15 Best Things to Do in Orange County

15 Best Things to Do in Orange County

Today we have planned to take you out on a journey of the phenomenal Orange County. Wonderful beaches, gorgeous hikes, luxurious hotels, and the breath-taking sunset- everything makes Orange County one of the best places in California. Come, let us indulge you in all the top 15 things to do in Orange County, CA.

Admire the fine arts of Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum
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Bowers Museum is one of the most acclaimed museums in all of America. It is so honorable that it falls in the first 5% of the museums in the USA that makes it one of the top tourist attractions of Orange County.

American Alliance of Museums gives full credit to the Bowers Museum for its fantastic collections. Being opened in 1936, the Bowers Museum is still standing proudly, preserving all the art and culture of CA that deserves to be treated well.
Not just America, Bowers Museum can be considered a  treasure to the entire world for it possess a collection so unique. It receives a huge crowd every day and sometimes hosts special exhibitions too.

Lead a beach-life at Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park
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If you are someone who keeps news of the degrading sea-life, then you might have noticed, that there are not many natural beaches remaining here. So, make the most out of the ones that are still there. And, Crystal Cove State Park is one of the best ones you can still enjoy.

The beach almost extends across for 3 miles, and it encompasses a massive area. If you want some peace amid the hustle and bustle of the typical Californian lifestyle, Crystal Cove State Park is the best way to spend a peaceful day.
There are a lot of adventurous trails here. You can go hiking. Want to feel the sea wind against your face? There is cycling along with the beach option for you too!

Enjoy the scenic El Moro Canyon Loop Trail

Orange County is an incredibly beautiful place. If you still haven’t realized its beauty by now, it is time we take you to another location to understand its beauty better. Hence, we have the El Moro Canyon Loop Trail for you.

The location is quite exotic beside Laguna Beach, and the trail goes around in loops. The loopy part makes it more fun for those who want to trek along. Even if you don’t wanna walk, you can simply hire a horse, and ride on a horse-back like a royal. Also, let us tell you how beautiful the trail is. Offering gorgeous views of the beautiful ocean, you will see flowers blooming all around you.

Have fun at Huntington City Beach

Surfing at Huntington City Beach
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You might know Huntington City Beach as the ‘Surf Capital’ of California. True to its words, it is one of the incredible beaches of Orange County, if not the best! However, the beach serves the best during night time. It is beautiful throughout the day, but when night hits, the beauty is unimaginable. Wanna play volleyball in the sand? This is the best place. They say Californian sunsets are something that you can never forget in your entire life, and Huntington City Beach sunset is the prime example of those words.

Witness the magic of Shipley Nature Center

Shipley Nature Center
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Do you want to be closer to the magical world of nature? Shipley Nature Center gives you every opportunity to do so. There are plenty of attractions that you could check out at Shipley Nature Center. For starters, we will begin with the lovely butterfly house.

Also, Huntington Beach is close by for which the Shipley Nature Center gets more attractive. Wanna hike? There are plenty of options for trails here. Summer means festivals. There are a lot of events and festivals along with concerts that are celebrated here.

Watch a game at Angels Baseball

Angels Baseball stadium
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Want to catch a super dramatic live game? Head over to Angels Baseball Stadium if you are a baseball fan. Millions of people crowd the stadium during game time. It is altogether a different experience that you will not get elsewhere. So, please book your tickets if you want to catch a game as they sell out incredibly fast.

Enjoy a day at Disneyland

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Disneyland- a place that does not require any introduction. Seriously, if we even need to introduce this place to you people, then are you living under a rock? A name that brings smiles to adults and kids scream in delight at the mention of this name!

Disneyland is located in Orange County! So, what are you even waiting for? This is the ultimate tourist attraction of the OC. Often described as a wonderland- no place in the world is as magical as Disneyland. People of all change rush to this place for which you can never find a day when Disneyland is empty. Along with the old classics, it has now incorporated a lot of new things. If you are someone who has visited Disneyland, do visit it again for there might be new things. And, if you have not visited it yet- please don’t waste any more time!

Pick some berries at Knott’s Berry Farm

Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm
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If you thought that you are just going to pick some berries, then, my friends, you are entirely wrong for we have a lot of things on our plate to present to you.
Well, Knott’s Berry Farm was once upon a time quite an ordinary farm. It was one of the normal farms that you see around you, but now, it has completely changed its facade.

