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15 Best Things to Do in Beavercreek, OH

  • Published 2022/09/13

Beavercreek is the largest city in Greene County in Ohio and one of Dayton’s suburbs.

This city is a haven for tourists to explore, featuring many state parks, natural green spaces, and a vast array of dining options.

You can also indulge in several activities for a memorable getaway, including entertainment centers, massage parlors, and everything in between!

There are also landmarks and scenic sights in this fantastic city and fun festivals for the whole community.

Here are the best things to do in Beavercreek, Ohio:

Visit the ​​Hindu Temple of Dayton

Exterior of the Hindu Temple of Dayton

Susan Law Cain /

The Hindu Temple of Dayton is a popular tourist attraction in Beavercreek and serves the city’s Hindu community.

Located on Temple Lane, it is truly a sight to behold.

This historical temple was established in 1976 and houses several shrines to the Hindu deities.

You can also attend several events and activities or enjoy leisure activities since this temple also serves as a community recreation center.

Whether you’re stopping by to see the temple’s beauty or learn about Hindu philosophy, the ​​Hindu Temple of Dayton has much to show you!

Explore the Beauty of Creekside Reserve

Creekside Reserve is one of Ohio’s most beautiful nature preserves, where you can find gorgeous floodplain forests, scenic views, and fresh air.

Situated on Factory Road, this reserve is also considered a “hidden gem” as not many tourists and locals flock to this destination.

It’s also conveniently located next to hiking and biking trails, giving you access to recreational activities.

There are several benches along the trail where you can stop and spot some resident creatures trotting by, including deer, coyotes, and even rabbits.

Whether you’re dropping by for a quick hike, to take in the scenic views, or wish to get some fresh air, Creekside Reserve has much to offer!

Spend the Day at Dominick Lofino Park

Dominick Lofino Park is a 36-acre park found on Grange Hall Road.

If you want to spend a relaxing day outdoors with the whole family, this park is the place to go.

You can opt to have a lovely picnic at one of their picnic shelters, play a round of tennis on their tennis courts, let the kids run around the large playground, and even try your hand at fishing,

After fishing, head over to the grill and cook your catch for a delicious meal.

This park also features an amphitheater, often the venue for the city’s summer concert series.

Enjoy the spacious land and the outdoors at Dominick Lofino Park!

Go on a Shopping Spree at The Mall at Fairfield Commons

There’s nothing better than going on a shopping spree while on vacation!

The Mall at Fairfield Commons is one of Beavercreek’s most popular shopping centers, housing more than a hundred stores.

Open since 1993, this premier shopping mall is found north of the city center and is both a tourist and local favorite with all the amenities they have to offer.

From retail shops to dining options and even entertainment centers, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

In addition, this mall also hosts several events throughout the year, which you may join.

Bring the whole family and shop till you drop at The Mall at Fairfield Commons.

Solve Mysteries at Great Escape Game

Unleash your inner detective and bring your friends and family to Great Escape Game!

This establishment is located on Grange Hall Road, roughly 10 minutes from downtown Beavercreek.

Embark on several adventures where you’ll be tasked to solve mysteries, clues, and hints to win.

You can choose from six different themed rooms, each with its own puzzles and codes you need to crack.

Think you can escape the room in under 60 minutes?

Book a room for an enjoyable day at Great Escape Game!

Take the Kids to Rotary Park

Beavercreek is home to several parks, but Rotary Park is the largest in this city.

Located on Dayton Xenia Road, the park spans 72 acres, providing you with much land space to indulge in several activities.

Kids will also have an enjoyable time with all the amenities they offer, including a large playground, playing fields, and picnic shelters.

You can play several sports on their designated courts, such as volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

Another feature at this park is Owen’s Place, an inclusive playground that caters to those with disabilities.

Whether you’re dropping by to enjoy the sun and the outdoors or looking to spend family time, Rotary Park can provide you with the relaxation you need!

Play a Round of Bowling at Beaver-Vu Bowl

Beaver-Vu Bowl is situated along North Fairfield Road and is the neighborhood’s family entertainment center.

This spacious bowling alley features many lanes to accommodate large groups of people, an arcade center, and even weekend entertainment and light shows.

Professional players can sign up for leagues and tournaments to get the chance to win some awesome prizes.

You can also grab snacks at their cafes and restaurants if you get hungry.

After bowling, head to their arcade center and try out their pool tables, darts, and video games.

Spend a leisurely afternoon at Beaver-Vu Bowl!

Get a Relaxing Massage at Gravity Spa

Exploring everything that Beavercreek offers may get tiring, so take a trip to Gravity Spa on Woods Drive for some relaxation.

Open since 2011, this massage parlor offers a variety of services and packages to provide the serenity you need.

One of their main attractions is a floatation tank where you’ll float in shallow saltwater and let all your worries go.

This floatation experience lasts about one hour and also has health benefits.

