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15 Free Things to Do in West Valley City, UT

  • Published 2022/12/27

West Valley City, a suburb of Salt Lake City, is a great place to live, work, and play.

As the second largest city in Utah, West Valley City is part of Salt Lake County.

The city was incorporated in 1980, combining the Chesterfield, Hunter, Granger, and Redwood neighborhoods.

The Northern American tribes of Ute and Shoshoni were the first known settlers of the area, while members of the Church of Latter-day Saints were the first Europeans to settle the city.

Today, West Valley City is primarily a residential city, with many parks and trails for residents to enjoy.

With the rising costs of everything, knowing your options for free entertainment is essential.

Check out these free things to do in West Valley City, Utah.

Follow the Jordan River Parkway Trail

Daytime view of Jordan River Parkway Trail

Jeremy Christensen /

If you’re up for an adventure, why don’t you bike along the inviting stretch of the Jordan River Parkway Trail?

Starting at Lester Street Trailhead near the Redwood Park parking area, embark on your journey through bordering landscapes.

This section is a far cry from what bikers and hikers experienced in the previous section of the trail.

It offers an attractive and peaceful landscape of greenery and gently flowing streams.

View of the waters along Jordan River Parkway Trail

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The Jordan River’s western banks are also blessed with a lush marshland, allowing its waters to meander naturally through its course.

This is all thanks to West Valley City aggressively discouraging most development along the portion of the river that it controls.

Witness captivating views as you meander toward South Salt Lake City.

Don’t forget to stop by the Jordan River Parkway Trail.

Take a Walk at the Hunter Village Park

Hunter Village Park is a gorgeous retreat in South 5905 West, perfect for those looking to revive their minds and bodies.

Whether seeking an invigorating jog or just some peaceful contemplation, this serene 5.25 acres of greenery provides the ideal backdrop!

Let your kids meet new friends while playing at the playground or enjoy a picnic amongst the flowers and trees.

The open lawn allows you to run around and play; otherwise, bring your Frisbee for a pickup game.

Walk around the eight-foot wide asphalt trail while you gaze around the greenery that makes up this beautiful park.

If you get tired, you can rest on one of the benches and feel refreshed by the drinking fountains scattered around the park.

Check Out an Exhibit at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center

The Utah Cultural Celebration Center aims to enhance and strengthen the city’s arts and culture by celebrating the city’s diversity.

Likewise, the center promotes cultural diversity and creativity and provides a platform to recognize local individuals’ abilities in various art forms.

The Utah Cultural Celebration Center aims to build community among the Wasatch Front’s residents.

Established in 2003, the center has hosted many different exhibits over the past years, including the Day of the Dead Exhibit, Winter Scenes and Holiday Dreams, the Utah Women Artists Exhibition 2022, and Sense of Place.

Each event focuses on a specific cultural theme showcasing visual art, music, dance, and more worldwide.

Another exhibit at the gallery is Steve Dale’s “Pebble Pottery,” where custom-made pots and bowls are styled with decorative stones.

Check out the display at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center’s Bridge Gallery.

Explore the Fairbourne Station Promenade & Plaza

Located on Market Street, the Fairbourne Station Promenade & Plaza is an inviting destination full of family fun and adventure.

With an Interactive Water Course to play with your friends, this hot spot promises hours of enjoyment.

The plaza part of the Fairbourne Station Promenade & Plaza is made to handle both regular public use and special events.

The plaza has a stage for performances, patios and fountain features, a sizable and distinctive canopy, and accent lighting.

Tourists can sit on benches and at shaded tables in the Plaza to take in the scenery and the sound of water flowing from the stage’s steps.

The park’s layout features an intuitive scale next to the original scale that Joseph Fairbourne provided to farmers in the late 1800s.

Even though companies and bustling streets flank it, the Promenade has a river flowing through it and is bordered with verdant, green grass on each side, giving the place a countryside atmosphere.

