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15 Best Things to Do in Falling Waters, WV

  • Published 2022/09/15

Like how it goes in John Denver’s song, “almost heaven” is the way to describe West Virginia.

In the easternmost parts of the state, you’ll find many quaint towns along the Potomac River.

One of these is the humble community of Falling Waters.

It’s an integral part of American history.

As described in an 1887 article in Scientific American, the first railroad in the U.S. was built in Falling Waters in 1814.

Moreover, the area holds stories from the Civil War, with remnants still standing centuries later.

If you plan to visit this humble community, consider these best things to do in Falling Waters, West Virginia!

Learn a Piece of History at the Maidstone-On-The-Potomac

Exterior of the Maidstone-On-The-Potomac

Acroterion, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The town of Falling Waters has a lot of historical monuments that go back to the days of the first US President.

One of these is the Maidstone-on-the-Potomac, a house and farm on Temple Drive.

It was home to the Watkins Ferry on the Potomac, operated by Evan Watkins in 1741.

The story goes that these ferries were used by George Washington back in the day.

Since its construction, it has been passed down through different owners and expanded upon its function to accommodate the increasing population.

Though it wasn’t the base of operations for the ferry operations in the early days of the US, the contributions of the people linked to the building in American history made this house their legacy.

Greet West Virginia through the Interstate-81 Southbound Welcome Center

If you’re planning to cross the US from the east to the west, the first entry on the list welcomes you to West Virginia.

Located in Falling Waters, the Interstate-81 (I-81) Southbound Welcome Center is staffed by people with the know-how of what West Virginia offers.

The center opens daily, and the staff is kind enough to offer you free highway maps, travel guides, and brochures.

Owning these items will help you plan the rest of your travels or pick up your interest in exploring the area.

In addition to the friendly staff, the establishment provides amenities that travelers along Interstate-81 will appreciate.

Stop by and update your social media status with their free WiFi, or take a break and enjoy their pavilion, walking trail, rain garden, and more.

Don’t forget to stock up on food items with their vending machine, and don’t forget to make use of their geocaches.

Spots like the Interstate-81 Southbound Welcome Center make Falling Waters a gateway to West Virginia.

Know the Town’s Namesake at the Falling Waters Waterfall

If you’re wondering where the town’s name came from, you’ll have to thank a waterfall for that.

The Falling Waters Waterfall can be found by diverging onto Route 11 from Williamsport Pike.

This 15 ft. high natural feature is draped with emerald moss and green grass on both sides, which makes it a scenic tourist attraction.

That peaceful imagery wasn’t always there, though.

On July 2, 1861, the Falling Waters Waterfall witnessed one of many skirmishes of the Civil War.

The “Battle of Falling Waters” occurred as Union troops under General Robert Patterson crossed the Potomac River nearby.

Historical markers in the area will give you more details about the battle and historical figures.

When you’re there, you should try going to the base of the waterfalls.

The path downwards is steep, so it’s best to plan your visit when it isn’t raining or snowing.

Buy the Fresh Harvests of Kitchen’s Orchard and Farm Market

If you want to try what the soil of Falling Waters grows, check out Kitchen’s Orchard and Farm Market.

This locally-owned establishment started operating in 1956, and you’ll easily spot them since they have a road named after them.

Whether blueberries, cantaloupe, purple onions, or white potatoes, Falling Water’s only locally owned or operated orchard and farm market has it all.

The orchard boasts more than 150 acres of land meant to grow apples, peaches, nectarines, and other fruit-bearing trees.

The fruits and vegetables grown by the orchard are available for purchase at its market farm.

Likewise, the establishment promises that the produce is fresh and fit for whatever season you’re visiting.

The spot is open to visitors from Mondays to Saturdays.

Enjoy the Serene Environment of Jim’s Riverside Park

The Potomac River borders Falling Waters from nearby Maryland. Because of this, you’ll find many establishments along the river.

Jim’s Riverside Park is a family-oriented park along Nozzle Drive, and it’s known more for its serene environment.

The spot is a good camping site with very reasonable monthly and seasonal rates.

Because it’s beside the Potomac, it’s best to bring your river kayaking gear and start rowing from this location.

One downside to Jim’s Riverside Park is that it has no amenities to entertain the children.

So you might want to reconsider bringing the kids to the park.

What you might consider, though, is bringing your kids in the summer, when camping activities make use of the park to engage the campers.

Grab an RV for Your Trip at Wagner’s Outdoor Express RV

Having an RV is a good option if you don’t like staying in inns or hotels but enjoy the outdoors when you sleep.

At Recreation Lane, you’ll find Wagner’s Outdoor Express RV.

This store specializes in offering you a diverse selection of RVs.

But if you already own one, stop by this specialty store to check on your RV.

The store offers parts, so if you need components to fix or upgrade your vehicle, Wagner’s knowledgeable and friendly staff can assist.

Whether travel trailers, toy haulers, or tent trailers, Wagner’s Outdoor Express RV respects your choices.

Stay the Night at Leatherman’s Falling Waters Campsite

RV owners will be glad to stay the night over at Leatherman’s Falling Waters Campsite.