Their relaxing ambiance, homey environment, and soft background music topped with Gravity Spa’s Services may just be the reset you’re looking for.

Book an appointment and be stress-free!

Hang Out at Kings Table Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some drinks with friends, try visiting Kings Table Bar & Grill on Grange Hall Road.

This hangout spot serves more than 50 kinds of beer on tap.

You can even get a refreshing beer in a bottle or a can.

They also feature pool tables and dart boards where you can challenge a loved one to a friendly game.

If you’re hungry, grab a delicious meal of your choice, including classic sandwiches, burgers, and other fried food.

Unwind and relax at Kings Table Bar & Grill!

Stop by Wild Axe Throwing

Looking for something exciting to do in Beavercreek?

Take a trip to Wild Axe Throwing, which features 11 throwing lanes.

You can try your hand at this fun sport and get all that energy out.

Each lane can cater to up to six people, so feel free to bring your friends along.

This entertainment facility is located on Seajay Drive, right at the city’s heart, making it easily accessible.

A professional and trained axe master will guide first-time players to ensure your safety and a great time.

You can even use their pinball machines if you want something different.

Wild Axe Throwing has been deemed Dayton’s number one axe throwing experience, so don’t miss out.

Attend the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival

The Beavercreek Popcorn Festival is an annual celebration packed with fun and excitement.

This weekend-long event has everything you might be looking for in a festival, including food, drinks, entertainment, and many activities.

It also features a car show where they showcase various cool vehicles and the chance to win awards and prizes.

If you’d like to get a quick workout in, you can join their 5k run or let the kids compete in an obstacle course.

Plus, the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival also involves vendors that sell snacks and drinks—because what’s a festival without food?

Purchase Fresh Goods at This Old Farmer’s Market

This Old Farmer’s Market offers only the freshest, highest-quality produce that Beavercreek has to offer.

It’s hosted between May to October on the grounds of This Old Couch on Dayton Xenia Road.

This market sells a wide variety of items; all their goods are locally sourced and grown to promote their local economy.

In addition to fresh produce, several vendors and food trucks can also be found throughout the market, where you can try out the food and other items they sell.

To complete your shopping haul, you can grab freshly baked goods, spices, pet products, and even skincare items at this market.

Hundreds of people drop by This Old Farmer’s Market regularly, so join them and see what all the fuss is about!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the National Museum of the US Air Force

Interior of the National Museum of the US Air Force

Wirestock Creators /

In the neighboring city of Riverside, just northwest of Beavercreek, you can find the oldest and largest military aviation museum known as the National Museum of the US Air Force.

This museum is found at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and has more than hundreds of aircraft and missiles on its displays.

An aircraft in the National Museum of the US Air Force

LukeandKarla.Travel /

Spanning 19 acres in size, you can find thousands of preserved aerospace artifacts and exhibits inside this museum.

They also have a vast aircraft collection that only grows over time.

A display in the National Museum of the US Air Force

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Guests have the opportunity to join programs and attend educational events where they can learn the country’s military history

There’s so much to see and explore at the National Museum of the US Air Force, so add this place to your itinerary!

Front view of an aircraft in the National Museum of the US Air Force

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Beat the Heat at Adventure Reef Water Park

When the sun is shining overhead, the best way to beat the heat is by heading to a waterpark.

Adventure Reef Water Park in Kettering City, only 10 minutes from Beavercreek, is a five-acre aquatic park where you can cool off.

This water park is known for housing the highest and fastest slides in the entire city, giving you an exhilarating experience.

Ride the tallest slide known as Liquid Fury, enjoy the cool waters of the leisure pool, or explore Clownfish Clove with the whole family.

You can also find splash pads, large water playgrounds, and other amenities and facilities that anyone of all ages can enjoy.

Add Adventure Reef Water Park to your itinerary to stay cool under the hot sun.

Surround Yourself with Nature at Siebenthaler Fen

Queen of the prairie flower at Siebenthaler Fen

Andrew C, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nature lovers and enthusiasts will surely have a great time at Siebenthaler Fen in Dayton, a little over five miles away from Beavercreek.

This unique boardwalk is made up of recycled plastic and materials and stretches up to a mile in length.

The trail weaves between trees and forested areas where you can spot various creatures and animals who have made this place their home.

Forget-me-not flower at Siebenthaler Fen

Andrew C, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can also take a trip to their observation deck, where you can see the view above the entire wetlands.

You may even bring your gear and go hunting from September to January!

There’s much to see at Siebenthaler Fen, so make sure to visit while on vacation.

Final Thoughts

Beavercreek provides a variety of fun and entertainment for all who visit.

From natural sites to historical landmarks, state parks, and entertainment facilities, you won’t run out of places to visit here.

Its location also makes it easy to visit neighboring cities where you can find adventure and explore some more.

Make sure to fill your schedule with all the best things to do in Beavercreek, Ohio!

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