Spend a Fun Afternoon at Hillsdale Park

Hillsdale Park is a stunning oasis in the heart of West Valley City, boasting lush green spaces and plenty of room to relax or explore.

It’s an idyllic destination for anyone looking to get away from city life without leaving it behind.

Featuring 7.57 acres of lush open spaces and plenty of recreation opportunities for people to enjoy, the park includes an interactive playground, a beautiful garden area with abundant blooms and greenery, and horseshoe pits and cricket grounds.

Hillsdale Park is an inclusive paradise for all ages.

With a wheelchair rotunda, climbing wall, and swing seats that provide fun activities year-round, it’s impossible not to be amazed!

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself at Hillsdale Park.

Hillsdale provides free access with handicapped accessibility so everyone can join the outdoor excitement without worry.

Enjoy the countryside atmosphere of this park as you explore its unique features.

Explore the West Valley City Regional Park

West Valley City Regional Park offers a wealth of activities for all ages.

With 27.2 acres of outdoor activity space, this park offers two sizable pavilions that can comfortably host more than 400 people, great for parties and gatherings.

There is something perfect for any group, from sporting fun like baseball and basketball to relaxing with family at the pavilions or picnicking around barbecue grills.

Wintertime brings even more adventure; hit up their sledding hill this season.

Plus, amenities such as drinking fountains and restrooms ensure everyone has what they need to enjoy the park, whatever the weather.

Ride a Bike along the Mountain View Corridor Trail

The Mountain View Corridor Trail or State Route 85 is a must-visit for those who love to get out on the bike.

Mountain View Corridor Trail runs from West Valley City’s State Route 201 south to Redwood Road and Porter Rockwell Boulevard.

The trail also traverses West and South Jordan and other municipalities.

This trail spans more than 17 miles and offers unparalleled views of the surrounding West Valley City area.

Whether you’re an avid biker looking for a challenging workout or a visitor out to enjoy a bit of California-style sunshine, the Mountain View Corridor Trail is sure to please.

Bring your bike along, for there’s always something different waiting around each bend!

Play with Your Kids at the Back Nine Park

Back Nine Park is a family-friendly public park in West Valley City that is always bustling with activity.

With fun playground equipment, Back Nine Park allows your kids to run, climb and play to their hearts’ content.

Plus, the large open spaces provide plenty of room for parents to sit back and relax as they watch over their little ones.

Thanks to its bike rack, Back Nine Park is perfect for those who want to rest at the park after biking in the city.

Drinking fountains are also available throughout the park, ensuring everyone stays hydrated and cool during the summer.

Whether it’s on a hot summer day or a cold winter one, you’ll find that Back Nine Park offers fun opportunities no matter the season.

Spend the Day at the Centennial Regional Park

For an outdoor adventure like no other, head to the Centennial Regional Park, where adventure awaits you around every corner.

This massive public park occupies more than 77.6 acres with a playground, seasonal pavilion, and plenty of open space for picnicking or exploring.

For those who crave fresh air and a peaceful atmosphere, there’s no better choice than the Open Lawn Area, which is ideal for getting to know nature in all its glory.

Whether sunbathing or hosting small gatherings, this picturesque park provides plenty of scenic escapes to delight any visitor.

Plus, with its jogging path, you’ll have ample opportunities to stay active while taking in your surroundings!

Children of all ages will have a grand time at the play structure that spells fun opportunities and keeps kids entertained for hours on end.

There’s also plenty of open space in the park where they can run around and burn off their energy.

Visit Country Meadows Park

When you are in West Valley City, you can visit Country Meadows Park.

With 1.7 acres of lush scenery, it’s no wonder both locals and travelers flock to this majestic refuge for a dose of fresh air.

Enjoy the park’s sunny basketball court or stroll around its grounds.

Meanwhile, the ample open space is perfect for kite flying, playing Frisbee, or just running around.

A play structure is also available for the little ones, so you can rest assured that they’ll have plenty of fun while spending the day at this park.

Why not head to Country Meadows Park today?

