20 Best Things to Do in Fayetteville, WV

Fayetteville, WV
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If there’s one thing you should know about Fayetteville, West Virginia, it’s that this place is one of the “Coolest Small Towns in America.”

Here are a few reasons why.

First, its nearness to the New River Gorge offers travelers many nature activities.

You can also visit several historical landmarks in town or spend the day relaxing at the beautiful parks.

You can also sate your hunger at the countless fine restaurants open in town.

Since it’s close to the New River Gorge, Fayetteville boasts limitless outdoor recreation opportunities.

If you’re itching for rugged adventure, this small town is proud to have America’s best rivers for whitewater rafting.

Fayetteville also offers a few of the best climbing and hiking routes in the entire country.

Do you want to know more about Fayetteville, WV? Check out this list below.

Take the Walk of Your Life With the New River Gorge Bridge Walk

View of New River Gorge Bridge
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Besides being a historic site, the New Gorge Bridge used to be the world’s longest single-arch bridge.

The bridge’s arch spans 1,700 feet, and it has held the title for 26 years.

Today, it’s the fifth.

Crossing this bridge high above the gorge should still be a thrilling challenge you shouldn’t pass up.

View of New River Gorge Bridge
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The Bridge Walk tour provides guided tours on the bridge that last for two to three hours.

During the tour, you’ll step onto a 24-inch-wide catwalk with rails on both sides.

From there, you’ll cross the whole bridge’s 3,030-foot length, standing thousands of feet above sea level.

View of New River Gorge Bridge
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Don’t worry, though, because the staff will tie you to a safety cable so that you won’t fall.

This tour also gives plenty of time to stop and take photos, so take all the worry from your mind and snap away.

Start the Bridge Walk at Fayette Mine Rd & U.S. Route 19, Fayetteville, WV.

Revisit History at the Kaymoor Miners Trail

This hiking trail provides you with gorgeous views and teaches you about the county’s history.

When you take this trail, you’ll eventually arrive at an abandoned coal mine called Kaymoor, one of many coal mines around the New River Gorge.

Follow the trail until you see the telltale remnants of an old mine, such as wooden structures and long tunnels.

Take all the time and the photos you need.

Soon enough, you’ll go down a steep wooden staircase, so watch your step.

This staircase will lead you toward the mining town of Kaymoor, sitting on the banks of the New River.

You’ll find what remains of the coal processing oven and the community center standing there.

Try Craft Beer at Bridge Brew Works

The “Coolest Small Town in America” should also have a terrific brewery.

It’s only right for cool people to drink cool beer, after all.

So, when you go to Fayetteville, drop by the Bridge Brew Works and have some of their delicious, locally brewed craft beer.

Inside the small brewery, you’ll find several unique craft beers.

You might not expect to see a Belgian-style beer in West Virginia, but Bridge Brew sells it.

The brewery sells beers available throughout the year, although they also sell seasonal ones.

Depending on the season, you can have their Kolsch-style beer or their big Barleywine.

Visit Bridge Brew Works at 335 Nick Rahall Greenway, Fayetteville, WV, 25840.

Celebrate Bridge Day at the New River Gorge Bridge

Scenic view of New River Gorge Bridge
Steve Heap / Shutterstock.com

The New River Gorge Bridge is one of Fayetteville’s historic landmarks and the venue for the county’s biggest celebration of the year.

In 1977, the county completed the bridge and shortened a 40-minute trip across mountains into less than a minute.

Until 2013, this bridge ferried passengers before the National Parks Service named it into the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, the New Gorge Bridge is known for “Bridge Day.”

Fayette County celebrates this event every third Saturday of October, where they open the bridge to everybody.

You can go there to eat all the delicious food, enjoy the stunning bridge view, or buy stuff from arts and crafts stalls.

However, the highlight of “Bridge Day” is the BASE jumping and rappelling events.

These two alone make “Bridge Day” one of the biggest extreme sports events in the world.

The New River Gorge Bridge is at U.S. Route 19, north of Fayetteville, WV.

Brave the Rapids With Cantrell Ultimate Rafting

Fayetteville is known for whitewater rafting, which is always a fun experience to try for beginners and veterans alike.

Once you finally bite the bullet and decide to try it, you can go to Cantrell Ultimate Rafting and book a day tour.

They will help you make the most out of your Fayetteville excursion.

Notably, the company offers day tours that everyone of all skill levels can do.

So, you don’t need to worry if you’re a complete amateur.

The experienced staff will guide, coach, and supervise your paddling from the start to the end of the trip.

Bring your friends or family and take the ride of your life!

Visit Cantrell Ultimate Rafting at 49 Cantrell Drive, Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Relive Movie History at the Historic Fayette Theater

The “Coolest Small Town in America” is home to several historical sites, like the Historic Fayette Theater.

This building is unique because it’s one of the few Depression-era movie theaters in West Virginia that still operates.

In 1937, the town built the theater to the delight of its citizens.

