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15 Free Things to Do in Pine Hills, FL

  • Published 2023/02/02

Pine Hills is a sleepy but thriving neighborhood west of Orlando.

This census-designated area is part of Orange County, Florida.

Pine Hills is renowned for its abundance of ranch-style homes, which are nestled in spacious green lots for families and seniors who usually work or study in Orlando.

Pine Hills, like most suburban areas, has a laid-back appeal, making it an excellent place for travelers who want peace and relaxation.

Pine Hills has had plenty of changes and development since its inception in 1953.

Today, it’s a thriving community that strives to become one of Orlando’s best residential neighborhoods.

Regarding activities and attractions, Pine Hills has parks, fishing lakes, and some hiking trails you can enjoy.

Most of its attractions offer free entry or don’t require you to spend a single penny.

Here is a list of free things to do in Pine Hills, Florida:

Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Barnett Park

Although Barnett Park isn’t entirely part of Pine Hills, most of its property lies within the community.

With that in mind, you can start your journey through Pine Hills by visiting this gorgeous community park which you can access from Dolores or Hernandez Drive in Pine Hills.

The park has trails, a playground, a disc golf course, fitness classes, volleyball courts, and basketball courts for the public to enjoy.

Most parkgoers love to engage in various sports and outdoor activities, which can be infectious, especially if you’re visiting the park.

Besides the usual activities, you can enjoy plenty of things at this park in Pine Hills since the entire park spans over 159 acres.

Barnett Park has an enjoyable activity waiting for you and everyone.

Cast Your Line at Lake Star

Lake Star is one of several small lakes in Pine Hills.

You can check out this lake along Pioneer Road.

Like most other lakes, this lake is an ideal place to fish.

Local anglers report that they usually catch largemouth bass, black crape, and bluegill at this lake which spans a few acres.

Bring your fishing gear when visiting Pine Hills to enjoy a quiet moment while waiting for the fish to bite.

Before fishing, ask locals or Pine Hills’ authority how to fish at Lake Star for a more convenient experience.

Hike the Pine Hills Trail

Pine Hills Trail is probably the area’s most popular outdoor attraction.

This trail which opened in 2017, spans roughly two miles.

The trail starts from Alhambra Drive and ends at Silver Star Road.

Many hikers and commuters love to hike and bike through this cemented trail.

It takes you to your preferred destination and numerous neighborhoods, scenic areas, and other places.

Also, the trail passes through recreational facilities and parks, which you can stop by for other activities along the way.

Traversing the Pine Hills Trail is a worthwhile experience you mustn’t miss.

Join Local Activities at the Pine Hills Community Center

The Pine Hills Community Center is similar to your home community center.

You can visit this one along Jennings Road.

This community center regularly hosts community-building activities, allowing locals to have fun and meaningful experiences.

Activities such as games, sports, cooking classes, art classes, and other productive workshops regularly happen at the community center.

Still, the Pine Hills Community Center is worthwhile, especially if you want to meet locals and join them in their activities.

Play Sports at Rolling Hills Park

Rolling Hills Park is one of the numerous parks offering free sports activities.

You can visit this park along Co. Road 431 and enjoy vast open space for various activities.

This park has a baseball diamond, a picnic area, a children’s playground, and a hiking trail to enjoy.

It’s a great place to play baseball, hike, and see other spots in Pine Hills and Orlando City.

You can also take your kids to the playground of Rolling Hills Park for a lovely time outdoors.

Wait for Your Catch at Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Pine Hills.

You can visit this lake near N. Powers Drive.

Local anglers report that, like most lakes in Pine Hills, this one is abundant in largemouth bass, black crappie, and blue gill.

Besides, Horseshoe Lake has a peaceful ambiance and a convenient location to cast your line.

Don’t miss listing this small lake in Pine Hills on your itinerary.

Drop by Signal Hill Park

Signal Hill Park is a spacious neighborhood park known as an idyllic place for picnics and barbecues.

Like Barnett Park, this one is nestled between Pine Hills’ border and Orlando’s, making it part of both places.

The park spans over ten acres.

It features picnic tables, a barbeque pit, a community room, a playground, restrooms, and several sports facilities.

If you want to have a picnic and grill some barbecue with family or friends, Signal Hill Park is your go-to destination.

It’s quiet and less crowded than other Pine Hills and Orlando parks.

Treat your family and friends to a delicious barbecue for a worthwhile experience.

Other Free Things to Do Nearby

Pine Hills is just the start of your adventure in Orange County, Florida.

Just outside Pine Hills is the famous city of Orlando, home to world-class theme parks such as Disney and Universal Studios.

Besides these attractions, there are plenty of great places in Orange County.

Here are other free things to do nearby Pine Hills, Florida.

Join Movieola at Lake Eola Park

The waters of Lake Eola Park

aphotostory /

Eola Park is one of Downtown Orlando’s most charming parks.

It’s situated 15 minutes or 6.4 miles east of Pine Hills.

This park is known for its swan-shaped paddle boats on its lake, with real-life swans swimming beside you.

