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20 Best Things to Do in Weirton, WV

  • Published 2023/04/17

Weirton is a reasonably small and relatively quiet city in Hancock county of West Virginia.

This city is known as a great place to retire with its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere topped with a suburban feel.

Despite its size and serenity, Weirton is home to many bars and restaurants, museums, art galleries, and other entertainment hubs.

You can also catch several events that take place in this city year-round.

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, then Weirton is the ideal place for a vacation.

Here are the best things to do in Weirton, WV.

Visit the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center

The Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center stands along the heart of Weirton and preserves the city’s rich history.

Since 1984, this organization has sought to engage both locals and visitors.

It gives them an in-depth background on the culture and heritage of Weirton.

They also display several important and preserved artifacts, memorabilia, souvenirs, and more.

These items tell the different stories of Weirton’s past, which you can view at their museum.

You can even catch some events, such as talks, lectures, and educational programs.

A visit to the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center is perfect for those visiting Weirton for the first time.

Add this museum to the top of your list of must-visit attractions while on your vacation.

Play a Round of Golf at Williams Golf & Country Club

Established initially near the city center of Weirton in 1932, Williams Golf & Country Club is the perfect place to play golf with friends and family.

Boasting an 18-hole, 72-par golf course, this course will challenge even the most skilled golfers.

Their layout can also cater to first-time golfers picking up a golf club for the first time and practicing their aim.

You can get lovely views of the neighboring Ohio River from this course.

Their preserved, well-kept fairways, rough, and greens provide a great golfing experience for those dropping by.

In case you get hungry, you can grab a lovely meal at their restaurant to keep you energized for the whole day.

Bring your friends and challenge them to a friendly game or two of golf at Williams Golf & Country Club.

Mix Food and Entertainment at Blue Steel Grill & Cafes and Steel Valley Bowling Center

Blue Steel Grill & Cafes and Steel Valley Bowling Center is a popular entertainment facility just east of the heart of Weirton.

Spend great quality time with the people you love most at this mixed-purpose venue.

Since 1950, this establishment has mixed bowling with food and other entertainment.

This place has everything you need for a day of indoor fun.

You can play a round of bowling at their bowling alley and aim for a strike while getting food and drinks served to your table.

Otherwise, you can head to their restaurant and sit down for a lovely, full-course meal.

Skilled and professional bowlers also have the opportunity to join their bowling leagues, where you can win various prizes.

They also offer other entertainment options such as arcade games, magic shows, DJ-ing, karaoke, and dancing.

Bring the whole clan to Blue Steel Grill & Cafes and Steel Valley Bowling Center for some great times and lasting memories.

Admire the Art at the Summit Art Gallery

The Top of West Virginia is a Visitors Center and Bureau that shows first-time visitors and tourists a directory of things to see and do in Weirton.

However, the main attraction here is The Summit Art Gallery.

The Summit Art Gallery houses various paintings and artworks from talented artists who wish to showcase their masterpieces.

It carries different types of art, ranging from paintings to photography and even some pottery.

This art gallery is the perfect place for art lovers, aspiring artists, aesthetes, and more who may be looking for inspiration.

They also host events that include quarterly exhibitions, talks, and lectures.

You can join art classes if you want to learn some tips and tricks for their art.

Some artworks and sculptures may even be up for sale, which you can purchase directly from the artist.

Stop by and admire the beauty and talent that makes up the Summit Art Gallery at the Top of West Virginia.

See the Iconic Browns Island Bridge

The Browns Island Bridge in Weirton connects this city to Browns Island.

This island was previously a Coke plant and steel mill complex that shut down back in 1982.

This bridge is one of the more famous historic structures in the city.

Although it is no longer in use, it still makes for a great visitor attraction.

Built in 1942, the bridge connected Weirton residents and surrounding communities to Browns Island.

Spanning over 640 feet in length, this enormous structure is best known for its beam, which is a sight to behold.

Make sure to take pictures of the historic Browns Island Bridge while visiting Weirton.

See a Movie at the Plaza Theatre

If you’re looking for something simple and relaxing to do while on vacation, try watching a movie at the Plaza Theatre.

This single-screen cinema is the go-to theatre house in Weirton for those who wish to see various movies.

