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20 Best Things to Do in Spring Hill, FL

  • Published 2022/09/07

Given the sheer size of the state of Florida, choosing your next holiday destination here might be quite tricky.

While you can go to the popular tourist cities like Orlando and Tampa, sometimes, the best holidays are spent in the smaller, more low-key areas.

One such place is Spring Hill, where you can experience some of the best natural attractions in the state.

From amazing landscapes to manatee sightings – you can experience it all here in the small town of Spring Hill.

Here are just some of the best things you can do while in Spring Hill, FL:

Explore Crews Lake Wilderness Park

View of Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Lynda McFaul /

Learn to love the incredible outdoors at Crews Lake Wilderness Park.

This park in Spring Hill, FL, measures 113 acres.

It features fantastic pave trails that you can explore and an observation tower that you can go to.

Either way, you will get to witness breathtaking panoramic views of your surrounding area.

Sandhill Crane at Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Lynda McFaul /

If you time your visit here correctly, you might be able to witness one of the best sunset sceneries around.

Additionally, if you come at the right time, you might also catch a glimpse of manatees swimming in nearby waters.

Consider checking this place out while you’re in the city.

Sandhill Crane at Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Lynda McFaul /

Try the Wines at Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery

Add Strong Tower Vineyard to your itinerary if you plan on going to Spring Hill.

Even though Florida is not the state that might immediately pop into your head when talking about wine regions, this vineyard offers outstanding products for those who seek it.

The said estate grows three different grape varieties that it uses to make its intense wine.

The menu accompanying their wines vary by season.

You can head over to the tasting room and sample either the classics or their blueberry wine creation when you’re here.

Also, don’t hesitate to take some bottles home with you if you fancy some of their creations.

Catch a Mermaid Show at Weeki Wachee Spring

A Boat with People in Weeki Wachee Spring

The Courage to Travel /

In this city, you can find the amazing Weeki Wachee Spring.

This place gives you many excellent opportunities to experience the waterways of the area.

From here, you can go and swing in the clean waters of Buccaneer Bay.

Turtles in Weeki Wachee Spring

Megan E Shannon /

Alternatively, you can also hire a kayak and paddle your way through the Weeki Wachee River.

A unique attraction here is a live mermaid show done by experienced professionals.

You can see them all with their mermaid tails, gracefully dancing underwater.

For a fun family adventure, visit this place in Spring Hill, FL.

Pristine water at Weeki Wachee Spring

Exploring and Living /

Witness Amazing Productions at Stage West Playhouse

Live performances of lighthearted stage plays are always a great form of entertainment.

In Spring Hill, you can catch some of such shows at Stage West Play House.

This place dedicates itself to sharing the wonders of performance art with the public.

Every year, this playhouse has a calendar chock full of shows that you can catch.

Many of its performances feature classic plays and stories like “The King and I” and “Camelot.”

It also hosts some other fun and more thought-provoking, experimental productions many will surely enjoy.

For a night of entertainment, consider catching a show at Stage West Playhouse.

Have a Relaxing Time at Jenkin’s Creek Park

View of Jenkin's Creek Park

Linda White Wolf /

For some outdoor relaxation among nature, visit Jenkin’s Creek Park.

This attraction in Spring Hill features excellent freshwater springs and marshes.

All of those have been outstandingly preserved for the convenience of visitors like you.

The park also contains several structures that elevate the natural beauty of this park, such as canals, a boardwalk, and several boat launches.

View of Jenkin's Creek Park

Linda White Wolf /

The springs provide you with enjoyment as it is an amazing spot where you and your travel companions can take a dip and relax.

Additionally, you can also go fishing and boating from here.

For a laid-back afternoon in the water, check out Jenkin’s Creek Park.

Visitors fishing in Jenkin's Creek Park

Linda White Wolf /

Go Fishing at Bayport Park

Do you love fishing?

Why not experience going on a fishing adventure to the Gulf of Mexico?

From Bayport Park in Spring Hill, you can rent a boat and head over to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Alternatively, you can cast your fishing line right at the pier at this site.

This park is open to the public, and you can find it located right along the area’s shoreline.

Apart from places where you can fish, the site also has amenities where you and your friends can have a picnic and even grill some of your food.

From the boardwalk, you can also take in some fantastic views.

Hanging out at this place is one of the many unique activities you can do in Spring Hill.

Check Out Wildlife Survival Sanctuary

As you spend your holiday in Spring Hill, consider going to Wildlife Survival Sanctuary.

The place first opened its doors in May 2002.

Since then, this site has provided the much-needed service of helping out wildlife in distress.

