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20 Best Things to Do in Beckley, WV

  • Published 2022/09/02

In West Virginia, Beckley is the county seat of Raleigh County, the city’s center, and was officially established on April 4, 1838.

Beckley is surrounded by natural beauty due to its geographic position; magnificent mountain views and cold, flowing mountain streams may be found all around the area.

Visitors to Beckley, however, will discover much more than just the beautiful landscape in the region.

Fine restaurants, museums, hikes, and anything else you might want in a city are all available here!

Now let’s look at the 2o best things to do in Beckley, WV!

Witness the World-class Artworks in Tamarack Marketplace

View of Tamarack Marketplace

Malachi Jacobs /

“The greatest of West Virginia” is how the artists and artisans of West Virginia refer to Tamarack, a place where their work may be found.

Artworks from local and international artists can be found in their extensive art collection.

View of Tamarack Marketplace

Malachi Jacobs /

Tamarack offers many things for sale in their large storage area, including art, craft items, glass, homemade soaps, and jewelry.

You may see live performances every Sunday afternoon at Tamarack’s theater in addition to seeing the best of the city’s artistic works.

A food court with a variety of high-class meals, bakery goods, and an on-site restaurant managed by the facility’s culinary crew is available to visitors of Tamarack.

Try Golfing at the Mountain State Miniature Golf

Are you looking to get back into the groove of things this summer?

Mountain State Miniature Golf, located in Beckley, West Virginia, is the perfect place to go miniature golfing.

There are eighteen holes of fun to be had on this mini-golf course that has been open for many years.

They also offer an indoor rock-climbing gym, which you may take advantage of if golfing around the wild and beautiful attractions isn’t enough for you.

The gym is equipped with a 35-foot-tall rock wall with varied routes to suit climbers of all skill levels.

After you’ve finished your day of excitement, you may relax with a cool drink or some ice cream from their on-site coffee shop.

Their menu includes everything from ice lattes to hot lattes, ice cream, milkshakes, and smoothies, and they are also working on bringing back bubble teas.

For those who would like to pay a visit to this place, Mountain State Miniature Golf is open from 7 am on Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, and 1 pm to 9 pm on Sundays.

Chilling Out at the Calacino’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar

Calacino’s has been serving up delicious cuisine and having a good time in southern Beckley, West Virginia, for over 80 years.

The restaurant first opened its doors in 1934 and has been serving fresh, tasty pizza to the community ever since.

Calacino’s pizza is cooked in a stone oven at a high temperature.

An excellent hot pie with a thin, crispy crust is produced as a consequence.

In addition to pizza, Calacino’s serves appetizers, salads, spaghetti, and “stackers,” unique French bread pizzas made with sourdough bread.

Furthermore, guests may make use of eight large-screen televisions and a 100-inch projection screen to watch all of their favorite sports and see the Mountaineers and the Herd!

They even provide live music performances on occasion if you want to relax in a relaxed atmosphere while listening to live music.

Just so you’re aware, Calacino’s is open daily from 11 am till 11 pm.

Try Tickety Boo Mercantile’s High-Quality Antiques

Antiques and old known things are transformed into modern memories at Tickety Boo Mercantile.

This one-stop shopping destination specializes in the creative art of repurposing antiques and old familiar things and recreating them into new memories.

They believe in the importance of proper furniture care, and they work hard to conserve as much of the original item as possible.

If you would like to pay a visit, they are located at 337 Neville St, in Beckley, West Virginia.

All You Need to Know About the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum

View of Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum

bobistraveling, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

West Virginia’s history and growth would not be complete without the mention of coal mining.

You can see some of that history at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in West Virginia.

The place is surrounded by welcoming lawns, bright flowers, and picnic spots with an intimidating coal worker monument as well as a humorous 20-foot-tall “Peace Totem” amid a reconstructed mining camp.

Touring a real coal mine allows the guests to observe the mining process in action and the actual mining equipment.

The Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia is conveniently located near the Exhibition Coal Mine and is open year-round to the general public and pre-arranged tour groups.

The main gallery of the Youth Museum consists of four train boxcars.

Every year, three special exhibitions are shown in the main display area.

Many of the presented exhibits are designed to be both entertaining and educational.

Dine at The Char

The Char is the place to go if you’re looking for a restaurant that offers about everything you might want in a dining establishment.

Whether you’re out with friends or family, The Char has everything you need for a memorable night out, including expert service, valet parking, and candlelit tables.

However, beauty isn’t limited to the human form.

The big windows allow you to see a pond with a fountain and a lovely wooded area.

Dinner and dessert menus provide a lot of alternatives, which makes it challenging to narrow down your options.

Appetizers, freshly baked Italian bread, seafood, gourmet dinners such as swordfish and filet mignon, twice-baked potatoes, and delectable desserts made with real butter and eggs are all available to you.

Visit King Tut Drive-In

King Tut Drive-In is truly a must-visit place.

The restaurant has been owned and run by the McKay family since 1955.

A variety of lunch and supper options are available, including sandwiches, pizza, and complete meals.

All baked goods are produced on the premises and are based on recipes from Great Depression-era tearooms.

And did you know that they make their pieces of bread, handmade buns, and pies?

They don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to procedures or ingredient selection.

Their milkshakes are hand-spun and made from natural ice cream, their pies are never preservative-free, and their soups are made from scratch and served seasonally to keep you warm during the colder months, all of which are things that you should consider when visiting this restaurant and should be added to your list of places to visit.

Beckley’s Founding Father’s Wildwood House Museum

Facade of Wildwood House Museum

Coal town guy at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On weekends throughout the summer months and on special pre-arranged excursions and occasions throughout the year, visitors can visit the historic home of Beckley’s founding father, General Alfred Beckley.

Founded in 1970, the house-turned-museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When General Beckley founded Beckley in 1838, he did so by building a log house on this majestic residence.

The log home became known as “Wildwood” after its builder, symbolizing the mountaineer spirit in its purest form.

“Wildwood,” which has been lovingly restored and is filled with period antiques, many of which were held by the Beckley family, played an important role in early Raleigh County history.

The Wildwood House Museum is available to the public during the summer months, and special tours can be scheduled in advance of the visit.

Visit and Explore the Artworks in Beckley Art Center

In Beckley, West Virginia, a non-profit organization called the Beckley Art Center presents a range of artistic activities and programs.

It was established to inspire local passion for the arts.

The Beckley Arts Center, which has two facilities in the city, exemplifies a steadfast dedication to supporting the arts, nurturing artists, teaching the community about the arts, and providing chances for residents who may lack the resources to push through careers in the arts.

The Beckley Arts Center educates the public through educational programs, including graphic and performing art workshops, while hosting frequent art fairs of artworks by well-known and up-and-coming artisans.

Anyone of any age and abilities are welcome to attend workshops and private courses.

Try Something New at Pasquale’s

The region’s best Italian cuisine has enticed loyal patrons for more than 55 years at Pasquale’s.

Their welcoming and laid-back ambiance have made them a year-round attraction with locals and tourists. They specialize in both intimate meals and group gatherings.

Enjoy a great lunch in one of their cozy formal dining rooms, comfortable sunrooms with televisions, or outside on their terrace.

Everyone will be happy with the restaurants more than fifty menu options, which include different selections of pasta, steaks, seafood, chicken, lamb, squid, pizza, and much more.

Grab a meal at Pasquale’s—lunch or dinner—and they’ll quickly earn a place in your heart.

Get Pumped with Adrenaline at the Axe Hole

The newest activity in Downtown Beckley is urban axe throwing, so forget about bowing evenings and bar hopping and come feel the rush!

Urban axe throwing has become a rapidly popularizing sport all around the globe.

They are the world’s biggest axe-throwing league’s official facility and the area’s top family-friendly axe-throwing range.