You should have a fantastic time.

Play Volleyball at the Kings Pointe Park

Are you looking for a break from everyday life?

Look no further than Kings Pointe Park, West Valley City’s go-to spot for fun in the sun.

The lively and inviting basketball half-court is a favorite destination for guests, while the vibrant grass fields are perfect for playing tag or Frisbee.

Children will be delighted by the playground, where they can release all their energy!

Kids will love the play structure, which lets them run and play to their heart’s content.

Enjoy a fun outdoor event with family and friends by hosting an intimate gathering at the pavilion, with picnic areas, grills, and fresh air.

What more could you wish for?

Head to Kings Pointe Park today and discover a fun new way to unwind.

Play Tennis at Parkway Park

West Valley City is home to Parkway Park, a tranquil oasis boasting an array of nature activities that provide a much-needed respite from the demands of life.

Situated on Parkway Boulevard, this park allows visitors to enjoy well-deserved rest!

With its beautiful open fields, this inviting destination is perfect for hosting small family gatherings or spending an afternoon with a good book.

There are also plenty of ways to keep visitors entertained, from reading or playing chess in the pavilion to walking around the large expanse of grass.

Parkway Park is also famous for its tennis court, making it the perfect place to enjoy a day with friends or family.

Benches are scattered around the park, so you can rest and take in the sights whenever necessary.

Discover the Quiet Charms of Terrace Ridge Park

Walk along the trail in Terrace Ridge Park.

For those who love to explore, the trails winding through the park’s green spaces are ideal for an invigorating hike, while those looking to rest and unwind can sit back and enjoy the scenic view.

This serene and peaceful park is the perfect place to take a relaxing stroll or even play a game of horseshoe.

You’ll be amazed at this park’s beautiful lush green grass that’s perfect for a game of cornhole or football.

Kids can play and meet new friends at the sand play area or challenge their agility at the play structure.

You can ride your bike on the trail and leave it at the bike rack when you enter the park.

Have a Blast with Your Kids at the Lodestone Regional Park

Lodestone Regional Park is a 60-acre mining theme park that offers something for the entire family to enjoy.

With its playful architecture, there are many reasons why you should visit Lodestone Regional Park with your family.

Lodestone Regional Park boasts several slides distributed over lots of playground equipment tucked into the greenery of this beautiful park.

Your kids will have fun climbing a tower and going down one of the two slides or choose a cement slide for your kids to reach the bottom.

There is a zipline to zoom and a giant rope climbing structure to practice your kid’s motor skills.

A sandpit and a water table area are also available for your kids to play with before heading home.

Your kids will love the fun, safe, and exciting play options at Lodestone Regional Park.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Thanks to its proximity to Salt Lake City, West Valley City’s nearby places are as interesting.

Visit the Church History Museum

Exterior of the Church History Museum

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Located about 19 minutes from West Valley City, the Church History Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the Latter-day Saints Church.

Featuring fascinating exhibits that showcase the faith’s rich past, this museum is a must-see for anyone interested in religion and culture.

Visitors can enjoy interactive activities like listening to stories from Mormon pioneer accounts or historical reading documents.

Thanks to costumed experts who perform historical demonstrations using actual artifacts, you can revisit significant periods in Latter-day Saint heritage at these special events.

Entrance to the Church History Museum

Uladzik Kryhin /

Interactive game shows like “Museum Detective” and “Ask of God” cater primarily to young people and other groups.

The Heavens Are Opened exhibit is highlighted in these programs, which take place in the museum’s auditorium.

Many of the museum’s activities are carried on by a sizeable number of the volunteer staff of Latter-day Saints from the neighboring areas who lead tours of the Church History Museum.

Welcome sign of the Church History Museum

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for adventurous outdoor activities or a break from your hectic lifestyle, West Valley City has everything you need.

Thanks to places that celebrate arts, culture, and religion, West Valley City truly has something for everyone.

Book your trip today and discover the free things to do in West Valley City, Utah!

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