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15 Best Things to Do in Price, UT

  • Published 2022/08/05

The charming city of Price lies in the middle of Utah’s vast desert landscape.

This city is the county seat of Carbon County, known for its marvelous rock formations and vast desert landscapes.

Historically, Price was renowned for its coal mining industry back in the day.

At the same time, it’s a favorite jump-off point for those visiting other tourist attractions in Utah’s vast desert landscape.

However, not many know Price is an ideal travel destination filled with hidden gems and picturesque attractions.

Price offers visitors a fascinating travel experience featuring its dinosaur fossils, petroglyph, and pictograph rock arts.

It has numerous natural areas and parks ideal for outdoor recreation.

At the same time, the city itself offers visitors a charming, laid-back experience.

While this city is known for its prehistoric excavations and natural attractions.

Still, there are dozens of exciting activities you’ll enjoy.

So, here are the 15 best things to do in Price, Utah:

Roam Inside the Prehistoric Museum of the Utah State University Eastern

Dinosaur pit in Prehistoric Museum of the Utah State University Eastern

Carpenter, Kenneth, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Prehistoric Museum of the Utah State University Eastern or Central Utah’s Prehistoric Museum.

Situated along E. Main Street in Price, this museum has the most dinosaur fossils from different species worldwide.

It features world-class exhibits of archaeology, paleontology, and geological findings housed in one museum.

Most dinosaur fossils found inside were uncovered near the city, including the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry and Cedar Mountain.

Chasmosaurus skeleton displayed in Prehistoric Museum of the Utah State University Eastern

Jens Lallensack, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Not many have known that this museum in Price has all these remarkable and fascinating prehistoric exhibits.

A tour inside this fascinating prehistoric museum is a worthwhile experience, especially if you’re fond of dinosaurs.

Inside the museum, you’ll come across various dinosaur fossils in pristine form, along with different prehistoric fossils.

See Up Close Dinosaur Fossils at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Pay a visit to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry to see real-life dinosaur fossils.

Not many have known, but this attraction in Price is where you’ll find the Jurassic National Monument.

Over 12,000 bones from more than 74 individual dinosaurs have been excavated in the area.

The quarry provided paleontologists with a great deal of knowledge about how dinosaurs lived during the Jurassic Period.

Fascinatingly, almost all of the bones they excavated at the quarry came from carnivorous dinosaurs, including the apex predator Allosaurus.

A visit to this quarry at Price offers you a fantastic experience.

It’s a unique opportunity to see how paleontologists carefully excavate precious dinosaur fossils.

At the same time, be amazed to see the real-life fossils of dinosaurs displayed at the quarry’s museum.

You can also hike through the area’s premises, an excellent way to stretch your legs after perusing the exhibits.

Take a Plunge at the Desert Wave Pool

Utah’s primarily humid weather makes people yearn to cool down frequently.

Thus, visit the Desert Wave Pool to cool down and have fun with your family or travel companions.

This massive indoor pool along Price’s E 500 N street is renowned for its exciting amenities and features.

It has a six-lane 25-yeard lap pool for recreation and competition.

It’s also where the swimming teams of Carbon High School Dino and Castle Valley Barracuda do their competitions.

At the same time, Price’s locals love to cool down and dip at this famous pool that’s been open since 1966.

Have Outdoor Fun at the Basso Dino-Mine Adventure Park

The Basso Dino-Mine Adventure Park is a vast outdoor playground in Price.

Most locals love to take their kids to this adventure park, making it a recommended wholesome attraction in the city.

The park features a castle-themed facility with dinosaur-like slides, climbs, and play areas, making it an exciting place to bring kids.

At the same time, you’ll come across a vast volcano prop on one side of the playground, which serves as a focal point amidst the dozens of dinosaur-like play areas inside.

Before your kids grow bored exploring Price’s attractions, take them to the Basso Dino-Mine Adventure Park along E 7th N.

From slides, swings, rope obstacle courses, climbs, and seesaws to picnic tables, this park in Price has all the amenities for a fun-filled family bonding.

Uncover Carbon County’s Backstory at Bryner Pioneer Museum

The Bryner House, constructed in 1892 by Albert Bryner, is one of Price’s most fascinating historical places.

Situated along S 100 E in Price, the Bryner Pioneer Museum is a charming and fascinating local museum filled with valuable backstories.

