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21 Best Things to Do in Miami, OK

  • Published 2023/05/01

Miami, Oklahoma, is not just rich in history and culture but also in fun and excitement.

You can enjoy a day of enjoyable activities without ever leaving the city limits.

The city of Miami is also the seat of Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

This city is also regarded as “America’s Cleanest City.”

It is one of the growing cities in the United States; its arts, culture, entertainment, and education continue to gain prominence.

Established in 1891, this lovely city underwent an unconventional beginning compared to other Indian Territory communities.

Maximize your Oklahoma trip by checking out the best things to do in Miami, OK.

Catch a Show at the Coleman Theatre

Exterior of Coleman Theatre

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The Coleman Theatre in Miami is the best location to experience the history of Route 66.

In 1929, the local mining tycoon George Coleman built the Spanish Colonial Revival-style theater.

Its opulent Louis XV interior and unusual façade make it a one-of-a-kind stop on historic Route 66.

Interior of Coleman Theatre

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When it debuted in 1929, it earned acclaim as “the most spectacular theater between Dallas and Kansas City.”

Since then, it has hosted and screened vaudeville acts, musical groups, movies, and more.

The Boller Brothers, from Kansas City, Missouri, designed the theater, like more than a hundred other theaters in the Midwest.

The lobby of Coleman Theatre

Vanessa Ezekowitz, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Learn History at Dobson Museum

The Dobson Museum in Miami, Oklahoma, is excellent for learning about the city’s history.

A permanent B.F. Goodrich display belongs to the Ottawa County Historical Society’s collection of artifacts depicting the history of mining.

The Dobson House, built between 1915 and 1916, is an addition to the museum and is open for tours and event rentals.

The Dobson family possessions remain in the house.

The house has a rich history and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The gardens of the Dobson Memorial Center encircle the mansion and extend into the museum’s courtyard.

Colorful perennials and annuals bloom yearly, ensuring a year-round brilliant display.

Explore the Past at the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center

You need to visit the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center if you find yourself in Miami, Oklahoma.

The facility immerses visitors in Shawnee’s past, present, and future.

This Route 66 attraction opened in 2018, presenting Shawnee culture through a self-guided museum with rotating and permanent exhibitions.

The center runs various events that let guests engage with and learn about the tribe’s culture.

The museum features exhibits about Native Americans and their history.

You can also see works from artists who use conventional materials to create modern artifacts based on vintage patterns.

You can also learn about traditional practices like drum making and basket weaving.

Visitors can also participate in regular events like powwows; members of many tribes come together to share their stories via song and dance.

Experience Miami Fun at the Stables Casino

The Stables in Miami is the top entertainment location in Northeast Oklahoma.

Likewise, the Stable is a joint venture between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma.

The casino features over 400 electronic and table games spread Las Vegas-style across two floors.

It also has an off-track betting parlor with national simulcasts of crucial thoroughbred horse races and high-stakes bingo.

You may play blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, and slot machines.

Additionally, you can grab a bite at the full-service restaurant with patio seating.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and supper daily.

The Stables is conveniently situated not far from downtown Miami.

Try Your Luck at High Winds Casino

Look no further than the High Winds Casino in the Miami, Oklahoma, area if you’re looking for excitement.

More than 400 electronic gaming machines are available at this prominent location, open round-the-clock every day of the week.

Along with the newest games and traditional casino favorites, you may participate in various promotions and competitions.

For example, you can win cash prizes through their Facebook page.

The Steakhouse restaurant at High Winds Casino has a wide range of comfort food mainstays.

Try their all-day breakfast options and everything from half-pound burgers to fried catfish.

For your chosen beverage, head over to the Steakhouse Lounge.

You may also check their website for daily offers and promotions.

This casino is a favorite of out-of-state visitors looking for a bit of excitement.

Make a date with Lady Luck at High Winds Casino right now!

Win Big at Buffalo Run Casino & Resort

Visit the Buffalo Run Casino & Resort in Miami, Oklahoma, if you want to win big.

Buffalo Run has more than 70,000 square feet of gaming space, hundreds of electronic slot machines, and 24/7 table games like Texas hold ’em and blackjack.

The Coal Creek Restaurant offers a range of excellent dining alternatives if you want to stay at the casino but aren’t in the mood to gamble.

