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30 Best Things to Do in Nashua, NH

  • Published 2022/10/19

Located on the banks of the Nashua and Merrimack rivers, this charismatic city is known for its rich history and astounding natural beauty.

It offers the perfect mix of wilderness exploration and city life enjoyment.

Nashua features picturesque parks, majestic rivers, pristine lakes, sprawling forests, diverse wildlife, electrifying nightlife, numerous historic sites, aesthetically pleasing architecture, great amusement parks, and so much more.

The city provides plenty of scope for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, boating, swimming, picnicking, ice-skating, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and fishing.

Interested to know more about this stunning city?

Here are the 30 best things to do in Nashua, New Hampshire:

Go Riverside Hiking at Mine Falls Park

Mine Falls Park

Jon Bilous /

Mine Falls Park is a prime tourist attraction in Nashua, featuring dense foliage, a charming waterfall, a serene pond, sports fields, a mesmerizing river, wetlands, diverse wildlife, nature trails by the river, and plenty more.

It provides access to a wide range of outdoor recreation, such as hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, fishing, soccer, and more.

The picturesque Nashua River meanders through the northern part of this park.

A pond and canal system are located in the southern part.

Nashua, NH

Nathan Bickel /

This historic site was utilized for lead mining in the 18th century.

The canals and the dam date back to the 1800s and were used for generating hydroelectricity to power the cotton mills of the Nashua Manufacturing Company.

This company closed down in the mid-20th century.

Explore and admire the spellbinding natural beauty of this park.

Try Different Outdoor Recreation at Greeley Park

View of Greeley Park in Nashua

YuziS /

This park is a popular location for outdoor recreation in Nashua.

It features beautiful green lawns, sports fields, tennis courts, manicured gardens, a wading pool, picnic areas, nature trails, a playground, a boat ramp providing access to the Merrimack River, and plenty more.

Throughout the year, numerous events are organized at the park’s grounds, such as art shows, Halloween parties, concerts, festivals, high school proms, and more.

Take a break from the monotonous daily routine and spend a relaxing day at this park with your loved oneView s.

View of Greeley Park in Nashua

Bernie Ongewe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Try Indoor Skydiving at SkyVenture

SkyVenture is a renowned indoor skydiving facility frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Try out this exhilarating experience of floating in the air.

Patrons must be at least three years of age, and all equipment and training will be provided here.

In addition to indoor skydiving, they also feature indoor surfing, indoor rock climbing, rotating barrel ride, and more.

Appreciate Nature’s Beauty at Nashua River Rail Trail

View of Nashua River Rail Trail

Michael A. White at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA

This scenic trail runs parallel to the Nashua River and a former railroad.

It is surrounded by verdant forests and features wetlands, swamps, ponds, and diverse wildlife.

Hike on this route and enjoy the breathtaking wilderness views.

View of Nashua River Rail Trail

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is also popular for biking, roller skating, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

You can fish in multiple ponds or the mesmerizing river.

Extending from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, the trail covers over 12 miles and provides ample opportunities to explore nature.

Visit the Hindu Temple of New Hampshire

Spend some peaceful moments at this temple and experience the rich Indian culture.

It features exotic, colorful idols of various Hindu gods and goddesses, such as Lord Ganesh, Lord Rama, Goddess Parvati, Lord Krishna, and more.

Visit this place and attend the pooja.

Grab a Beer and Play Poker at Boston Billiard Club & Casino

This is one of the most popular places in Nashua to enjoy the nightlife.

It features a wide range of casino and table games, such as roulette, poker, sic bo, Spanish 21, and more.

They also have a biergarten that serves delicious food, beer, and wine.

This is a great place to spend a fun and entertaining evening with your friends.

Tour the Abbot-Spalding House Museum

Front View of Abbot-Spalding House Museum

Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the style of Federal Revival, many famous Nashua people have lived at the Abbot-Spalding House, including Daniel Abbot, the city’s founder, George Perham, and William Spalding.

