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20 Best Things to Do in Merrimack, NH

  • Published 2022/10/27

Sitting an hour away from Boston is the little town of Merrimack, New Hampshire, whose name it gets from the Native American term for sturgeon.

Once upon a time, sturgeon filled the Merrimack River, inspiring the Pennacook people to give it the name Monnomoke or Merramake, which the settlers spelled Merrimack.

Today, the town offers various unique and interesting travel experiences.

Immerse yourself in the town’s rich history, visit cultural sites, or explore the beautiful landscapes.

For instance, you can learn about the life of Matthew Thornton, one of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Thornton had called Merrimack his home.

Likewise, you can drop by the different breweries in town to sample local drinks.

Do you want to know more about Merrimack, NH?

Here’s a list of the best things to do in town:

Get Your Camera Out at the Stowell Road Covered Bridge

The famous Stowell Road Covered Bridge in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Beach Creatives /

In 1990, the town of Merrimack saw the completion of the Stowell Road Covered Bridge, one of the few covered bridges in southern New Hampshire.

It’s an easily accessible road, but you’ll need to watch out for traffic since it connects to a public road.

Likewise, private property surrounds the bridge.

When you get there, though, you’ll find terrific riverside and forest views.

Bring your cameras and take all the photos you want.

This place should be unmissable for photography nuts.

Explore the Outdoors at the Horse Hill Nature Preserve

In 2002, the town of Merrimack bought the property where the Horse Hill Nature Preserve sits.

The entire area is enormous, spanning 563 acres, consisting of challenging terrain and various wetlands.

During your trip, you’ll walk up steep slopes and two hills standing 400 feet.

Likewise, you’ll come across swamps, ponds, and streams that comprise a 60-acre area.

Today, the Horse Hill Nature Preserve is the largest preserved open space area in Merrimack.

Since it’s an open expanse, various animals and plants have thrived there, which you can see during your hike.

Sample Craft Beers at the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company

Bring your dog to this veteran-owned brewery in Merrimack and sample the draft beer served on-site.

You can also check out the diverse selection of delicious craft beers on the menu.

Interestingly, the brewery also gets its name from a famous New Hampshire figure who fought in the Revolutionary War.

You’ll find fun artwork painted on the walls and cans for sale along the far wall when you enter.

Besides beer, the company also serves tasty meals through weekend food trucks.

You can also find their beers in several New Hampshire restaurants and stores.

Go Fishing at Baboosic Lake

Baboosic Lake dock at Merrimack, New Hampshire

Jane023, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lying on the border of Merrimack is the Baboosic Lake, which receives water flowing from the Merrimack River.

The water at the lake then drains into the Baboosic Brook.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’d certainly want to visit this lake.

Why? The warm water lake teems with various species of freshwater fish.

Just rent a boat, go on the lake, and then cast a line to catch chain pickerel, yellow perch, catfish, and largemouth bass.

You can also catch sunfish there.

During the winter, the lake freezes, allowing you to do ice fishing or winter sports like ice skating and snowmobiling.

Spend the Day at Wasserman Park

This 46-acre park, located at 116 Naticook Road, offers plenty of fun activities for everyone.

For instance, you can enjoy a nice sunny picnic with your friends or family, or you could go swimming at the nearby Naticook Lake.

Otherwise, you can rent a boat and go fishing there.

On the other hand, if you’re a landlubber, you might want to play tennis, volleyball, or basketball at the park’s different courts and ballfields.

Bring your dogs, too, and run around the Dog Park.

Pamper Yourself at the Innovations Salon & Spa

If you’re looking to de-stress in Merrimack, your best bet is the Innovations Salon & Spa, which offers various relaxing face and body treatments.

You can get a soothing massage, rejuvenating facial, and skincare treatments.

Likewise, you can try non-surgical aesthetics to become the best version.

Otherwise, you can simply treat yourself to a great hair day, thanks to the salon’s hugely talented hair designers and stylists.

What better way to return to your busy city life than getting a makeover?

Shop till You Drop at Merrimack Premium Outlets

Photo inside the Merrimack Premium Outlets, New Hampshire

rickpilot_2000 from Hooksett, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get your wallets out and go crazy at Merrimack Premium Outlets, where you can shop at several upscale brands.

You can also take a break and grab a bite at the various restaurants.

Entrance Sign of Merrimack Premium Outlets, New Hampshire

rickpilot_2000 from Hooksett, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The mall opened in 2012, and it offers shoppers their choice from 103 stores and restaurants.