A terrific time is ensured, regardless of experience level.

Make your upcoming date night, gathering, bachelor party, or business function thrilling!

Local retailers create the largest portion of their retail goods, food items, and alcoholic drinks.

Join Yoga Sessions at Balanced Life Studio

Balanced Life Studio is a “HOT” meditation and wellness center that provides a wide range of yoga and health counseling classes.

Their main objective is to enlighten clients about the essential meaning of yoga.

The mission of Balanced Life Studio is to educate the public about the benefits of yoga, barre, holistic nutrition, and health counseling for the “mind, body, and spirit.”

They provide a broad selection of classes and expert Yoga training in a safe and supportive learning atmosphere.

They provide classes in Yin & Yang, Power, Devotional, Yoga Sculpt, and many other types of yoga.

Have a Delicious Meal Paired with Drinks at Dobra Zupas

Dobra Zupas was selected as the restaurant’s name in honor of Slovenian ancestry since “dobra zupas” means “excellent soup” in Slovene.

The idea behind the Dobra Zupas brand was to offer high-quality food at reasonable prices, with a continuously changing menu.

The menu includes traditional dishes like Black and Bleu Fillet and Crab Risotto and various options, including Mediterranean Pita Wrap and specialty hamburgers.

Dobra Zupas recently branched out into craft brewing, intending to revive the culinary sector in Southern West Virginia.

Dobra Zupas is bringing its distinctive style to the West Virginia craft beer industry as the city’s first and only craft brewery!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Aerial View at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Zack Frank /

As you explore the rich history of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, you may feel as if you have traveled back in time.

This is one of the many West Virginia attractions, offering everything from intriguing museums and exhibitions to hiking trails and battlefields.

You may wander through the ancient town, which is located within the national park, while taking in the breathtaking scenery, making it excellent for both nature enthusiasts and those interested in the historical aspect of the site.

Historic buildings at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Jon Bilous /

While in Harpers Ferry, you’ll learn about the first-ever successful use of interchangeable manufacturing, John Brown’s fight against slavery, the largest surrender of Federal forces during the Civil War, as well as the education of freed slaves in a pioneering integration school.

This is a trendy location to visit in West Virginia, only a few hours’ drive away from Beckley.

Wirestock Creators /

Jefferson Rock at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Experience the Wilderness at the Monongahela National Forest

View of Monongahela National Forest,

Malachi Jacobs /

Over one-third of the 900,000-acre Monongahela National Forest is located in 200 Sycamore St, Elkins, WV, and is a vast forest area and natural wilderness zone paradise.

Although this is not in Beckley, you may drive for at least an hour to this woodland.

It, too, offers hundreds of miles of trails and back roads for people to explore and enjoy, similar to Seneca Rocks State Park.

Summit Lake at Monongahela National Forest,

Malachi Jacobs /

The Monongahela River provides a range of recreational opportunities, including wilderness camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

There are constructed campsites, picnic areas, and tourism centers scattered throughout the forest.

Visitors may also enjoy scenic views, rural roads, flowing streams, and various plant and animal life.

It may take an hour to get here from Beckley, West Virginia, but the experience will be worth it.

Pathway with perfectly aligned trees on both the sides at Monongahela National Forest

Jon Bilous /

Take Skiing Lessons at the Winterplace Ski Resort

Winterplace Ski Resort is a great option for first-time skiers and riders, while more experienced skiers and riders may use the resort to further their skiing and riding skills or have a good time with friends and family.

Cable cars at Winterplace Ski Resort

digidreamgrafix /

Nine lifts serve 27 slopes, and there’s also a snow tubing park and a night skiing area available.

Additionally, there are more than 90 acres of skiable terrain for skiers of all skill levels, as well as a 3,600-foot peak.

Although this is located at Ghent, West Virginia is just a 20-minute drive from Beckley.

Experience the largest snow tubing park and learn to ski on the 27 mountain routes.

Winter is a blast around here for the whole family!