At the same time, the Bistro at Buffalo Run serves standard grab-and-go fare like burgers, sub sandwiches, and pizza by the slice.

Choose from one of their single-king or double-queen rooms to rest after a day of gambling.

You can also get a premium king suite with a living area and fireplace.

Treat Yourself at Buttered Bunns Cafe

If you’re looking for delicious meals and a welcoming atmosphere in Miami, Buttered Bunns Cafe is a great place to eat.

It is a must-stop for travelers because it sits right on Route 66.

They are ready to feed you whenever hunger strikes because they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can order country favorites, including meatloaf, chicken strips, and chicken-fried steak.

For breakfast, you can try the omelets, burritos, steak and eggs, and delicious hotcakes at Buttered Bunns Cafe.

Since the café serves a variety of sweet treats every day, travelers frequently stop by to grab a dessert to go.

Families love it because of the comfortable atmosphere and relaxing vibe.

Both residents and tourists congregate at Buttered Bunns Cafe.

Grab a Bite at Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger

Signage of Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger

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Anyone traveling Route 66 must stop at Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger in Miami, Oklahoma.

It opened in 1965 as a part of a more extensive network.

However, this storied burger restaurant is the only one still standing today.

This Route 66 memorial is hard to miss, thanks to its massive green and yellow neon sign.

Bird mascot of Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger

Logan Bush /

A large cuckoo clock with a vibrant yellow cuckoo bird sits above the entryway of this vintage fast food restaurant, conjuring memories of the past.

You’ll love the 1950s-style decor inside.

See red tables under white lights that simulate street lamps and red vinyl booths on the walls and ceiling.

Enjoy a burger and fries for a snack or an ice cream cone with soda and various colors.

Go Fishing at Spoonbill Wreckers

Have you ever wanted to catch a fish from the time of the dinosaurs?

If you’re a fishing fanatic, you should visit Spoonbill Wreckers in Miami.

Spoonbill Wreckers, a local fishing guide business during the spring snagging season, offers four-hour morning and afternoon excursions.

You can get help from experienced fishing guides to catch one of these massive fish, also known as spoonbills and paddlefish.

The crew of the Spoonbill Wreckers is so sure of their skills and methods that they won’t charge you if you don’t catch any fish.

Call them and prepare for the trip of a lifetime while spoonbill fishing.

Learn about Local Plants at George Francis Riverview Park

It is vital to experience the local sights and sounds of Miami, Oklahoma.

For instance, visiting George Francis Riverview Park can help with this adventure.

This park offers a variety of walking paths, attractive flowers, and an art gallery.

The park also offers breathtaking views of the river and the surroundings.

The park’s garden area shows succulents and perennials endemic to Oklahoma.

There are also a variety of annual and seasonal flowers throughout the year.

If you’re not a gardener but would still like to see gorgeous plants up close, check out their annual show.

Watch Regular Events at Rotary Centennial Park

If you’re looking for events in Miami, Oklahoma, Rotary Centennial Park is the place to be.

This park offers a singular experience informing guests about the town’s past while letting them enjoy its scenic splendor.

The park’s attractions include a carousel, play areas, and a water feature honoring the city’s centennial.

Around the park, there are also trails for walking and riding bicycles.

The walkways lead to parks outside of Rotary Centennial Park, making it an ideal place for history lessons and outdoor recreation.

Due to the park’s free entrance, it’s a great way to spend a day in Miami without breaking the bank.

Appreciate Nature at Sarasota Kiwanis Park

The Sarasota Kiwanis Park is a breathtakingly lovely green space in Miami, OK.

The lush grass and the cool shade of the trees make this park a fantastic place to unwind on a hot day.

There are many recreation opportunities, such as a playground for kids and picnic spots for families.

This park is perfect for you if you like the outdoors and want to escape the city for a while.

Highway 54 passes through the town from north to south.

You can find the Sarasota Kiwanis Park there.

Hike at Wayne Pack Park

The Wayne Pack Park is not your typical tourist destination.

You should still go, though!

The park offers plenty of space for outdoor activities and a lovely neighborhood view.

You can go cycling, hiking, fishing, or enjoying the scenery while eating a picnic lunch.

Additionally, this park has a lot to offer history buffs.

