15 Best Things to Do in Cape Coral

15 Best Things to Do in Cape Coral

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Cape Coral is a cherished tourist destination in Florida.

The place attracts hordes of travelers who are drawn to its gorgeous sunshine and an endless number of fun-filled activities.

You can enjoy the perfect beach days here at one of the many magnificent beaches.

The sands here glisten like real gold, allowing you to enjoy the perfect lazy sun-basking experience.

The beaches are lined with an exotic variety of trees with their equally entrancing fruit.

Besides, you can have plenty of natural and wildlife visuals with the preserves in the area.

Cape Coral also has its share of interesting historical sites where you can catch up on some amazing nuggets of facts about the past.

No beach holiday to a place that is itself named Cape Coral would be complete without a seafood feast.

You can enjoy endless varieties of seafood here cooked in delectable combinations of world flavors.

You can never have enough sea culinary pleasures in Cape Coral.

If all this inspires you to plan a trip to this beach heaven, then we have a detailed guide of 15 things to try in this wonderful place.

Deep Hikes into the Amazing Ecological Preserve

Iwo Jima Monumen
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The Four Mile Cove Preserve is an amazing expanse of fluid natural landscapes.

You can have a great time navigating its marshy lands and thick undergrowth before you finally arrive at the gorgeous waterfront.

The waters at this place are absolutely inviting. Head out and take a deep plunge and drink in the freshness of these cool waters. Swims here can feel like eternal bliss.

Alternatively, rent one of your favorite kayak models and just conquer the waves with your seamanship.

Enjoy the double pleasures of the waters and the thrill of kayaking.

When you are tired of your physical escapades into the waters, head back to the land and catch a dose of local history at the Iwo Jima Monument.

Soak in the atmosphere at this historical war monument built-in memory of the soldiers who fought bravely in that intense battle.

Some facts about the battle will leave you in a somber state.

This is one place to see the original natural landscapes of Florida. Most of the area in Florida has been refurbished to erect sky-scraping luxury hotels and complexes.

This is one of the very few natural ones still left.
One of the exciting things about the Four Cove Ecological Preserve is the many dolphins that float in these waters.

If you are lucky, you will be able to spot and enjoy one dancing around merrily.

Just one word of caution about this place. Four Clove is infested with mosquitos and various species of bugs.

Do make proper arrangements beforehand. You would not want a painful bug bite ruining your bliss in Florida.

Local Farmers Market

Farmers Market
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With more and more tourists preferring to cook at least some of their own meals on their holiday, the Farmers Market is a must-visit destination for them.

Travelers on a budget will pick up some great ingredients here that can give them ample culinary delights without breaking a bank at any of the costly restaurants.

You can find some great varieties of local vegetables and fruit at this Farmers Market.

The best part is that all the produce is reasonably priced.

Some flavors in these freshly plucked ingredients are unique.

You can also find an ample variety of delightful local flowers in beautiful colors and sweet fragrances.

Finally, you can pick a handmade souvenir from here to take back along with the many memories you would collect on this holiday.

Military Museum and Library

The Invest in America's Veterans Foundation is a non-profitable organization that helps collect funds to aid war veterans or to celebrate their contributions.

The Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library was also founded with investments from some of the funds from this foundation.

Today, this museum has expanded into a large 34,000 square foot facility and is the largest museum dedicated to the military in Florida.

You can find many artifacts and readings related to major wars and conflicts in the history of America.

There are 60 mannequins in this museum fully clothed in colorful attire.

You also have a theatre inside and can sit down to enjoy a light show here.

The many displays are informative and engaging.


Seafood is the one thing that you knew you would enjoy sumptuously once you reach the coasts of Florida and Cape Coral in particular.

This place is a heaven for seafood lovers with some of the choicest recipes made from freshly snapped seafood that just makes your mouth melt with delight.

The variety of seafood available in Cape Coral is just mind-boggling.

You would be truly spoilt and lost for choice here.

Additionally, the dining experiences in this place range from budget-friendly street food in the local stalls, all the way to fine dining in the luxury hotels.

Just about perfect for tourists; everyone gets to enjoy what he likes the best!

Some of the most delicious seafood that you must try here are the lobsters and the oysters.

The local fish is another feisty delight you cannot afford to miss.

Juicy and in exotic unique flavors, you will fall in love with the fish here.

A special mention also for the scallops. They are really good in Cape Coral.


You cannot return from the Gulf Coast without tasting Caribbean rum, can you?

Wicked Dolphin Artisan Rum has the finest collection of handcrafted drinks made from homegrown high-quality sugar cane.

The specialty distillations of this place have bagged several beverage awards.

You can go for a tour around the distillery and have a close look at the process.

The barrel room is exciting with the many rums stacked up in old-style attractive barrels.

You can then have a tasting session and delight at the wonderful available flavors.

One good thing about this place is that you can taste some of their exclusive drinks first up.

These are not even released in the market to be commercially available for the general public. Extra self-esteem brownie points never hurt!

