15 Free Things to Do in Oklahoma City, OK

Free Things to Do in Oklahoma City, OK
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Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and is famous for its flourishing agriculture and energy industries, as well as Native American heritage.

The city is also rich in cowboy culture and operating oil wells.

Moreover, it’s home to one of the fastest-developing entertainment districts in the American Southwest.

Oklahoma City is the heart of an enormous urban regeneration, offering famous museums, theme parks for all ages, and Western attractions.

There are countless free things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that you and your family will enjoy.

Take a Nice Road Trip on Route 66

Bridge road along Route 66
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Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, holds stories of a shifting nation on the road.

Explore the shared culture and tradition through historical sites you can still currently experience.

You can recall the past and the automobile’s impact on people’s lives and the nation.

Also called U.S. Highway 66, this route is a network of transportation, an envoy of social evolution, and a fragment of America’s past.

Old buildings along Route 66
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The route extends 2,400 miles across two-thirds of the continent, winding from the shores of Lake Michigan and across Illinois’ agricultural fields.

Bounded by historic buildings and mixed cultural resources, Route 66 cuts across the continent, unveiling the historical change process that reformed people’s lives, their communities, including the nation.

This historic route not only connects the East and West but likewise links the past and present.

A store along Route 66
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Visit the Family-Friendly Route 66 Park

Welcome sign of Route 66 Park
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After that long tiring drive on Route 66, go straight to Route 66 Park to relax and have a wonderful time with the family.

Situated on N.W. 23rd St. on Lake Overholser’s west side, a few blocks from the original highway, this extraordinary park honors Mother Land.

Route 66 Park offers various free outdoor activities the family will enjoy, especially the kids.

Men fishing at Route 66 Park
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The 148-acre park features a playground where kids can climb and play, or they can go skateboarding or rollerblade on Route 66 Skate Court.

You’ll also find three ponds along with wetland causeways, bridges, and informative signage, including a mile-long of walking trails, and you can fish as long as you have a fishing license.

There’s also an amphitheater and picnic shelter inside the park, plus free admission.

Boardwalk at Route 66 Park
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Bring Your Kids to Scissortail Park

Aerial view of Scissortail Park
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Another family-friendly park you must visit is Scissortail Park, a 70–acre urban refuge stretching from the heart of downtown Oklahoma City to the coast of Oklahoma River.

Located at S.W. 7th St., the park offers free admission for the public.

However, some private or ticketed events are in specified areas of the park.

People at Scissortail Park
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Nevertheless, your kids can access Childen’s Playground, which is open from dawn to dusk every day.

They will love climbing the geometric domes, crawling the rock climbing wall, scaling the fort tower, and more before getting wet at the interactive fountains.

You can bring your dog so it can also enjoy Scissortail Park.

Night scene at Scissortail Park's bridge
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Take a Stroll at the Bricktown Canal

Buildings at Bricktown Canal
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Concerning the significant entertainment spot in Oklahoma City, the Bricktown Canal tops the list.

You can enjoy the place just by strolling the pathway because of the beautiful sights.

The canal is popular with visitors and residents alike because of the gorgeous murals along the path.

A restaurant at Bricktown Canal
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In summer, the shade cools down the water in the canal, while during the holiday season, the place comes alive because of the colorful lights.

Every four years, the canal undergoes drainage and cleaning to maintain its clean and crystal-clear waters.

Situated along E Reno Ave., Bricktown Canal is home to Bricktown Water Taxi and other yearly special events.

The waters of Bricktown Canal
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Remember the Greatest Athletes at the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

Whether you’re an athlete, a player, or simply a sports fan, it's important to remember the greatest athletes in state history at the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

There are currently 184 Oklahoma sports figures and two “teams of legend” inducted into the Hall of Fame, and almost 300 are on the nominee list.

The 10,000-square-foot modernistic museum lies on South Mickey Mantle Dr. and is open to the public, offering guided iPad tours and free admission.

