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15 Best Things to Do in Andover, OH

  • Published 2022/09/08

Andover is a charming village in Ohio dating back to 1883.

This village sits across Ashtabula County and spans approximately 1.37 miles.

The place offers many spots that warmly welcome visitors.

Around the village, you can find everything you would want or need on vacation.

The restaurants and coffee houses within the area offer an incredible dining experience.

If you’re interested in traveling to this village, take note of the best things to do in Andover, Ohio!

Make Fun Memories at Andover Town Tavern

Check out Andover Town Tavern on Station Street and create happy memories with your travel companions.

This establishment has been serving Andover since the 1940s.

They offer appetizers and side dishes that pair perfectly with ice-cold beers.

Andover Town Tavern is your go-to place if you want to kick back and relax after a long day.

Uncover a Fun-Filled Adventure at Jeffco Lakes Campground

Include Jeffco Lakes Campground on your list if you want an outdoor adventure.

Located on Hayes Road, the site comprises a 40-acre lake, two smaller lakes, and three fishing lakes where visitors can enjoy activities like canoeing and fishing.

Jeffco Lakes Campground offers rentals to its guests who want to stay overnight.

The area has a grocery store, laundromat, shower rooms, game rooms, and an activity hall.

If you want to bring your pets with you, make sure to keep them on their leashes.

Jeff Lakes Campground provides guests with a vibrant atmosphere and lively music.

They also host special events throughout the year, so be sure to schedule your visit accordingly if this is something that interests you.

This recreational spot hits home for those who want to break free from all the stress.

Get Access to Resources at Andover Public Library

Located on West Main Street, Andover Public Library provides its guests with a wealth of resources.

The library opened in June 1935, when a man named Mr. Cole offered the Andover Mardi Club the use of his empty room as a library.

It moved to its current location in 1992 and has welcomed many readers.

In addition to books and resources, Andover Public Library also offers basic printing and scanning services and meeting areas for guests.

Grab Some Bread at Bakery On The Square

Bakery On The Square is one of the best places to grab a bite in Andover.

This establishment has mastered the art of baking bread and provides diners with many options to choose from.

One of the bakery’s starters is its sourdough, a recipe dating back to 1893.

Bakery On The Square also offers delectable pastries, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

You can find this bakery on Public Square.

Shop till You Drop at CommUnity Thrift of Andover

Located on Public Square, CommUnity Thrift of Andover is a great place if you want to shop for stylish, affordable items.

Browse through the racks, and you’ll surely find something that tickles your fancy.

Most of the items sold at CommUnity Thrift of Andover come from donations.

Apart from apparel, the shop also sells household fixtures.

CommUnity Thrift of Andover offers great discounts—so if you’re a big fan of thrift shopping, don’t miss the chance to grab its best deals!

Explore Farm Life at Stable Winery

Head to Stable Winery on State Route 7 if you want to live up to your dreams of having a farm life.

Dr. Lowery Guilinger was a village resident who owned the stable, once a shelter for racehorses.

He insisted on hopping into horse rides even if automobiles were the trend a few years later.

In the 1990s, the stable became a house, but the original materials used to construct it were not removed.

When the Litwiler family bought the area in 2017, they decided to make it a more attractive spot and added a winery.

After a few years, Stable Winery was further expanded, with two barns sitting across a 120-acre land area.

You can visit this place so you can taste its fine wine and appreciate the pristine scene of its farmland.

It also houses events like live musical performances, comedy shows, and art workshops.

Celebrate Milestones at the Showplace Event Center

Situated on Public Square, the Showplace Event Center is the go-to venue for every occasion you want to commemorate.

This venue has a spacious auditorium that can accommodate up to 200 guests.

It also has a grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 165 visitors, complete with a 500-square-foot dance floor.

The grand staircase inside the Showplace Event Center is also an excellent spot for picture taking.

Shop for Your Daily Needs at Andover Sparkle Market

Operating since 1955, Andover Sparkle Market offers a convenient shopping experience for locals and visitors.

