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15 Best Things to Do in Conneaut, OH

  • Published 2022/08/15

Conneaut is a magnificent city in the extreme northeastern corner of stunning Ashtabula County, amid the beautiful Lake Erie.

Many unique attractions can entice you in this charming city, including the gorgeous Conneaut Creek, which will let you enjoy the most of your vacation.

Conneaut features historical sites that will fascinate history lovers.

If you love the calmness that nature gives, you will enjoy visiting one of the many beautiful parks or hiking and biking trails.

Conneaut has attractions that will let you experience thrilling sports.

While seeing touring this quaint city, foodies will delight in sampling the regional foods.

Therefore, understanding the many entertaining activities will help you organize your trip more effectively.

Spend your next vacation in this beautiful city in Ohio.

Discover the best things to do in Conneaut, Ohio!

Discover a Taste for Steelhead Fishing at Conneaut Creek

The waters of Conneaut Creek

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Fishing at Conneaut Creek is perfect if you are looking for one of the best things to do in the summer.

The creek is a stream of Lake Erie, receiving official designation as a State Wild and Scenic River in October 2005.

The state protects a 21-mile section of the stream from the Ohio–Pennsylvania border to the former Penn Central Railroad bridge on the Lake Erie shoreline.

Trees around Conneaut Creek

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For a start, you can consult the Ohio DNR Conneaut Creek Steelhead Trout Fishing Map, which displays public access sites for steelhead fishing in Conneaut Creek.

The steelhead fishing season at Conneaut Creek typically starts in October and continues until late April.

Most people fish for steelhead trout in Conneaut Creek.

Conneaut Creek is home to a variety of fish, including smallmouth bass, walleye, and northern pike.

At least 32 species of reptiles and amphibians and 78 different fish species call the creek passage home.

Spend the Day at Conneaut Township Park

Among the best things to do in Conneaut, Ohio, is to visit the gorgeous Conneaut Township Park.

The picturesque Conneaut Township Park is on the bluffs overlooking Lake Erie.

Since its establishment in 1926, it has become a popular spot for swimming, fishing, and boating.

Conneaut Township Park boasts a sand beach extending for a quarter mile on the west side of the lighthouse.

Nestled on Lake Road, Conneaut Township Park’s beach varies across the park, from more than 1,000 feet along the east side to about 200 feet at the west end.

The Conneaut Township Park also features the Boardwalk.

This boardwalk connects parking lots to the ocean and shoreline through a network of wooden boardwalks.

You can enjoy a game of beach glass and swim in the crystal clear water of Conneaut Township Park’s beach.

Discover the Magnificence of Trains in Conneaut Railroad Museum

Visiting the Conneaut Railroad Museum should be on your list of things to do in Conneaut.

The Conneaut Railroad Museum in Depot Street opened in 1964 to preserve the local community’s railroad heritage and chronicle the city’s railroad history.

Historically, the city acquired the museum building from New York Central after its construction in 1900.

The company built the station initially for the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad.

Members of the Conneaut Railroad Museum and volunteers have devoted many hours to upkeep and repair throughout the years.

The museum’s “train” is next to the building, comprising the Nickel Plate Road’s steam engine number 755, a hopper car, and a caboose.

Likewise, the public can access the 755’s cab and the inside of the caboose.

Inside the museum, check out the historic ticket counter and numerous models of the trains that once called Conneaut home.

This Conneaut Railroad Museum is one of Conneaut’s most well-loved tourist attractions, especially for families with kids who love trains.

Savor Vintage Wines at the Markko Vineyard and Winery

The Markko Vineyard and Winery is a haven for wine lovers tucked away in a 35-acre wooded site that borders Conneaut Creek and provides a distinctive, rural escape.

Markko Vineyard is the first and oldest estate vineyard in Ohio.

Arnie Esterer and Tim Hubbard established the winery in 1968.

Markko Vineyard specializes in European Vinifera grapes and wines, the traditional wine grapes of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Visit the Markko Vineyard’s tasting room or inquire about viewing the wine cellar, where future Markko wines sit inside barrels and tanks.

Take a stroll along one of Markko Vineyard nature trails.

Savor their wines on one of the picnic tables and a small deck.

Improve Your Writing Skills at the Conneaut Public Library

The “Peoples Free Library Association,” committed to advancing education through free reading resources, preceded the Conneaut Public Library.

A local bookseller named Mr. H.H. Timby was the librarian, and he distributed the books from his storefront.

If you’re eager to hone your writing abilities and showcase your ability to write engaging stories, join the creative writing group at the Conneaut Public Library.

The creative writing group meets twice a month.

This is a perfect opportunity to meet other writers in the community.

Get constructive feedback on your work, and learn more about the craft of writing.

Located on Buffalo Street, the Conneaut Public Library also organizes events like the Collection of Artifacts, which discusses historical topics.

Have a Blast Birdwatching at the Conneaut Harbor

One of Lake Erie’s renowned birding sites is the Conneaut Harbor, where people have seen numerous rare species.

Situated in Conneaut Port Authority, birdwatchers observe regular migration by various common species in the Conneaut Harbor.

The region is a fantastic site to view shorebirds in the spring, summer, and early fall.

If you want to find the perfect place, you should arrive earlier than 9:00 a.m.

You don’t want to compete with the increasing number of picnickers and sunbathers who disturb the birds on the beach.

However, early fall and late summer present little opportunity for sunbathing.

Visit the harbor during these times to observe migratory animals.

In 2011, the city built a watchtower for observing wildlife at the Conneaut Harbor, overlooking the lake.

Appreciate Nature at the North Kingsville Sand Barrens

The only excellently preserved fossil dune ridge in northeastern Ohio is in the North Kingsville Sand Barrens.