Historically, the Bryner House became the residence of Swiss immigrant Albert Bryner.

He was also a church leader in Price back in the day.

The house became a witness during the partition of Carbon and Emery Counties.

The house has a distinct adobe and brick design to make it fireproof due to the series of fire incidents in the area back in the day.

Today, it’s one of Price’s most famous museums featuring valuable items from the original owners and other historical artifacts.

Touring inside the Bryner Pioneer Museum offers a learning experience about the county’s history.

Join the museum’s exciting guided tours by local volunteers and historians for a broader understanding of its history.

Witness a Home Run at the Cal Ripken Baseball Park

Price is known throughout Carbon County as a baseball-crazy city.

With that in mind, visit Cal Ripken Baseball Park along N. Street to watch local baseball tournaments.

In addition, it’s also the home field of Price City Baseball, a renowned multiple-time state champion.

Also, this baseball park in Price hosts various state baseball tilts, making it an exciting place to visit.

Whether you want to watch an entertaining baseball game or join locals playing, you can enjoy both at the Cal Ripken Baseball Park.

Grab Your Breakfast at Farlaino’s Café

Farlaino’s Café is one of the favorite local diners in Price, featuring its delicious home-cooked meals.

Situated along Main Street, this restaurant operates on the main level of the historic Mahleres & Simapenos Building.

Historically, this building along Price’s Main Street is the oldest commercial building in the city, still having its original architectural features.

Constructed in 1913, this building remains in operation, with various businesses occupying its space.

Its architecture boasts a gorgeous Prairie and Classical style design.

Meanwhile, Farlaino’s Café is famous for its Italian breakfast menu, including classic American breakfast meals.

You can choose from Italian omelet, breakfast burrito omelet, hamburger steak and eggs, western skillet, southwestern skillet, country skillet, and other famous breakfast staples.

Before exploring Price, start your day with a hearty breakfast meal at this local favorite.

Walk Through the Scenic Nine Mile Canyon

The rocky Nine Mile Canyon

Tricia Simpson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nine Mile Canyon boasts a rugged but stunning landscape of lush brushes, desert, and red canyons.

It’s also a famous natural conduit that offers a passable road through the cliffs featuring picturesque canyons and the famous Book Cliffs.

Book Cliffs is a massive rock formation of shale and sandstone stretching over 200 miles from Price Canyon to Colorado.

It’s where you’ll find the extensive collection of well-preserved prehistoric petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs at Nine Mile Canyon

Sandy Brown Jensen from Eugene, OR, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A hike through Nine Mile Canyon is an unforgettable experience you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Price.

You won’t just enjoy discovering the prehistoric petroglyphs; you’ll also enjoy hiking and taking photos of the vast natural landscape.

Since parts of the Nine Mile Road can be accessed through Price, it’s a recommended place to visit when you’re in the city.

Petroglyph rock art at Nine Mile Canyon

Abbie Warnock-Matthews /

Munch a Slice of Pizza at Juniper Pizza Café

Juniper Pizza Café isn’t just your typical pizza parlor.

Situated along Price’s Main Street, it’s one of the businesses in the city housed in an entire block filled with turn-of-the-century buildings.

The pizza parlor’s building features unique classical architecture with exposed bricks.

Dining inside this pizza parlor virtually takes you back to the Old West.

Its dining room has a cozy atmosphere where you can relax and unwind while waiting for your orders.

Speaking of orders, this pizza parlor is full of delicious Italian cuisines from paninis, pasta, salad, and many more.

It has hand-tossed pizza made fresh daily.

You can also choose from 20 different toppings and five sauces to pair with its savory pasta dishes.

Suppose you’re craving Italian food in Price; just head to this place and bring your family or travel companions for a heartwarming meal.

Step Back in Time at the Price Theater

Price Theater along Main Street is the oldest theater in the city.

Constructed in October 1937, this theater served as one of the leading entertainment destinations in the entire Carbon County.

Price Theater has gorgeous classic-style architecture and cinema amenities like all vintage theaters.

This theater, owned by Charles E. Huish, who ran a chain of independent theaters, is unique from an average movie theater.

This one doesn’t have a concession stand.

That’s why moviegoers back in the day needed to drop by American Candy Store and Greene’s to buy snacks.

