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15 Best Things to Do in Hedgesville, WV

  • Published 2022/09/21

Hedgesville is a quaint town in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

A trading village called “Skinners Gap” used to thrive where the town currently stands.

Likewise, historians believe that the Tuscarora people used to live there before the Europeans arrived in the 18th century.

A limestone spring with a pleasant water temperature served as the town’s rendezvous.

Incorporated in 1854, this town spans 0.13 square miles.

As small as it sounds, big adventures await everyone visiting the town.

Here are the best things to do in Hedgesville, West Virginia:

Gear Up at Shadow Hawk Defense

Visit Shadow Hawk Defense and improve your stance while using firearms.

You can find this shooting range along Apple Harvest Drive.

Shadow Hawk Defense offers various training courses for recreational, competitive, and professional shooters.

This spot once served the needs of security personnel and contractors.

Due to public demand, though, it opened its doors to everyone as a training facility.

It has two 50-yard covered ranges and two 200-yard outdoor ranges for training grounds.

You can also attend classes for defensive tactics inside its climate-controlled classrooms.

It provides simulated pistols and rifles to visitors, along with belt-fed firearms.

Likewise, join its 3-D archery course and focus on improving your accuracy when aiming at targets.

Their experienced instructors aim to help people to become responsible firearms owners.

Grab Snacks at Philly Cheese Steak Plus

Don’t miss out on the delectable food choices at Philly Cheese Steak Plus.

Head to Hedgesville Road to reach this restaurant and try its meals.

Philly Cheese Steak Plus started serving people in 1993.

This spot gets its Amoroso bread from Philadelphia and fresh produce from its garden.

Choose among its wide array of pizzas and add your preferred toppings to every slice.

It also serves appetizers, soups, and salads for those who want a quick meal.

Even if you can’t stay long, getting something to eat from its menu is always worth the time.

Order Sweets from Keshia’s Kakes

Grab your towering wedding cake at Keshia’s Kakes in Hedgesville, among other baked delights.

You can find this couture bakery along Sill Drive.

In 2005, Keshia Schoenadel founded the store and continued to run it.

She graduated from culinary school, cultivating her love for pastries and sweets.

Her creativity pushed her to start Keshia’s Kakes, which offers cakes with elements of fashion.

After over a decade, guests have gushed over her cakes, such as her buttercream and fondant cakes.

The bakery also offers ten cake flavors and nine frosting options for the discerning palate.

Likewise, you can get fruit fillings and gluten-free and vegan options upon request.

Why not try a customized two-tier cake for your next birthday or baby shower?

You can even enjoy their cakes on ordinary days.

Grab their chocolate-dipped pretzels, cake pops, or cinnamon rolls!

Shop at Back Creek Bend Farm

For your daily supply of meat and poultry, drop by the Back Creek Bend Farm.

Along Hedgesville Road, you can come to cross this family-owned farm.

Back Creek Bend Farm opened its doors to the local community in 1868.

It aims to be the town’s primary source of meat products through sustainable practices.

It guarantees that their livestock is free from any harmful chemical or hormone.

Since 2003, the farm has only used a single topical antibiotic to aid pink eye cases.

Likewise, it offers fresh and healthy grass-fed beef in different cuts in pieces or bulk.

You can also shop for chicken and pork meat at Back Creek Bend Farm.

Moreover, you can find ample firewood at the farm.

Shop for Souvenirs at Blue Goose Pottery

You’ll love Blue Goose Pottery along Hedgesville Road if you love ornaments.

After retiring from her day job in 2016, Sherry Harper founded Blue Goose Pottery.

Growing up on a small farm, Harper has cultivated an abiding interest in homegrown stuff.

Thanks to night classes, she discovered pottery, which she realized was the craft for her.

The Blue Goose Pottery specializes in stoneware pottery, which Sherry makes herself in the studio on their family farm.

Her pottery comes in various designs and forms, including vases, flower pots, beer mugs, and the like.

You can also shop for kitchenware like spoons and ring holders.

Roam the Rooted Sparrow Farm

Drop by Rooted Sparrow Farm and see a breed of cattle that originated from England.

This farm sits across the Blue Ridge Mountains, with 23,000 acres of open pasture.

The history of Rooted Sparrow Farm dates back to 2019.

Shawn and Lauren Miller raised and sold miniature Hereford cattle for their livelihood.

In 2021, they established the farm as a spot where locals can buy livestock.

Besides its famous cattle, the farm sells fresh eggs and homemade apple butter.

For those tending farm animals, you can also get your stock of mixed-grass hay at Rooted Sparrow Farm.

Around the spot, you can see bulls, cows, and heifers, which you can also buy.

Enjoy the Fine Dining Experience at La Cocina

If you want a taste of authentic Latin cuisine, then you have to dine at La Cocina.

You can choose among its wide array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

It serves pupusas, aguas frescas, and horchata, which invite you to take a bite of Latin America’s pride.

For starters, you can also order American meals that are as tasteful as its other main courses.

With La Cocina’s fresh ingredients and soothing ambiance, a fine dining experience awaits every diner.

Drive along Hedgesville Road if you want to visit this Salvadoran restaurant.

Feel the Action at Tomahawk MX

For motocross riders, Tomahawk MX owns the best racetrack around town.

Head out to Tomahawk Road and experience an action-filled adventure with other riders.