Some of the upscale outlets inside the mall are Coach, Michael Kors, True Religion, and Guess.

Likewise, you can also visit anchor-type stores like Polo Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales, and a Banana Republic factory store.

Timberland store at Merrimack Premium Outlets

m_sovinskii /

See Wildlife at the Wildcat Falls Conservation Area

The waters of Wildcat Falls Conservation Area

Jason Bruno /

If you want to see birds like the rare American kestrel, you should visit the Wildcat Falls Conservation Area in Merrimack.

The preserve spans 87 acres, filled with a pine and hardwood forest, where you can observe local wildlife.

You can also pick blueberries there, or do some birdwatching, thanks to the PSNH power line passing through the land.

There’s also a treeless space resulting from a forest fire that gives you terrific views of the Souhegan River.

You can also keep an eye out for the American kestrel from that spot.

Play Indoors and Have Nuthin’ but Good Times

In 2011, the Nuthin’ but Good Times indoor playground opened its doors to children and adults who want to play all day.

The 9,000-square-foot facility caters to major occasions like birthday parties or family events. Likewise, everyone can visit the playground seven days a week.

Today, the indoor playground has won several regional awards, becoming the favorite party and event center in all of New Hampshire.

Bring your kids to Nuthin’ but Good Times and let them enjoy the company of other kids.

Many of its guests are kids below 12 years old, big and small.

Their party packages generously provide pizza, drinks, and special activities.

The birthday kid also gets a special NBGT T-shirt.

Visit a Beer Factory with the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

Front view of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Who doesn’t like a nice cold glass of beer now and then?

If this question fits you and you like Budweiser, you should join a tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Merrimack.

This brewery opened in 1970, crafting two brands of beer.

The factory brews 20 brands, including the gluten-free Redbridge, brewed exclusively at Merrimack.

In the heart of the gorgeous Merrimack Valley, this brewery serves the entirety of New England.

The brewery can brew and package 8 million 12-ounce beers in only 24 hours.

When you join the tour, you’ll pass a life-size statue of a Clydesdale horse and enter the brewhouse.

You’ll see how the world-famous Budweiser beer comes to life, from brewing to packaging.

Soothe Your Tired Bones at the Asian Health Bodywork

If you haven’t had enough pampering yet, you can move on to the Asian Health Bodywork spa to achieve the peak of relaxation.

With the help of their friendly staff, their treatments will heal your mind, relax your body, and recharge your soul.

Prepare yourself for your trip back to the big city by taking a minute to recharge your batteries.

Regular customers have also praised the spa’s masseurs and masseuses for their extraordinary techniques.

Likewise, the spa’s calming atmosphere has also contributed to their pleasant experiences.

Roll a Strike at the Merrimack Ten Pin

The state-of-the-art bowling alley and family entertainment complex should give you a full night’s enjoyment.

It’s got automatic scoring and leagues you can play in throughout the year.

For kids, the Merrimack Ten Pin features lightweight balls, bumpers, and ramps for an entertaining but safe experience.

After playing, you can grab a meal or some drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with your friends and family.

Likewise, the bowling alley offers party packages for birthdays, corporate team-building activities, fundraisers, and more.

Explore and Learn the Historical Significance of Twin Bridge Park

Bridge over a brook at Twin Bridge Park

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 27-acre Twin Bridge Park is located in Merrimack’s Town Center and is ideal for kids who love the great outdoors and adventure.

During the colonial era, two bridges connected various points crossing the brook, thus the park’s historical significance.

The Baboosic Brook, which forms the north and east borders of the park, is still home to the gigantic stones that served as the original bridges’ anchors.

Visitors to the park may use the peaceful strolling trails.

You may bring your kids to its charming play area, the baseball field utilized by the junior neighborhood league, or its half-court for basketball.

Take Fun Shots at Altitude Trampoline Park

Visit Altitude Trampoline Park to take some incredible aerial photographs.

It hosts celebratory, party-throwing, and family-bonding activities.

The Wipeout at Altitude provides jumpers obstacles to avoid, like a padded spinning arm.

Meanwhile, the Response Wall tests reaction times (like Whack-A-Mole, but vertical), and the Rock Wall challenges jumpers’ stamina and strength.

Altitude Trampoline Park runs seven days a week, so feel free to visit with your little balls of energy.

Feel free to try its central trampoline court, monkey bars, battle beam, intense dodgeball, and fantastic gymnastic tumble tracks.

Cool down at Hayward’s Ice Cream

For nearly seven decades, the Hayward family has made Southern New Hampshire’s favorite treat: handcrafted quality ice cream.