Even today, you can still see the original film projectors, which they used until the 1960s.

After renovations in 1992, the theater became good as new.

You can see paintings and artwork that portray how people lived during the 1930s.

Every year, the theater also stages ten performances, which are open to the public.

Visit the Historic Fayette Theater at 115 S Court St., Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Take a Long Hike Along the Long Point Trail

View of  Long Point Trail
Brandon Gage / Shutterstock.com

Just a short drive from downtown Fayetteville lies the Long Point Trail, one of the most popular hiking trails in the country.

It gets its fame because the trail ends with an unforgettable view of the New Gorge Bridge.

Seeing the faraway bridge in all its glory will make the three-mile hike worth the trouble.

Since the trail is very popular, you won’t be alone there.

View of  Long Point Trail
Brandon Gage / Shutterstock.com

Despite the crowd, though, you’ll never run out of Instagrammable scenery, even when you’re still far from the end.

Just be careful because the trail has a good number of 50-foot drops, and people have already fallen there before.

The Long Point Trail starts off Gatewood Road, about two miles from downtown Fayetteville.

Plants in Long Point Trail
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Try More Craft Beer at The Freefolk Brewery

Besides the Bridge Brew Works, you can also visit The Freefolk Brewery to satisfy your craft beer cravings.

The co-founders, Jeff Edwards and Jamie Lester, established the brewery to create stylish beers to celebrate the unique culture of West Virginia.

The brewery offers a diverse selection of delicious beer for everyone’s tastes.

Among the entries are IPAs, Wheat Beers, and Stouts.

You can also order some snacks to pair with your chosen drink.

So, no matter which brewery you choose, you can cap off a busy day of touring with an ice-cold mug of craft beer.

Visit The Freefolk Brewery at 1690 Court St., Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Test Your Team-Building Skills at the Escape-A-Torium Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have recently become trendy everywhere in the States, and Fayetteville is no exception.

Your bet for an hour’s thrill in town is the Escape-A-Torium rooms, which test your ability to work together with companions.

So, if you’re running out of ideas for a corporate team-building activity, look no further than the Escape-A-Torium.

Each escape room fits the theme of every game.

For example, since the “Mothman” game happens inside an abandoned coal mine, they also made the room itself look like one.

You’ll get a similarly immersive experience in the other games, like the “Secret Bunker” or “The Feud.”

Visit the Escape-A-Torium at 151 N Court St., Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Ride the Wind at Equestrian Adventures

There are many ways you can explore the New River Gorge.

For example, you can follow the rivers through whitewater rafting or ride your mountain bikes on the trails.

You can even drive an ATV down rough roads or simply hike.

However, you might want to try horseback riding in Fayetteville.

For your horseback riding needs, head over to Equestrian Adventures and book the tour you want.

With over 25 years of experience around the New River Gorge Area, the company will provide horses and access to more than 3,000 acres of riding trails.

These trails also follow the rim of the New River Gorge National Park.

Visit Equestrian Adventures at 37 Cunard Rd, Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Of course, your Fayetteville isn’t complete without grabbing souvenirs for family and friends.

Head over to Studio B Gallery and Gifts and browse among their full selections of art, wine, cheese, and other souvenir items.

If you fancy supporting local artists, you may browse the gallery for the painting that speaks to you.

Otherwise, you’ll never go wrong with fine wine and good cheese.

They offer white wine and blue cheese, for example.

Likewise, you can also bring home craft beer like Flying Fish or New Belgium.

Visit Studio B Gallery and Gifts at 309 Keller Avenue, Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Go Camping at the Arrowhead Bike Farm

The Arrowhead Bike Farm is a bike rental service that also offers a campground and dining spaces.

Its versatility has allowed Arrowhead to become Fayetteville’s prime meeting point for adventurers around New River Gorge.

For instance, you can enjoy a nice meal outdoors at The Handle Bar, which also offers a nice craft beer menu.

After biking all day, a mug of cold beer should hit the spot.

Likewise, Arrowhead also hosts a campsite near its trail system and the Long Point Trail.

So, you can simply bike or hike to return to your campsite from New River Gorge or vice versa.

Visit the Arrowhead Bike Farm at 8263 Gatewood Rd, Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Learn Local History at the Brooklyn Ruins

Besides the Kaymoor Mines, you can also visit the Brooklyn Ruins, located a few ways off the Cunard River Access Area.

It’s also easy to reach, which means you don’t have to hike a long time to get there.

Brooklyn used to be a mining town, though nothing much remains of it today.

You can see what’s left of a building foundation and a coal tipple.

From the mine itself, this tipple ferried coal down to the New River.

The ruins also include a company store and remnants of the houses in the old neighborhood.

During the 1890s, the town of Brooklyn formed around the same-named coal mine.

The Brooklyn mining camp kept operating in the New River Area until the 1950s, when it closed permanently.

Visit the Brooklyn Ruins at 1534 Cunard River Access, Fayetteville, WV 25840.