Tomahawk MX offers its leading, supercross, and kids tracks to accommodate riders of all ages.

Its three-mile trail hosts various motocross competitions.

Tomahawk MX also permits practice sessions on the tracks within its 110-acre premises.

It also has enough space for RV camping–you can bring your own or rent one of its hookup spaces.

Since the facility values security, bring safety gear during your visit.

Reconnect with Nature at Stauffer’s Marsh Preserve

Don’t miss a trip to Stauffer’s Marsh Nature Preserve while visiting Hedgesville.

With over 46 acres of wetland, this serves as a sanctuary for waterfowl flocking around the spot.

In 1754, this property belonged to the 882-acre tract of Abraham Haines from New Jersey.

Unfortunately, the original owner failed to maintain the condition of the land.

After changing owners through the years, Stauffer and Elinor Miller bought the land in the 1990s.

They turned it into a private nature reserve, sparking interest from visitors for years.

In 2011, the couple donated the area to the Potomac Valley Audubon Society.

In turn, the USDA led the restoration of the property through its Wetland Reserve Program.

Today, guests of Stauffer’s Marsh Nature Preserve can enjoy observing waterfowl in front of a pond.

According to the records, people have observed over 167 bird species on the preserve.

With several vernal ponds around, this area is a thriving wildlife habitat.

You can also complete your trip by sharing a meal with others at the designated picnic spot in the preserve.

Drive along Back Creek Valley Road to experience this adventure you won’t forget.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area

Landscape of Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area

Antepenultimate, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along Berkeley Springs, you can find the amusing Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area.

From Hedgesville, you only need a 27-minute drive to reach this place.

Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area extends to over 22,928 acres.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources facilitates this wildlife sanctuary.

You can hike and watch birds around the spot with deep mountain ridges and oak pines.

Licensed visitors can hunt wildlife like white-tailed deer and turkeys in the area.

Likewise, Sleepy Creek Lake spans 205 acres, an excellent spot for fishing crappie and bluegill.

It also offers 75 campsites for guests who want to spend their night out with nature.

Relax at Sleepy Creek Spa

Visit Sleepy Creek Spa and release all the stress inside you.

You may check this relaxation spot out along the Wood Roads.

This spa is one of the Woods’ amenities occupying over 1,800 acres.

Its current location used to house an apple orchard by the Back Creek Valley Orchard Co. in the early 1900s.

Paul Planchon, its founder and retired historian, loved preserving local history.

He chose to build the facility next to the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area, hence the name.

Sleepy Creek Spa offers 50-minute facial treatments.

An express menu with 25-minute services also awaits those who can’t stay long.

You can also choose among its hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and stone massage options.

Enjoy its manicure, pedicure, and waxing services to pamper yourself after a long day.

Drive 16 minutes from Hedgesville to reach this spa.

Appreciate the Farm Life at Dillon Farm Museum

Revisit the town’s agricultural history at Dillon Farm Museum and travel back in time.

This museum is in Martinsburg, West Virginia, only four minutes from Hedgesville.

The farmer Norman Dillon served as the inspiration for this museum.

He worked at the Apple Pie Ridge as a farmer until he retired in 1974.

Driven by his passion, he assembled a voluntary advisory committee for agriculture.

After a decade, the committee opened the Dillon Farm Museum to the public in 1987.

This spot occupies 8.3 acres of land owned by the county’s Board of Education.

This museum aims to educate young minds on the importance of farming for the town.

Its 40-by-100 foot exhibit building houses a collection of farming equipment.

In the museum’s outdoor spaces, you can see large equipment such as tractors, sawmills, and the like.

It also showcases a blacksmith shop within its perimeters to highlight local craftsmanship.

Spend the Day at Oatesdale Park

Explore the vibrant landscape at Oatsdale Park.

This park sits between Baltimore Street and William Street in Martinsburg, West Virginia, 12 minutes from Hedgesville.

Thanks to its 22 acres, you can enjoy various outdoor activities.

For hockey lovers, skate along the two designated rinks in the area.

You can also practice your aim and make the most out of the four Little League baseball fields at Oatesdale Park.

Ride the Horses at Star Equestrian Center

Arrange a tour at Star Equestrian Center and make the most of your time with horses.

Drive along Greencastle Pike in Hagerstown, Maryland, to visit this horseback riding spot.

Take a 27-minute drive to reach Star Equestrian Center from Hedgesville.

This center opened in 1998 with the initiative of the Star Community.

The need for equine therapy in the area compelled this organization to build such a facility.

For beginners, the center conducts classes that teach the basics of horseback riding.

Visitors can ride horses on the Star Equestrian Center’s 145-acre farmland.

The spot also offers equine activities intended for riders in need of therapy.

Hit the Bullseye at MD Arsenal

For firearms enthusiasts, the MD Arsenal is a must-visit spot.

You can find this facility along National Pike in Hagerstown, Maryland.

It’s only 26 minutes from Hedgesville, so going there isn’t a hassle.

Rent firearms at MD Arsenal if you wish to improve your marksmanship.

Likewise, check out its retail store if you wish to buy guns for home or personal security.

Range safety officers roam the range to maintain the safety of visitors.

Final Thoughts

In Hedgesville, you can reconnect with nature and live life away from complexity.

Its preserved natural spots allow visitors to relax and unwind.

With its warm community, a remarkable adventure is up for grabs in this enchanting place.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Hedgesville, West Virginia!

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