New Hampshire’s renowned and powerful flocked to the house for social gatherings.

The Spalding family owned it for 73 years when the Nashua Historical Society bought it from Sylvia Spalding in the late 1970s.

Both the interior and exterior of the building have recently undergone extensive renovation.

With the Nashua Historical Society’s continued support, Abbot-Spalding House Museum will continue to serve the community for years to come.

In addition, the Nashua Library is housed in this institution that helps people who conduct research.

Ice-skating at Roby Park

This park features an ice-skating rink, softball fields, nature trails, a playground, and a sledding hill.

The snow-covered winter landscape of the park is a stunning visual to behold.

Enjoy snowshoeing, ice-skating, sledding, and skiing here during winters.

It is an ideal place for winter recreation.

The park is frequented by tourists for the different opportunities it offers, such as hiking, picnicking, and playing softball during the summer months.

Spend a relaxing and fun-filled day at Roby Park and admire the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Go Hiking at Yudicky Farm

Also known as Southwest Park, it features miles of trails that traverse the scenic landscapes of the park, the enchanting Lovewell Pond, playing fields, a dog park, the Beaver Dam, sprawling greenery, swamps, and more.

It is a perfect place for hiking, running, biking, and exploring nature.

Visit this park for your morning workout, breathe in the fresh air, and admire the natural beauty here.

Wildlife Viewing at Nashua National Fish Hatchery

This fish hatchery aims to conserve endangered and threatened species of regional fish.

Visit this place to watch their diverse variety of fishes and learn about how they conserve the species.

Apart from wildlife viewing, this place also features picnic areas and hiking trails.

Make an appointment and tour this place.

Visit Hunt Memorial Library

Hunt Memorial Library

AlexiusHoratius / CC BY-SA

Constructed in the early 20th century, this historic building was a library till 1971.

It is known for its Gothic revival style architecture and was designed by a famous architect named Ralph Adams Cram.

Today, it is a popular venue for social gatherings and other events.

Check out this historic building in Nashua.

Front View of Hunt Memorial Library in Nashua

Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tour Nashua Historic District

This is a historic district in Nashua.

It features numerous buildings that date back to the 19th century.

Tour this region and check out the aesthetically pleasing ancient architecture.

It is located near downtown and close to the Holman Stadium, the Nashua River, and the Merrimack River.

Explore and enjoy the enchanting views that this place has to offer.

Watch a Game and Drink Beers at the River Casino & Sports Bar

Bring along your friends and enjoy watching a game together on the bar’s TVs while sipping on a delicious beer.

You can also play a broad array of casino table games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and more.

Various entertaining events are organized here throughout the year, like cornhole tournaments, rubber chicken toss, and several others.

Their menu includes a wide variety of draught beers and delectable food.

Visit this place to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Explore Nashua Manufacturing Company Historic District

Front View of Nashua Manufacturing Company Historic District in Nashua

Jane023, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located on the banks of Nashua River downtown, this district features 19th-century buildings that once belonged to the Nashua Manufacturing Company.

This company was engaged in cotton textile manufacturing from the early 19th to mid-20th centuries and was the largest mill in this city during that period.

The founder of the company, Daniel Abbot, is known as the “father of Nashua.’’

Explore this district, enjoy the views, and learn about its history.

Scream Your Lungs Out at the Fright Kingdom

Experience Attractions at the Fright Kingdom include Broodmare Manor, Apocalypse Z, The Abandoned, and Psycho Circus 3D.

The ghoulish characters and entertainment are located outside.

Upon departure from the haunt, you’ll find picture ops, snacks, and t-shirt sales.

Admission to all haunted homes is included in the ticket price.

Visitors who dare to enter must first sign a waiver.

Watch a Match at Holman Stadium

Front View of Holman Stadium

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 1937, this baseball stadium is the home ground of Nashua Silver Knights.