The farm itself is kind of like an amusement park. No, mark our words- it is a huge amusement park where you can easily spend a day enjoying yourself with your peeps! The theme park is massive with a lot of rides. Also, they have recreated a ghost town which is quite thrilling too. Tired after a long day? Eat at their very own diner inside the park where they serve organic and home-made delicious goodies!

Learn about conservation at Doheny State Park

Big wave crash unto shore in Doheny State Park
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There is something different about the popular beaches of Orange County, and Doheny State Park is just another one of the fantastic beach examples you can come across. We are all living for the Californian beach lives, but did you ever think that beaches can teach you sometimes too?

Yes, you can learn valuable life lessons from this very beach. Let us first talk about the diverse flora and fauna that can be found here. Here, you get to see a whole lot of fishes like bass and even starfish. If you look closely enough, you can also see dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Sitting there for long enough? Did you spot the hummingbirds and pelicans yet? Everyone tries to protect these natural beauties that come to visit the park. For this reason, the land is protected and cleaned as a token of respect!

Check out Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano
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Okay, we have had enough fun. It is time to see some places of culture now. For this, we head over to a place that was quite an inspiration for education a while back- Mission San Juan Capistrano. Mission San Juan Capistrano was established by Father Lasuen in 1775. Since then, natives knew this Mission was the epitome of everything culture. Also, it served as an educational institution teaching the ancient people the ways of life for the next 240 years.

The Mission has played an important role in the preservation and conservation of its ideals. But, now it is more of an art museum. The walls are hung with several paintings and art pieces.

Go on a Brewery Tour

Let us face the true facts- Orange County is a place of relaxation and entertainment. It is a known fact that such a place is bound to have good liquor. In fact, it is true that OC is blessed with some of the best breweries in California. Often it happens that, you cannot get to taste everything at once. That is why we recommend you to spare some time and go on a brewery tour that will cover all the essential spots!

OC Brewery Tours is one of the best agents to book a trip with. Know the most about all the best places and their best spirits. Also, it is quite affordable compared to the amount of fun you are going to have.

Pay a visit to the home of Richard Nixon

House of Richard Nixon
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Orange County also served as the birthplace of the 37th President of America- Richard Nixon. There is a museum now entirely dedicated to this great man. It contains all of his life’s works and documents. If you go through the permanent collection, you will get your hands on more than 70 artifacts and displays. They also allow you to visit the actual birthplace. It is a beautiful farm where you can see all the original things still surviving.

Learn more about the personal life of the President. You can get to know about the rights he fought for, the things he decided, and also his wrong-doings. The whole life story has been portrayed beautifully here.

Surf at Salt Creek Beach Park

Salt Creek Beach Park
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Let us enjoy a bit of surfing in the blue ocean now! Head over to Salt Creek Beach Park to feel the fun part of the ocean. The location is the definition of the true Californian beach life. Being places beside the Pacific Coast Highway, the beach is an extremely popular one among locals as well as tourists.

Beach-lovers love this one as this is filled with water activities. Go, ride along the waves as this is one of the best surfing points in California. There is also a reef here beside the beach, from where you can partake in other adventure activities too.

Watch the waves at the Wedge

Surfing at Wedge in Orange County
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Want to go surfing in an artificial harbor? Well, it is possible in Orange County. The Newport Harbor in Orange County was a place that was prone to storms. But, then the engineers came up with the idea of creating the Wedge to prevent those. And, now Wedge is the best place with some of the biggest waves to surf on.

You might recognize Wedge as it has been featured in a lot of Hollywood action movies. Waves of even 30 feet are recorded here. And, people love this place to feel the mighty ocean. But, do take note before visiting this place as a lot of times the waves can be too high for some.

Learn about the animals at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Footbridge at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
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Have you ever visited a coastal estuary? If not, don’t wait to visit one anymore, for Orange County is home to one of the biggest coastal estuaries in all of the States.
But, please beware as this is a protected area now. Earlier, it was used by locals and tourists freely. But, some people overused the area, after they found a source for oil which led to an overall degradation. For which, this area is now preserved.

You can get to see a lot of animals on this land. If you are a bird lover, then Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve would be like a piece of heaven for you as it has the largest collection of birds flying around in the Orange County Area.
It is said that more than 200 species of birds reside in this area. Other than wildlife, there are also a lot of adventure opportunities here. You can go hiking on one of the many trails found here.

Combine all of these beautiful places along with bright sunny Californian weather and you get our favorite Orange County. Do check out this place for its beauty is beyond words!