will also help introduce you to the intricacies of Indian culture, so you can immerse yourself deeper in the culture.

The India Sajawat & Puja Hut is located at 1667 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820.

Break a Sweat at the Inman Sports Club

Built in 1972, the family-owned Inman Sports Club offers visitors a bunch of enjoyable family-friendly activities.

If you’re alone, you can also make new friends there because Edison locals flock the place as well.

What can you do at the sports club?

You can play mini-golf, hockey, or basketball. You can also play indoor field games with friends or family.

What if you don’t know any indoor sports? The club also offers indoor sports lessons.

You can drop by the Inman Sports Club at 1000 Inman Avenue, Edison, NJ 08820.

Paint and Sip at Canvas & Grapes

The most famous paint and sip studio in the tri-state, Canvas & Grapes offers a unique entertainment experience for everyone.

The studio allows visitors to enjoy a nice glass of wine while enjoying visual art or live entertainment, with an urban splash.

Likewise, the studio also boasts of being the only studio in the country that combines original karaoke with the concepts of paint and sip.

You can find Canvas & Grapes at 2595 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, NJ 08817.

Enjoy Events at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center

Outside View of New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center
Parnassah Network, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While you might not think of convention centers as interesting places to visit, you might think otherwise when you visit the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center.

You can traverse the whole 150,000 square feet of convention center space while checking out the many interesting expos in town.

On the other hand, you can also book the place for private occasions.

During conventions or expos, you can also marvel at the cutting-edge technologies deployed at the center to add flavor to the programs.

Drop by the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center at 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837.

Grab Some Tee Time at West Nine

Itching for a round of golf at Edison? Grab your friends and hit up the West Nine course for a satisfying and picturesque day at the green.

You can practice your swings or have a laugh with friends.

Otherwise, you can spend a few hours at West Nine shooting golf balls or watching your friends or family play.

All year round, the staff ensures the course stays green, thanks to the water hazard and sand bunker.

Swing to your heart’s content at West Nine, found at 1541 Woodland Avenue, Edison, NJ 08820.

Visit the Flora and Fauna at the Dismal Swamp Preserve

Nature lovers can also get their fix while visiting Edison.

You can go to the Dismal Swamp Preserve, a 650-acre marshland, that supports a whole ecosystem of various species of plants and animals.

You can observe these animals live their daily lives in their natural habitat, making use of the tools provided by nature.

One of these animals you can find at the preserve is the endangered loggerhead shrike.

At the preserve, you can also go along walking trails and absorb the lush green scenery of the marsh.

Take a walk down the wild side, literally.

The Dismal Swamp Preserve is at Reading Road, Edison, NJ 08820.

Sing Your Heart Out at Echo Music Studio

We all get that urge to belt out our favorite songs with reckless abandon. And if you ever get that urge while in Edison, your best bet is going to Echo Music Studio.

You don’t need to worry about other people because the studio is at a secluded spot, so you’ll enjoy all the privacy you need.

Want to sing slow jams, or sing your heart out? Echo Music Studio has all you want from a karaoke night.

The place itself is designed to get you to sing, thanks to its lustrous lighting and comfy seating.

If it’s not your turn on the mic, you can enjoy drinks and food while waiting.

You can find Echo Music Studio at 2090 NJ-27, Edison, NJ 08817.

Final Thoughts

Edison, New Jersey is the home of one of the world’s greatest inventors, but it is also many other things.

It’s a place where families and friends can have a good time hanging out at karaoke, golf, and even trampoline parks.

The India Sajawat also gives people the chance to connect with another culture.

So, why delay? Circle the date on your calendar for your trip to Edison!

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