Female Bobcat in Wildlife Survival Sanctuary

Soulblighter /

Almost all of the exotic animals you will see here have been taken in when the people who owned them could no longer do so.

When you come here, you can tour the sanctuary and see some of its residents.

Some of the species you might see here include big cats like cougars, bob-cats, leopards, and tigers.

Several primates and reptiles also call this home.

Check out the amazing animals and the work the people at Wildlife Survival Sanctuary put in to take care of them.

Have a Blast at Adventure Coast Fun Park

Go on a fun adventure the entire family can enjoy.

When in Spring Hill, consider stopping by Adventure Coast Fun Park.

It features numerous recreational amenities where you and your friends or family can spend hours having a blast.

If you like mini-golf, try playing through this attraction’s course.

Alternatively, you can try out go-carts or spend time in the batting cages and arcade machines found here.

Food from concession stands is available, and you can also find an area to lounge around here during some downtime.

Try Authentic Pies at Guido’s Pizza Cafe

Pizza is a dish enjoyed by many.

In Spring Hill, you can head over to Guido’s Pizza Cafe for some of the most delicious pies that you can try.

The place has been running for over 100 years.

To this day, it remains family-owned, so the pizza you can try here is made with recipes passed down through generations.

It’s a genuine Italian Pizzeria that lets you have delicious food, a cozy eating atmosphere, and a wonderful overall eating experience.

Apart from their pies, you can also try some of their amazing pasta dishes on the menu, including lasagna, Linguini, and Ravioli.

Taste tradition passed down through generations at Guido’s.

Look for Manatees at Linda Pederson Park

Sign in Linda Pederson Park

Linda White Wolf /

Spring Hill, FL, is a place that attracts visitors because of manatee sightings.

These lovable creatures tend to swim inland when the water is warm and swim back to the Gulf of Mexico as winter arrives.

If you want to get a glimpse of these majestic creatures, head over to Linda Pederson Park.

The best way to do so is by going on a canoe or kayak as you won’t disturb these gentle animals.

From this park, you can launch your vessel on the river and hopefully spot some of them swimming around.

If you don’t, the place still provides you with scenic views of nature.

Additionally, you can also find playgrounds, sports amenities, and an observation tower when you’re here.

Spend a Day at Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park

People relaxing on the shores of Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park

Linda White Wolf /

Does your idea of a holiday include spending a relaxing day with your loved ones while having fun?

Check out the Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park.

You can find many recreational amenities that will suit your needs for a splendid day in Spring Hill.

You can find this part at a 3-acre gulf beach.

Observation area at Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park

Linda White Wolf /

It has picnic tables and barbecue grills that you can use.

You can find a volleyball court here, too, if you intend on staying active.

View of a boat statue at Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park

Linda White Wolf /

An observation area is also available for anyone who wants to witness amazing views of the region.

For anyone who wants a relaxing day at the beach, check out Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park.

Take Some Plants Home From Nature Coast Botanical Gardens & Nursery

A Sign in Nature Coast Botanical Gardens & Nursery

Richard Elzey, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nature lovers can rejoice while in Spring Hill as you can find many places making sure to take care of Mother Earth’s blessings.

One such place is Nature Coast Botanical Gardens & Nursery.

This facility features a 3.5-acre garden that contains different themed areas.

Each of these areas showcases many different beautiful species of plants found in places, given its theme.

It has gardens devoted to desert-scape and a rainforest theme, among several others.

It also has a fantasy-themed garden, a rose garden, and a garden dedicated to local Florida plant species.

Apart from viewing the many beautiful types of flowers available here, you can also take some home.

It has a nursery where you can pick out some young plants to buy and take back with you from your trip.

Discover Nature at Weekiwachee Preserve

Another fantastic natural destination in Spring Hill is the Weekiwachee preserve.

Apart from being a natural habitat for local wildlife, this 11,000-acre preserve is also a mining restoration area.

Many tourists come here to try and catch a glimpse of the adorable manatees that you can sometimes find swimming in the nearby waters.

Other than those, you can also spot different wildlife species roaming around this area,

When you’re here, don’t miss out on hiking one of the amazing trails that you can follow.

By doing so, you can witness and appreciate how beautiful nature can be.

One of the best trails to follow here is the Maple Leaf Loop.

It’s a relatively easy hike, so don’t forget to check it out.

Go Bowling at Strike City

A well-loved neighborhood bowling alley called Strike City is committed to giving its patrons a wonderful time!

It is one of the favorite family entertainment complexes in Spring Hill, including dining, recreation, and bowling all in one location.