It can accommodate close to 3,000 patrons during a game.

It also hosts numerous regional high school baseball and football matches.

Various musical concerts are organized here, and some of the big names who have performed here include Whitney Houston, Bob Dylan, and Tina Turner.

Watch a great game and enjoy an unforgettable experience here.

Have Some Retail Therapy at Pheasant Lane Mall

Pheasant Lane Mall

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Nashua’s tax-free Pheasant Lane Mall is a two-story superregional mall.

Pheasant Lane Mall features more than 135 retailers, all of which are housed in a climate-controlled atmosphere.

Lowell, Merrimack, and Hudson residents may easily get to the Pheasant Lane Mall through Route 3 and Daniel Webster Highway, making it the preferred shopping and dining destination.

Enjoy a meal at one of its full-service restaurants, such as Red Robin or Burton’s Grill, after you’ve finished shopping for your fashion, jewelry, and sporting goods requirements.

It also has a contemporary food court with 12 different options for a more convenient dining experience.

Try the Thrilling Amusement Rides at Fun World

Front View of Fun World in Nashua

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This indoor amusement park features carousels, a rollercoaster, pinball machines, motion theatres, a playground, a bowling alley, over 250 games, and so much more.

Children will absolutely love this place.

Enjoy a fun-filled and exciting day here.

Gorge on Scrumptious Meals

Enjoy delicious American cuisine at MT’s Local Kitchen & Wine Bar.

They are known for sourcing the majority of their ingredients from local farms, and they also serve exquisite wine.

Cucina Toscana is one of the best Italian restaurants in Nashua.

Try out their amazing spaghetti carbonara and lasagna.

Surf Restaurant serves mouth-watering seafood.

Don’t forget to try their lobster and scallops.

Look Back on a Tragic History at New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial

An eye-opening display, the New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial, was unveiled on June 1, 2014, just off Nashua’s Main Street close to Rotary Common Park.

With its melancholy design, the memorial, created by John Weidman, is a poignant reminder never to forget.

The memorial does not feature any religious symbols, and it does not symbolize any one race, nation, or religion.

It was done on purpose so people of all backgrounds could sympathize with those harmed, regardless of their views.

The six etched granite walls that surround a brick column with a black granite cube are the centerpiece of the memorial.

The cubes reflect the names inscribed on the walls as well as the gaze of the observer.

A gas chamber is seen in the black cube.

Bricks indicate crematoria, and the cube sits above them.

Different feelings and memories associated with this tragic moment in history will surface as you look at the cube.

Have a Quiet Me-Time at Reflection Garden & Labyrinth

The Reflection Garden and Labyrinth is a fantastic location in Nashua if you need some quiet time.

You may find the garden in Rotary Common Park beside The New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial.

Treat your senses to the sights of marble seats, fascinating sculptures, colored tiles with messages of inspiration, and several other works of art.

Rest under the lush trees and admire the bushes that line its edges.

The tranquility of the Reflection Garden and Labyrinth provides a welcome respite from the stresses of daily life.

Catch a Performance at The Court Street Theatre

The Court Street Theater is a historic location for live performances since it incorporates the former Central Firehouse from 1870.

This multipurpose theater venue seats approximately 150 people, creating an intimate and relaxing setting for everyone who attends.

The Court Street Theater is vital to Nashua’s cultural landscape since it is where the acclaimed Peacock Players perform.

It’s a young, talented theater group with a track record of success bringing exciting plays to the stage.

The Court Street Theater hosts various shows, from well-known musicals to improv comedies to informative lectures.

Try Your Hands at Pottery with Time To Clay

Do you want to bond with your kids over art?

In addition to being a play on words, Time To Clay is a fantastic venue for your creative pursuits.

Make something out of clay, paint ceramics, or fuse glass.

Those who want to elevate the experience can choose to create artwork from scratch, where they will have access to the appropriate hand-building equipment.