The first film shown at the Price theater was “You Can’t Have Everything.”

Today, Price Theater is one of the prized historical attractions in the city.

Watching a movie or perhaps taking photos outside the theater gives you a nostalgic experience of how moviegoers entertained themselves back in the day.

Inside the theater, you’ll be mesmerized by the original vintage furnishings and other features.

Pay Respect at the Coal Miners Memorial

The Coal Miners Memorial at Price Peace Park along Main Street offers visitors a solemn experience.

The memorial was a tribute to all the miners who spent their lives in Price’s coal mining industry back in the day.

It’s dedicated to all miners who perished due to the crippling injuries and diseases that cut their lives short due to the harsh conditions inside the mine.

Thousands of miners from different ethnic groups worked at its mines back in the day.

Many have died untimely due to coal-related diseases.

To commemorate their sacrifices, you can visit the Coal Miners Memorial, offer prayer, and appreciate the solemn experience.

Afterward, pay a visit to the Price Peace Park and enjoy its amenities.

Feel the Rush at Desert Thunder Raceway

Desert Thunder Raceway at the Carbon County-Price Regional Airport offers an exhilarating experience.

Opened in the early 70s, this ¼-mile track became the home of off-road stock car racing events known throughout the state.

This attraction regularly features local races featuring stock racing cars organized by the Central Utah Stock Car Racing Association.

These racing cars drift and maneuver through the dusty ¼-mile track, giving spectators an exciting racing experience.

Suppose you’re looking for an exciting activity to do while in Price.

This place offers you adrenaline-pumping racing events happening every weekend.

Traverse Price River Trail

Price River Trail is a historical and outdoor attraction in the city.

It’s where you’ll find the historical landmark of Price’s first wood cabin, built by pioneer Abraham Powell in 1877.

It is also a famous hiking trail in Price worthy of checking out.

The City of Price built the trail to provide locals and visitors with a convenient and scenic hiking/off-road running route.

The trail spans roughly a mile or 1.8-kilometers.

Hiking through this trail gives you another perspective of Price’s landscape.

Although the trail doesn’t meander along Price River, you’ll still pass several scenic areas along the way.

Suppose you still have extra energy for another round of outdoor activity while in Price, head to the Price River Trail at W 6th Street.

Hike or Bike Through Wood Hill Trail System

Wood Hill Trail System is the primary off-road trail system in Price, which cyclists and hikers frequently visit.

Over 30 miles of single-track trails for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking are seen throughout this famous trail in Price.

With that in mind, start your Price travel adventure with a hike, a ride, or a run through one of these famous trails.

Here are the recommended trails you’ll find in this area; Ben’s Switchbacks (0.5-miles), Bill’s Trail (1.2-miles), Bonus Loop (0.8 miles), Dick’s Cutoff (0.3 miles), Floating Rocks Trail (1.2 miles), and Knot Pete’s Rim Trail (1.2 miles).

These trails have varying difficulty levels, so ask locals or perhaps check the trails before doing your thing.

Find Peace at the Assumption Church Greek Orthodox Church

Exterior of Assumption Church Greek Orthodox Church

Tricia Simpson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Assumption Church Greek Orthodox Church is one of the oldest parishes of its kind in the entire nation.

Dropping by this historic church in Price is a fascinating experience you shouldn’t miss.

Greek shepherds and miners who migrated to Price in 1916 founded the church.

This church offers a fascinating history and beautiful architecture.

It’s one of Price’s most serene places, perfect for those who want a short retreat or relaxation.

At the same time, be amazed by its beautiful Byzantine architecture, giving you a picturesque backdrop for a souvenir photo.

Aside from being an active church in Price, the church also celebrates the annual Greek Festival Days.

The festival celebrates Greek culture featuring music, food, dancing, and many more exciting activities organized by church officials.

At the same time, church officials offer guided tours inside the church.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to natural and prehistoric attractions, Price has them all.

Its canyons, parks, old theaters, dinosaur fossils, and museums make Price a worthy travel destination that isn’t known by many.

So, which of the 15 best things to do in Price you’ll be doing first?

This small city in the middle of the vast Utah desert has more surprises waiting for you.

Before packing your travel gear, don’t forget to bookmark or pin this post as your handy itinerary.

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