The ice cream shop started with a single ice cream parlor in 1940.

Today, Hayward’s Ice Cream is now one of the state’s most successful ice cream brands.

Indulge your sweet tooth and create your cone by purchasing ice cream by the scoop.

It has fun ice cream flavors like cookie dough brownie, coffee oreo, purple panther, and fluffernutter.

The shop has expanded to other areas around the state, each serving its unique menu of ice cream varieties, hot dogs, kid’s meals, light entrees, and weekly specials.

Indulge Yourself in Local Rib Recipes during the Great American Ribfest

The annual Great American Ribfest is a must-attend event on the Anheuser-Busch grounds near Merrimack. This springtime celebration lasts for two whole days.

The food booths at Ribfest sell not just ribs and barbecue but also Mexican food, Asian fusion, burgers, chicken, pretzels, and more.

Desserts such as ice cream, doughnuts, cannoli, kettle corn, fried dough, and cotton candy are also available.

There will also be original music from a wide range of bands in the area, as well as corn hole and other games that the whole family can enjoy.

A percentage of the weekend’s revenues go to local non-profit organizations, scholarships for local students, and many more initiatives.

Come to the Great American Ribfest to have a good time and help the community.

Enjoy the Movies at Apple Cinemas Merrimack

You may find Apple Cinemas on the Everett Turnpike, making it easy to get to when you want to see the newest releases.

Featuring 12 comfortable theaters, Apple Cinemas Merrimack is an excellent choice for a night at the movies.

This cutting-edge movie theater features 3D screening, reserved seating, reclining chairs, stadium seating, aided listening devices, closed captioning, and accessible access.

As a result of the renovation, the theater now offers upgraded amenities and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

There are several restaurants and pubs where you can grab dinner or drinks before or after the show.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Join Annual Events at Greeley Park

An image of Greeley Park during snow in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

YuziS /

This time, drive just 13 minutes from Merrimack, and you’ll find the city of Nashua, where you can drop by the historic Greeley Park.

This 125-acre park stretches from the Merrimack River toward Manchester Street, and its origins date back to 1801.

Joseph Greeley bought the property that year, and he left it to his son after his death.

In 1896, his grandson, Joseph Thornton Greeley, donated the land to the city.

Then, in 1908, John E. Cotton contributed $5,000 to the city’s funds, which they used to turn the property into a public park.

You might see an authentic German howitzer taken from World War I during your visit.

However, it’s the public events that let this park shine.

For example, you can attend the city’s 60-plus-year Annual Art Show, the Fairy Tale Festival, or the Halloween “Fright Night.”

Visit a Horror Scream Park at Spooky World Nightmare New England

Nearly 20 minutes away from Merrimack is the town of Litchfield, where you can get the fright of your life at the Spooky World and Nightmare New England horror scream park.

The Spooky World team came to New Hampshire in 2009, joining forces with industry powerhouse Nightmare New England after spending years searching for a home.

Let Spooky World’s bone-chilling rides, hair-raising houses, and its infamously haunted hayride scare the crap out of you and your friends.

America’s favorite horror scream park continues to terrify guests with genuinely spine-tingling attractions like Asylum 47, the Colony, and the 3D Dreamscape.

It’s no surprise that horror freaks from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New England troop to this place every year.

If you want to scream your pants off, then go to Spooky World Nightmare New Hampshire!

Revisit History at the Monson Center

Almost 20 minutes away from Merrimack is the city of Hollis, the home of Monson Center, one of New England’s most important archaeological sites.

What will you find there?

You’ll see various well-preserved remnants of a village established in the late 1700s.

This village was a very early colonial settlement from 1737 to 1770, spanning more than 17,000 acres.

When it started, the place belonged to Massachusetts.

Today, only the main roads, several foundation holes, and remnants of the downtown area remain.

During your visit, you can follow the trails that these settlers walked on, or you can duck inside the cellar holes on the early settlers’ houses.

Interestingly, Monson never had a schoolhouse, meetinghouse, or church despite being a village.

Its only public building was a pound for escaped cattle.

Monson Center is also completely open for the public to explore.

You can travel the settlement if you want and use your imagination to visualize what life must have been like for these early settlers.

Final Thoughts

Merrimack is a charming little city teeming with outdoor attractions and lovely shops.

Likewise, downtown Merrimack also features several fun entertainment choices.

It’s also close to more cities with enlightening historic sites and thrilling adventures, such as horror scream parks.

Leave the fuss of the city behind and spend a weekend at Merrimack.

Book your trip today!

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