Trail at Lake Eola Park

Karen Fields /

However, you should also join the park’s free movie nights dubbed “Movieola in Lake Eola Park.”

It’s one of the sought-after local activities for people near Eola Park that you should also experience when visiting Orlando.

Find the best spot with your family or friends at Movieola in Lake Eola Park.

Observation deck at Lake Eola Park

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Discover Nature at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Boardwalk trail at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Katie Sanchez /

The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve lets you see Florida’s natural beauty.

You can visit this nature preserve 25 minutes or 18 miles southwest of Pine Hills in Orlando.

This nature preserve is known for its four-mile hike, which takes you to Florida’s wilderness, where you’ll see the local flora and fauna.

This place is a short distance from the famous Disney World Theme Park.

Tortoise at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Timothy Holle /

However, it’s a complete contrast between the noise and the lights of this theme park, where you can embrace the serenity of nature itself.

With its vast, untamed wilderness, you’re likely seeing plenty of wildlife along the trail, such as ospreys, small mammals, and reptiles freely roaming.

At the same time, you’ll also see native plant and tree species.

Pack your hiking boots and binoculars and head to the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve for a worthwhile experience with nature.

Lily pad pond at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

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Chill at the Lake Florence Park

Lake Florence Park is a lakeside community park you mustn’t miss.

This park is nestled on Lake Florence’s shores, 26 minutes or 19 miles west of Pine Hills in Montverde.

This pocket community park is known for its picturesque lakeside view, where many parkgoers love to hang out and enjoy various outdoor activities.

Besides its beautiful lakeside view, Lake Florence Park offers water activities such as boating and fishing.

Meanwhile, other parkgoers love birdwatching.

Check Out Kraft Azalea Garden

Lake at Kraft Azalea Garden

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The Kraft Azalea Garden is a gorgeous public garden on Lake Maitland’s shores.

You can visit this park 22 minutes or 14 miles northeast of Pine Hills in Winter Park.

This public garden covers 5.22 acres and is known for its scenic lakefront view and wonderfully manicured lawns and gardens filled with rare and beautiful plants.

It’s one of the area’s best areas near Pine Hills for photoshoots and prenuptial or family portraits because of its beautiful gardens.

At the same time, many parkgoers love to have a picnic while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of Kraft Azalea Garden.

Aerial view of Kraft Azalea Garden

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Wander Disney Springs

Once Upon a Toy at Disney Springs

pauloalberto82 /

Experience Disney World without breaking the bank since Disney Springs offers everyone free entry.

You can visit this famous attraction within 30 minutes or 24.4 miles south of Pine Hills in Lake Buena Vista.

This place serves as “Downtown Disney,” where you can see quirky and colorful buildings that serve as individual attractions and shops.

Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs

pauloalberto82 /

Wandering Disney Springs allows you to see the colors, sounds, and fun of Disney World without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to take photos with your family for souvenirs or catch an event and spot your favorite Disney characters.

People walking along Disney Springs

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Follow the West Orange Trail

The West Orange Trail spans over 22 miles that cross through Orange County.

It features a paved trail that passes through an old railroad alignment.

It also crosses various towns and cities, such as Winter Garden, Oakland, and Apopka.

The trail is a favorite destination for hikers and bikers who want to test their mettle or enjoy sightseeing.

Head to Winter Garden, Florida, 18 minutes or 13.5 miles northwest of Pine Hills, to reach the trail.

The trail is known for being a great destination to uncover history since it passes through historic train stations, old train depots, and railroads.

Besides the historical attractions along West Orange Trail, you will also pass by gorgeous sceneries, making it a must-do experience before returning home.

Follow the Universal Citywalk

Daytime view of Universal Citywalk

Mia2you /

The Universal Citywalk is similar to Disney Springs, which allows everyone to see inside the famous Universal Studios.

You can visit this place within 18 minutes or 6.4 miles south of Pine Hills in Orlando.

This place is technically a complex filled with jaw-dropping architecture and sections, serving as unique attractions, shops, and entertainment facilities.

People at Universal Citywalk

christophertp92 /

It’s a great place to bring your family and let them see Universal Studios from a different perspective.

The best time to visit the Universal Citywalk is at night when all the lights and sounds envelop you with an immersive experience.

Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Citywalk

Wangkun Jia /

Browse the Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Arts

Exterior of Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Arts

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Arts is one of the numerous museums in Orange County that offers free entry.

You can visit this fascinating museum 18 minutes or nine miles south of Pine Hills in Eatonville, Florida.

The museum opened in 1990, featuring famous anthropologist, folklorist, and writer Zora Neale Hurston.

She was renowned for her works relating to Southern African American culture.

The museum mainly displays Hurston’s works.

The Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Arts is your ideal place to explore.

Final Thoughts

Pine Hills is an ideal jump-off point to explore the famous Orange County and Orlando.

There are more free things to do in Pine Hills, Florida, and its neighboring places than you could imagine.

Start planning your itinerary with this well-curated list for a splendid experience in Florida.

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