Likewise, this place is home to various plant and animal species, many of which are threatened or endangered.

The North Kingsville Sand Barrens is north of the train tracks on the west side of Poore Road.

A sign marks the entrance, so you can’t miss it.

The 174-acre property preserves three endangered plants, several invertebrates, and a healthy population of lupine.

Moreover, experts report that the white-throated sparrow only nests in the North Kingsville Sand Barrens.

The North Kingsville Sand Barrens is now open to the public for hiking and nature photography.

However, visitors should strictly stay on the trails to protect the fragile vegetation.

Live through History at the North Coast D-Day WWII History Museum

The North Coast WWII History Museum showcases local artifacts and displays that shed light on the lives and experiences of people who fought during World War II.

Visit the displays, highlighting the significant accomplishments of North Coast and Ohio WWII veterans.

Explore specialized exhibitions focusing on the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, D-Day, to learn more about history.

Visit the North Coast WWII History Museum to view exhibits showing the US military’s war effort during World War II.

See the uniforms, tools, and equipment servicemen used during the war.

View collected gear and uniform displays to glimpse the Nazi war machine.

If you want more history, enjoy the Homeland Experience by exploring the exhibits and artifacts that describe life in the homeland during World War II.

See a Play at Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo

Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo is a community theater that has entertained audiences for years.

This downtown Conneaut theater produces different shows throughout the year, including musicals, comedies, and dramas.

Past productions have included BurgerTown, Play On, and The Odd Couple.

Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo also offers acting classes for those who want to learn more about the craft.

Whether you’re a theater fan or not, visiting Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo is a fun and satisfying experience.

Discover Your Inner Artist at the Conneaut Arts Center

The Conneaut Arts Center is a community arts organization that offers a variety of classes and workshops for all ages, as well as art exhibits, concerts, and other events.

Established in 1976, the Conneaut Arts Center is a non-profit organization standing on the picturesque shores of Lake Erie.

The Conneaut Arts Center offers a wide range of classes and workshops for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.

Its classes include painting, drawing, dance, private vocals, acting, and more.

The Conneaut Arts Center also offers a variety of events and exhibits throughout the year.

Conneaut Arts Center can help you discover your hidden talent in the arts.

Spend a Day on the Clara D Peet Preserve

In 1928, Clara D. Peet established Camp Peet, which she donated to the community youth.

Later, the city renamed the property Clara D. Peet Preserve.

The park features a floating launch, maintained trails, a pavilion, primitive restrooms, and remnants of camp facilities.

Likewise, the Clara D. Peet Preserve had a spacious dining hall and two cabins with a capacity for 12 guests, but a fire destroyed them.

Six sites for group camping and an activity area are available for future use.

The Clara D. Peet Preserve is perfect for those who love the outdoors and want to spend a day hiking, picnicking, or enjoying the scenery.

Delight in the Tastes of Local Wines at the Buccia Vineyards

Buccia Vineyards is a local winery producing various red and white wines near the shore of Lake Erie.

The Buccia Vineyard Winery offers a tasting room where you can sample their various wines.

To experience the distinctive flavors of the estate wines from Buccia Vineyard Winery, visit the newly renovated Tasting Room.

Enhance your experience by combining your wine with delicious handcrafted flatbreads, cheeses, charcuterie, or other menu items.

The Buccia Vineyards offer wine for tasting either singly or as wine flights.

Bring your glass or bottle while strolling across the vineyard’s lovely gardens for a perfect day.

Taste a Scoop of Heaven at the Heavenly Creamery

The only homemade ice cream shop in Conneaut is Heavenly Creamery, a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.

With almost 30 flavors of ice cream available, Heavenly Creamery offers something for everyone.

The shop also sells other desserts and items such as slushies, cakes, and seasonal baklava sundaes.

Nestled near Sandusky Street, within a preserved medieval church, Heavenly Creamery is the perfect place to enjoy a sweet treat.

In addition to delicious ice cream, the creamery also houses a pinball cabinet, making your stay enjoyable.

Whether you love sweets or not, visiting Heavenly Creamery is a delightful experience.

Commune with Nature at the Hatches Corners Metropark – Ashtabula County Metroparks

The Hatches Corners Metropark is a public park that once supported farming and timber harvesting throughout the 20th century.

Today, the scenery in Hatches Corners Metropark is varied.

Farms surround the park, while the park features wetlands, lush prairie, and small patches of forest.

Several streams also traverse the Hatches Corners Metropark that make up the Conneaut Creek watershed.

You can find grasses, different reeds, and ferns in the wetland, forest, and meadow habitats throughout Hatches Corners Metropark.

The state-listed rare plant, Pale Sedge, is the most notable among the different sedge species on the property.

Other Things to Do Nearby

With all the mentioned attractions, there are also gems nearby that are worth visiting.

Revisit Your Childhood at the Peggy Gray Candies

Peggy Gray Candies and Gifts has made candies for many years.

You can find them at North Springfield, Pennsylvania, 13 minutes from Conneaut.

Despite its remote location, customers from Conneaut have made the trip to the family-run store in North Springfield, near a railroad crossing.

Each year, the shop handles orders for thousands of pounds of candy that the business’s owner, Jonathan Holliday, and a few assistants make from scratch.

Over the years, the factory opened satellite shops closer to their clients, but they didn’t stick around.

Peggy Gray Candies and Gifts has operated inside a century-old general shop for more than 70 years.

Final Thoughts

Conneaut is a city that will not disappoint.

This scenic gem offers natural beauty and historical attractions to match your needs.

There’s something here to suit every interest, from nature lovers to people who want some good old-fashioned peace & quiet.

Book your trip today and explore the best things to do in Conneaut.

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