Cardboard Boat Fun

The Cardboard Boat Regatta is a famous yearly event held in the waters around Cape Coral.

This event is packed with fun and you will have a gala time attending it.

The crazy part of this boating festival is that the boats are hand-made from actual cardboard!

Even further, you have to race them and not just casually meander through the waters.

If you are wondering how many people plunge into the waters as their boats dissolve, you will have to visit this boat regatta yourself to find out!

The truth is that making cardboard boats is an art and requires considerable expertise.

Many innovative designs have been tested in the past, and as incredible as it may seem, some of them have actually worked pretty well.

The Art All Year-Round

The Harbour View Gallery features exquisite artwork created by the local artists and is a visual feast.

The galleries here are rotated every month with new exciting displays.

It is a one-of-its-kind artist-owned exhibition venue in Florida.

Each month an artist is picked to be the special unveiling of the month.

These are quite big public events and if you are in the vicinity, you would definitely want to check out one.

Beer Tasting

After you had many crazy mugs of the awesome Caribbean rum, you can next have a taste of the frothing beer at the Cape Coral Brewing Company.

This is one of the newer breweries in the region, but their lagers are top-notch.

You can relish the delicious flavors and cool freshness of the local handcrafted beer at this place.

Alternatively, you can also take a tour and get a deep dive into their brewing process.

A guide will accompany you to fill you with all the meaty details about the company, the plant and of course the amazing beer!

Water Fun Galore

Birds in Cape coral
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You can saunter around calmly on the gentle waters by taking a boat tour on offer in Cape Coral.

Explore the rich sea life, including exotic creatures like manatees.

You will also spot ample dolphins regaling themselves joyfully in the waters.

The native bird species are another thing to watch out for.

The variety of species is rich and some birds are delightfully beautiful—just the perfect scene for you to take out your DSLRs and capture some golden moments from Florida.

There are other interesting and fun animals inhabiting this place.

Pelicans are a sight to watch with their amazing beaks and beautiful bodies.

Ospreys will also be spotted in plenty here. Finally, looking up you will be amazed as the proud eagles soar in the high skies!

Soccer Time

The Cape Coral Hurricanes are the local team here and they play in the National Premier Soccer League.

The soccer season lasts from around May to the end of August.

The pre-scrimmage games along with the pre-season matches are held in the off-season running from March to April.

You can watch one of these and still enjoy the game if you are in Cape Coral during these off-season months.

The games are very affordable to watch. Ticket prices are quite low and you can enjoy your soccer without having to spend a fortune!

Golf Session

Florida is home to some of the best golf courses in the world.

You can hang out in any of them and enjoy a relaxing golf session.

The 18-hole Coral Oaks Golf Course is the most famous of these, and you must definitely try your hand at a few birdies in the amazing lawns at this venue.

The scenery is just majestic, with 8 beautiful lakes and 37 exquisite bunkers sprayed over the big park.

You can also attempt some trial hits at the practice courses in the same facility.

Fine-tune your chips to own the golf course once you start playing on the main lawns.

River Sailing

The list of water activities available in Cape Coral never ends, does it?

If you have had enough of the ocean, you can now head out to the beautiful Caloosahatchee River to enjoy some gentler waters.

The mouth of the river is home to the native exotic manatees.

You definitely don’t want to miss out watching these amazing creatures go about their lives in their natural abode in this protected refuge.

You have several historic places of interest located in the vicinity here.

Try your hand at some of the refreshing activities going on here. Riding horseback in these calm expanses is a real pleasure.


Fishing Pier in Cape Coral
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After all the crazy merrymaking in the activities listed thus far, you can finally rest and test your patience with a calm, angling session.

The toothsome seafood in these waters is a good enough reason to plunge those fishing lines into the water and wait with Zen-like patience for the perfect catch.

Some of the top games that you would want to hook here include the amazing giant tarpon and the lovely trout.

Snook is also another catch that you would want to make.

Water Mania at Sunsplash Waterpark

Splash around in the cool waters of the 14 acres of Sunsplash Family Waterpark.

Slide down the slippery slides, or flow along with the waters of the “lazy river”.

The rides and activities here have colorful names.

You will have ample fun just trying one after the other here.

This huge space is the largest water park in this area, toward the southwest of Florida.

Colorful Butterflies at the Tom Allen Memorial Garden

Feast your eyes on colorful and exquisitely patterned butterflies at the Tom Allen Memorial Garden.

This is a calm place away from the clamor of the main city.

The butterflies rest and fly around peacefully away from the predatory species that normally feed on them.

You can learn a lot about butterflies here as they take visitors through a tour where you can witness the entire life cycle of butterflies.

Florida is an immensely beautiful place. Cape Coral is the top attraction in the state and you can enjoy great fun here with the many available activities.

This place offers something to travelers with all kinds of tastes.

When are you going on this magical trip that may well turn out into your dream holiday? We say, NOW!