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15 Best Things to Do in Hico, WV

  • Published 2022/08/27

Nestled within Fayette County, Hico is a census-designated place in West Virginia.

It features a wide assortment of cozy cabins in a serene woodland area.

Hico should entertain those who’d like a combination of peace, leisure, and nature.

There are only a few quaint shops and restaurants around the area, but attractions in nearby towns are easy to reach.

This place is a gem for those who want a relaxed, warm experience inside a cabin in the woods.

There’s no need to rush to this secluded destination!

You can enjoy Hico best through a slow, casual exploration.

See this list of the best things to do in Hico, West Virginia, to help you plan your adventure.

Relax in Country Road Cabins

Tucked within a cocoon of trees, Country Road Cabins is a hidden gem for those seeking tranquility and peace of mind.

The venue features an array of cozy, luxurious log cabins amid beautiful nature.

These cabins have modern amenities, including jacuzzis, televisions, functional kitchens, and gas grills.

Whether you want a staycation or venture into nearby adventure parks, these cabins conveniently offer both options.

Along Sunday Road, Country Road Cabins also present an option for a fantastic glamping tent.

Hico has earned renown for its collection of serene wooden cabins.

Visit these cabins and treat yourself to peace!

Ride a Mechanical Bull at Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures–Cowboy Town

Instead of hiking through the woods, try horseback riding for a fun twist!

Montgomery Outdoor Adventures–Cowboy Town offers horseback trail rides along a surreal forest-like path in West Virginia.

Their horses are friendly and well-trained.

You can also practice at the venue’s outdoor stables if you’re not yet ready to traverse the woods.

They also have real-life cowboys, mechanical bulls, and sunset trail rides!

You can have roping lessons, ride a mechanical bull, and learn a few tips on correctly riding a horse.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you can enjoy Montgomery’s Outdoor Adventures–Cowboy Town activities.

Visit this attraction at Midland Trail.

Get a Custom Quilt in Sew Simple Hobbie House

Linda, the owner of Sew Simple Hobbie House, is a local craftsman specializing in sewing and quilting all kinds of fabrics.

You can take home warm, soft quilts as a keepsake of your trip to Hico!

Whether basic patterns or realistic images, Sew Simple Hobbie House can customize the quilts according to your preference.

Otherwise, you can purchase one of their finished products.

They’re all high quality, made from top materials and veteran, skilled hands!

Cotton, fleece, and flannel fabrics compose their most common materials for handmade and machine-made quilts.

Sometimes, Sew Simple Hobbie House also holds classes for making barn quilts and regular quilts.

Don’t forget to buy a custom quilt!

Enjoy a Feast at Dorsey’s Hog Tails

Dorsey’s Hog Tails is one of the town’s old-fashioned dive bars.

It features a rustic atmosphere with dim lights, wooden furnishings, and a few hints of retro decor.

With good food, cold drinks, and a cozy atmosphere, Dorsey’s Hog Tails is a splendid place to dine casually.

This bar and grill also have a few complimentary pool tables.

From time to time, they also bring in live music to lift the mood.

Otherwise, the jukebox often plays and receives all kinds of song requests from guests who drop by the venue.

There are not a lot of establishments in a small place like Hico.

Don’t miss out on hearty grub at Dorsey’s Hog Tails!

Experience Nostalgia at Tuscany Tree House

Tuscany Tree House is one of the venues in Country Log Cabins, but this cool place deserves special mention.

Rising 20 feet above the ground, it’s in a league of its own!

It hosts a warm atmosphere with modern amenities and comfortable furnishings, making it a perfect getaway spot.

Tuscany Tree House is an ode to childhood daydreams of having an incredible, well-equipped treehouse.

There’s a short hanging bridge you can walk through for a briefly thrilling experience.

It also gives a splendid backdrop to the tranquil Appalachian Forest.

With pure nature surrounding the cabin, it’s easy to bask in the feel of nature.

Take a trip down memory lane at the Tuscany Tree House along Sunday Road.

Taste Local Cuisine in Rose’s Hideaway Restaurant

Rose’s Hideaway Restaurant has become a local hangout for small-town Hico.

It’s a bar and restaurant that offers people a mix of good food, terrific drinks, and a bit of entertainment.

With a casual atmosphere, Rose’s Hideaway Restaurant is a great place to relax and unwind.

If you’re feeling friendly, you can also talk to the locals and play a few rounds of pool.

Likewise, classic country tunes often play inside the venue.

This is a quaint establishment that you can quickly visit for a chill night out.

See what the locals love to do at Rose’s Hideaway Restaurant!

Bring the Family to Sweet Retreat

Whether traveling in big groups or as a family, bring them to Sweet Retreat in Hico.

Burrowed within the stunning New River Gorge, this comprehensive retreat venue has all the makings for a fun and comfortable events.

With four bedrooms and 12 beds, Sweet Retreat can accommodate up to 18 people.

It also has valuable amenities like its bubbling hot tub, fully stocked kitchen, BBQ grills, and a stone fireplace.

The place is also pet-friendly!

You can celebrate significant events or schedule a unique retreat for the whole family in Sweet Retreat.

Along Mallard Road, Sweet Retreat is a charming space with lots to offer visitors and guests.