Located along Public Square, this supermarket is where you can shop for your daily supplies.

It offers fresh meat and produce at low prices, which is great for those who want to prepare healthy meals at home.

Andover Sparkle Market also features weekly special sales for its shoppers.

Get Some Rest at Hockran Family Farms Guesthouse

Located along Fenkell Road, Hockran Family Farms Guesthouse is the ideal place for a peaceful stay in the area.

The farmhouse offers its guests captivating nature views.

In addition, Hockran Family Farms Guesthouse provides all the resources you may look for, such as comfortable beds and a decent Wi-Fi connection.

The approachable caretaker will also make you feel at home throughout your stay.

Take a Sip of Coffee at Lakeshore Coffee Company

Located along Main Street, Lakeshore Coffee Company is an excellent place for coffee lovers.

Coupled with its delicious brews, this coffee shop’s cozy space gives comfort to its diners.

If you find yourself in need of a quiet place to hang out, this is a great spot for you.

You can take in views of the village while sipping on your coffee.

Even if you can’t stay for long, Lakeshore Coffee Company’s coffee is worth dropping by for.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Beat the Heat at Pioneer Waterland & Dry Fun Park

Paddle boating at Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park

Michael A. Orlando, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The amazing Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park is located in Chardon, 40 minutes from the village of Andover.

A fun-filled adventure awaits you and your family at this prominent leisure spot.

With its towering six-story waterslides, you’ll have a thrilling ride down the pool.

Pioneer Waterland & Dry Fun Park also has a kiddie land where children can have fun in safe spaces.

There’s also a sports area perfect for guests of all ages.

Beat the scorching heat by having fun at Pioneer Waterland & Dry Fun Park!

Witness Wildlife at the Erie Zoo

The Erie Zoo is an hour’s drive away from Andover.

This zoo serves as a sanctuary for wildlife within the area.

It offers classes emphasizing animal preservation’s importance in today’s world.

You and your kids will appreciate how wildlife species contribute to biodiversity.

At the Erie Zoo, you can also hop on tours and see the living conditions of creatures in the area.

You can also check out its gift shop if you want to purchase something to remind you of your trip.

Catch a Film at the Mayfield Road Drive-In Theater

For a fun outdoor cinema experience, head to the Mayfield Road Drive-In Theater in Chardon, just 45 minutes from Andover.

Locals used to call this theatre the Hazelwood Drive-In when it first opened in 1945.

This outdoor movie theater features stalls where you can purchase snacks and drinks to enjoy with your movie.

With enough space for 350 cars, Mayfield Road Drive-In Theater provides an exciting way to spend time with your loved ones.

Take a Hike along the Maple Highlands Trail

Covered bridge along the Maple Highlands Trail

The American Wanderer /

Challenge yourself by hiking the Maple Highlands Trail, 45 minutes from Andover.

This natural trail spans 21.1 miles and can accommodate different activities.

You can enjoy horseback riding sessions in the southern part of this leisure area.

Visitors must observe utmost courtesy as they explore the trail with other travelers.

Enjoy the scenic views as you uncover the wonders of Maple Highlands Trail.

Swing Your Clubs at Chardon Lakes Golf Course

Chardon Lakes Golf Course is a must-visit if you and your colleagues are fond of playing golf.

The course is located in Chardon, 50 minutes from the village of Andover.

It opened in 1931 as a masterpiece of Bert Way, the area’s designer.

The 19-hole Chardon Lakes Golf Course spans about 6,800 yards.

It also has 43 sand traps and water hazards, adding to each game’s excitement.

Beginners can proceed to their practice facilities to improve their aim.

Chardon Lakes Golf Course also has a snack bar where guests can fuel up and grab refreshments.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a small place, Andover offers a lot of excitement to its visitors.

With attractions perfect for those who love food, nature, and shopping, it’s an ideal destination for every traveler.

Take note of the best things to do in Andover, Ohio, and schedule a visit to this charming village!

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