20 Best Things to Do in Akron, Ohio

20 Best Things to Do in Akron, Ohio

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Are you one of those people who still loves letters over texts? Or feels like its better to meet up rather than calling? You might be one of the few friends who wish someone of the birthday without fake IG posts and rather by actually buying them something meaningful. If you said yes to all those things above, congratulations we just proved that you are also an old soul like us. The ones who love the rustic peace and charms of olden times. And if along with this, you got a wanderlust soul hiding in there then we can recommend the perfect place for you.

Akron in Ohio will make for the perfect vacation for all you people who want to be taken back a little in time. This city has some great old world feels boasting of having many 19th century monuments all over. Alongside this, you will also not have to compromise on facilities since it’s very modern and savvy that way.
Moreover, Akron is also a great place for some great adventure sports and winter sports. So, despair not if you want some cool stuff to do. Akron is the perfect mixture of old and new!

Gaze at wildlife at the Akron Zoo

Akron Zoo
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Built during the 1900s, Akron Zoo has today developed with huge leaps and bounds. It initially started with just two brown bears for the visitors but was later slowly built on this area which was a gift to Akron. Today, it has its very own children zoo housing a variety of species. There is also an in house museum showcasing various relics related to Natural History. Its vast area of 77 acres has 35 acres dedicated to exhibits and animals and will leave you falling in love with all the leopards and other wildlife you will find.

Explore the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
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This is one of the largest homes in America and is today recognized as an important National Historic Landmark. It is spread over 70 acres and was primarily a country estate. It’s the former home of F.A. Seiberling, the co-founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The beautiful green English Garden outside the main house is a prized possession. It was designed by Ellen Shipman and is one of the few Shipman gardens accessible to public.

You can take a guided tour along this huge estate of one of the most important citizen of Akron and USA. It has various facilities on its wide grounds like swimming, boating and a well-equipped gymnasium. If you wish to go here, make sure your trip is scheduled anytime between 1st April to December 30th since it’s the only time the grounds are made public.

Gaze at the beautiful Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls
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These are located in the Cuyahoga Valley national park, and makes for a great mini vacation. They are very scenic to look at and makes for great photography.
The falls have an intricate veil like pattern in its waters. It’s also said that its color and moods keep changing as per the climate. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?
Trekking can be done here in this gorge. There are also in built steps where you can get real close to the waters and experience them. The boardwalk constructed is also very pristine. During springs, the pools formed in the gorges have very cute indigenous salamanders swimming in tem since these waters make for the perfect breeding grounds.

Become an art connoisseur at the Kent State University Museum

Kent State University Museum
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What better way to relive the past then look at and appreciate some 18th century artworks. You can then chronicle down to modern artworks as well to get a complete feel of the changing times. There are 8 different galleries under one roof. A great feature is the way these artworks have been displayed featuring static and rotating exhibitions. The genres covered are glass paintings, art pieces, furniture, textiles and more. The artists on display are from all parts of the world as well as local sources. We can thus see a rich culmination of cultures in these artwork on store.

Snowboarding at Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resort

A big welcome to the Snowboarding Capital of Ohio, Boston mills. Experience skiing down the steepest ski slope in the USA at Tiger run in Boston Hills.
Its sister resort, Brandywine also offers great ski trails to enjoy some high key skiing. Night ski options are available for the more reckless souls.
The resorts are spread over a vast area of 79 acres consisting of as many as 19 ski runs, thus catering to a variety of people- from beginners to pros!

Camping at Summit County Metroparks

This humongous park system is spread over a large area of 14,100 acres! In its system it has 16 developed parks, 6 conservation areas and almost 125 miles of trails! No wonder, it is one of the most popular spots in Akron.
Enjoy some fun outdoor activities sitting in the lap of nature. It has lots of trees all around its perimeter. You can camp at suitable spots and have a nice experience.
The trails also make for great hiking and trekking options. Do pack those sports gear and set off to this huge park.

Book a live show at Lock 3 Park

Lock 3 Park
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The lock 3 park is one of the biggest outdoor amphitheaters in Akron. It has a large seating capacity of 3500 people and hosts various events. There are festivals, concerts, shows and more and most of them are free to attend. There are many other events centered around family and children as well. A major event held during the months of July to September is the Homegrown Saturday Mornings where a lot of locally grown organic produce is put up for sale. The lush green lawns in the entire park are great also for relaxing and having a picnic. Pack those breads and colas and get going.