There are also exhibits that highlight Jim Thorpe, Paycom Jim Thorpe Award winners, Warren Spahn Award, and OKSHOF inductees’ artifacts, to name a few.

You’ll find the best of the best in the realm of athletics a the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

Take a Hike at the Martin Park Nature Center

Bridge along Martin Park Nature Center
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The Martin Park Nature Center encompasses a 140-acre nature park that integrates education, wildlife, and recreation.

The park features an interactive nature center that emphasizes Oklahoma’s fauna and flora to establish nature education opportunities for residents.

The waters of Martin Park Nature Center
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The INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Courage Trail is one of the three hiking trails accessible to disabled people and people with mobility conditions.

You can also watch birds from an observation wall and check out a variety of wildlife on the trail, such as deer, squirrels, beavers, foxes, cottontail rabbits, and more.

You can enjoy a quick snack or hearty meal at a picnic area while birds and animals pass by.

Birds perched on a tree at Martin Park Nature Center
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Admission is free, so bring the whole family and enjoy the park.

Note that special programs and guided hikes may charge a fee.

Deer at Martin Park Nature Center
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Visit the Historic Charles B. Hall Airpark

Aircraft on the grounds of Charles B. Hall Airpark
Balon Greyjoy, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a fan of aircraft, then you definitely must visit Charles B. Hall Airpark, situated at the Air Depot Blvd. exit on Interstate 40.

The park got its name to honor Major Hall, a Tuskegee Airman and highly distinguished 99th Pursuit Squadron pilot, a part of the 332nd Fighter Group.

He was the first African-American pilot to bring down an enemy aircraft in combat and receive the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Admission to the airpark is free and open to the public, inviting people of all ages, including the disabled.

The family will enjoy a visit to the Charles B. Hall Airpark and admire the historic planes on display, including B-52 and RB-47E.

Get a Spectacular View of the Skydance Bridge

Daytime view of the Skydance Bridge
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The Skydance Bridge took its concept from Oklahoma's state bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher.

The unique bridge spans 390 feet and is almost 30 feet wide, designed to express the city’s boundless prairie winds.

Tourists and locals love the installed LED lights illuminating the bridge at night, creating a spectacular view, especially at night.

Lit-up led lights of the Skydance Bridge
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The objectives of the bridge’s designs are to represent the city’s state bird, boost local industry, and use sustainable solutions whenever possible.

Likewise, the bridge is sometimes called Scissortail Bridge or the Skydance Pedestrian Bridge, which rises over Interstate 40.

Visit the Historic Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Field of empty chairs at Oklahoma City National Memorial
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On April 19, 1995, a bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, leaving many people dead and injured.

Following the tragedy, the city collaborated to restore and recover the 48-square-block, which received damages during the terrorist attack.

The city erected a heartbreaking marker where visitors can pay their homage and understand how the bombing affected Sooner State before and after.

Reflecting pool at Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
Photos BrianScantlebury / Shutterstock.com

Located on N Harvey Avenue, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is an image of strength due to horrific violence.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is open to the public with free admission.

Wall memorial at Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
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Take a Peek into the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion

Another important place you shouldn’t miss visiting in Oklahoma City is the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion, located on N.E. 23rd.

Located near State Capitol, this Dutch-Colonial style house spans 14,000 square feet with an interior that separates into 12 rooms.

Its rooms include a kitchen, five bedrooms, a parlor, a sunroom, a grand ballroom, a library, and a dining room.

The building showcases antiques, artwork from the museum, and private collections from artists, including Thomas Moran and Charles Russell, N.C. Wyeth and Albert Bierstadt, to name a few.

The grand mansion’s library features restored walnut paneling and molding, together with the room’s original colors: vibrant burgundy, green, and gold.

Visitors can also look at the mansion’s third-floor ballroom, which can accommodate up to 60 people during state functions.

