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16 Best Things to Do in Pine Island, FL

  • Published 2022/08/03

Pine Island is in Florida and brims with beaches, mangroves, and exotic natural habitats.

It’s best-known for its fishing and kayaking spots.

Every traveler’s guide to a perfect beach escapade features this waterfront town.

Moreover, it also holds an exciting creative, and historical community.

Binding these local interests together is the residents’ love for a laid-back atmosphere and a relaxing getaway.

Pine Island also gives you a better look at tropical plants and fruit groves that abound in this neighborhood.

If you’ve got your eyes set on this place, here are the best things to do in Pine Island, FL.

Watch the Sunset at Bokeelia Fishing Pier and Boat Ramp

People walking along Bokeelia Fishing Pier

SR Productions /

If you want a social media-worthy photo, drive to the Pine Island seaport at dusk and transform your memories into portraits.

You’ll find Bokeelia Fishing Pier and Boat Ramp on the main street.

This seaside destination is also ideal for expert and newbie fishing enthusiasts.

The best part is you don’t need a fishing license to catch fish at the pier.

View of Bokeelia Fishing Pier's boat ramp

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Sit by the walkway’s edge and feel the cold sea waves lap at your feet.

Bring a canvas with you, and let the sunset skyline become your muse.

Keep your to-do lists open for fishing and sunset watching at the romantic Bokeelia Fishing Pier and Boat Ramp.

Side view of the Bokeelia Fishing Pier

Cindy Jay Dunn /

Rent a Bike at Island Bikeworks

If you prefer land exploration, rent a bike at Island Bikeworks.

This family-owned shop at County Road carries all bike essentials down to the letter.

A personal journey around Pine Island on land can be more exciting with bike paths to guide you.

Its bike types for rent and sale include recumbents, hybrid varieties for you and a friend, and three-wheelers.

Don’t forget to grab your gear before you ride your bike across the island.

Buckle up, and remember to keep safe while biking!

Get some wheels at Island Bikeworks!

Try Golfing at Alden Pines Golf & Country Club

At the heart of the palmy streets of Rain Tree, Alden Pines Golf & Country Club stands proud and tall.

This nature-friendly golf course comprises friendly birds and wildlife roaming the perimeter.

It’s Pine Island in its most natural environment!

The place also features a full snack bar for your quick refreshments.

Alden Pines Golf & Country Club offers 18 holes, just the right number for a fun game with friends and family.

Bring your clubs and skills to this spectacular Pine Island golf course, the only one in the entire beach town!

Learn Local History at the Museum of the Islands

Previously called the Pine Island Public Library, the Museum of the Islands continues its legacy in the present.

This museum started its mission in 1990 with Elaine Jordan and a couple of volunteers.

You’ll find Pine Island pioneers’ history and lifestyle in its exhibits.

Stare in wonder at the massive shell collection, household relics, and other exhibits on display.

Purchase a book, map, or souvenir to bring home what you’ve learned about the island.

Find yourself transported back to the island’s origins through the displayed artifacts at the Museum of the Islands.

Get Tropical Fruits at the Hot Tropic Fruit Farm

Are you looking for farm-fresh tropical fruits to keep your stomach full during your Pine Island excursion?

Hot Tropic Fruit Farm may get you what you need for that nutritional boost on your trip.

This farm offers mouth-watering seasonal fruits and year-round produce.

Some of the favorites include mangoes and sugar cane juice.

This wholesome farm is a husband-and-wife effort from Vietnam.

They also allow shipping for retail and wholesale transactions.

Hop on your car and take a trip down Stringfellow Road for a fruity escapade at Hot Tropic Fruit Farm.

Go on a Historical Hike at Calusa Heritage Trail

Bask in the history and sights at Calusa Heritage Trail.

This trail displays the Pineland archaeological site as part of the Randell Research Center.

The Calusa Heritage Trail resulted from the sponsorship of the Siprelle Family.

Thanks to continued volunteer efforts, it has become a popular historical site.

During the guided tours, you’ll learn about the Calusa people and their culture.

Across the jungle-like tracks and mangroves, helpful labels and signs introduce you to some memorable landmarks.

It only extends for a mile, but the facts you’ll get along the way can stay with you for a long time.

Take a picture along the boardwalk, bridge, and observation platforms atop shell mounds.

This County Historical Resource is a stop you might want to add to your growing island itinerary.

Play Tennis at Phillips Community Park

Phillips Community Park delights you with some outdoor fun and entertainment.

Aside from the classic playgrounds, this park also holds various sports courts.

Lounge around the benches and see other athletes have a go at tennis or pickleball.

You may also try playing these sports, but you need to schedule a time at the court first.

Bring your dog for a walk and help them get some needed exercise too.

Likewise, you can even see exciting wildlife while roaming the property.

Best of all, you won’t grow hungry with their concession stands and charcoal grills for public use.

Spend the day at the Phillips Community Park!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go on a River Boat Trip at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

A boat ride on Weeki Wachee Springs State Park's water

The Courage to Travel /

Just 12 minutes northeast of Pine Island, step into an underwater dimension at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park.

This park has once been a former city with the same name.

The unique name for this city came from the Seminole Indians, meaning “little spring” or “winding river.”

Now, this oldest roadside attraction takes guests into a one-of-a-kind deep sea treat with mermaid shows.

The clear waters of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

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But perhaps, the most-awaited activity at this spot is its boat trips.

Paddling is also available for those wanting more immersive aquatic travels.

Watch the pristine waterways take you along its currents and receive insight about the river and its inhabitants through your guide.

Right after, you can relax by the picnic tables and indulge in some snacks and drinks.