Have Some Meditation at the Grandview State Park

Aerial View of Grandview State Park

T D Finch /

If you’re looking for a location to relax, go hiking, and take in the beauty all at the same time, Grandview is the place to go.

The Grandview State Park offers views of the New River, where you may rest and unwind while experiencing the spectacular scenery, five hiking routes, a summer outdoor theater, and expansive picnic spaces with playgrounds.

Grandview is also a fantastic spot to visit in the spring to witness the beautiful Catawba rhododendron displays.

Just in case you wish to check them out, the purple Catawba rhododendrons bloom in mid-May, and the massive white rhododendrons bloom in July.

However, because specific bloom periods vary from year to year, it’s best to verify with a ranger at one of their visitor centers.

Go Camping at the Little Beaver State Park

View of Little Beaver State Park

Jay Wiberg /

In addition to being a fantastic camping site for those who like hiking, Little Beaver State Park is also a great place to visit if you are traveling with a group of friends for your next camping trip.

Even though Beaver is not in Beckley, you may still drive there because the distance between the two cities is just 3.28 miles (4.8 kilometers) in the northwest direction and 4.44 miles (6.44 kilometers) if you use the WV 210 road.

It will take you 7 minutes to drive non-stop from Beaver to Beckley.

But it’s not just about the hiking trails, because there are various other activities to do in this park besides just walking about.

Scenic View at Little Beaver State Park

Brian M. Powell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are over 20 miles of trails to explore in the park, as well as an 18-acre lake where fishers can fish all year round.

Paddleboard, kayak, canoe, and paddleboat rentals are offered on a periodical basis in the area.

Aside from that, visitors to Little Beaver Park may enjoy different activities, such as biking, picnics, and camping.

Bridge at  Little Beaver State Park

Jay Wiberg /

Whatever your reason for visiting, whether to enjoy the lake or the surrounding area, you are not required to remain for the day; instead, you may park your RV at one of the spacious campsites and spend as long as you like there.

The contemporary campsite is equipped with a shower building, laundry facilities, and even free Wi-Fi for those who find it difficult to unplug from the outside world.

West Virginia Theatre’s World-Class Performances

The West Virginia Theatre provides a one-of-a-kind experience for those who like to witness theatrical performances in public.

West Virginia Theatre is an outdoor live performance venue dedicated to enhancing the cultural environment of the state and area by providing high-quality professional production and educational outreach opportunities.

Even today, the outdoor theater continues to put on high-quality live acts against the background of the New River Gorge, which adds to the experience.

In addition, the theatre provides acting and surprising lessons for local kids throughout the spring semester.

About the theatre’s website, you may find a comprehensive list of classes, as well as information on forthcoming musicals and performances.

Seneca Rocks State Park’s a Perfect Place for Rock Climbing

Scenic View at Seneca Rocks State Park

Kristi Blokhin /

Standing at the Seneca Rocks State Park parking area, you can view the picturesque Seneca Rocks rising over the Monongahela National Forest.

This park is well renowned for its cliffs, making it an ideal location for rock climbing.

Seneca Rocks State Park features a three-mile hiking route that leads from the parking area to the cliff’s edge.

It is suitable for individuals of all ages due to the hiking route, although many people want to push themselves by climbing.

View at Seneca Rocks State Park

ForestSeasons /

Seneca Rocks are about 1,500 feet tall, with 375 climbing routes on several sides ranging in difficulty.

When you reach the summit, you’ll get panoramic views of the state park’s beautiful green environment.

Rock formations at Seneca Rocks State Park

Adrianne Kurtz /

After climbing the rock, there are a variety of other activities available at the state park.

It’s also a fantastic spot for taking pictures, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and picnics with your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Beckley, West Virginia, has so much to offer, whether you’re traveling with the whole family, friends, or just yourself, including hiking locations, good restaurants, museums, and theatres.

You would not be sorry if you list Beckley, West Virginia, first on your bucket list when deciding where to go on your next vacation.

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