This is a family-owned establishment that’s been operating since 1962.

The peaceful space also has 20-, 30-, and 50-amps of power available in all its RV sites with cable TV and complimentary WiFi amenities.

Moreover, Leatherman’s Falling Waters Campsite has this “Call Ahead Camping” system where if you call them within 24 hours of your expected arrival time, they’ll provide you with an available campsite.

If you pass the night on the camping ground, you can set up a tent in a shady area near a stream.

Park Your Ride at River Bend RV Park

Follow Vineyard Road, and you’ll find this spot towards a striking peninsula on the Potomac.

River Bend RV Park is a 400-acre expansive camping resort that provides seasonal activities for members and their guests.

Because of its scenic location, the River Bend RV Park members enjoy amazing views and wildlife and easy access to the Potomac River. This makes swimming and kayaking in the Upper Potomac a particular pastime for members.

If that’s not your cup of tea, the park also has trails, mini-golf, tennis, and basketball areas.

Though the entry is a bit exclusive, the added security allows it to maintain its facilities.

You can try to become a member of the park to experience its amenities.

Paddle along the Upper Potomac River

The Potomac River begins in West Virginia and flows along the continent until it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

While there are more cruises and charters down the river, the river’s source is good for swimming and kayaking.

Jim’s Waterside Park was mentioned before as an entry point to the river, but you’re free to wade and paddle through the Potomac from most parts of Falling Waters.

Some islets pop up from the Potomac River that you’ll access from Falling Waters.

One is Duck Island, which is known for its wild birds.

If you enjoy birdwatching and photography, this is one of the many islets around these parts of the Potomac.

Be careful, though; some snakes prey on wild bird eggs.

Stock up at the Food Lion

You’ll find Falling Waters’ Food Lion store branch along Worchester Drive.

Food Lion is a regional store chain that serves ten states across the US.

From grocery items to over-the-counter medicine and supplies, it’s always good to have these on hand on your trip in case of emergencies.

Food Lion is open daily, but their pharmacy only operates from Monday to Saturday.

Each Food Lion store varies its offerings per state. At their Falling Waters branch, you’ll find a Hispanic Assortment section.

So whether it’s common everyday items you’re looking for, stock up on essentials at Food Lion.

Light up Your Life with Pyro Dudes Fireworks

Because of the town’s contribution to American heritage and history, it’s no surprise that the 4th of July is a special occasion for the city.

Fireworks are always associated with the celebration, and the town’s Pyro Dudes Fireworks provide a wide array of firecrackers to celebrate the occasion.

From Thursdays to Sundays, check out their store on Williamsport Pike.

This family-owned and operated shop provides a warm welcome that’ll light you up with a spark in your eyes.

The different items in Pyro Dudes Fireworks can be used for other occasions, whether sparklers or explosive ones.

Grab a Meal over at Twistedoughs

Bring your appetite over to Vineyard Road. There, you’ll find a small but unique bakery.

Twistedoughs started operating in 2018, but this small bakery has captured the taste buds of the locals.

You might want to consider going to them for breakfast and lunch. They offer baked meals along with beverages and frozen treats.

While you’re there, check out their signature dishes, which range from baked rolls to pretzels and biscuits.

You’ll be able to line up for their dishes every Friday to Sunday. Be alert, though; their baked goods quickly sell out.

Join the Annual Street Dreams Car Show

This one’s a new attraction in town.

The Annual Street Dreams Car Show just started its first year in 2022.

This open car show is hosted by private individuals and takes place in Broad Lane.

If you’re a car enthusiast, join in the fun, as spectators can also participate in judging the entries.

Various vehicles join in on the fun: mini trucks, 4×4 motorcycles, jeeps, and vans.

If you think you’re good at judging the best car builds, then this event’s totally for you.

Chill Out at the Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center

At the point where Interstate-70 and Interstate-81 cross, you’ll find the Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center.

This establishment offers visitors a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Because this is part of the Christian Retreats Network, there’s a chapel in the area to allow you some moments for prayers and rest.

The Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center offers different packages that make planning more accessible and affordable to your budget.

These packages are geared toward a retreat experience, including lodging, food, meetings, and recreation.

You can also drop a call to the staff and send in your plans.

This’ll allow the team to learn what you’d like to do with the space.

Carry Home Some of Germ’s MetalWorks

Last on the list is the carefully-produced handiwork by Germ Logan.

Germ’s MetalWorks produces artistic (but still usable) knives, axes, tools, and beyond.

If it’s metal, expect to see Logan’s magic on the item.

His decorative take on metal might make you think of him as a dwarf from the Lord of the Rings who forges items using the flames of Mordor.

Check out Germ’s MetalWorks portfolio, where he showcases his art. They also sell merchandise in their online shop.

Final Thoughts

The town has witnessed many events and houses many monuments that are enduring testaments to American history.

Falling Waters’ history may be painted with war and strife, but those conflicts and struggles helped establish the serene and quiet atmosphere it has in the present.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Falling Waters!

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