Unwind in Hemlock Haven Luxury Cabins

Indeed, there’s no shortage of luxury cabin retreats in Hico.

Hemlock Haven Luxury Cabins is another premium retreat venue close to famous attractions such as the New River Gorge National Park and Summersville Lake.

Nestled along Mallard Road, their cabins feature neat amenities like air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi, and high-definition televisions.

Outdoors, Hemlock Haven Luxury Cabins have fire pits and private outdoor hot tubs per cabin.

Rest assured that you’ll get a secluded place since each cabin sits several acres away from each other.

It’s perfect when you need a short break from the noise of cities!

You can also bring your pets because the accommodation has a pet-friendly policy.

Reserve a date at Hemlock Haven Luxury Cabins!

Try a New Look with AmeRican Cutz

Why not try getting a haircut from a local shop when traveling somewhere new?

AmeRican Cutz is a small establishment made possible through the efforts of one man.

As a barbershop, AmeRican Cutz focuses mainly on men’s haircuts, cutting and changing hair to suit the customer’s preference.

Likewise, the owner gives excellent service and fresh hot towels to provide relaxation for customers.

Anyone can book a schedule for this barbershop and get a fantastic cut for the new season.

Drop by this barbershop at Dotson Ridge Road.

Make a Pitstop at New River Exxon

If you need anything, New River Exxon is a one-stop destination for groceries, hygiene products, and other supplies.

At Jack Smith Road, this gas station provides access to necessities, refreshments, and some ready-to-eat meals.

Their deli carries many breakfast fixings, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

The deli begins to cook only after your order so that you can expect fresh nourishment from New River Exxon.

You can also try homemade pastries and savor them at the large community table inside New River Exxon.

It’s an excellent place to check out and get some gas before exploring the town!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Walk the Endless Wall Trail

Scenic view of the Endless Wall Trail

Sean Pavone /

The Endless Wall Trail is a fantastic piece of the natural environment.

It’s near Canyon Rim Visitor Center, eight minutes from Hico.

This 2.4-mile trail passes through beautiful sceneries from above—lush forests, creeks, and the famous New River.

There’s also a cliffside path, so be careful once you’re in the delicate area.

View of new river gorge from Endless Wall Trail

Sean Pavone /

If you’re worried about the terrain’s difficulty, the Endless Wall Trail features easy to moderate paths that hikers of all levels can enjoy!

You can take a casual hike, enjoy the sweeping views, and bask in pure nature.

The Endless Wall Trail is a staple destination for nature enthusiasts!

A cliff at Endless Wall Trail

Gottography /

Ride the Waves at New & Gauley River Adventures

New & Gauley River Adventures presents loads of dynamic, fun opportunities in Lansing, West Virginia.

Located seven minutes from Hico, this destination sets you on a white rafting venture along the rivers of West Virginia.

The best part is that there are varying levels so anyone can enjoy the adventure according to their tastes.

Families with children, for example, can go on the simple routes, while thrill-seekers can take on the more challenging pathways.

With rapid tides and shifting currents, the more challenging routes are perfect for excitement-seekers!

Aside from water recreation, New & Gauley River Adventures offer horseback riding, biking, fishing, and more.

Enjoy a bunch of memorable experiences with the help of this small, family-owned company.

Don’t miss out on the fun activities!

Take a Tour at the New River Gorge Bridge Walk

Taking in the sights at New River Gorge Bridge Walk is a memorable experience.

This bridge features 24 inches of masterful railings, intricately structured with sturdy iron to remain standing for a long time.

They hold three-hour guided tours with variations like sunset watch, moonrise, and the standard packages.

Likewise, they will fasten you securely to the safety cable, so don’t worry if you’re not too sure about heights or balancing.

Along the way, you’ll see gorgeous views of the surrounding nature—the river, the skies, and the forests.

It’s a thrilling experience that you must try at least once in your lifetime!

New River Gorge Bridge Walk is also in Lansing, about six minutes from Hico.

Whether you’re scared or not, give it a shot!

Shop for Souvenirs in Studio B

Studio B combines a selection of fun products into a single destination.

Located in Fayetteville, West Virginia, this studio is the perfect place to buy gifts and souvenirs of all kinds.

Studio B has a distinct collection of locally made items, from unique paintings to necklaces and bracelets.

They also have a decent selection of wines and gourmet cheeses that pair well.

Aside from that, they offer a praiseworthy craft beer selection.

You can find more than 20 types of craft beer in Studio B, coming from breweries across the region.

Support this quaint shop, just eight minutes from Hico.

Admire the Art in Love Hope Center for the Arts

Love Hope Center for the Arts showcases the beauty of the arts.

It’s inside a cozy, minimalist gallery with a white color scheme that creates a beautiful contrast to the vibrant paintings.

The non-profit organization that started the center aimed to foster arts and culture in central Appalachia.

You can find paintings, photographs, and knitted artworks scattered around the gallery’s walls.

They also host open mic events to highlight the performing arts.

Likewise, the center encourages guests to bring poems, songs, jokes, or anything they want to say to entertain the public.

If you’d like to see local art, find this arts venue in Fayetteville, about ten minutes from Hico.

Final Thoughts

Hico is a remote destination most known for many luxury wooden cabins and a few quaint local establishments.

This place gives visitors a vacation centered on peace, nature, and relaxation.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Hico!

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