Roam through Historic Downtown Seville

Located in Southern Medina County is this rustic farmland. Another one for the old souls of life this will transport you back to 1800s. Tis downtown was first established in 1816 and has since conserved its original old world architecture and structures. It makes for a great day trip to explore through the alleys. It is filled with many quaint little shops selling antiques and other handicrafts from the classical times. The restaurants and bars also designed in such a way keeping in mind to give it an old school feel.  Do makes sure to explore this town to make you feel as if you have transported back in time.

Farming at Hale Farm and Village

Hale Farm and Village
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This farm provides you a glimpse into what farming truly looks like. It is almost 200 years old and is also a living museum as of today. You can learn about a variety of farming related activities like trading from experienced real life workers. There’s also opportunity to actually try some true work by helping as farm hands. They also host demonstrations on glass blowing and candle making which can be enjoyed. The best part about this farm located in the Cuyahoga valley is it has zero admission fee.

Put on your investigator’s cap at Akron Police Museum

We have all dreamt of going to the police stations and learning about how things actually work, haven’t we? While watching how to get away with murder, at least once did you think of going to a station and look at how they investigate. Well, your wait is over. This incredible museum takes you on a free guided tour about the Akron Police Department and its history. There are various relics on display like photos, news clippings, police uniforms, equipment, confiscated weapons and much more. A special attraction is the 1965 Harley- Davidson police motorcycle on display. This regal beauty stands tall even today. The museum is open throughout the week except on weekends.

Visit the McKinley Presidential Memorial

McKinley Presidential Memorial
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The memorial of the 25th president of the United States, William McKinley is very beautiful architecturally and an ode to the influential president. Though his untimely death was a big shock, this memorial pays all its due respects to this great personality. There is the presidential library and museum alongside the huge mausoleum. The museum showcases many memorabilia from his life including a collection of books, documents, personal photos and artifacts.

Enjoy a musical evening at Blossom Music Center

This scenic Music Center is located across 800 acres in the very beautiful hills of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This makes this center one of the most famous and beautiful performance spaces in The Unites States. The Cleveland orchestra plays during the summer months to make you lose in their classical music. The classical pieces like Beethoven and Mozart along with new world pieces like Led Zeppelin are played giving the perfect amalgamation. The venue also hosts pop concerts from time to time. Along with this classical films are also screened here. So, do give this place a visit if you are a music and films over.

Skating at Akron Skate Park

This Skate Park is known for its sheer opulence in size being spread over 19,000 square feet. This fiberglass reinforced concrete has various skating rinks for all types of people. From beginners to middle levels and experts, the park has rinks dedicated to each level. BMX riders also enjoy coming here and you can just pay a visit to look at some wonderful skating feats. The graffiti is also a regular as is common but makes for beautiful viewing experience. It will also make for a cool IG post don’t you think?

Jazz lovers rush to Blu jazz+

Akon is a haven for all kinds of music lovers. Catering to various music tastes, we now bring to you Blu jazz. Jazz music is best enjoyed here so rush here for your jazz quotient. It showcases some of the best jazz pieces from all over the country. The local artists are heavenly in their art and leave you wanting for more. Alongside the live music venue, there’s also a gallery dedicated to exclusive jazz photography. The bar is also low set with a full waiter service as you enjoy a day off. The restaurant serves great food and starters to go along with.

Try out some Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course

Spread over 100,000 square feet is this awesome and quirky gamin area for all the youngsters traveling here. It has about 850 video lottery terminals where you can play. There is also a show and theater here playing various flicks. Once tired, grab a bite of typical American fast food at any of the six eateries in house.

Learn about the Ice Age at Akron Fossils and Science Center

This Science center centers on the themes of creationism and intelligent designs. It is mainly dedicated to fossils from the ice age along with other fossils. Look at the huge jawbone of the famous wooly mammoth from the Ice Age movies. There are also dinosaur teeth and eggs along with other fossilized bones. The children will especially love all the interactive exhibits kept that teach basic science and gives information about fossils in a fun fashion.

Day Trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

This is located about 45 minutes from Akron, but a must visit. As it’s in the name its related and dedicated to all stuff Rock and Roll. But even if you are not a big fan of this genre, you will love to visits this museum since it documents the journeys of struggles of various famous rock stars. This is surely going to leave you inspired no matter which field you belong to. The section of ‘Legends of Rock and Roll’ features various artifacts and memorabilia of many famous bands like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones among many more. Thus, Akron is the perfect place to visit for all you old school romantics and music lovers. That’s a fairly common category, so when are you visiting?

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