See the latest released movies to traditional and classic films.

This first-run movie theatre can keep you up to date with the latest plot of your favorite franchise and has many showings throughout the day to match your schedule.

It’s also more affordable than other modern theaters in Weirton and its surrounding communities.

Buy a set of tickets for the whole family without breaking the bank.

You can also grab a couple of snacks and drinks from their concession stands, such as the classic buttered popcorn, some hotdogs, and your favorite soft drinks.

Arrive early, so you don’t miss showtime at the Plaza Theatre.

Join the Weirton Greek Festival

The Weirton Greek Festival is an annual event in Weirton.

The All Saints Greek Orthodox Church holds the event, which is now in its 35th year and counting.

This celebration gathers locals and tourists who wish to enjoy a variety of Greek dishes and pastries.

You can try out and sample the different types of food they offer in their tents, and join the fellowship.

Otherwise, drop by to enjoy the music for some singing and dancing.

There are many iconic Greek dishes for you to try out, so if you love Greek food and cuisine, this celebration is for you.

The Weirton Greek Festival only gets better and better after each year, so drop by when you have the chance.

Check Out the Products at the Weirton American Legion Flea Market

On certain Saturdays, the community members of Weirton set up a lovely flea market just three miles east of the city center.

This market starts in the morning and ends past lunch.

You have several hours to spend canvassing and checking out all the goods they have in store.

These sellers have various items on display, ranging from freshly baked goods to household items you can get for bargain prices.

With over 20 tables to check out, there’s something here for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a gift, a souvenir, or something sweet to snack on, the Weirton American Legion Flea Market may have it just for you.

Go On a Hike at Northern Panhandle Rail Trail

The Northern Panhandle Rail Trail is a popular site in Weirton, especially for hikers and nature lovers.

Found on the northeastern end of the city, this trail stretches over four miles long and is the perfect spot for various outdoor recreational activities.

This marked trail is between an array of forested areas tucked between the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Get back in touch with nature on this trail.

You can even bring the whole family here, where you can ride bikes, go on a leisurely walk, or enjoy being outdoors.

If you’re looking for a quiet escape from the city center, drop by the Northern Panhandle Rail Trail.

Wind Down for a Night Cap at Oasis Lounge

Oasis Lounge is one of the many bars in Weirton City that can provide you with the nightcap you need.

This bar boasts a great selection of drinks, ranging from sweet cocktails to cold draft beer to suit different tastes and palates.

They also offer various bar games such as pool and darts, where you can challenge your friends to a friendly game or two.

If you get hungry, head to their bar and grab a quick snack or some happy hour food to keep you energized for the night.

Their casual cozy bar atmosphere is also a great place to spend some quality time with friends and family.

You can also dance the night away on their dance floor.

Wind down and have a good time at Oasis Lounge.

Eat Homemade Meals at Patty’s Family Restaurant

Patty’s Family Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant named after its owners, Patty and Steve Cox.

Previously known as Wilkin’s Restaurant, this eatery has since renamed itself after the people who established this restaurant.

Patty’s Family Restaurant is also a community-favorite restaurant.

They have earned renown for serving some of the best hamburgers in the entire city.

You can come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you’ll have a great selection of food.

Drop by Patty’s Family Restaurant.

See why this local diner and eatery has won the hearts of the residents and community members of Weirton.

Grab Signature American Meals at Tudor’s Biscuit World

Tudor’s Biscuit World is another local diner and eatery you should visit while in Weirton.

This community staple eatery found along the Main Road serves your favorite and signature American eats to keep you full and happy as you continue to explore the city.

True to their name, they’re best known for their biscuits that feature your meat of choice, cheese, and other customizable toppings.

Tudor’s Biscuit World is a perfect place to eat, especially for picky eaters and kids, since they can choose the contents of their biscuit.

This eatery also serves food options from breakfast to dinner, so feel free to drop by any time.

Go Bowling with the Family at Holiday Lanes

If you’re looking for something fun yet relaxing with your friends and family, head over to Holiday Lanes.

A family of bowlers has owned and operated this bowling alley since it opened in 1958.

Since then, it has established itself as one of the best bowling facilities in Weirton.

With over 16 bowling lanes, you can challenge your friends and family to a friendly round or two.