On the mansion grounds, you’ll find a swimming pool shaped like the Oklahoma state.

The Oklahoma Governor's Mansion allows visitors to take pictures but not to bring backpacks and strollers.

Marvel at the Incomparable Artworks at the Oklahoma State Capitol

Exterior of the Oklahoma State Capitol
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The Oklahoma State Capitol is a one-of-a-kind state capitol building in terms of the amount of artwork decorating its hallways and rotunda and festooning its grounds.

The Oklahoma Arts Council manages two significant artwork collections, the State Art Collection and Capitol Art Collection.

You can’t help but wonder at over 100 permanent sculptures, paintings, and murals positioned across the hallways, rotunda, and grounds.

Interior of the Oklahoma State Capitol
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These collections enrich historic public spaces and provide locals, students, and visitors with a unique and exciting way to learn about the city’s history through art.

Located on N. Lincoln Blvd., the Oklahoma State Capitol is open to the public with free admission.

View of Oklahoma State Capitol's dome from the inside
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Learn History at the 45th Infantry Division Museum

Coastal defense gun at 45th Infantry Division Museum
Greg Goebel, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 45th Infantry Division Museum is one of the first National Guard units used in World War II, honoring the soldiers’ service and all of the Oklahomans.

Located on N.E. 36th St., the museum got its Nicknamed "Thunderbird" division from the gold thunderbird and became the division’s emblem in 1939.

The museum’s mission is to gather, preserve, and exhibit militaria regarding the military history of the State of Oklahoma.

Cadillac tank at 45th Infantry Division Museum
Greg Goebel, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Likewise, it provides a tool to enhance recognition of the state and its soldiers, including their participation in the nation’s kindred.

The 45th Infantry Division Museum also highlights the city’s military past, corresponding to the scope of Oklahoma’s part to American history and National Defense.

This historic, state-run museum has free admission that showcases military history artifacts and archives.

Admire the Architecture of the Boathouse District

Devon boathouse at Boathouse District
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Established in 2006, the Boathouse District became a popular gathering spot for athletes, visitors, and residents of Oklahoma City.

While the area usually involves water activities, you can ride your mountain bike to the more than 13-mile trails.

At the same time, the family can admire the art and architecture of the Boathouse District and take pictures with the giant bronze Oklahoma Land Run Monument.

Gracing the entrance is the Compass Rose sculpture by Owen Morrell, an internationally renowned artist.

Paved trail at Boathouse District
Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

You’ll also appreciate the exemplary architecture alongside the river, designed by architect Rand Elliott, Elliott & Associates.

Boathouse District’s athleticism and architecture are becoming more popular as a world-class destination for locals and international visitors.

You’ll find the Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River in downtown Oklahoma City, at the intersection of I-35 and I-40.

Chesapeake Finishline Tower at Boathouse District
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Other Things to Do Nearby

Admire the Arcadia Round Barn

Exterior of the Arcadia Round Barn
Sharon Ball / Shutterstock.com

The Arcadia Round Barn is a prominent feature and tourist attraction on monumental U.S. Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma, 25 minutes from Oklahoma City.

In 1898, local farmer William Harrison Odor constructed the barn with native bur oak boards saturated while green and stuffed into the curves necessary for the walls and roof rafters.

Inside the barn are exhibits and a gift shop, while the outdoor displays exhibit primitive farm tools and equipment.

Interior of the Arcadia Round Barn
Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

The Arcadia Round Barn is the only round barn on Route 66 located six miles east of Interstate 35 on Route 66.

Admission is free.

Watch the music programs, which are accessible to the public and are already over a hundred years old.

Welcome sign of the Arcadia Round Barn
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Final Thoughts

Do you want some adventures or a different ambiance?

What if you don’t have the budget?

Don’t worry, because you can still enjoy doing different enjoyable activities and learning things even without spending money.

If you’re thinking of going someplace new, you’ll find several memorable free things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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