It sits next to the Pack House, erected in 1883, and offers guided tours of a 1908 jail cell.

Wayne Pack Park is an excellent place for families looking for outdoor activities nearby.

Buy Souvenir at Miami Nation Gift Shop

If you are looking for unusual mementos or presents, the Miami Nation Gift Shop is a fantastic place to find what you’re looking for.

They have a wide selection of gifts, keepsakes, and items about Native American culture.

The shop carries a variety of goods, including clothing, purses, jewelry, candles, and home decor accents.

They also sell portraits of prominent people who contributed to the creation of Miami.

Even a portrait of yourself can be created there!

Play at Playland Lanes

Playland Lanes is a fantastic destination for friends and family.

It is a bowling alley in Miami, Oklahoma, that caters to all its customers’ needs.

Bowling leagues and tournaments are held at Playland Lanes, which features 16 bowling lanes, shoe rental, and cosmic bowling.

The bumpers on a bowling lane are an excellent way to keep bowling balls from going into the gutters and to keep your younger bowlers grinning.

Indeed, Playland Lanes is the place to go with your loved ones, friends, or coworkers!

Take a Picture of the Miami Route 66 Gateway Arch

View of the Miami Route 66 Gateway Arch

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You’re not making your trip to Miami worthwhile if you don’t stop at the Miami Route 66 Gateway Arch at least once on your visit.

This arch is a replica of the one that once was on Central at C Street back in the 1900s.

Sometime in the 30s, the original sign got removed.

And with it, the preference for train travel for many.

Through the efforts of the Oklahoma Historical Society, the replica, dedicated in 2012, now stands as a welcoming marker for those visiting Miami.

With the arch is a sign introducing the arch’s relevance to downtown Miami.

You can find the Miami Route 66 Gateway Arch and Sign on Main Street.

Relax Among the Stars at Coleman Celebrity Park

If you’re on a hunt for Miami’s hidden natural treasures, be sure Coleman Celebrity Park is on your list.

A part of the Coleman Theater, this pocket park offers an outdoor escape after your indoor live performance experience.

Its main feature is its Wall of Fame.

Some of the names you’ll find on this Wall of Fame are Charles Banks Wilson, Steve Owens, and Moscelyne Larkin.

They are all Miami-born artists who excelled in numerous fields in the industry.

And the theater still continues to accept nominations, too!

Bask in the sights and sounds of the fountain and foliage all around Coleman Celebrity Park.

You can find this public area on North Main Street.

Go on a Self-Guided Mural Tour all Over Historic Route 66

Expand your artistic endeavors with a mural tour of Route 66.

From vibrant doodles and abstract shapes to elaborate paintings, the diversity in mural design will truly catch your eye.

One of these is the Wall of Prayers by Yatika Fields, which serves as a fancy backdrop to a small pavilion on North Main Street.

The murals Abstract Passages and Hong Kong Phooey offer a distinct art style of their own.

Both are on North Main Street.

On the elaborate side, the Two Birds mural shines stark against a black background.

And there are more murals you can find along your way, so keep an eye out!

View Inspiring Art at the Charles Banks Wilson Gallery

The free Charles Banks Wilson Gallery is worth a visit if you’re into art discovery.

Dedicated in 2013, the NEO Development Foundation led the opening of this project.

It features a permanent display of the artist it got its name from.

Before his passing in 2013, Charles Banks Wilson served as the Chair of the Art Department at NEO.

His artworks’ main theme revolved around Oklahoma landscapes, including Indians, cowboys, and even miners.

You can find the Charles Banks Wilson Gallery in Kah-Ne Hall on the campus on I Street.

Tee Up at Peoria Ridge Golf Course

Get your much-needed breathtaking vistas of the Miami skyline while playing golf at Peoria Ridge Golf Course.

Opened in 2000, this golf course has been a Miami staple, and rightfully so.

Its 18-hole layout offers five tee box sets for beginner, intermediate, and expert players.

Its accompanying clubhouse has a pro shop for all your golf equipment needs and a bar and grill with a well-rounded menu.

Peoria Ridge Golf Course on South 600 Road.

Final Thoughts

Find the city of Miami near rural areas and places with excellent climates.

Likewise, its citizens always welcome all travelers.

You do not need to travel far or spend much money to experience something new in this city.

Book your trip today!

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