There are several items on the Uptown Bar & Grill menu in Strike City, including quesadillas, tacos, onion rings, fries, pizza, burgers, wings, and more.

It also serves as a venue for all spectacular parties; they host corporate events, kid’s parties, adult parties, and fundraising activities.

They invite visitors to visit and participate in their leagues, events, and tournaments.

Create Unforgettable Memories with Get Up And Go Kayaking

Beginning with Florida, founder Justin Buzzi and his partner Tia set out to launch the state’s first clear kayak tour business.

The business began operations towards the end of the summer of 2016 at three main sites.

Get Up and Go Kayaking is currently the world’s fastest-growing kayaking excursion business and the first clear kayak tour company to be franchised.

With 15 diverse places with distinctive animals, marine life, and nature, they hope there is never a bad place to go on an excursion.

Discover a world of adventure all around you and underneath you with their transparent kayaks, providing a unique experience with their top-level tour guides!

Put on Your Roller Skates and Head to the Locomo

The Locomo is a recently restored structure featuring cutting-edge audio and lighting.

The Locomo’s objective is to give a family-friendly environment that is safe and welcoming and offers a healthy option for food and exercise.

The Locomo has an 11,000-square-foot gorgeous maple wood floor, full-sized arcade games, a redemption store, and different-sized light-up roller skates.

They urge people of all ages to participate in sports and join a skating community that will foster fun experiences for a lifetime.

Additionally, skating lessons start every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

Listen to Music and Enjoy a Drink at Tidal Brewing Company

In 2018, a couple established the crowd favorite, Tidal Brewing Company.

The owners are a married couple of science instructors who share a passion for microbiology, excellent beer, and all things aquatic.

They want to develop a broad sector based on quality and originality while brewing and distributing only true, premium craft beer in the Tampa region and their hometown in Spring Hill, Florida.

The beers produced by Tidal Brewing Company are the ideal fusion of old and contemporary world flavors.

Every day of the month, there is live music, and they sell cans of soda in addition to a large selection of wine, sangria, and cider on tap.

Bring Your Four-Legged Pals to Rotary Centennial Dog Park

A fenced-in area renowned as the Rotary Centennial Dog Park offers a secure location for dogs to run freely.

It is a sizable 3-acre dog park with separate small and relatively large dog spaces and size-based fun zones located throughout grassy plains.

It is spacious for your dog to have fun, run, and interact with other dogs at the Rotary Centennial Dog Park.

There are several trees, areas of shade, and chairs where dog owners may unwind and watch their dog play.

The Rotary Centennial Dog Park is a great place to take your dog regularly.

It is accessible every day from dawn till dusk, including weekends.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Try a Unique Activity at Tampa Bay Sporting Clays

Do you want to try your hand at shooting clay discs flying through the air?

An attraction 30 minutes away from Spring Hill lets you experience this unique activity.

Head over to Tampa Bay Sporting Clays, which features a shooting range located in 260 acres of wooded areas.

Apart from clay shooting, you can also try your hand at archery as they offer lessons here.

Pick up this unique hobby when you’re in the region.

Swim Across Underwater Tunnels at 7 Sisters Springs

A Woman Kayaking at 7 Sisters Springs

EB Adventure Photography /

Did you know that you can swim in some of the most pristine waters in Florida, just 30 minutes away from Spring Hill?

Located near the Chassahoqitzka River Campground is a natural tourist attraction called 7 Sisters Springs.

It’s a shallow spring that has a number of holes that connect via tunnels.

Clear Water of 7 Sisters Springs

Joanne Dale /

Those who come here usually try to swim and snorkel through these tunnels under clear, blue spring water.

You can get to the spring only via boat as private property surrounds this place.

Witness how gorgeous nature can be at this fantastic spring swimming hole.

Underwater cave at 7 Sisters Springs

EB Adventure Photography /

Have Fun Under the Sun at SunWest Park

A fun destination for the entire family is SunWest Park.

Head over to this place if your kids like playing under the sun and over the water.

You can find this cool outdoor recreation park in Pasco Country.

It’s situated on a white sandy beach at the shores of a lake.

Here, your kids can try out their skills at the inflated, floating play area.

Alternatively, you can also do some watersports while you’re here.

For a fun time with your family, don’t forget to head to this park, just 25 minutes away from Spring Hill.

Final Thoughts

When you’re in Spring Hill, you are surrounded by the bountiful and gorgeous nature of this area in Florida.

All of it adds to the experience of spending a nice holiday here.

Be impressed by Mother Nature’s gifts by visiting Spring Hill.

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