Signage of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

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See a Manatee at Sirenia Vista Park

Sirenia Vista Park is in the neighboring city of Cape Coral, Florida, just 16 minutes away from Pine Island.

This park can satisfy your needs, if you want a nature-filled and exciting stop in your itinerary.

Study the manatees as they play and keep themselves warm in the cold water.

Have fun with stylish photo decors and various bench and outdoor furniture designs.

Fishing is also a must for first-timers, although you need a fishing license.

The pain pathways in this eight-acre environmental park are also perfect walking spots.

Clear your head on a walk or simply enjoy the scenery.

Bring the family to Sirenia Vista Park!

Practice Yoga at Matlacha Wellness Center

Achieve holistic wellness through treatments at Matlacha Wellness Center.

This center offers meditative and all-around health rehabilitation to improve multiple areas in your life.

From yoga to nutrition guidance, its wide range of service offerings can help various age populations.

The facility opens to a scenic view of the sea at the back to make your wellness journey more relaxing.

You can also do yoga and meditation training at the pier if you’d like.

Not only will you achieve wellness, but you’ll also take in the best views of Pine Island.

You can find the Matlacha Wellness Center on the left side of Pine Island Road in Matlacha, Florida, eight minutes from Pine Island.

See Marine Wildlife with Pine Island Jet Ski Tours

For the wild adventurer, the waves of Pine Island beach can offer a bumpy ride of a lifetime!

With Pine Island Jet Ski Tours, get your heart pumping as you race with the current and find sea creatures wanting to meet you.

Exploring the island has become a sporty, strategic move with jet skis by your side.

Bring your family along as you wave at dolphins, rays, manatees, and more!

Otherwise, you may join this daring jet ski tour to discover more about the Calusa Indians of the 1800s.

You’ll find the Pine Island Jet Ski Tours off the coast at St. James City, Florida, 12 minutes from Pine Island.

Shop at the Seafood Market at Olde Fish House

On the dockside of Pine Island Road, the Olde Fish House greets you with the smell of authentic seafood within the bay area.

This place is a restaurant and market in one, bringing you local sea products of the highest quality.

Its classic menu includes oysters on the half-shell and jumbo fried shrimp.

Go further from the restaurant to find the seafood market in a quaint, homey setting.

Alongside its food products, you can buy trinkets and local merchandise lining the shop.

If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon live entertainment every Sunday.

Spend an afternoon at Olde Fish House in Matlacha, Florida, seven minutes from Pine Island.

Join a Kayak Tour at Gulf Coast Kayak

A person kayaking in Pine Island

Laurel A Egan /

For the ultimate kayaking experience, Gulf Coast Kayak offers everything and more!

There are many options for aquatic equipment rentals, from guided trips to independent trails.

Since 1992, this rental company has provided premier kayaking on Pine Island.

Enjoy an unforgettable trip on a kayak!

Whether you prefer to be alone or with a group, you’ll get a tailored kayaking experience.

Enjoy the sea breeze on the famous mangrove maze kayak tour.

Experience Pine Island and see its opalescent sky at sunset, or take a full moon kayak tour.

This by-the-street rental shop on Pine Island Road offers many kayak ride options.

Find Gulf Coast Kayak in Matlacha, Florida, eight minutes from Pine Island.

Purchase an Island Gift at Matlacha Menagerie & Café

Matlacha Menagerie & Café on Pine Island Road should satisfy your creative local gift needs.

Browsing their shelves, you’ll find unique products and souvenirs like tumblers.

Sitting right by a one-lane road, this charming store is easily recognizable anywhere, and for a good reason.

Their colorful yard decoration can make you stick around and wait for better surprises inside.

Explore their array of jewelry, trinkets, wall art, and blown glass collection.

Purchase one or two to take home with you to give to a precious loved one.

You can find Matlacha Menagerie & Caffe in Matlacha, seven minutes from Pine Island.

Browse Art Collections at Little Pine Island Creative

Hidden beneath a hedgerow of luscious plants, Little Pine Island Creative is one of the great spots on this list.

This little shop stands out with its impressive art designs and services.

From funky prints to customized art pieces, it offers every kind of art masterpiece under the sun.

It’s open 24/7, so you can visit anytime or when inspiration strikes.

Feel at home among the handmade arts showcased in various mediums and sizes.

This place is perfect for brainstorming and soaking in the artistic expression of one of Pine Island’s dedicated artisans.

Bring a coffee to sip as you immerse yourself in the art of Pine Island.

Little Pine Island Creative is in Matlacha, six minutes from Pine Island.

Buy Fishing Supplies at Big Boys Bait & Tackle

If you’re getting ready to go fishing but don’t have the necessary supplies, Big Boys Bait & Tackle deserves a stop.

This store also gives you fishing knowledge through comprehensive seminars for enthusiastic learners.

If you’re wondering where you can fish, the staff can direct you to eye-catching sites around Pine Island.

Big Boys Bait & Tackle also wishes to serve your bait and tackle supplies.

This shop only started in 2018, but it contains everything you may need to study diverse fish species.

Experience an improved fishing trip by visiting the shop first!

This is one store you won’t want to forget.

You can find them at Cape Coral, Florida, 16 minutes from Pine Island.

Final Thoughts

Pine Island perfectly encapsulates a small-town wonder with its beach landmarks, aquatic preserves, and other carefully-situated art and historical sites.

It’s famous among overseas travelers and residents in Florida and nearby cities.

It’s no wonder it has become a staple for tropical resources, animal viewing and preservation, and historical artifacts.

Are you excited to plan an excursion to this beach town?

Book your trip today!

You might even find more things to do in Pine Island, FL, after you arrive.

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