Experience Zen in Style at New River Yoga Studio

Situated in the heart of Fayetteville, you will find New River Yoga.

Formerly known as Kula Yoga Studio, New River Yoga has served the community with yoga classes and seminars for quite some time.

Candace, the owner, and other instructors will help you get the best out of your yoga experience.

No matter where you are in your yogic path, it has a class for you.

One of its unique offerings is Yoga on the Gorge.

It runs from May through October and takes the scenic decks of Adventures on the Gorge, overlooking the bridge and New River.

Feel the sun caressing your face, the wind breezing through your shoulders, the birds singing the most beautiful song, and the river running gently by your ears.

Go Antique-Hunting at New River Antique Mall

New River Antique Mall features over 25 stalls offering one-of-a-kind items.

Victorian furniture, early primitives, glassware, antique and modern dolls, pottery, crocks, toys, comics, postcards, books, records, coins, Longaberger, coal mining, quilts, sports collectibles, authentic military items, and vintage jewelry are just some of the many unique collectibles and antiques available.

The various sections are adequately separated to make perusing a pleasure.

Unlike many similar antique malls, this one is not a hot mess of chaos and crowding.

The proprietor is also quite personable and knowledgeable about the area's history.

Shop for local artwork, presents, and more at Studio B.

It has carefully curated a selection of the region's most exciting artifacts so that you may take a little bit of southern West Virginia home with you.

You may find every wine and cheese imaginable on its racks.

It boasts the most incredible assortment of wines, cheeses, and meats in the area, whether you prefer red or white wine, Asiago, or bleu cheese.

The diversity of West Virginia's craft beer brewers is quickly becoming a selling point for the state.

Also available are popular brands such as New Belgium, Flying Fish, Voodoo Ranger, and many more.

Stop by the Studio and put together your regional favorites.

Buy Souvenirs from Lost Appalachia Trading Co.

The wolf on Lost Appalachia Trading Company's logo represents the region's disappearing fauna, villages and traditions, and the reclaiming forest.

The song encourages one to experience the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains for oneself.

It has a fantastic assortment of wall art, shirts with West Virginia and nature-themed graphics, caps, mugs, water bottles, and more.

It's not a huge store, and browsing it won't take long, but the products are all attractive, and the staff is friendly.

Visit this shop to pick up some souvenirs to help you remember your time in the region.

Admire the Splendor of Cathedral Café

Cathedral Cafe, located in Fayetteville's downtown historic area, is one of the unique places in Fayetteville.

It serves homemade meals created with local and sustainable ingredients, in addition to a smoothie, juice bar, gourmet coffees, and local beers.

A converted church that goes back more than a century houses this ultra-contemporary restaurant.

Enjoy delicious meals and a friendly community spirit as you bask in the tranquil light of stained glass windows.

At the same time, bookcases and artwork decorate the walls.

There is something for everyone, from the excellent coffee to the delicious handmade soups, entrées, and desserts.

Don't forget to order the best-in-class carrot cake for your lunch!

There's no excuse not to stop by this trendy cafe with its sunny patio and alternatives for those on vegan and gluten-free diets.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Blow Your Mind at the Mystery Hole

View of Mystery Hole
James McCauley from Enon, OH, United States of America, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just 16 minutes from downtown Fayetteville lies the puzzling Mystery Hole.

You’ll find this hole in Ansted, where it has baffled visitors for decades.

In 1973, Donald Wilson found the Mystery Hole and opened it to the public after experiencing its magic.

After closing down in 1996, the Mystery Hole reopened under the ownership of Will and Sandra Morrison.

If you want to find out what the Mystery Hole is all about, you’ll need to enter it yourself.

However, you might see the laws of gravity broken like twigs.

For instance, you might see a ball that rolls uphill.

You might also see a person sitting on a chair perfectly balanced on a wall.

Most importantly, the Mystery Hole is a reminder of a bygone time in American history.

The place evokes memories of families going on annual road trips and visiting quirky roadside attractions.

Visit the Mystery Hole at US Hwy 60, Ansted, WV.

Remember a Legend at the Hank Williams Death Monument

If you’re a fan of American country music, you need to drive 10 minutes from Fayetteville to see Oak Hill's Hank Williams Death Monument.

It marks the spot where they found the country music legend dead in the backseat of his baby blue Cadillac while his driver stopped for gas and food.

When Williams died, he was traveling from Alabama to Ohio to play a New Year’s show.

His driver hadn’t noticed that he died, presumably from an accidental overdose of morphine and whiskey.

You can find the marker in front of the Oak Hill library near the Pure Oil gas station where Williams died.

Stop by the Hank Williams Death Monument at 611 Main St. W, Oak Hill, WV.

Final Thoughts

Fayetteville, WV has earned the label of the “Coolest Small Town in America” because there are many things you can see and do there.

You’ll never run out of trails to hike, sights to see, or even beers to drink.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get away from the buzz of city life, and go to Fayetteville today!

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