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16 Best Things to Do in Amherst, NH

  • Published 2022/08/17

What could be better than visiting a destination with plenty of parks and lakes, food and fun?

Experience Amherst in an all-encompassing and once-in-a-lifetime way by embarking on a trip that focuses on nature and experience.

Amherst is a picturesque town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, home to several noteworthy parks.

This town gets its name from General Jeffrey Amherst, commander of the British forces in the United States.

It is also adjacent to similarly beautiful towns such as Bedford, Hollis, and Milford.

Both vacationers and anyone who desires to make this town their permanent home will find a tranquil community.

Discover the best things to do in Amherst, New Hampshire.

Watch a Concert at Amherst Village Green

The grounds of Amherst Village Green

Fraser Fulford, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the picturesque Amherst Village Green and appreciate the town’s exotic gardens.

While out on a quick walk with your pet, you can enjoy the sight of freshly blooming flowers.

You can also practice meditation while lazing in the sun and feeling the park’s natural splendor.

This attraction hosts various events throughout the year, including concerts, parades, and activities geared toward families.

The Amherst Village Green is a stunning location all year round, and it is also adorable in the winter.

Hike at Joe English Reservation

You might want to begin your journey through Amherst with a morning stroll along one of the area’s 6.1-kilometer trails.

In just over an hour and a half, the Joe English Reservation will transport you to the mountains and waterways of New Hampshire’s gorgeous countryside.

You are welcome to bring your dogs along, but keep them on a leash to guarantee the safety of other hikers and your dog.

Don’t worry about getting lost on this trail because you can see map kiosks along the way.

You can obtain paper copies or digital map downloads for your mobile device at these kiosks.

If you do not prefer to walk the distance, feel free to bring your bike.

You can hunt game at the Joe English Reservation during the designated hunting season.

Have a Picnic at Joshua’s Park

Amherst is home to many parks, making it an ideal location for families to spend quality time together.

Let the kids play while the adults enjoy some exercise.

Feel free to bring your picnic mat and some fruit baskets for a relaxing picnic day in Joshua’s Park.

This park also features a large play area that is suitable for children up to the age of 12.

Another effortless thing to do is relax in the park’s community gardens and watch other people have fun.

Joshua Savyon, a young Amherst resident who had passed away too soon, inspired the park’s name.

You can also bring your car since finding a safe parking space is easy at Joshua’s Park.

Relax at Beaver Brook Park

Park-hopping is one of the most incredible things to do in Amherst because it provides the opportunity to learn more about its culture.

When you visit Beaver Brook Park, you will feel as though you have stepped into a scene from a movie due to the abundance of trees and green grounds.

This park is excellent for a picnic because of its expansive grounds and beautiful surroundings.

In addition to that, it is an excellent location for photoshoots.

You might be lucky to witness birds flying over Beaver Brook Park.

Play Frisbee Golf at Birch Park

Spend the day in this Amherst park, where you will feel healthy and blow off steam.

Visiting Birch Park is like getting a glimpse of everything New Hampshire offers

The area is large and surrounded by woods.

Likewise, the place focuses on the conservation and well-being of the local plants, animals, and lakes.

If you go there, you can play disc golf, also sometimes called Frisbee Golf.

This game’s objective is to throw a flying disc into the basket as quickly as possible; the player with the fewest points wins.

If you find it confusing, you should go to Birch Park and get instructions on how to play the game.

Walk around the Buck Meadow Conservation Area Trails

Did you know that Amherst has an artificial park just as gorgeous as its natural parks?

If you are hunting for something special, you can find it in the Buck Meadow Conservation Area Trails.

Later, they enhanced the park by adding a golf course featuring a quaint little pond in the middle.

You must visit the gorgeous field filled with wildflowers if you have the chance.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot turtles, red-winged blackbirds, or owls at the Buck Meadow Conservation Trails.

Play Golf at Ponemah Green Family Golf Center

Amherst is a top-tier destination that offers exciting golfing opportunities.

The Ponemah Green Family Golf Center is open year-round, featuring nine holes for players of all skill levels.

You can find the course conveniently located near the historic Amherst Country Club and the Souhegan River.

Expect outstanding customer service while using their first-rate amenities.

The calming sound of the running rivers and the surrounding woodland will help you unwind as you play around the area.

Architect Geoffrey S. Cornish designed the Ponemah Green Family Golf Center in 1989.

Ride a Boat at the Amherst Town Beach

After you’ve finished your inland activities, go to Amherst Town Beach and get your tan on!

You can either practice diving here or sit on the dock and enjoy the breathtaking views of the waters.

The Amherst Town Beach offers the opportunity to rent a boat or kayak and explore the beach’s stunning scenery.

If you have children with you, keep an eye on them as they build sandcastles along the beach.

If you choose not to bring a tent, you can still find a place to sit in one of the shady trees a few meters from the shore.