You can also find Striker’s Sports Bar inside this establishment that serves food and drinks in case you get hungry.

Otherwise, grab a cold alcoholic beverage from the bar.

This bar also features several flatscreen TVs, so you can also catch your favorite team lives in-game.

Whether you’re looking for a place to go bowling or wish to enjoy a cold drink and snacks with friends, Holiday Lanes has got you covered.

Catch the Big Game at Basil’s Sports Bar and Grill

Basil’s Sports Bar & Grill attracts fans of different teams and sports.

You can watch the big game while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Despite being one of the new additions to the city, this bar has quickly become a hangout spot for friends and fans who wish to catch their favorite teams on TV.

This bar also provides a fun, cozy atmosphere filled with fellow fans and make new friends.

They offer a wide selection of beer and serve various food straight from the grill, but their hamburgers and chicken wings are the show’s main star.

Support your favorite teams with fellow fans at Basil’s Sports Bar & Grill.

Get Pampered at Be Salon, Spa, Yoga

Getting around Weirton and checking out its beautiful tourist attractions can be tiresome too, but it only means you can get some time off and relax at Be Salon, Spa, Yoga.

The spa offers massage services, and you can have its Signature Massage, and customize it with Hot Stone, Cupping Therapy, Salt Scrub, or CBD Oil Enhancement.

Enjoy the massage for up to 90 minutes and take advantage of the spa’s relaxing ambiance with the help of one of its licensed therapists.

Be Salon, Spa, Yoga also offers botox, haircare, skincare, and yoga classes.

You can find it off Three Springs Drive.

Cool Down at Starvaggi Memorial Pool & Park

During the summer season, Starvaggi Memorial Pool & Park opens its doors to the public to use its Olympic-size swimming pool.

The pool features a water volleyball court and two water slides perfect for the little kids to play in the water.

There are lifeguards on duty, but you still have to keep an eye on your little ones if you’re taking them with you.

Established in 1968, Starvaggi Memorial Pool & Park also has a playground and sports fields that are open year-round.

It’s located at Starvaggi Drive.

Bring a Picnic Lunch to Marland Heights Park & Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool

Exterior of Marland Heights Park & Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool

Generic1139, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Traveling families can also enjoy picnicking at Marland Heights Park & Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool, which features plenty of picnic tables to use for lunch or snacks.

This historic park has a stone picnic shelter, which hosts small gatherings and picnics for families and friends.

It was opened in 1934 and also features an ovoid-shaped pool with its main entrance built in Art Deco architectural style.

In 1993, the park entered the National Register of Historic Places.

Marland Heights Park & Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool is located between Williams Drive and Riverview Drive.

Have a Good Read at Mary H Weir Public Library

Reading also comes in handy in Weirton at Mary H Weir Public Library on Main Street.

The library keeps a wide selection of books in different genres, which are perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

You can ask the librarian for help if you need something specific, or simply choose your genre from the books on display.

There are also plenty of records, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, e-books, and many more.

Many programs and events also happen at the library ideal for all ages to learn, explore, and discover their skills.

Mary H Weir Public Library was formed in 1923.

Get Your Favorite Cup of Coffee at The Coffee Bean

Starting your day?

Do it with your favorite cup of coffee at The Coffee Bean, which serves specialty coffee in a warm, cozy, and chill atmosphere.

It’s popular for its lattes, cold foam, and smoothies; offering different varieties of flavors to choose from.

And what’s coffee without a delicious pastry to pair with it?

Try its freshly-baked muffins, biscotti, pepperoni rolls, French toast, and many more.

Also, customers are raving about its pumpkin spice latte!

Drop by The Coffee Bean at Pennsylvania Avenue.

Final Thoughts

Weirton is a lovely city in West Virginia that offers a wide variety of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

From art galleries to museums, indoor entertainment hubs, and even bars and restaurants, there’s so much to explore in this city.

You can even get back in touch with nature with the many nature trails and forested areas you can visit.

Whether you’re coming for the weekend, a week, or a month, your vacation to Weirton will give you lasting memories.

The city will thoroughly entertain you with all the fun things to see and do within this city.

Look no further for the ideal vacation and book your next trip to Weirton, WV, today!

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