Time To clay also hosts fun-sounding themed events, like late-night painting sessions and Halloween paint nights.

Hit a Candlepin Strike at Leda Lanes

A night of candlepin bowling with friends is much better when spent at the top-notch Leda Lanes.

Candlepin bowling is a predecessor to standard bowling.

The difference is, instead of using pins in traditional curved form, you bowl the ones that look like candlesticks.

This kind of bowling is famous in eastern Canada and the New England regions of the United States.

Bowling alley Leda Lanes has upped the ante by installing glow-in-the-dark candlepins in its Lighthouse Glow Bowl.

Have a friendly game with your friends as you enjoy quick bites and drinks from its on-site snack bar.

Taste Locally-Made Alcohol at Djinn Spirits

Djinn Spirits is a handmade distillery with a cozy tasting room, founded in 2013 by a skilled husband and wife combination.

Even though whiskey and gin are their bread and butter, they also sell moonshine and honey liqueur, among other things.

The spiced-honey liqueur made from a 500-year-old recipe is the star product at Djinn Spirits Craft Distillery and is well worth a taste.

Stop by for a tour and tasting at no cost on weekends.

The distillery also offers a monthly educational session for connoisseurs and drink enthusiasts.

Here, you’ll learn about the various types of whiskey, their origins and classifications, the fermenting and distillation procedures, and the aging techniques used to perfect the final product.

Feel Refreshed after a Session at The Skin & Body Spa

Are you searching for a quiet and relaxing place to recharge while in Nashua?

Get your body and mind fixed at The Skin & Body Spa.

The trained personnel at this classic spa will calm and revive you with the wave of a magic wand.

Treat yourself to a manicure and facial at The Skin & Body Spa.

Or, try one of their specialty treatments for a full-body pampering experience.

Feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after a session at The Skin & Body Spa.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Discover the Ancient Village’s Ruins at Monson Center

Plant at Monson Center

M.Bailey /

This renowned archaeological site features the remains of an ancient 18th-century village.

Located in a densely forested region in Merrimack River valley, it provides opportunities for a wide array of outdoor recreation, such as hiking, picnicking, cross-country skiing, geocaching, birding, and snowshoeing.

You can view blue herons at the pristine pond located here.

Enjoy the views of the dense foliage and colorful wildflowers.

Enjoy Nature at Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest

Encompassing over 1100 acres, this forest provides great opportunities to explore the region’s wilderness.

You can hike or bike on the verdant trails that meander through the forest landscapes and enjoy viewing the diverse wildlife.

You can spot beavers, waterfowls, squirrels, foxes, mallards, woodpeckers, and more.

The multiple ponds at the site provide access to fishing.

Cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are popular here during winters.

The forest offers captivating views through all four seasons and also features swamps and wetlands.

Visit this place to enjoy nature.

Play Games at Funtagious Fun Center

This is a perfect place to visit with your family.

They feature a wide variety of indoor games, such as billiards, pinball, ball shooting, rollercoaster simulators, racing games, and plenty more.

Try out miniature golf here or bowl at their bowling alley.

Visit this place and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Swimming at Lake Mascuppic

Dive in for a swim in this picturesque lake or try your hand at fishing.

Located 14 miles from Nashua, this is a perfect place for spending a relaxing day and enjoying a lovely picnic by the lakeside.

It also features a children’s playground, baseball fields, and a snack bar.

Watch the Sunset at Long Pond

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool waters of this tranquil pond.

It features a wide variety of fish species, including bass, bluegill, chain pickerel, sunfish, and more.

You can also enjoy fishing and kayaking here.

During the winter months, people flock to this pond for ice fishing.

Take a relaxing stroll here and watch the setting sun paint a kaleidoscope of crimson, yellow, and purple.

Final Thoughts

Nashua, New Hampshire’s second-largest city, provides a wide variety of cultural, historic, and outdoor attractions.

To make the most of your time in this city, use our comprehensive guide to the top things to see and do in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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