Take on the Challenge of the Ponemah Bog Trail

Amherst’s Ponemah Bog sits amid stunning natural scenery.

Strolling through the surrounding woods will fully allow you to appreciate its splendor.

A little pond with a peat moss bog sits in the middle of the 75-acre plot of land surrounded by upland oak-pine forests.

When the last glacier melted away, leaving the land muddy, various flora like sundew and pitcher plants began growing.

Conifers also stand in the area, emphasizing the natural environment.

Most of the Ponemah Bog Trail consists of a boardwalk with side trails leading to four observation platforms.

Try Sledding at Bragdon Farm

Do you want to try something new?

You can try the standard trek with a new twist, like sledding.

Another great site to go hiking and sledding is the Bragdon Farm in Amherst.

Prepare to enter a tunnel to reach the sledding slope, as this is the only way to get there.

The Bragdon Farm is large enough to accommodate all individuals who want to try sledding.

Go Fishing at Baboosic Lake

Grab your fishing pole and make your way to the Baboosic Lake, which features fishing as a calming activity in a soothing location.

You’ll find this 220-acre lake on the boundary between Amherst and Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Besides the common species of catfish and sunfish, you might also reel in pickerel and largemouth bass.

Then, try ice fishing and skating during the winter.

People highly recommend picnicking and hiking around Baboosic Lake, which is also home to a well-known Jewish summer camp for children.

Feel the Thrill at Break Free 603

After exploring the city’s various parks and trails, you should beeline for this well-known amusement park in Amherst.

Your kids will enjoy visiting Break Free 603, famous for its exciting escape room adventures.

In this amusement park, you will get the opportunity to feel the thrill and adrenaline of searching for clues to solve complex puzzles.

They have meticulously crafted the gaming rooms to recreate the atmosphere of movies about people trying to escape a locked room.

Remember that every puzzle has a time limit, so be wary of the potential repercussions.

Besides the escape room, the amusement park now includes darts, board games, and other mind-boggling activities.

These additional games cater to guests looking for other forms of entertainment.

Break Room 603 also serves coffee!

Grab a Snack at Black Forest Cafe & Bakery

Seeing all of Amherst’s parks could drain your energy.

Satisfying your hunger with a piece of delicious bread is the ideal way to recover your strength.

You can sample perfect local pastries, such as pies and cookies, at the Black Forest Cafe & Bakery.

While relaxing in this location, you can enjoy a wide selection of beverages, beers, and wines.

You can enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and you won’t find it hard to get a parking space.

Moreover, in their mini marketplace, you can order fine wines, coffees, syrups, sauces, crisps, drinks, and a wide variety of other products.

The Black Forest Cafe & Bakery is also open to all catering services.

Sip Fine Wine at LaBelle Winery

Siping something fine while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscape amid a calm and serene atmosphere is pleasurable.

You can find the LaBelle Winery in Amherst, well-known in the region for its wines and vineyard tours.

This family-owned winery began operation in 2001.

They have over 2,000 vines, producing approximately 8,000 pounds of grapes yearly.

You are welcome to dine at their comfortable dining spot, where they offer a farm-to-table menu that completes a fine dining experience.

After trying their menu, make a short stop at their LaBelle market and get a bottle of wine before heading back home.

Likewise, you can try golfing and sampling various wines at the LaBelle Winery.

Grab a Book and Coffee at Amherst Town Library

Every public library holds a piece of history.

The Amherst Town Library is yet another location in this stunning town in Hampshire that deserves your adoration.

This location opened its doors in 1797 when a local priest departed the community, and the town continued his library.

Thanks to the library’s commitment to providing exceptional learning opportunities through books and programs, you can find whatever you are looking for.

Your kids should grab the chance to join various activities, two of which are telling stories and sketching.

Teenagers also have a section dedicated to encouraging a lifelong love of reading and healthy reading habits.

The Amherst Town Library contains works on various subjects, such as literature, science, and business.

Buy Unique Souvenirs at PJ MacWilliam’s Bon Bon

If you want to buy a meaningful souvenir to remind you of your time in Amherst, you should head to PJ MacWilliam’s Bon Bon.

This souvenir store sells everything from tiny trinkets to oversized items such as furniture and tokens.

You may also purchase antique mirrors, apparel, jewelry, scarves, bags, wallets, and other accessories for the home.

Likewise, you might want to buy a beautiful nklet as a pretty gift to your partner or other loved ones.

You can also purchase a candle to enhance your evening’s calming atmosphere.

Complete your trip to Amherst at PJ MacWilliam’s Bon Bon!

Final Thoughts

Amherst is a beautiful city, and it’s full of natural beauty.

If you’re visiting Amherst, you may not know which of its parks to visit first, but it certainly won’t harm you to see them all.

You will also be surprised to see more fine restaurants downtown and around the tourist attractions.

Make your vacation to New Hampshire, loaded with natural beauty, a truly u adventure.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Amherst!

You only have one life to live, after all.

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